Creating The Future From Where You Burn

02C9A460-72D0-4450-839B-B75E0473ABB9This post is about creating the future you burn for. It’s about living from your heart, instead of just tiptoeing along with the status quo.

Personal evolution is a funny thing. Like…

Road Rage and the Jesus Fish Guy

Today I saw a woman with a big “Om” sign and a Namaste sticker on her car brazenly cut someone off with the vehicular swagger of a coked-out outlaw being chased by the cops.

It was even more impressive than the time the guy with a giant Jesus fish on his truck assaulted me with the middle finger of hate for doing 35 mph in a 35 mph zone. I wonder if he ever forgave me for safely driving the recommended speed limit.

I recently heard the reason people go so crazy in their cars is that our human bodies aren’t used to traveling at 60 miles an hour. The logic is that since it’s only been for the last 100 or so years in human history that we’ve moved around at this rate of speed, we simply haven’t evolved to the point of adaptation yet.

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 10.24.27 PMSo when we travel in machines that take us faster than we can run as Homo sapiens, we’re in a sort of hyper-reactive state of stress, and even the smallest little thing can make some people lose their shit.

I think the spiritual stickers are a nice touch. Nothing like a sweet looking little yoga lady with an “Om” sign trying to kill you with her car to drive the point home.

The road ahead can also take us to some pretty crazy places, especially when we’re evolving and making a transformation to a better reality.

The more we accelerate into self-awareness, the more likely we are to see our inner asshole trying to rise to the surface so it can remind others of who we “think” we are.

Don’t they know we’re at least a bit better than they are? At least. And we have proof— more money or a bigger house or a faster car or a sexier mate or higher social status… something, anything, to let others know where we stand.

When you’re aware of who you are and committed to personal growth you’ll see parts of yourself you’re not proud of. And the more you look, the more ugly stuff you’ll see (along with the beauty—fortunately we all have both.)

Awareness is key to creating a future that’s greater than our past. To transmute the ugly into something beautiful.

Not a trophy-case future purely for show.

Not a future of eventual destination.

But the journey forward we create in the here and now; through our imagination, words, and actions. And hopefully, from where we burn.

BA0A2078-5777-4AE9-B73D-8C0C5CBB1AB5Doing the stuff our heart just can’t contain on it’s own and needs to let out into the world. Doing the things we can’t imagine not doing. Where we create something out of thin air, instead of just consuming things we purchase.

A future where we’re true to ourselves. A future where no one else gets a say.

Sure, sometimes people may kick us the real deal and help point the way, but the road we choose to walk, or trail we set out to blaze, is on us.

And it all starts now.

Standing at the edge of the blank canvas of life, we can burn away all limitations and create something so beautiful it pulls tears from the eyes of even the coldest of hearts.

The box we once lived in is reduced to ash. Old concepts which no longer serve us are disregarded in the soot.

With every step we transcend the shackles of self-doubt like a guy making a jail break.

The road ahead is both painful and wondrous. Full of victories and defeats. Both beautiful and tragic.

Along the way things will happen that we’ll never completely understand. That’s okay. We don’t need to understand everything. We just need to learn and move forward.

Some wounds will never fully heal. Some losses are never forgotten.

Evolution3But there are lessons in all of it. We’ll see new opportunities as we lie flat on our face. Temporarily defeated. But permanently great. Determined to rise again in victory over our old selves.

As long as we understand that our problems aren’t out there. For we’re both the problem and the solution. If we think something or someone else is our problem, we’re screwed, cuz we’ve handed away all of the power that is rightfully ours.

The world is just a big reflection of us. It’s all one big mirror; what I do to you, I do to myself.

Self-responsibility and bold accountability are what gets us on our feet, embracing any falls we take along the way. Knowing that if we never fall, then we’re just safely marching along to beat of society’s drum, and not living.

Stronger and with new scars, we’re able open doors we never even knew existed, even if we gotta kick a few of ’em down. Sometimes the boot works better than the key.

Everything we face is an opportunity to create something greater than what is.

If we stray from the path and try to create a future just so we can show it off in a shiny trophy case, we will suffer an empty life.

81F870FF-BC0E-46FE-95D2-56A7223B0F04But when we smash the trophy case, pick up the pieces of glass and go to work creating something out of love from that place that burns deep inside, then our future will be the most beautiful work of art our eyes have ever seen.

It doesn’t have to be beautiful to anyone else, as long as it’s beautiful to us.

And that’s something no one can take from us.

The “Om” sign or Jesus fish or Scientology sticker might make us look holy or at peace, but it’s what’s going on inside the car that matters.

Talk soon,

Big Chris

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Here’s a few resources in line with the theme of this post:

The Power of Now – A Guide To Spiritual Enlightenment – My favorite book of all time, have read many times over the years and recommend to everyone.

Loving What Is – Four Questions That Can Change Your Life. They changed mine, that’s for sure

Live Off Your Passion – An exact repeatable process and proven framework for finding your passions, choosing the most lucrative option and building a career around doing work that genuinely excites you

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Written by Chris McCombs

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  1. Great post, Chris. Thanks for your writing. I think the future is Art. Not to say there will only be “artists,” but that we will be focused more on creativity and fulfillment, and less on success as it is defined today. Real joy is found in the struggle to achieve, and not in the achievement itself. That struggle is best enjoyed when creating from the place we burn.

  2. Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

    Well said man

    I think some people long to create more than others, you’re obviously like me and have that deep urge to make something out of thin air like I do

    I’d go crazy if I didn’t write

    It’s like I NEED to do it, if I miss a day I feel off

    thanks for chiming in Ryan

  3. This is a very timely post. So much that applies to my life in this moment. But then again, the more I try to live more authentically, the more I notice how timely things appear on the path, almost as if I am moving in slow motion, and watching from another perspective, outside of myself.

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      Hey holly, it’s crazy how once were open and ready, the answers just come flooding in from all around

  4. shondelle says:

    Great post. You are a gifted writer.
    Congrats on identifying and living from where you ‘Burn’.

  5. You are quite the wordssmith, Chris. Another great post. I’ve always been on that preached self accountability. But you’ve given me even a new insight that makes it stronger. Passing the blame gives away the power to make a change. I love it!

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      thanks Big James

      when I first heard the phrase “Wordsmith” in my 20’s, I was like “Damn I wanna be one of those”

      I think it was Henry Rollins I first heard it from

      always loved that phrase

  6. Chris,

    Once again, right on!

    @ Holly, you got it, makes me think of that quote about Committment by Goethe and that once your are truly committed all sorts of things appear in your path to assist you.

    @ Ryan- the struggle is the beauty, so true brother!

    “Sometimes the boot works better than the key”- Love it!

  7. Big C-as usual you continue to blow me away with your blogs. This one is about as good as it gets my friend. Can’t put in words as I board my bi-weekly flight how inspired and uplifted I feel; I dreaded this weekly ritual but as usual you have given me HOPE and a belief that we can choose our own paths in this crazy thing called life. As I have told you many times Brother-you continue to help me fight the good fight, live mindfully and stand for something and above all else-be the best human being one can be to oneself as well to our fellow man and womankind. Thanks friend for all you do and be great!


    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      and hey man, a seriously thank you to you too Erik for leaving such a thoughtful comment

      “live mindfully and stand for something and above all else-be the best human being one can be to oneself as well to our fellow man and womankind”

      that’s what it’s all about right there brother

  8. Not a future of eventual destination. But the journey forward we create in the here and now; through our imagination, words, and actions. And hopefully, from where we burn.

    That line really sticks out for me Chris, very thought provoking, I’ve been listening to Eckhart Tolle’s ‘The power of now’ on your recommendation and this echoes the messages in there. Ill be honest, it was a bit deep for me to start with, but im listening to it second time through now and really changing my whole perspective and approach to everything I do, Thankyou

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      hey thanks Jamie

      Everything Eckhart says rings true with me, it’s like he just reminds me of truths I’ve known since before I was born, but somehow the world made me forget




  10. Chris, you have a genuine gift for words. My admiration…

  11. Wow. Just wow. Thanks.

  12. Kristi Chapman says:

    Wonderful post – very timely for me – am selling my beautiful dream home in OP (which carreid a $1400 a month mortgage that I would have still been working to pay off in my 80’s)… My new man and I bought a foreclosed rehab 1.5 hours outside of Kansas City at a lake – it has 3 acres of trees (my first love is trees) and once we no longer have a mortgage the possibilities are endless… finally go back to grad school? work at a park? teach zumba? finish my book(s)? Most importantly stop working in coprorate America out of fear that’s plagued me since my first husband died! If you have ever rehabbed a home that far away, while selling a home, working full time and still trying to work out eat healthy and stay sane… well it just isn’t possible – the worst of me is rearing itself almost every day right now as we get closer to it all and I am low on sleep and all the things that make me sane (hiking, yoga, reading, quiet time, alone time, dancing)… I know we can do this, I know its so much of what I have always wanted – I can feel the physical pull of my soul in this direction – but my head keeps fucking up my daily handling of it all… The road rage I had rid myself of years ago is back – granted I keep it to myself and don’t express it to the other drivers but having that in your head is some nasty shit. And I keep calling the whole thing off about every 3 days, my poor man knows my past and my pain and is trying to be patient and supportive but he’s a fiery fucked up one too, so on many days it feels this whole shebang is hanging by a thread. But, last night I got a good night’s sleep finally (his teenagers make most things harder right now) and today I feel like I can do this, that I will do this… I just have to say no to the fear and yes to creating the future where I burn… Thank you for your words!!!

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      So AWESOME Kristi

      sounds like you are on one helluva an exciting path

      and opening all kinds of doors

      Teenagers huh?

      I’ve got 4 little ones, who are all heading towards those years faster than I thought

      crazy how time flies

      anyhow, excited about your journey, keep me posted (=

  13. what people do is their Karma ….- how you react is yours!

  14. You tell it like it is with the voice of a poet. There’s a lot of stuff out there telling people how to do it better, live better, blah blah blah. But your posts are the only ones I’ll read — for two reasons: because they ring so true and because they are just such art. Keep it up.

    • Hey Big Chris love te writing and the insight brother. You keep it real and simple. Most if not everyone knows why they are miserable but sadly few of us are willing to get down to brass tacks and put in the work to make it better or all we have dreamed our lives could be. Well said

      • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

        thanks steveO

        very true

        and “brass tacks”, one of my favorite phrases, have loved it ever since I saw Reservoir Dogs

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      wow, damn CJ

      I’m humbled by this and honored to have you as a reader

      you just stoked me out, thank you so much (=

  15. I just got turned onto your writing this week, and it is wonderful. I love the way you boldly speak of personal responsibility, while flirting with the idea that we create our reality…end result leaving the reader to take responsibility for the reality they have created….and then uplifting them! More so, I am incredibly impressed that you respond to your reader’s comments, and I want to leave one before you get so fantastic, you don’t have time to respond to them all!

    • so, first I read your blog (from a link shared on fb) and responded before reading “about” you…your writing is so fun, and your story so fascinating, the quotes…but especially the piece from the comedian. I am going to have to find it so I can share…but I am sharing about your writing, too….your ripple is full of magic!
      THANK YOU and namaste’

      • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

        ah hey thanks Kristi

        if the comedian you’re referring to is the guy at the end of my about page in the youtube video

        that is the late great bill hicks

        that bit is called “Just a ride”


    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      ha ha, thanks Kristi

      that last part made me chuckle

      If I can do this:

      “leaving the reader to take responsibility for the reality they have created”

      I’ve done my job (=

  16. Millie Hasan says:

    I couldn’t help but share this. One time I was driving along and saw a bumper sticker that said “Jesus loves you, everyone else thinks that you’re an asshole.” Hahahahahaha!

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