50 Ways of The Warrior

Orange County Jail, Sometime during the 1990s, Santa Ana California

There he is again

Not but 10 to 12 feet from me

Just like usual, shackled with a chain around him that the guards hold onto, as one would hold a dog on a leash

He sticks out in here

Short, Asian, Glasses.

Charles Ng

Charles Ng

Assisted by at least 3 guards wherever he goes

A blue band on his wrist signifies he’s in protective custody

His name is Charles Ng, and he’s believed to have murdered between 11 and 25 people

His partner, Leonard Lake, took cyanide shortly after getting caught, choosing the ultimate escape over a life behind bars

Me and Charles are headed to court again today, him for the murders, me for distribution of marijuana

He’s infamous, and chained up like a mad man

I’m in the bright red jumpsuit, one of only two inmates in red, out of the hundreds of inmates filling the buses that’ll be heading from the county jail to court this morning

My regular jumpsuit is orange, brand new and a size 8X… it’s big, and I look a pretty gangster in it, a good thing in a place like this

I have to wear the red jumpsuit because of disciplinary infractions

It’s about 5 sizes too small on me… the bottom of the legs come up to about 3 inches under my knees, giving me that undesired, goofy, Huck Fin look


Hard to look tough in here when you look like you’re about to go fishing with Tom Sawyer

The red jumpsuit is my Scarlett Letter, signifying that I couldn’t even abide by the simple rules of jail, and have done some shit ( bitch slapped my cellmate to be exact ) that landed me in the “hole”

The cellmate I slapped was a real bad guy by the way, he was in jail for attempted murder, he’d sliced someone’s neck from ear to ear

Somehow they survived

Charles’s case will be on the 5 o’clock news again. To date it’s the most expensive case in California history, costing the State approximately Twenty Million Dollars, over twice what the OJ Simpson case cost

As usual, when he gets back to his cell tonight after court, he will probably make little origami thing-a-ma-jigs

I, will go back to the hole.

… The one man cell I currently call home

The hole isn’t dark, like in the movies, I wish it was

The guards like to keep the super-bright overhead light blared on you day on night

I hate that fucking light… It burns my eyes and keeps me up… always up

the-holeI’m allowed one book ( a worn old Stephen King novel I’m halfway through) one red jumpsuit, one pair of underwear, one pair of socks, one white jail issue t-shirt, one small pencil, one piece of paper, one envelope, one bed roll, one blanket, one white sheet

I am allowed no phone calls, no visitors, no yard time

It’s 24 hour lockdown in a cell with no window on the door

Boredom and depression are my constant companions

I’m allowed out of my cell for one 15 minute shower every three days

That’s why I don’t mind going to court… it’s gets me outta the house

In the courtroom, when I appear before the judge, that fact that I’m in the inmate box with thirty other inmates already makes me look guilty…

… But being the one guy in the red jumpsuit out of 30 orange ones, makes it look even worse

A few days ago I told the Mexicans in the cells next to mine to “Radio”, a jail word for “shut up”, or “keep it down”

Their constant gangster talk coming through their cell doors was getting to me… and on top of the bright light, it was near impossible to sleep… and that’s all I wanted to do

Sleep. Shut my mind off. Escape this place. Escape my life.

Now apparently these vatos are gonna fuck me up or some bullshit when we get out of the hole and go back to gen-pop

Whatever, I’ll deal with that shit later

Everyone thinks they’re a bad ass in here

Sitting in my cell I’m consumed with thoughts of what a fuck up I am

I couldn’t abide by society’s laws so I ended up in jail again, and I couldn’t abide by the simple program in jail and now live in the hole, the jail within a jail

Fuck… I hate this shit

I had no code

After a few more years of drug abuse I was able to put together almost  a decade of sobriety… a time filled with periods of massive personal and spiritual growth, as well as financial success

I then slipped back into addiction for a year or so of heavy narcotics abuse

Followed by a God-smack that knocked me 10 feet back and straight on my ass, and filled with spiritual experiences that most people wouldn’t believe

What took place is what I can best describe as a rebirth

Fast forward to 2013

Today, I do my best to follow certain principles… just as The Dude Abides, Dexter has his code, The Christians have the 10 Commandments, The Buddhists have their Dharma, The Samurai have Bushido and The First Rule of Fight Club is…

… well, you get it

Do I always do this stuff perfectly?

Nope, far from it, the goal is progress, not perfection

I do know, that the more I live by these simple guidelines, the happier I am and the better life is

image1. The Warrior knows that what other people think of him, is none of his business

2. The Warrior does not argue with reality, instead he embraces it and moves forward toward a better reality

3. The Warrior is bold

4. The Warrior moves forward in right action

5. The Warrior laughs… a lot

6. The Warrior lives in the moment

7. The Warrior does not take himself too seriously

8. The Warrior knows most of the stories in his head are exactly that… stories in his head

9. The Warrior puts no one on a pedestal

10. The Warrior embraces that which he fears, knowing therein lies the passage way to freedom

11. The Warrior lives in a constant state of wonderment of the Universe he lives in, and the fact that he even exists at all

12. The Warrior follows his inner voice, even if the rest the of the world says he’s wrong

13. The Warrior embraces his many flaws

14. The Warrior keeps his attention within

15. The Warrior knows that nothing outside of him, including money, admiration or possessions can ever make him happy or whole

16. The Warrior does not get caught up in “Beliefs”

17. The Warrior takes action, especially in the face of adversity, and does not concern himself with the results

18. The Warrior pays his dues

19. The Warrior has a giving hand

20. The Warrior does some seriously awesome shit

21. The Warrior watches the masses, and walks in the opposite direction

22. The Warrior lives Truth, speaks Truth and fights for Truth

23. The Warrior protects

24. The Warrior serves

25. The Warrior questions everything

26. The Warrior knows nothing can stop him

27. The Warrior does not back down when defending that which is Right and True

28. The Warrior’s battle-cry is one of Love and Truth

29. The Warrior Loves, with everything in him

30. The Warrior is a teacher

31. The Warrior is a student

32. The Warrior rises above that which tries to hold him down

33. The Warrior trains his body to be strong

34. The Warrior looks to his Creator, asking for guidance, direction and strength

35. The Warrior looks to others to see what he can learn from their life experience

36. The Warrior does not look to others for validation, approval or acceptance

37. The Warrior is humble

38. The Warrior adapts

39. The Warrior embraces change, knowing that when there is no change, there is no life

40. The Warrior seeks the good in everything

41. The Warrior has no concern for the words of his critics

42. The Warrior does not consume the poison of resentment, yet if called to fight, he will fight with everything he’s got

43. The Warrior knows he cannot be defined by what he does for a living, the car he drives or the woman on his arm

44. The Warrior does not waste time living by others’ values

45. The Warrior insists on spending his days doing those things he is passionate about

46. The Warrior insists on making this world a more awesome place to live in

47. The Warrior knows, that just like every other human on this planet, he knows very little

48. The Warrior knows he is but a tiny speck in an vast and unknown reality, a mighty speck, but just a speck

49. The Warrior, though just a speck, knows that everything he does, affects everything and everyone around him, somehow affecting everything and everyone around them… knowing this, he chooses his actions wisely

50. The Warrior knows everything, good or bad, somehow, someway, comes back around full circle… but only 100% of the time

51. The Warrior resides in the deep still waters, no matter how choppy the waters on the surface may be, the deep waters are always still

52. And a REAL Warrior subscribes to this blog and reads it as often as possible. Put your email here to be a REAL warrior:

The hole, that brightly lit box I lived in at 550 North Flower Street, Santa Ana California, was just too small to for me

I can go back, any time I want… the cell block of the mind

Or I can choose freedom

To steal from one of my all time favorite comedians, Bill Hicks… Who I’m sure stole it from someone else… Like maybe one of the sages who lived thousands of years ago

It’s all a choice… between Love and Fear

Right now, right here

One simple choice

In the end, it all comes down to that

My question to you is…. RIGHT NOW, which one do you choose?

Rise Above

Big Chris


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Written by Chris McCombs

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  1. Again another masterfully written post that possesses great insight. The part in particular that I enjoyed was that your goal was progression not perfection. Initially as an athlete perfection was all I knew as my ultimate goal. But thinking on it each day the focus was being better than I was yesterday (or better than last time I attempted a certain task).
    And I needed this blog. I needed to find a way to find my inner warrior once again. Thank you so much for sharing this blog

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      Hey thanks Consuella, striving for progress instead of perfection, I originally learned that written in book by a guy named Bill W. that he wrote a long with about 100 of his closest friends

      It helps me a lot (=

  2. My favorite one is “The Warrior does some seriously awesome shit” . Another great post written by a true warrior. You are the best of the best. Your writing is on another level.

  3. Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

    Thanks for sharing that Dan

  4. Awesome Chris! Another kick ass, motivating post, I don’t know how you do it dude, but keep em coming… Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      Thanks Tim

      I guess it’s cuz writing is one of my favorite things in the whole world to do, so I do it A LOT (=

  5. Trevor Neal says:

    My life=Anemia…Thanks for the transfusion.

  6. Another killer post. #17, 22, 23, 27, 41, & 44 basically summarize steps I’ve had to take. The warrior lives honorably. You’re style of writing is off the charts with this blog man!

  7. I hope the day you see your kids again is filled with more joy than you could possibly contain.

  8. “The warrior loves with everything in him”
    Love is everything. Stay focused on love and everything works out. All the best to you.

  9. Deepak Bhoj says:

    i Would Like To Say Thank You For Sharing Motivation Thing To Us.

  10. Chris,
    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple weeks and I must say your doing some serious writing. I now can’t wait to read what is next just as once a week Steven Pressfield writes his blog on “writing Wednesday’s” I can’t wait to read his stuff your writing is right up there with him. Keep up the great work!

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      Damn Bill, you’re officially now one of my favorite people in the world, Steven is THE MAN

      Thank you brother, thank you

  11. It sounds to me like the warrior never backs down. He will wander until he has found his calling. I realized a few years ago that I was an athlete. I didn’t care what others thought of it. Jiu jitsu, Parkour, diving, bboying, and training harder than anybody else you know makes you an athlete.

    Then, I had a child, I became married, and now I have two children. I still feel like an athlete. I still do most of the training that I loved to do. I am just more focuesed, trying to balance my life with my family life. I run my own fitness business in Delaware now. It’s just awesome. I realized now, I’m not an athlete … I’m a warrior!

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      You ARE a fucking warrior Daniel

      And Parkour is some insane shit, would be hilarious to see my big ass doing it…. I would break my ass for sure

  12. Steve MacCormack says:

    Keep it coming Chris! You get better and better with every post bro.

  13. Wow! I don’t even know where to begin. You are really chuggin on all cylinders lately and I for one appreciate it – these are wise words and a solid foundation. We each have to follow our own path but there are so many great things here that can help – helps me at least, so thank you.

    I been working on this one myself lately – “13. The Warrior embraces his many flaws” – I can be a stubborn bastard and I used to fight it and all I did was waste energy and get more frustrated. Instead I’m embracing it because when others give up I hang in there because I’m so freakin stubborn – taking the positive of something that has always been a negative in my mind. At the gym this morning I looked up and my name was finally on “The Board” – our chalkboard of strongman & competition stuff. I train at Renegade Gym in NJ and it is no joke. There are some seriously strong Mofo’s and incredible athletes. I’ve been there, busting my ass, for four years and finally cracked the board. That shit felt amazing. I embraced the stubbornness that let me hang in and keep moving forward instead of giving up.

    This one I struggle with – “36. The Warrior does not look to others for validation, approval or acceptance” – I often judge myself against others and seek out approval, acceptance. I’m working on coming to peace with that one.

    Thanks again Chris – be well.

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      Hey thanks Andy

      Thanks for sharing about your flaws man

      I always find it very liberating

      And yeah, I would imagine Renegade has some real bad asses in it

      Good to hear from you again man

  14. James Stacey says:

    39. The Warrior embraces change, knowing that when there is no change, there is no life.
    I need to do this……… I really struggle to get excited about change. Great blog again Chris.

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      Thanks James, yeah I know some people who fight change like a mother fucker, and are very miserable because of it

      We all do it

  15. Hi Chris hang in their . Been in the same place so 300 books later , came out got drunk got naked , stuck to my own code . And only went to spend my time with like minded people . It’s pissing down with rain in London , getting ready to teach a few classes and a PT . Thanks for supplying the knowledge to share with others .

  16. Love it!

    My new favorite blog.

  17. Dude, Crazy to say, but I think like Joe Rogan every day! (great video)

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      I think about that kinda shit a lot myself

      I love living in the “not knowing”

      Joe has some great stuff out, seeing him live again next month

      You’re a legend John

  18. Hey Chris , Awesome post man

    Just got back late from work and training to read your post-great way to end the day -thanks mate

    I love the line from the video ” I don’t think we are taking our imagination nearly as serious as we should be!”

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      Yeah that’s a great line huh?

      BTW, I love finishing the days off with some great reads myself

      thanks Jason

  19. I’m currently reading “live life aggressively” by mike Mahler and he comes with the same rules that I just read in your post and I recommend the book to anyone and its not your average self help book it actually has purpose and meaning behind it and I felt the same emotions reading your post thanks CChris!!

  20. Shaun Brant says:

    Man that must have been intense being around someone as twisted and evil as that Charles guy. Good thing he was behind bars finally though. Again your post really spoke to me, I know I will be coming back to this post to recharge and focus my inner warrior.

    As a man in this crazy world, you either fight the bullshit and achieve amazing things or you get your ass kicked into mediocrity the second you give up. “The Warrior does not look to others for validation, approval or acceptance” – This is so true, but unfortunately is so easy to forget. This is something I am working on in my own life, to not care what others think and just be myself loud and proud.

    I love your blog, it seriously has and I know will continue to guide and teach me how to live a more bad-ass and fulfilling and true life

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      Hey thanks Shaun

      I once heard someone say

      When I was 18 I really cared what people thought about me

      When I was 40 I stopped caring what people thought about me

      And now at 60, I realized they weren’t thinking about me at all

  21. Brilliant post and brings the term “warrior” into meaning as it should be. A warrior does not necessarily take up arms, kill people and breaks things. A warrior can be anything from a soldier to a patient fighting cancer. The potential to be a warrior lives within us all and warriors are not always known by the uniform they have on but by the confidence in their walk and their “don’t fuck with me” body language.

    One of the first steps towards becoming a warrior, IMO, is when you stop giving a fuck what others think about you, or what you do, and start following your own path.

  22. Hey Chris,

    Enjoyed reading your message this morning. The way I see it, your guidelines are simply reminders of what it is to be a man. A real fucking man. Something we seem to be in short supply of these days. i have been fortunate to know many real fucking men, mostly from my Dad and his generation (WWII era).

    I think we need to start a movement to remind the men of today just what it is to be a true warrior. A true man. Your guidelines are a great launching point and something every man should abide by. From where I sit, it seems that the generations behind me have no idea how to be a warrior or how to act and live like real men.

    Thanks for putting this out there. I very much appreciate it.

  23. Your post is knowledgeable. However living by a warrior code does not get you through lifes struggles. It is God and God alone that gets us through life if we allow Him. Living any other way is an illusion we believe from the enemy’s lies. We were given a choice to believe in God’s son as the one true way of life and though there are always things we will not understand or know that is the only thing that I am 100% sure of. There are lots of things I still question and seek an answer to but it can be a dangerous path if you start to loose sight of God in your quest for answers. The more I stick to God’s truth in His word the more things in life, in my life make sense. If one believes in other possibilities to get to their creator they have succumbed to relying on themselves and the world for answers, not God. Scientifically we don’t know a lot of things like the video was saying, but isn’t that all the more reason to believe that there is a perfect Being that is complete truth? I have found my peace in following the example of Jesus. Not in science, not in a code, not in the lies of the world or religon. And I can’t wait to see and spend all of eternity with Him. God Bless!

  24. James Danger says:

    I’ve had success in certain areas, after years of casually studying warrior cultures, and trying to apply their proven tactics to my own life. I have to say I haven’t seen codes more directly applicable to my journey than you have compiled here. I thank you for that. I’ve never killed a man, but I know war. I’ve never been to prison, but I know true solitude and confinement. While not every warriors path is the same, there are certain truths that are foolish not to follow. I hope the wisdom you’ve presented here elevates you to where you need to be. You’ve given me more than a few numbers to work on, and again, I thank you for that.

  25. Awesome Chris thanks for that have printed out and stuck on wall!

  26. DAVID JACKSON says:

    “The Warrior knows that what other people think of him, is none of his business”
    This helps me everyday. GO BIG CHRIS GO BIG CHRIS GO. stay blessed!

  27. You speak truth very much to the level that Josh and I live it. Here’s our blog and I recently quoted one of your blogs in it. Hope you enjoy: http://attentiondeficitart.blogspot.com/2013/01/truth-gratitude-honesty-compassion.html

  28. So how’s it going bro . How long do the state have you for . Try to remember there are no bars in your mind , retreat and work out how you will unleash your training unto the world . Friday afternoon in London , son had his haircut . 18 and I am still paying for it . The little one is eating a cheese and ham sandwich with some chips . And I have 30 mins of ironing before back to work . Spin , strength training for my U19 rugby boys then a PT . Back by 9.30pm . Take care . Daniel .

  29. Thank you Chris,

    Beautiful post my friend.


  30. Dude… again with the awesomeness… 😉 I especially liked #20 The Warrior does some seriously awesome shit… I am a Marine, Bodyguard and super geek… it is a pleasure to read your blog… You are an amazing Man… Blessings and Semper Fi Sir!!!!

    • Chris McCombs Chris McCombs says:

      Why thank’s John-Joseph

      Marine, Bodyguard and Super Geek

      Now that’s an helluva an awesome combo right there my friend

  31. Big Chris – thanks for the words. Just the kind of stuff I need. This isn’t unique or the first time this stuff has been said – but it works best if it is said over and over again. I’ll keep coming back.

  32. The Warrior lives in a constant state of wonderment of the Universe he lives in, and the fact that he even exists at all..Accept Yourself, Your Life, and Your Reality Another great post to read. right on Chris.

  33. Another post that has me sitting up and taking notice! It’s so funny how many people “assume” some have an easier time of life based on appearances, on opportunities, and on how they carry themselves through the human-maze! I realize that your struggles are uniquely yours and honestly, they tend to be very entertaining most of the time the way you describe them even when they are hard but everyone “struggles”with something and you never fail to remind me of that in some way! You have a knack for making me feel it’s “okay” and even necessary to wear that red jumpsuit sometimes because…it just might be worth it for the lessons learned! Wishing you the best days to come ahead!

  34. Jack van den Berg says:

    I am enjoying your blogs on FB and this one was actually a very different one… Inspiring yes, showing your attitude and willingness to change and the effect it can have on your thinking… My running is coming along and I could be doing more, but I do sometimes finish late, but I do try. It has been inspirational to me and has reminded me that life could be a lot worse. Keep up the blogs/updates.. Definitely worth reading more.

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