Simple 2-Step Formula REAL Badasses Use to Make Money

burning_buck-w200-h200Money. We all want more of it. Hell, who doesn’t want it?

You can do so damn much cool stuff with it, ya know?

The problem is, most of us focus on the wrong things when we try to get it.

Goals are great, but making money the goal isn’t NEARLY as effective at actually getting money as doing this:

1. Figure out how much money you’d like to make

2. Figure out how many people’s lives you need to add value to and in what ways to reach that goal

Then, focus on step 2 and get busy.

Make the goal the people you’re gonna help and how you’re gonna help ’em.

You’ll make more money and be happier. At least that’s been my experience.

Add enough value to the world and the world will give you a big old high-five.

Focus on just trying to take a bunch of money from the world, and you can kiss its ass.

The high-five is a better way to go.

Talk soon,

Big Chris

Written by Chris McCombs

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  1. Right. On. Thanks for the reminder!!

  2. Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

    you’re welcome adrienne (=

  3. This is right on! Just what I needed to read today.

  4. Uncharacteristically short for you but packed with wisdom. Sometimes it’s best, like it is here, to say it and be done without the fanfare. Love it!

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      thanks Jason

      and yeah man, that may be the shortest i’ve ever done

      I always wonder how seth godin does it

      I usually start out to write something short but 5000 words later I’m like damn!

      what the hell just happened!

  5. Different way of putting it… It is not always (& only ) about sales conversion rates.
    Thank you!

  6. Hey Chris,

    Great sentiment and completely agree with you. Money is just a by product of what you do and helping other people is a great way to change lives and live a great life yourself.

    Thanks for sharing


  7. Great Post! …Interestingly, I was preparing for long copy that would take me 20 minutes to read. Nice change: short, sweet and to the point (just don’t make this a habit – your long Posts are gold).

  8. Thank you, Chris! You always come along with wisdom just about the time I need it. Your reminders on how to live a fulfilling life help me refocus my busy, spastic mind and rein it in from the ledge it’s about to go over. I’ll be restarting my sales career in a new area in about 3 weeks when I move across the country. As I’m starting to stress about money, your post today is just what I needed to pull my head outta my butt and start strategizing on my goals and what I need to do so I kick the shit outta them! The money comes when the goals are met, and I can’t meet the goals until I help others meet theirs. It’s the only way!

  9. Short and sweet (whoops, I’m repeating DrGeorge). This is exactly what I was wondering how to tackle yesterday. In my case, this is going to involve adding value to the lives of about 100 million Japanese. Now, if I only got one yen from each of them . . . dang, that’s focusing on the money angle, isn’t it? Never mind, I’ll get there.

  10. Hi Chris..
    By writing what you write is help you make change in people’s lives and i hope is also getting you money in the process even though you didn’t start writing for the money.

    I feel compassion for people who really need help but i need to first help myself before i can help others. I just feel uninterested in things and only when i smoke some pot is i feel i see the reality of life and how far away from it i really am.

    Thanks for this reminder today.

  11. Thank you for another great article, Chris! I just started a new job a few weeks back and have been focusing on helping people instead of thinking of ways to get ahead. This week alone, it has lead to multiple compliments from my superiors and from customers. I was even complimented in an email sent out to the entire company. But the most rewarding part is the great feeling I get. I’m exhausted yet fully energized. When someone came to me with a problem before, it would stress me out and wear me down. Now it makes me feel alive and gets me motivated to do more.

  12. Steve the Black Nomad says:

    I like your website Chris, very inspiring and educational!!!

  13. One is more free and liberated adding value to the world than taking from the world. The former requires nothing from others the latter is dependent on others. Take care of others and the money will take care of itself.

  14. YES, thank you for the reminder! I just had this realization the other day, so to read it on this blog is a fun synchonicity thing 🙂

    I’m a violinist and composer; I’ve also been working on starting a coaching /workshop business based on a method I’ve developed for string players. I’m on fire about this business idea because I love learning new techniques and ways to improve performance, and leading others to discover new ways to unlock their potential and have FUN making music!

    But somewhere along the line (right about when i quit my day job!) I started focusing on the wrong things. My mindset was on how much money I need to survive, and it should be focusing on the thing itself – how i can add value to the people who will take my workshops and coach with me. How I can co-create with them to become better musicians and re-discover the JOY of playing violin, cello, etc. 🙂

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