Watch This Video Real Quick – It’s Funny and Important

Hey there it’s Big Chris. Check out this video from Henry Rollins real quick. It’s both funny and important.

Did you know that 4500 children die each day from dirty water and poor sanitation?

The sad fact is the while we take our water for granted, others are dying. But you CAN make a difference.

Learn how you can help out by clicking here.

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Written by Chris McCombs

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  1. So I want you saying because there is drought in Africa, we should not swimming pools or wash our cars? When we going to help them get water when are we going to do make it rain there? It is sad that things are not as good in other countries, in a lot of countries around the world there are wars where people are dying, there is lack of education, there is corruption and crime, but we can’t fix the world, we need to worry about ourselves and our families. Most of us common folk are too busy trying to make it here as survive, this sounds to me like a bad case of white guilt…

  2. I hear you and see it. There are problems in America with clean safe drinking water for some communities that are absolutely invisible in this message. Less than 1% of donation money in America is directed at the Native American population living here in conditions that rival any undignified situation I have encountered during my water work in East Africa, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, or Eastern Europe. I write you to ask that you turn your attention to the situation that people face in North America – the First People on this continent – as a result of the policies of taking that our dominant society through economics, politics, and forced migration and genocide. Leaving those who are suffering from lack of basic necessities, such as water, out of your American narrative (though I know you mean the vast majority) is just further isolating and erasing the Indigenous People – Native Americans or American Indians – whatever label, the water problem is real, right here.

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