35 Reasons Your Life Kicks Ass

58641371-DF0A-495F-8923-C9C4F45BF27AYou have a straight-up awesome life.

I don’t care what kinda stuff you gotta going on that might be trying to drag you down right now…

Your life kicks more ass than Bruce Lee, rocks harder than Ronnie James Dio, is cooler than Fonzie and contains more awesomeness than a team of  break dancing babies.

Now, I realize you may not always remember that you have an awesome life, but you do. Sure, sometimes you remember, I bet there’s times when you feel like the coolest mofo on the planet with the most badass life around, but if you’re like most people, these thoughts are few and far between.

If you’re anything like me, you probably get caught up in trying to make a living, getting shit done and just trying to make it through the day sometimes as best you can.

And I’ll bet ya a fistful of Applebee’s coupons that you spend a fair amount of time worrying about a bunch of bad stuff that’s never gonna happen… all the while forgetting, just how good you have it. Just how awesome your life is.

Now, anyone who hasn’t been cooped up in a meth den in Barstow for the past ten years, living on a steady diet of amphetamines, pornography, snickers bars and Slayer albums, knows that one of the biggest keys to enjoying the awesome life you have is gratitude.

No matter how cliche or new agey that sounds, it don’t stop it from being true.

It’s good to remember that your life kicks ass. Why? So you kick even more ass and have the time of your life doing it.

Here’s just a few of the reasons your life is straight-up bad ass…

1. You have food in the fridge, a roof over your head and there isn’t an army of badass mother fuckers on horses coming over the hill right now to kill the men, rape the women and burn down the entire village. Not tonight.

2. You can do just about anything you wanna do for a living. Luckily this has very little to do with brains, and is more about attitude, intense focus, action and “gittin’ after it” with relentless strides.

If you have an idea of what you want to do in your future, you must go at it with almost monastic obsession be it music, the ballet or just a basic degree. You have to go at it single-mindedly and let nothing get in your way.

Henry Rollins

3. You have a kick ass life because of your mistakes. Your mistakes are helping you to learn so much. Without them, you wouldn’t be half the person you are today, not even close.

4. Whether or not you remember them each day, you have some wild dreams every night… man the things you do in your dreams is out of this world. Gangsta.

5. You get to start over if you want right now. In fact, any day, any second you want, you get to start all over. How cool is that?

6. You most likely have two of those arm thingys and two of those leg thingys. Remember, there’s people with less limbs than you, and many with no limbs, who couldn’t be happier.

7. You have eyes to read this. Or at least one of them, there are people who would trade their right nut to be able see like you do. ( Everyone is always trading their left nut, that’s why I decided to give a shout out to the right nut, it’s so  misunderstood)

8. You don’t have some big thing growing outta the side of your head. Be Thankful.

9. You can get in touch with just about anybody you want to. Blogs, email, phone, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn… you name it, it ain’t that hard to reach just about anybody you want to these days. Some people just takes a little more effort than others.

10. You don’t have a tattoo on your face that says “Fuck The World”. At least not yet.

11. You’re better at being you t42D65115-DB46-47F7-B7AB-846F725BEBDBhan any other person on this planet. And it comes natural to you, it’s like you don’t have to do a single thing to be you either. You make that shit look easy. Everyday people gotta wake up and be them, and you get to wake up and be you. Now that’s what I call awesome.

12. You know some super cool people, and many of them would probably do just about anything for you. A few would probably even give their right nut.

13. You can reach your friends on the other side of the planet in seconds.

14. You have sadness in your life. This is good, it makes you human. And being open to your sadness allows you to fully experience other feelings like happiness… plus, you have something to compare the good feelings to.

15. You’re not spending your life in prison for a crime you didn’t commit.

I once had a neighbor who spent like 15 years behind bars for a rape he didn’t do. DNA evidence was able to prove him innocent… but not until after he spent 15 years in one of the most miserable places in the world.

And… when I was a teen, I was exactly like the The West Memphis Three . I was into Black Metal, wore black, had long hair and drew pentagrams, upside down crosses and angry dead guys on fire killing other angry dead guys on fire all over my Trapper Keeper.

I was no different, with the exception of being fortunate enough to grow up in a area that was a little more forward thinking than West Memphis. Those dudes were called child killers and spent nearly two decades behind bars for something they didn’t do. That could just as easily have happened to me as it did them.

Life is all about seconds and inches.

16. Any kind of shit you wanna get into, good or bad, is available to you. There ain’t nothing you can’t experience these days. Just be willing to take responsibility for what you do, that’s all I have to say.

17. You have these amazing things called tastebuds that allow you to taste all kinds of awesome foods. Mmmmmmm

18. You’re not married to one of those “Real Housewives of Fill In The Blank” women. That would be living hell.

19. You’ve made it this far, many people don’t.

84DE1567-26C0-41E1-957D-AC794FB9FF9320. You’re not on heroin.

Now, if you are on heroin, or the pharmaceutical stuff like Oxy’s and Hydrocodone, please go get help. The good news is, you can turn everything around right now if you want to, countless people have proven it. 12 Step Meetings are probably a good place to start, and unlike just a few decades ago, meetings like this are everywhere. Addicts and Alcoholics used to live miserable lives and die miserable deaths because they didn’t have the kind of solutions available to them like we do today. Maybe it’s not you who’s addicted, but it’s someone you know. Help is available.

And… remember this, some of the happiest, coolest, most down to earth ( and even successful ) people in the world are sober drug addicts. Ever heard of a guy named Robert Downey Jr.? Lots of people turn everything around and have a more bad ass life than they ever could have imagined.

21. You get to train today

22. You have awesome problems, each one being a gift in disguise.

23. You have access to any kind of teachings or information you want, right at the tip of your fingers.

Wanna build or grow just about anything? You can easily find step-by-step instructions right there on your iphone or laptop.

Wanna start or join a religion? Google will help learn everything you need to know.

Wanna lose fat, get huge, learn a language, feel awesome, give someone an orgasm, type faster, cook better, learn history, grow weed, do crazy experiments on your little brother, prank the livin’ shit outta people, make money, spend money, be a badass, pick up women, pick up men, build a business, build something awesome out of Legos, see what’s going on anywhere in the world, find out what other movies the director of that awesome indie film you just saw has made … or maybe just raise a goldfish?

You don’t have to go far.

24. You’re sexy and you know it.

25. I bet you have one of those cool mobile device things that allows you to call and text friends, get and send emails, do business, buy shit, listen to music, watch movies, watch YouTube videos, get directions, navigate the way, surf the web, store information, take notes, record stuff, play games and even read this blog post. And that ain’t even like 1% of what it can do.

26. You get to wear whatever you want. No required uniform. You wear some cool shit don’t ya?

27. You get to do what you want, when you want. If you think you don’t, cuz you have a job or something, remember, having that job is your choice and you can get up and go do just about anything you want whenever you want to.

28. You can start a business from lap top and cell phone and work from whatever location you want to. I personally know dozens of people who live like this, probably more if I thought about it. And ya know what? Most of em’ ain’t no smarter than you.

29. You have access to bad ass shows like Breaking Bad, The Wire and Game of Thrones. Now that shit is EPIC.

30. You’re not two feet tall ( some dudes are… seriously, there’s some two footers in this world )

31. You have people who love you, probably some pretty awesome ones to. I bet they think the world of you don’t they?

5E9240A9-8B4B-4248-B993-1DED2259302732. If you want, you can have sex today… a lot of it too.

I remember being like 9 and would have given ANYTHING to be able to have sex. Seriously, I had a huge collection of baseball cards, a bunch of Mad Magazines, a gopher-snake and a Mongoose BMX bike with super-light fiberglass Z Rims… get me laid and it’s all yours.

33. You can reach millions with your message if you want to… Blogging, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Podcasting… the tools and platforms are readily available for those who have something to say, and if it’s interesting, people will listen.

34. You’re alive, how cool is that?

35. You’re a reader of this blog

And if you REALLY wanna have a kick ass life, become a subscriber, there’s a good chance your life will get even better!

Talk soon,

Big Chris

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  1. Monique says:

    Another great post! Breakdancing babies are awesome:) I really enjoy your writing… It always resonates with me no matter what the topic is. Congrats on your “37 ways to be a total badass” post going viral. I saw it on facebook… that is one of my favorites. I have a lot of favorites but I love that post just like I already love this one. I can tell I am going to read it at least 3 more times

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      Love your kind comments as always Moni

      Yeah trippy how it went Viral, I just woke up one morning and the site got like an extra 20K in visitors that day

      I was like “whoa”

      Damn, sometimes I sound like I’m still a pot smoking 14 year old (=

  2. Fucking love this!!!

  3. Great great great article Chris!

    Gratitude, love, honesty, freedom – whatever you want to call it I beleive it all means the same thing.

    We have the opportunity every single minute to be who we want to be and live our truth.


  4. Another great one, Chris. This is my birthday and I can do anything I want — including reading your posts about doing just that. It is an amazing time we live in. And I can relate to #30 — I may only be five feet tall, but for a woman it’s fine. It’s not the size but how you carry yourself. All the best, Chris, keep up the good work.

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      Thanks Beth, yeah big difference between 5 feet and two feet huh?

      Happy Birthday by the way

  5. Hi there. I was having a kind of tough morning bc tomorrow is the first Mother’s Day after losing my Mom last summer, and then I came across your post on facebook. Made me literally lol (I tried to fight that acronym for quite some time, but darn it, it actually works sometimes). You have a great perspective, thanks for sharing your thoughts and brightening my day. And I know my Mom would’ve liked what you had to say, minus the f-bombs (which I thoroughly enjoyed). 🙂

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      Ha ha thanks Kelly

      Funny, my mom is my biggest fan, but I always feel weird knowing she’s reading all those F-bombs

      And I I rarely use LOL, only when it’s the best option (=

  6. I needed that thank you Chris very inspiring and help focus the mind

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      Right on Steven, we all know gratitude is key, and we CAN ALL use more of it, that’s for sure

  7. Thanks for the wake up call Chris, I think I will go to the gym and lift something really heavy, why, because I can. Thanks again for the words of encouragement

  8. I. Love. This! Just read a bunch of your other posts too! Mister, yo’ shit is tight! Thanks for being a messenger of F’ing awesomeness. <3

  9. Hi Chris, Thanks so much for this wonderful reminder. Whenever I read your posts, I just feel joyful and free. What a gift. So thank you!!!


  10. Nice work Chris, love your attitude. My wife sent me link for this post, I haven’t read you stuff before so I’m glad she did.
    Particularly liked your position on testicular equality. As a man who recently put himself through a vasectomy, agree that the right nut is just as important as the left.


  11. cari_ann says:

    love it. more awesome truths. keep it coming #choosehappy

  12. Here is a kick-ass feeling for yea.

    Back in March I went to Florida. My car started Rod Knocking on the way down. So when I got down there, thankfully without breaking down, I traded my car in for a Jeep.

    Aside from the triple vehicle payment, let’s face it I got as close to New as I could, I had an awakening after the fact.

    Before going down I was watching SUV commercials with mouth-watering contempt. See, I kept watching them wanting one. At the time the car which went to crap was running perfectly.

    So what class of vehicle is a 2010 Jeep Patriot? It’s an SUV. Morale of this little story is? Be careful what you ask for because you can certainly get it. =D How awesome is that?

  13. Found out about your site through reddit. I’m glad I did, looking forward to reading more.

  14. Hey Chris,

    Love your writing. It inspires me. I have been traveling around Asia for the last 6 months and have landed in Japan for the last 2. It can be a little isolating here at times, but after reading your how to be a badass post yesterday I was inspired to go out and meet a bunch of peeps which I did.

    Thanks man, keep up the good work!


    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      awesome Joshua, how cool is that?

      Yeah, it can get a little isolating if your out there like that, it’s good you’re out there meeting peeps

  15. Holy balls of Jehovah I cannot get enough of this blog.

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      Holy balls or Jehovah is an awesome way to say what you just said

      Love, love, love it Amanda

  16. Tonight…I have food in the fridge, a roof over my head and there isn’t an army of badass mother fuckers on horses coming over the hill right now to kill the men, rape the women and burn down the entire village.

    Nice Chris…Classic!

  17. Susan shepherd says:

    Hi Chris, pretty good article, you sound like what ever is on your mind you write it down or just say it. Love those type of people. No beaten round the bush for you. Cheers. Keep up the great work. Sue

  18. David McClure says:

    When you can empower your fellow man with knowledge that will help him change the course of his life then you have done an invaluable service. That said, Thank you Chris McCombs. See you at the TOP. Always Training – McClure

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      Yes, at the top

      thanks David, love this by the way

      “When you can empower your fellow man with knowledge that will help him change the course of his life then you have done an invaluable service”

  19. Evildad says:

    Another great post. Don’t know how many times I laughed out loud reading this. It’s great to put things in perspective in a hilarious manner.
    “Remember, there’s people with less limbs than you, and many with no limbs, who couldn’t be happier.”
    I always say “Just because there’s people who have it worse off than me doesn’t take away my right to bitch.” But I say it in a cheerful manner, bitch and then get on with my life, cause who wants to waste too much time bitching? I got shit to do! 🙂

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      Ha ha

      Who’s got time to bitch? I got shit to do!

      love that, well said

      glad you found the humor, sometimes I write this stuff and wonder if anyone else but me is gonna find this weird shit funny


  20. Hey Chris,

    Love your writing dude.

    It’s honest, inspiring, rough around the edges, to the point and freak’n entertaining… Kick Ass!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  21. Simply Fantastic. When you dodge the bullet, you don’t get hit. So, you managed to escape death another day. But, I remember the crazy movies where your main character does get hit. Somehow, the bullet hits a pendant, he just so happened to be wearing a bullet proof vest that day, or it just barely nipped his ear. That counts as a head shot.

    Man, when life knocks you down, do a burpee.

    The point is, face your problems head on. I had a BIG problem this weekend, stressed about it ALL weekend … the closer I got to biting the bullet, the more I realized that the problem wasn’t that big. Nor was the solution as extravagant as I had imagined it would be.

    Didn’t you talk about fear of dragons and dinosaurs before. Well they aren’t here anymore. So, why do we need to be afraid in this life? I have overcome every sabretooth tiger I ever came across and I got the scars to prove it.

    Rock bro!

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      Man, when life knocks you down, do a burpee.

      Love that, so cool

      And I got the scars too brother

      Made of scars

  22. Within the last couple of years I’ve devoted myself to changing my perspective on life and can truly say this is the happiest I’ve been. I feel guilty sometimes for relishing my newfound happiness. When my husband showed me your blog, it immediately spoke to me. I think at times it’s difficult for my husband to understand my ways of thinking but I think that him seeing it from another man’s perspective has helped bridge that gap. Thank you for allowing yourself to be vulnerable and share your thoughts.

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      Right on Alyson, yeah, I think us men are better at listening to other men than we are our wives

      At least that what my wife tells me all the time

      She could be trying to tell me something for 6 months, and then I’ll come home one day and say listen to what my buddy thought I should do, and she’ll say “I’ve been telling you that for 6 months now”

      happens all the time (=

  23. Rommel Acda says:

    Thanks for this today Big C, #22 is what I needed to hear. I DO have awesome problems!

    Carpe Diem!

  24. Val Williams says:

    I love your blog! Thanks so much.
    I regularly pass them on to everyone I know!

  25. Frank Rinchiuso says:

    So needed to read this today! Thanks! As A bartender I try to bring people up. This will serve as my fuel today. Rock on brother! (Dio was a bad ass RIP)

  26. dave stewart says:

    Chris – I am new to your blogs. Just want to say how raw, real and energising they are. Thanks for putting into living language the stuff we all know is true but need people like you to really bring alive and slap us awake with! Brilliant. Dave

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      Hey thanks Dave

      Funny, the way you said this” hanks for putting into living language the stuff we all know is true but need people like you to really bring alive and slap us awake with”

      Is pretty much my goal for this blog was

      guess it’s working (=

      I appreciate your words Dave

  27. I remember reading this and I must say that I needed to skim back over it again! Super great stuff. More things ring true in my life more than ever!

    Awesome bro, take care!

  28. I was having a bad day, the old self-esteem jumped in the toilet and pulled the handle. Then I remembered this post (okay, my sister remembered it), and read it…thanks again man, you turned it around!

  29. FUCK YEAHHHH!!!!!!!!!

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