How to Immediately Get Rid of ALL Your Problems


Artwork by Joshua Coffy

Discover the Place Where Problems Go to Die…

You have problems. A lot of them. And if you don’t right now, you will soon.

That’s life. One damn problem after another.

They’re built into the mechanism.

Life’s default setting is chaos, disorder, and problems.

And it’s all by design.

But there’s beauty in the problems. There are gifts in there if you just look.

Your problems help you learn.

They help you grow.

They can help you evolve through your fears.

They give you a chance turn to something greater. And to turn into something greater.

And they can help you to discover the one place where problems don’t exist.

Right here. Right now.

The ONLY thing that is. The only thing that’s real. Where freedom lives and problems go to die.

The greater your current pain, challenges, and so-called problems you face, the greater the opportunity to be free.

Your life will always be full of discord. Always full of issues. Always full of problems.

But none of it can truly exist when you come back to now.

They can only live then, there, and in your head.

Not here, now, and in your heart.

When you come back to just this—this single moment—you are free of everything you thought was a problem.

In the clear view of the moment, you can see that your problems are actually no more than thoughts themselves.

Perception, misinterpretation, and stories in your head you’ve created based on fear.

But when you step into the moment completely, you’re able to step out of the storyline and into peace.

Just this. So simple and magical.

Just this.

Make friends with this, and all those giant problems will shrink into oblivion.

At least for a moment.

This moment.

The only moment there is.

And yeah, your story is still full of problems, but you aren’t. And once you’ve figured out a way to arrange the story of your life so that you no longer have the problems you think you have now, some more problems will come in and replace ’em.

And if you’re lucky, they’ll be big enough, and hurt enough, to bring you back to this.

Just this.

Right here. Right now.

Where problems go to die, and life begins.

Talk soon,

Big Chris

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Artwork at top of this post by Joshua Coffy

Written by Chris McCombs

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  1. Man, oh man!! That and gratitude are all of what I have for that post.

  2. Awesome and inspiring post. Thank you for reminding me of the beauty in what appears to be a disaster… You ROCK!

  3. Good shit Chris

  4. Chris, right on point dude! If we have the discipline to bring our awareness back to the present moment, we can see that that is all there really is. And, in 30 years from now who’s going to give a shit about these perceived problems? I for one will be in my 80’s and I don’t want to ruin my days worrying about shit that will not matter in the end game. Great post thanks!

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      Yeah Gary

      Troubles come and troubles go

      Ain’t worth stressing on

      Otherwise you lose sight of what’s really important

      AND end up miserable (=

  5. Agreed. Now how do I remind myself of this wisdom and truth when the problems feel overwhelming?

  6. Love this.

  7. Thank you more than words can say – today was a day where it was harder than usual to keep things in perspective (people can be really mean, and life doesn’t seem fair, etc etc . . .) This was just what I needed to get back in the game with my head on straight to keep trying to win this game of life stuff. YOU ARE AWESOME!! 😀

  8. Well Chris, what can I say… another awesome post of yours. Just keep it up because they help a lot my Bro!

  9. Thank you..Chris. Amazing amazing post.

  10. Big Chris,
    You are the bees kneez brother. Keep the good shit comin’.


  11. Michael Gallaher says:

    The power of NOW! This moment! All we can control! Amazing how many people have become so convinced and accept that if they can think thru what has happened and plan on what they want to happen then maybe they can alter the past or influence the future. Your simple TRUTH is the best medicine. Thanks!

  12. You rule, Chris.

  13. Great blog Chris!

    You keep hitting home runs with this blog!

    Great to see we’re not alone!

    Have you checked out the book “The Gift of Adversity: The Unexpected Benefits of Life’s Difficulties, Setbacks, and Imperfections” by Norman E Rosenthal M.D? Please feel free to edit the book out if you want. 🙂

  14. I just discovered this blog. It is extraordinary! You are the truth…

  15. Dude u r awesome..I love Your blog. Turn shit into fertilizer. thanks For Your Good Heart man.

  16. Hi Chris, my names Jim from Brisbane Australia. I’m a singer, song writer for a dirty rock band called Lords of Wong. You can check out a few song on YouTube (reconditioned motor/You can’t keep a good drug down) 2 different songs. I was writing a song about getting out of ruts, problems etc and started off something then came across your philosophy ‘The place where problems go to die’. Im still writing the lyrics but I’m wondering if you’d mind if I used your title as the title for a song and grabbed a few lines to mix into verses/chorus. If that’s OK with you I’ll send you the finished work when its done and credit you on our next album release. Good job on that, very simple and succinct. Jim

  17. thank u chris….
    thanks for your golden words.
    I am really proud of having problems.I think this shit will be nothing to me after an year.
    keep posting like this.

  18. That place of “now” is always peaceful and quiet, and a great place to start moving right through problems instead of around them. Thanks for the excellent reminder, Chris. It’s great to regroup and return to now!

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