41 Reasons To Train Today

1. Because not training is saying “Fuck you” to your body and your life

2. You’ll be that much closer to turning into your childhood hero

3. Because Jack Lalanne would be proud ( RIP Jack )

4. Because you do not want to be one of those people who don’t train, do you? That’s no way to live.

5. Because it’s just plain the safest way possible for you to get rid of all that pent-up aggression you have. Trust me, just take it out on the iron, it’s best for everyone involved.

6. Because you wouldn’t skip out on brushing your teeth today would you? ewwwww… same thing

7. Because you need to keep the commitment to yourself. Breaking this commitment is detrimental to your self-esteem as well as your future

8. If you don’t, you’re gonna get weaker, fatter and uglier.

9. If you don’t, somewhere deep inside you’ll hate yourself for it

10. It’s the best, natural anti-depressant the world has to offer

11. Cuz you’re one sexy mother fucker when you train and you know it

12. You’re carving out a better existence for yourself

13. Cuz you’re not gonna puss out are ya?

14. Because you’ll be more productive and effective with the rest of your time today. Training saves time. The excuse “I don’t have time to train” is just a lie people tell themselves because they don’t wanna train and aren’t committed to it

15. You’ll feel better

16. It trumps Xanax for relieving stress and anxiety

17. It makes you crave healthy foods… so you’ll probably eat good today too

18. It’s a great escape from your problems. Yeah, I know, you have a shitload of them right now. It’s ok, just get your ass in the gym and train. Once you start hitting it those problems will cease to exist

19. Training sets you up for success in all areas of your life

tumblr_m3mc9h14W81qeaj38o1_50020. It beats any kind of therapy on the planet hands down

21. Because it’s the only workout you need to do today. Just one.

22. Because thinking about it is so much harder than just fucking doing it

23. Cuz you’re just gonna go in and do a few light sets today, that’s it, it’ll be a breeze. I’ve been using that lie to get my ass in the gym for years and it works… within 10 minutes I’m training my ass off, every single time.

24. Training makes you more confident.

25. You’ll like yourself more

26. You’ll sleep better

27. You’ll have more energy

28. You’ll be able to better protect yourself and those you love should some unexpected shit go down.

29. You’ll age better. Seen old people who train? Cool huh? … Seen old people who don’t?

30. You’ll have more sex, better sex and most likely with better looking people

31. You get the opportunity to be walking, talking inspiration

32. You’re ALWAYS glad you trained

33. It’s fun. Sometimes.

34. Cuz it’s much more fun than the treadmill. The treadmill sucks

35. Because it’s squat day, that’s why

36. Because you know when you stop training, it all goes to shit

37. Because life is 100x better when you train ( I’ve tried to get through without it, and trust me, it sucks )

38. Because right now there’s some paralyzed mother fucker confined to a hospital bed just wishing he could train. You owe it to that dude to give it all you fucking got today.

39. Because you owe it to YOURSELF to train today

40. Because you can

41. Cuz it’s gotta be done

Case. Fucking. Closed.

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Written by Chris McCombs

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  1. Tricia Schriemer says:

    I like #38.
    Actually, I love the whole list. Great inspiration!

  2. 2. You’ll be that much closer to turning into your childhood hero- I love this reason as when I don’t feel like training I watch some footage of my childhood hero Bruce Lee and I feel an instant surge of energy I
    don’t think there is any greater motivation for me.

  3. Hugh Rae says:

    You preach the truth brother! Training is everything. It is pure. It doesn’t talk back. It listens even when your an asshole. What are you training for? A race? I train to live. I feel better physically and mentally. I wish I could do it for a living. I work on power lines all day and am worn out when I get home, but I relish the thought of training. If I miss it I feel guilty. Keep up the good work Chris!

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      awesome Hugh, thanks brother

      so cool you bust your ass all day and STILL train

      no excuses

  4. wendeeB says:

    Because when the time comes, i know I’ll be able to do that pull up WITH my daughter on my back…

  5. AzMich says:

    I am a better Mom when I train…because training is as good for my head as it is for the awesome ass I am working on!

  6. I like em all too, 28 is an excellent one, but my main reason is i want to be fit and strong till the day i fall off the perch.

  7. Because my buddy is training today…can’t let him get better and stronger without me giving him a run for his money.

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      ha ha awesome

      I’m one of those people who can’t stand trainer partners

      Solo mission for me brother

      Dig the way you look at it though

  8. Well, you went and did it again! You got me all rarin’ to train, and I have the freakin’ stomach flu right now!!! (Might have to wait til tomorrow)… Thank you so so so much for your continued kick-in-the-arse inspiration!!!

  9. Marcio says:

    24 and 25. I am a better person when I train.

  10. ‘Because it’s Squat day.’ Or my favorite Dead Lift day.
    Love your posts.

  11. Amen

  12. Recently started following your blog and on Facebook, so yeah I am a new fan. A lot of these points are spot Fucking on!

  13. Number 7 & 24 are powerful reasons for me!

  14. “Because right now there’s some paralyzed mother fucker confined to a hospital bed just wishing he could train. You owe it to that dude to give it all you fucking got today.”

    – Enough said right there my good man 🙂

    Thank you

  15. Because procrastinating is way more draining than JUST DOING IT.

    Thanks for this! I just found your blog yesterday and you’re really speaking to me. I love it.

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      Yeah putting it off is no good, that mental shit that happens if I put it off is WAY tougher than just doing it

      Matter fact, I’m about to do it right now (=

  16. Trained my legs this morning and I feel SEXY as ass. I like ALL of the points.

  17. #19 is real talk

  18. All awesome of course, but you probably should have incorporated bacon into one of them

  19. Love.
    My mom was #38 – after being incredibly active her entire life. Every time I start to waiver, I think of that. Boom – I quit bitchin and get shit done.

  20. I am so grateful I found this Chris, I workout 4-6 times a week and I was thinking about skipping today but I got only number 11 and it compelled me to get off my butt and go get it. I do feel better that I did it. You are a blessing dude and keeping doing your great work. I’m living proof that you are helping people.
    Thanks Brother!

  21. juliacruz says:

    Nice! Thank you. I’m taking this list to heart and putting in my personal additions.

    42. because doing your nails can wait. you can paint them later, maybe even in your sweaty gym clothes
    43. because you’re 43 and you’re not getting any younger, and it’s freaking awesome to know you’re stronger, faster, and healthier than when you were 23

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      SO awesome

      I’m 42 so I can sure relate to your #43

      The nail thing, only on weekends (=

  22. Thomas says:

    “Because its squat day” love that one haha

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      Today IS actually squat day for me

      Got the squat one from Jay Ashman ashmanstrength.com

  23. A great read as always! Especially a great pass-time on a big break in between clients 🙂

    Number 34 was my favorite! Machines in general I think are super boring for cardio. Something like boxing where you do not think of it as cardio because it is actually fun, is always my first choice!

  24. Kick Ass! I was going to try and pick out a few favorites, but it’s impossible, love them all- but yeah, #22, #32 and #38 especially

    Dig it!

  25. Number 32 for me. It feels like an accomplishment every friggin’ time! Thanks Chris

  26. Because there is a Navy SEAL somewhere that trains his ass off to allow you to speak your mind.

  27. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for 5 years.
    Parkour for 6.
    Kettlebells for 2-3 years.
    Bboying for 4 years off and on.
    Speedcubing since I was a kid. Yeah, I think that solving puzzles blindfolded helped me see how systematic and awesome training really can be.

  28. AWESOME blog Chris!

    38 stuck out to me as well.

    Slightly off topic but did you see your boy Joe Rogan on Vice talking about “isolation tanks?”

  29. Utroy Webster says:

    I train for my son. He said he wanted to be big and strong like me when he grew up. Even though he won’t get that chance to be what he wanted, I have to continue to be the person he saw me as.

  30. No.. 38
    I’m gonna train twice tomorrow. Once for me and once for that dude. Chris – we need more of you in the world

  31. Great post Chris!

    This is going out to my bootcamp clients and mailing list right now!


  32. Jim Collins says:

    Hey – awesome stuff Chris. Thanks for sharing this.
    I train because my dad has beaten pancreatic cancer for 3 years now , only 1% of the world has done that
    Keep it up man you are one of the good warriors out there.
    “If the wind will not serve, take to the oars”

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      Damn,that’s awesome brother, yeah that ones a killer, got the great Bill Hicks

      So happy for you Jim, you’re a true bad ass

      “If the wind will not serve, take to the oars” – WORD

  33. Because I was that paralyzed mother fucker confined to a hospital bed and I owe it to myself to give it all I fucking got

  34. I WAS feeling kind of lazy today. But after reading this, I’m going to go blast out my workout. Seriously Chris, if I ever need motivation, I just come here. It’s the most motivating site I know of.

  35. I am going to print and plaster this shit all over my house! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  36. I love number 23. I always say that I’m just going to do my warm-up!

  37. BOOOOM!!! Excellent! That is all…. 🙂

  38. Damn, I was going to take an off day then I read this.. going now… that shit was great.. thanks \
    SFC Callahan

  39. Love them all Chris, inspiration at its best dude 😉

  40. #42 because Chris “motherfucking” McCombs said so.

    Needed some motivation today after my shitty one rep max dead lift workout. About to kill another one.


  41. You got me at number 1 🙂 I didn’t think I would need 41 when I clicked to see the post, though. Love it, sharing this cause it is too freaking awesome

  42. Awesome list dude, I train guys everyday which makes me train harder to stay one step ahead of the training I give them. I train some fucking awesome people so I can’t be smaller than them…
    Kick ass posts.

  43. Sweat like a pig to look like a fox … Hell yes it’s leg day, thank you for beating my excuses into submission 🙂

  44. James Herrried says:

    I can relate to all of this for sure; for as I emphasize in my new strength-training book, “There is a fountain of youth, It’s simply the heavy metal in your local gym.”
    Absolutely nothing else can stop (or even reverse) the loss of muscle and bone that occurs with age like weight-training can.

  45. Student says:

    Just…. all of it. FUCK YEAH!

    I started an exercise program (via a personal trainer) six months ago and feel the best I have ever felt in my life. The looks ain’t bad either. It is no way but forward now.

  46. #1 fucking a, about time someone was honest and blunt about working out. I do need to make more time to actually hit weights, my main workouts consist of jiu jitsu training. But Damn this is truth here and it shall be shared.

  47. Woaahhhhhhh its really great 41 reasons to be better motherfucker

  48. Dan Potts says:

    BRILLIANT!!! Loved it, some of those are really funny…but true! Ha ha, not brushing your teeth, brilliant 🙂
    Don’t like all the swearing though…but hey, that’s just me & my client’s I guess 🙂

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