Less Of This, More Of That

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Even though this crazy universe we live in is infinitely more complex than that shit Will Hunting was scribbling on the chalk boards when no one was looking, a lot of the most important things in life are actually pretty damn simple.

Ya know… be cool to people, have fun, be active, eat good foods, drink water, get rest, do what you love, make a contribution, nurture relationships, accept the “Isness” of things, be present… that sorta thing, we all know the drill… shit, Grandma covered most of it by the time were seven.

Often times, it simply comes down to doing less of one thing, and more of another.

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 10.32.32 PMLess complaining, more solution

Less Facebook, more face to face

Less processed food, junk food, gluten, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, trans fat and Satan Monsanto, more REAL all-natural organic foods ( Actually, fuck less Monsanto, make it no Monsanto )

Less drinking empty calories, more water

Less excuses, more personal accountability

Less staying busy for the sake of being busy, more impact

Less getting lost in the doing, more being

Less vampires, more positive relationships with people who empower and support you ( and whom you empower and support )

Less American Idol, more books

Less sitting on the couch, more getting outside

Less bullshit, more truth

Less complaining about the government, more voting with your dollars

Less “news” (if you can call it that), more personal change

Less Lindsay Lohan, more attention to shit that matters

Less perfection, more mistakes

Less being careful, more scars

Less resistance, more acceptance

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 10.42.21 PMLess attachment, even more acceptance

Less email, more connection

Less seeking validation from others, more self-acceptance

Less judgment, more understanding

Less procrastination, more doing what’s important

Less focus on what’s wrong in the world, more positive change

Less control, more surrender

Less shoes, more barefoot

Less anxiety, more action

Less trading your life away for buck, more doing what you love

Less mass media, reality TV, summer blockbusters and mediocre entertainment, more art

Less consumption, more creating

Less fear, more doing the things that scare you

Less thinking, more breathing

Less scarcity, more gratitude

Less blame, more responsibility

Less serious, more funny

Less focus on over there, more focus on right here

Less then, more now

Less reasoning, more intuition

Less “got to” and “have to”, more “get to” and “want to”

Less secrets, more transparency

Less taking credit, more humility

Less talking, more listening

Less comparison, more compassion

Less magic-bullets, more doing a lot of the little things that count

Less overwhelmed, more doing one thing at a time

7A6B1676-B21F-47B8-BE26-4B0737908D7ALess hurry, more ease

Less regret when we die, more time with family now

Less distraction, more focus

Less clogging up the world with me-too everything, more originality

Less trying to be something or someone else, more being yourself… flaws and all

Less resentment, more forgiveness

Less hatred, more love and tolerance

Less knowing, more curiosity and wonder

Less keeping up with Kim Kardashian, more keeping up with the latest posts at ChrisMcCombs.net … I had to take there, didn’t I?  (=

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Talk soon,

Big Chris

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Written by Chris McCombs

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  1. Succinct yet deep 🙂 Keep them coming; your writing is some of the most motivational out there. Your advice is just what I need; cannot wait to put these into action!!

  2. Michael Gallaher says:

    Amen, My Brother! “Less is most definitely More”
    No body gets out of life alive so if you think somehow you’re going to come to the end of your life the picture of health, standing upright and basking in wealth well sorry for the Spoiler Alert.
    I’ve come to realize after 63 years that I need to stop putting things/people down and start building things/people up! “What we do in life…Echoes in Eternity” so Build A Life-It’s the Journey Not the Destination!
    One Man’s Opinion.
    Love your Wisdom, Chris! It helps me be better, today. One day at a time.

  3. You’re awesome! Thanks for this morning picker-upper! Love! :))

  4. Michelle Devine says:

    Perfect timing to read this, first thing, over coffee in the morning.
    This will be my mantra for the rest of the week,

  5. Less facebook…yet post this on facebook?? 🙂 Love your blogs. Even the contradiction.

    I quit fb (to focus more on the awesome people right in front of me) or I would totally post this.

    Keep writing! Keep striving!

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      Hey Jamie, yeah I cut back on FB recently, I still post a lot, but cut the constant checking it and try to keep it focused to certain times

      I was becoming addicted!

  6. AJ Brown Jr says:

    Yep!..got nothing more to add but gratitude

  7. Once again, you nailed it.

  8. Chris, once again, you have laid out a blueprint to enlightenment. May all your readers go and do likewise.

    I would supplement less talking, more understanding with less trying to be understood , more trying to understand.

    Thanks again for putting such brilliant concepts out there in such simple words.

  9. Excellent piece Chris! Nailed it. Always enjoy your posts!

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      thanks Ray, I love nailing it!

      I think it took all the times I’ve missed to get at least a few good ones in ya know

  10. Chris Banks says:

    Words i needed to hear today. Thanks for taking the time to write. Keep up the good work.

  11. Chris Forever Young says:

    Digging it, Big Chris. Good stuff ,and BTW, been checking out some of the Suggested Reading from your site, The Four Hour Body was cool, and am reading “Loving What Is” right now, good stuff. The Power of Now is my fav book also, brother, good to see I am in good company.

    Rock on,

  12. True, it’s a long lonely road, Chris.
    Thanks for your cheer, wit and insight: bombs away!!

  13. Simple certainly doesn’t mean easy. Nicely done and thank you for some lovely reminders.

  14. Recently found your blog about a week ago. It has been incredibly helpful. Going through a rough, transitional time in my life and this stuff helps me stay grounded and positive. Thanks dood!

  15. Hey Chris,

    Right on! “Less of this, more of that” is definitely my mantra.

    It doesn’t take too long to figure out that the things that make us the happiest are the things that aren’t advertised on the tele.

    Like you said; “Be cool to people, have fun, be active, eat good foods, drink water, get rest, do what you love, make a contribution, nurture relationships, accept the “Isness” of things, be present.”

    As always thanks for the reminder, looking for to the next one.


    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      you’re welcome Tim, I always appreciate your comments brother


      “Be cool to people, have fun, be active, eat good foods, drink water, get rest, do what you love, make a contribution, nurture relationships, accept the “Isness” of things, be present.”

      about sums it up ya know

  16. Hi Chris
    I always look forward to your posts.
    Thank you for being so genuine! It is a rare quality.

  17. Brigitte says:

    LOVE! \m/

  18. Hey Chris,

    Just wanted to say thanks for all your posts. You always put a great spin on things. Keep up the great work!

  19. Another great read……

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