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Chris McCombs

17 Reasons Not To Take Life Too Seriously

tumblr_mgm22fWLTj1r1bw3zo1_500Most of us are way to serious, way too often, turning everyday situations into problems, constantly on the lookout for shit to complain about and worrying about a bunch of things that simply do not matter.

While it’s good to handle your business and get serious about growing, loving and being the best person you can be, being too serious can straight-up hinder your ability to enjoy an awesome life like being questioned by a cop can hinder an enjoyable LSD trip.

Getting caught up in the drama of life is a buzzkill on steroids. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not fretted over with a furrowed brow and a cantaloupe sized knot in your gut.

Here’s 17 reasons why you don’t wanna take life too seriously…

1. You have shit on your glasses.

Seriously, those things are caked.

Now, I’m not saying it to be mean or anything, I mean, I have shit on my glasses too, we all do.

Reality and perception are two completely different things, and your perception is distorted by the bullshit you consciously and subconsciously believe about what it is and what it should be.

And who can blame you?

You’ve been lied to your entire life.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 12.04.08 AMYour parents, while they did love you, lied to you.

Your family, friends, neighbors, teachers, idols, lovers, the media and now me… all full of shit…

… Lies, lies, lies.

Now, most of us have been well meaning, well, maybe not the media, since it’s controlled by people with their own creepy agenda. But most likely everything your parents told you, they told you because they themselves thought it was true, and they thought it would serve you. And a lot of it did, making it easier for you to navigate through life.

That don’t make any of it true though.

And the biggest liar of all... out of all the assholes who ever betrayed you, fucked you over and gave you the run around… resides right there between your ears… constantly feeding you opinions, judgements and total bullshit to the tune of of thousands of times a day.

Your own mind’s been fucking with ya.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 12.07.30 AMSpewing bullshit at ya like a television evangelist and pushing harder than the slimiest of used car salesman.

While it’s true, some of the lies have served you, many of them have held you back, had you chasing things that didn’t matter and caused you much more suffering than happiness.

Good, bad, or broken down on the road somewhere in between, the judgments and labels your minds been chiming in with have seriously distorted your view, so much to the point that most of what ( and I ) believe would be best categorized as fiction.

Some parts might be considered “Inspired By True Events”… but that’s at best.

Now, I ain’t telling you nothing you don’t already know… and I’m in the exact same boat as you, but we can never be reminded enough… hell, half the reason I write this shit is to keep me walking that line Johnny Cash was always singing about.

2. We know only a little

The truth is we know only know a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of what the Universe, the world and life is all about.

We might think we know, but we don’t. Anyone who says they got it all figured out, I’m calling bullshit on.

This video says it much more eloquently than I can…

“All you really need to know for the moment is that the universe is a lot more complicated than you might think, even if you start from a position of thinking it’s pretty damn complicated in the first place.”

Douglas Adams

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 12.08.49 AM3. You’re more monkey than anything.

“Our DNA is 96% chimpanzee. Is that even worth arguing?! If I gave you a sandwich that was filled with 96% shit and 4% ham, would you be willing to consider that a ham sandwich?

If you ever start taking things too seriously, just remember that we are talking monkeys on an organic spaceship flying through the universe.”

– Joe Rogan

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 11.56.29 PM4. You’ve been possessed by a little kid

Not only is there shit on your glasses, making it impossible to tell what’s really going on, but your thinking has also been taken over by scared little child … comforting ain’t it?

Now, this little fucker likes to tell you about all kinds of horrible things that are gonna happen, that you’re not gonna get what you want, you’ll lose what you have, that’s there’s not enough of that to go around, and you better be careful or you’re make an ass outta yourself in front of everyone.

A little optimist obviously.

My advice is not to listen to this dude, if he had his way all you’d do is sit around and watch cartoons all day.

Take it from Twain…

“I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.”

Mark Twain

Zombie Me getting my protein on.

Zombie Me getting my protein on.

5. People who take life too seriously are no fun to be around

Except maybe when it comes to killing zombies, so keep a few around just in case the shit goes down.

6. No matter how cool we try to appear to be, we are strange, crazy and prone to madness

Seriously, just think of some of the weird shit you do…

… Smelling yourself, touching yourself, trying to impress others while they’re trying to impress you, worrying about your waistline and engaging in a constant dialogue with yourself about a bunch of nonsense all day long.

And I know you’ve listened to some gay ass music too, and loved it.

The pot in the brownie is that the craziest people are the most fun to be around.

I’m not talking about some fucker who screams obscenities at strangers passing by on the street kinda crazy, but I’m talking about mother fuckers who LIVE, and are themselves.

Being a little crazy is a good thing, it means you’re human.

It’s the trying to contain and hide the crazy, so you can keep up appearances, that causes the real madness.

That's right, we bad.

That’s right, we bad.

Being all serious about what people think about you, even if you’re one of those silent mysterious types with a serious demeanor, is not being authentic… it’s putting on a show.

Sometimes you just gotta be able to laugh at yourself.

Going with the flow and letting it hang out… warts, bumps, lumps and all…. and not taking your thoughts serious about what others think of you all the time… not trying to appear tough, cool and on top of your game.. when you know you aren’t, is the way to go every single time.

Not only is the show exhausting, but it puts a wall up between you and the rest of the world and you and your true self.

Being able to laugh at yourself when you’re lame .. that’s the ticket to the Big Happy.

“Anyone who takes himself too seriously always runs the risk of looking ridiculous; anyone who can consistently laugh at himself does not”

Vaclav Havel

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 12.16.54 AM7. Life is more FUN when you don’t take it so seriously.

Taking life too seriously leads to being a stressed out, scared, angry, boring human being in bad health.

Being able to laugh at life, relax into the moment, and accept things as they are is a much better gig.

8. Look at how ridiculous popular beliefs, culture and the media are

We are a generation who march on stairs that go nowhere and ride stationary bikes that get there even quicker… all so we can fit into some fucking skinny jeans.

People put shit in their faces so they can look younger than they really are, but often just end looking like Chinese robots.

Kim Kardashian is a best selling author, and that Snooki chick is too. (Nothing against em’, but it’s gotta make you wonder)

The Bachelorette is the most popular show on television.

There are millions of people who firmly believe you’re fucked and gonna burn like a grilled cheese sandwich because you don’t believe the way they believe, and they will happily tell you all about it every chance they get.

Unless of course you’re of the same set of beliefs that they are, then not only do you probably think I’m a dick and of course gonna burn, but many of them think you don’t embrace the dogma as well as they do, so you’re fucked anyway.

They know what’s best for you.

There are others, most of em’ in another part of the world fortunately, who think you should be dead cuz’ you don’t believe what they believe, or you weren’t born of the same heritage or on the same soil.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 12.01.32 AMYou could actually go start your own religion right now, make a bunch of shit up, and there are people all over the world who will believe what you tell them to believe, do what you say to do, including giving you all of their money and drinking whatever cool aid you’ve got in store for them.

“When Paris Hilton can top the bestsellers’ lists, we are one more Connect Four move closer to Armageddon.”

– Corey Taylor

Now, after all this talk about ridiculous beliefs, I’m gonna say that…

9. Some Invisible Force seems to be in charge of everything

At least that’s been my experience.

Call it what you will, but there’s something much greater than you, me or even Brad Pitt that seems to be running the show here. And the coolest part is, as far as I can tell at least, it’s more real than anything we can see with our eyes and touch with our hands.

And as quantum physics tells us, there’s more emptiness in matter than anything else.

Maybe that’s why so many great mystics call this world an Illusion. Bill Hicks called it a ride, and some dude sitting cross-legged under a tree called it an Illusion… either way they’re talking about the same thing.

There’s something unseen that’s far more real then anything can be seen.

Don’t buy into the illusion, or at the very least, question the shit out of it.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 12.19.12 AM

10. Life can DRAMATICALLY change in the blink of an eye

Every thing is constantly changing, in fact that seems to be the only thing that’s 100% consistent, and with the exception of your actions and your actions alone, you don’t control any of it.

( Maybe that invisible thing does… but I ain’t trying tell you what to believe here )

The things you’re fretting over right now, causing you all kinds of unnecessary grief, because of some life changing event that you never saw coming, might not matter one bit 5 minutes from now.

Someone you love might stop loving you.

Your home could be swept away by some force of nature so powerful it displaces people by the thousands.

Your heart could stop beating and your lungs stop breathing… just like that.

You could also get the best news of your life.

You just never know.

“Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.”

Elbert Hubbard

11. Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Bill Hicks and Mitch Hedberg

4 of the baddest mother fuckers ever to walk the planet.

RIP Fellas … your humor lives on in the hearts of millions

12. Taking life too serious is a giant win for those who wanna see you fail

Let’s be real here. If you’re a go-getter, there may be a few people out there who wanna see you fail.

And if there are, these people want you to be stressed out.

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 11.53.41 PMThey want you taking shit so seriously, that you neither succeed nor enjoy life.

Don’t make these wishes of theirs come true.

13. Miserable people are taking shit serious for you

Seriously, there’s plenty of people out there right now taking life uber serious.

And they are miserable.

They sit and fret in bumper to bumper traffic on the way to jobs they hate, flipping people off while they listen to “bad news” radio.

They lie in bed tonight stressing out about tomorrow.

They get angry and think about how other people should be living some other way… and just do the shit they want em’ to do.

They got this taking life serious thing down to science for you,and have proven that it does not work.

So relax and enjoy yourself… and watch and learn how not to live.

Drop the idea that you are Atlas carrying the world on your shoulders. The world would go on even without you. Don’t take yourself so seriously.

Norman Vincent Peale

14. Because you fart

And that shit’s hilarious… no pun intended.

Even kings, queens, ladies and grandmas must fart.

I’ve seen the most beautiful of women rip a few big ones in her sleep, and it made me like her all that much more. (=

Goonie Goo Goo

Goonie Goo Goo

15. You were born with the gift of laughter

Somewhere, someone is laughing for their first time. And somewhere else, someone is laughing for their last time.

Laughter, along with orgasms, is one of the most wonderful things ever created.

Not only does laughing make you more likeable, less stressed and will probably even help you live longer… but it makes you happier and your life more awesome all the way around.

But it’s hard to laugh when you take everything  so serious all the time.

Laughter exists, and it’s a gift that no one can take away from you, and you get to use it as often as you’d like.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 12.48.13 AM16 Seinfeld.

Especially Kramer.

And with the technology we enjoy today, all 9 seasons are available to us anytime, anywhere.

17. Your problems do not matter

While it’s true you are an amazing being with the power to change the world…  your life is also miniscule and your problems meaningless.

Oh, I know your problems matter to you… but they don’t matter one bit in the big scheme of Infinite Universe.

Infinite Universe.

If you ever wanna put things in perspective, just look up at the stars, and then remember it goes on so much further than that we can even fucking conceive.

Now compare how massive that is with the little stuff you worry about… not looking perfect in the mirror, your car breaking down or someone talking shit about you does not matter one fucking bit.

Infinite Universe.

99% of of what we think as of problems aren’t even real problems anyway, just situations the mind’s made into some big and unnecessary drama.

And there’s one more…

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 12.22.00 AM18. Because life was not meant to be taken too seriously

If life was meant to be taken super-seriously all the time, stress wouldn’t kill you, it would make you live longer, but it doesn’t, it fucking kills you

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed.

There are times to be serious, but overall, it’s best to relax, laugh and go with the flow. Unless that is, you just want a life where you accomplish a bunch of shit, but don’t enjoy your self and aren’t fun to be fun to be around.

If you’re having trouble with being too serious all the time and wanna chill out and enjoy life more, but you’re not sure how, try doing more of the following…

– Move more. Get your heart rate up and your sweat on.

“The best things in life make you sweaty.”
― Edgar Allan Poe

– Eat healthier and drink more water

– Get more rest

– Mediate

– Don’t watch the news – It’ll mess ya up.

– Watch and read funny stuff – There’s tons of great stand up comedy and hilarious podcasts out there that make good replacements for stress music or the news … if you can call it news. There’s also lots of great positive music and audios you can listen to.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 12.34.54 AM– Surround yourself with funny and positive people

– Put the kibosh on your complaints

– Spend more time doing what you love

– Spend more time helping other people

– Practice acceptance and resist nothing

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Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 12.07.12 AM

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And remember, it’s just a ride…


Talk soon,

Big Chris

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Brandon Breshears says June 13, 2013

Love it Chris! You’re content is freaking awesome. I seem to be needing what you’re putting out man! Always well timed! I was going to stress over nothing the rest of today but I think I’ll just stop taking myself so serious and enjoy the day instead.

    Chris McCombs says June 13, 2013

    Ha ha, right on Brandon

    Yeah, whatever you were gonna stress on was not worth it, trust me

    glad your day’s now free of it man

    this is good news

      DD says July 30, 2013

      Hey Chris. Ive been stressing over bs as you would say for the past four years adn the worst part is I didnt have to. It was all because of what I thought five people were saying about me. When I look back on my high school experience now, I really wasted what should have been a happy and positive time in my life because I was stressing myself out over something I couldn’t change. I try not to let it get to me but sometimes its tough.

        Chris McCombs says July 30, 2013

        I hear ya DD

        yeah, life is too short for to get sucked into all that for sure

        sounds like you’ve definitely learned some valuable lessons from it all and are making a shift in the right direction

      Christopher Gilbert says January 31, 2018

      This just made my day!

    ernesto says February 19, 2016

    barely came across this. Loved it. thanks bro

Alison says June 13, 2013

I cannot tell you how much I needed to read these very words on this very day!!! I was getting all caught up in some petty shit, and your post shook me out of it. Once again you rock. Thank you SO much!!!

    Chris McCombs says June 13, 2013

    Thanks Alison, glad it resonated

    Crazy how easy it easy to get caught up in the drama

    and just as easy to let go of (=

    FrankieOBronx says October 29, 2017

    Wish I could say the same, but I have 2 sisters that are saying they are to busy to help take care of our Pop, but I’m the ONLY one that DOeS so. Since 2007 my Mom sufferered from cancer, same i was there everyday , Mom past 2010, now since then I’ve been taking care of Pops, he recently got 2 tors amputated from a misdiagnosis but im the only one who goes by every day brings him to therapy & all doctor appointments, besides ever5 else in life, plus I have a wonderful wife but she understands because she lost her Mom this year too, & it’s not fair to her that I’m not around!! Suicidal isn’t even the word that would help, because I have 2 daughter’s too from my 1st wife, that I don’t even see because of everything going on ! I’m do upset with life, because if people say this is life, I say BULLSHIT!!! I DON’T WANT ANYTHING TO HAPPEN TO MY POP I LOVE HIM ! BUT ONCE IT’S TIME, I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY, I WISH GOD WOULD JUST TAKE ME FIRST SO I CAN’T HANDLE ANOTHER FUNERAL! THAT WILL BE MY NERVOUS BREAKDOWN OR DEATH OF ME ! THANKS FOR READING, MATBE NEXT LIKE WOULD BE BETTER? TAKE CARE !!! ENOUGH

      Jeff says January 18, 2018

      Sorry to hear of your troubles few months ago, hopefully things are getting better for you now.

AJ Brown Jr says June 14, 2013

Don’t know what to say, Bro’, except for thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Chris McCombs says June 14, 2013

you’re welcome AJ, that says plenty (=

Isabella J. says June 14, 2013

So needed, no words but thank you! I love you man!

    Chris McCombs says June 14, 2013

    thanks Isabella (=

Randal says June 14, 2013

Another excellent post Chris. The quote about Paris Hilton reminded me about watching part of a rerun of David Letterman over here in Egypt. I was trying to wake up and get ready for work.

I swear I could feel come of my brain cells dying just listening to her talk. Hopefully there was not too much damage done before I could hit the remote and change the channel.

I stopped taking life to serious when I was a paramedic. Not that I didn’t take each patient serious but I saw enough shit that if I let it eat at me, it would have devoured me in short time.

The two things that help me is that I have a dry, and warped, sense of humor. I can, and have, joke about anything. Great way to not take things too serious.

And I can sleep soundly through almost anything. I can have all kinds of shit running through my mind but, like an old hound dog, when I get horizontal and close my eyes, I’m out. When I wake up, the things that worried me the night before, just don’t seem as big as they were when I went to sleep.

    Chris McCombs says June 14, 2013

    Right on Randal

    “The two things that help me is that I have a dry, and warped, sense of humor. I can, and have, joke about anything. Great way to not take things too serious.”

    Yeah man, that helps. Was just watching a doc about Richard Pryor yesterday and it talked about how there was nothing in life too horrible Richard didn’t see the humor in it

    Mine is warped as well (=

Mike Maz says June 14, 2013

Glad a friend of mine turned me on to you blog! Amazing read. Definitely puts everything into perspective. Laugh on!!

    Chris McCombs says June 14, 2013

    Awesome, thanks Mike, glad it resonated

Daniel Beyer says June 14, 2013

Bro, I just love it each and every time. Another great read.

I had the craziest stuff happen off of cancelled plans yesterday. I met two new clients, because I still went out and did something. It’s so crazy. They recognized me through somebody I know — friend, family member, maybe even an ex-wife — haha. But they trusted me, asked me for my professional advice. We talked business, we laughed, and I was in the zone with it.

Anyway, I’ve done a lot of scary stuff to fix a lot of stressful things in my life these last three months.

Today is a big and exciting day for me. I can’t believe how well things fall into place when you stop stressing. You actually take massive action and fix the scary stuff. Mark Twain is SO right!

Jason says June 14, 2013

Solid as always Chris…. These posts are always a great compass to guide towards an excellent day!

    Chris McCombs says June 14, 2013

    Hey Jason, I LOVE THAT

    you’re good with words brother

Tony says June 14, 2013

Totally thought you were going to pull out a “42” reference in this one.

Loved this post, from one farting, possessed little kid eating a ham sandwich while laughing at Kramer in his pimp daddy suit with shit on my glasses to another.


PS. I do my best to continually remind myself who created the cheese sandwich in the first place, oh the irony ….

    Chris McCombs says June 14, 2013

    Ha ha Tony

    Yeah, I concur with you on the grilled cheese

    Dude, I WAS gonna pull a 42 reference, I don’t remember where, but it’s about this

    Whenever people don’t want you to success or are talking shit, all they are is the asshole coach in that movie yelling “Nigger Nigger Nigger”

    true story

Tim Bell says June 14, 2013

Great Post Chris!

I absolutely loved it, it was right on the money.

I especially loved this quote… “Being able to laugh at yourself when your lame .. that’s the ticket to the Big Happy.”

Soooo true 🙂

    Chris McCombs says June 15, 2013

    Hey thanks Tim, pretty sure I snuck that one in to revolutionize how just lame I can be (=

Josh Vernier says June 16, 2013

I had a teacher a while back who used to tell us, “Your ego tells you that your life is a movie and you’re the star. That everyone’s watching you, the star, and criticizing how well you fit the role. That’s bullshit. Joe over there in the car next to you is the star of his own movie, so is Sue at the coffee shop. People don’t care about your life nearly as much as you do, so do you really think their opinion even matters? That they’ll even remember that opinion tomorrow? They’re nothing but extras in your story, and you’re nothing but an extra in theirs. What kind of action hero worries about the opinions of the extras anyway?”

    Chris McCombs says June 17, 2013

    Sounds like you had one bad ass teacher there Josh, wise and true words

Jay Ashman says June 17, 2013

great blog, needed this one today

    Chris McCombs says June 18, 2013

    Right on Jay

victoria says July 18, 2013

Omg you’re so cool ! I loved this article, seriously, it really changed the way i think. You’re probably so fun to be around!!


    Chris McCombs says July 18, 2013

    ha ha

    I’m probably more fun to read than be around (=

    I know my fiance thinks I write too much!

Arto M. says July 20, 2013

This thing made me smile, and just gave me even more confirmation about things I already embrace – that there are very few things in life worth taking any kind of seriously. It’s also really fun to see people’s expressions when you’re not afraid to make a fool of yourself. It’s just much more fun to be a colorful spot in life than yet another gray one 😉

Or, as I tend to say: “I’m only over eighteen when driving a car or buying alcohol. Rest of the time I’m mentally ten years old, so nyah!”

    Chris McCombs says July 22, 2013

    ha ha

    love that saying Arto

Darren K. says July 22, 2013

I did a google search of “how to not take myself so seriously” and as soon as I began reading I realized this is exactly what I was in search of. I always thought of myself as a super easy going guy until I graduated college and worked my ass off in the mortgage industry. I was making good money and had what many people would consider a great career, but I was always so serious and stressed out all the time. I decided a few weeks ago that was no way to live so like that I gave my 2 weeks notice with no back up plan other than betting on myself that I’ll figure it out. I’m now unemployed (by choice) and taking the time to find out something I can truly be passionate about. I finally feel like I can be myself again and stop taking life so damn seriously. Thanks!

Matthew says July 30, 2013

Hey Chris, this is a great and awesome article for those who are just too stressed out about life, it has really changed me and the way I act now. But whilst I was reading this, there was this article that I read a few months ago that kept popping up into my mind that gives a different take on life that I really thing you should read on the atlantic, its called “theres more to life than being happy, the link is here 🙂

    Chris McCombs says July 30, 2013

    hey thanks for sharing that Matthew

    yeah Frankl was such a wise man, such an inspiration

    purpose and meaning


Jd says August 18, 2013

Man dude, this shit is so true, ive been depressed and questioning life for as long as i remember,around 2010 i decided that i didnt know why im here but it sure as hell aint to work my fuckin ass off and get treated like shit at some place i hate being at anyway,so i said fuck it, saved some money, and started a small business, and honestly felt the happiest ive ever been in my life,just the feeling of being home with my family was amazing!!! But the past year or so, business has slowed and really never picked up like i expected it to,and when you feel like your busting your fuckin ass to be positive, spiritual, and straight up trying to be a good dude and shit still doesnt work out. You can only take so much, until your like ok, what the fuck is going on, this place is fuckin stupid, i mean, im the main one to say money isnt everything, but goddamnit when you got bill collectors callin you all day and confused as fuck why your business is not going well, and your preganant wife and six year old are depending on ME, to take care of shit, its hard not to take life serious, i mean fuck!! Quantum physics has lead me to believe that this is an illusion but when the cock fucks come to reposes my house, that shit is gonna feel pretty fuckin REAL to me….. I mean maybe this place isnt for everybody, for example, if you get in the octagon with jon jones and he keeps beatin the brakes off ya ass, sooner or later your gonna say, ok, fuck this, i quit, this is stupid, i aint down with this shit no more i outta here,and no one would disagree with you for the most part, so what if life is pulling a jon jones on you? Its just like, if i cant be happy and provide for my family, then fuck it, maybe its time to roll, by the way dont freak out, im just throwin it all out there, my bad for rambling

    Chris McCombs says August 26, 2013

    all good man

    I know the place you speak of well

    it’s important place … at least for me, as it brings me to my knees and in touch with my creator more

    it’s tough to go through though, no doubt

    I love the way you started it, with “man dude”

Teri says August 20, 2013

Chris, thanks for putting some much needed enthusiasm back into my life! My rose colored glasses fell off and I’ve been getting really stressed out over the past, the future. I appreciate you helping me to regain my perspective! You are right on!!!

    Chris McCombs says August 26, 2013

    hey awesome Teri

    life is short Girl

    too short to stress

    it’s ending quickly for all of us

    enjoy the time you have

Tim says August 21, 2013


This article put all my thoughts into writing, i am always saying to people that we are very smart apes and that we take life way to serious!

Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Chris McCombs says August 26, 2013

    right on Tim!

Jd says August 27, 2013

Haha, no doubt brother!!! I love your whole blog, it explains everything that i feel ,but have trouble expressing, (if that makes sense) anyway, im on page 33 of the power of now by Dr. Ekhart tolle and am blown away so far. i only let myself read a page or two a night so i can let it soak in, anyway, reading your blog really makes me feel like there is hope, thanks dude……. Just thanks

    Chris McCombs says August 29, 2013

    right on JD, that book is a fucking life changer

Susan says September 9, 2013

Great, inspiring article. That photo by reason #18 (with the goofy kid playing guitar) is hilarious! Where did you find that photo?! When I look at it, I laugh my ass off AND it helps change my perspective…life really is ridiculous.

    Chris McCombs says September 19, 2013

    hey Susan – don’t remember where I got it

    But it’s awesome isn’t it


Suzi Eberhard says October 11, 2013

The Invisible Whatsis is strong with you, man. Good choice to repost and for me to read today. Reminds me of my brother’s and my alternate title for the Hubble Telescope (which is an amazing instrument, no question) –

“Monkey Does Trick”.

Laila Meadus says October 13, 2013

Fingers crossed, I want to thank you for such a great, inspiring expression of creativity. I get stressed feeling guilty of being unemployed and broke, and still taking time to play my guitar, go for a bike ride, read a book, or even write, like I used to. Then spend all day defeating the demons in my head, instead of the happy-go-lucky person I thought I was, then the rest of the night feeling embarrassed for whining all day about things I can do nothing about.
Pursuit of Happiness vs. Pursuit of meaningful Life…Cheers, Laila

    Mark says January 7, 2014

    You sound like me dude! When I stress try to look for the outside in and see my situation is not really that bad compared to what else goes on the world i always have the power to change my situation no matter what. Always make time for your passions, relax and have fun!

tristandude says October 24, 2013

dudeman…thanks for putting it all back into perspective for me…I used to live by that mentality…and seemed to be successful in anything I did…all so effortlessly….but then about a year or two ago, I got this crazy idea that I had to grow up and show everybody I was mature and responsible….big mistake man…fucking burned myself out busting my ass for school….many thanks

Graham says November 21, 2013

Nice Chris, its nice to see a fan of Joe Rogan and stand-up comics alike. Anyway I stumbled upon your blog after reading a poster saying “Don’t take life too seriously nobody gets out alive anyway” (I’m sure you’ve heard that one too many times). Today I was feeling kind of down and stressed about everything, mostly because of school and how much grade 12 means to the whole world, and how if I don’t get good grades I won’t go to college, and if I don’t go to college… the vicious circle goes on. So during some free time I remembered how that quote made me feel better, and decided to search it up to maybe find out the author. Before I even looked for the quote, this page showed up. I figured if I liked the quote I would probably like your page; I liked the title anyway, it stood out too. After reading your 17 reasons why I should not take life so seriously, it helped me to see how much more awesome life really is, and how miserable is shouldn’t be. The Joe Rogan part made me happy too, big fan of him and everything he does. Thanks Chris for making my day better. I’ll be sure to subscribe!

    Chris McCombs says November 21, 2013

    So cool Graham

    Sounds like you’re on a good path my man

    RE: “Today I was feeling kind of down and stressed about everything, mostly because of school and how much grade 12 means to the whole world, and how if I don’t get good grades I won’t go to college, and if I don’t go to college… the vicious circle goes on”

    I’m not gonna say don’t go to college, but most of the happiest and most successful people I know never went.

    It can be important, but for if you the heart of entrepreneur (not sure if you do) – it can also be a hindrance

    Just do your thing man and don’t stress out about it all

    like I said, you’re on a good path man

Elias says November 22, 2013

Hey Chris i really love your article hey mad my day and make feel better next to my self Thanks broo .

Sarah says December 1, 2013

Love this article! You’re right, most of our problems don’t matter at all in the grand scheme of things.

Matthijs says December 2, 2013

Awesome! Love it! If there was something like The Truth, this might come very close, haha ;)! Been saying these kind of things to a lot of people, but most of them just look sorta worried at you.

I’ll have them read this!

Jeff R says December 9, 2013

Best thing I’ve read in a long time !
I’ve been taking life way too seriously lately. I need to take a shit and throw it at the world, Chimp style! You da man!!

Mark says January 7, 2014

Rite on Chris, i had a stressed 2013, but really it was my mind fucking with me, everything is good in my life! Its just a ride! Life is just a journey of thought

Tom says January 12, 2014

Really enjoyed the blog. “Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive”……quote hit home.

A Pot says January 13, 2014

I’d like to point out that taking life seriously doesn’t automatically correlate to high-stress. You see, not taking life seriously and being around people as such would stress me out. Life, to me, is meant to be taken seriously, and it is only the fact that we live in a more modernized world that everything has become so easy to us to afford us this luxury. Now I am not saying that since we live in a modernized world we shouldn’t appreciate the things that we do have, but in the back of my mind I’m aware that things are all held together by a thin line. I’m also aware of how the world works. I’m aware of what is going on about the world at every second. To me, I feel more secure and safe when I take my feelings, others’ feelings, and everything else seriously. I take my relationships seriously and I feel deeply. Being light-hearted all of the time seriously gets under my skin and stresses me out. So although neither of us are wrong, I’d just like to point out that it just depends on your personality and definition of seriousness. Seriousness to me isn’t “boring” and “unenjoyable”, serious to me means passionate and conscious of the short amount of time I have on this earth to let this experience wash over me and really not let is slip away by wasting my time away by getting drunk, eating loads of crappy food, and watching Family Guy on television.

breanna says January 18, 2014

i read this like ten times… well fucking done, you literally changed my life, you have a gift!

John says January 23, 2014

Brilyant and Great Article Thanks Alot for your support!!

ben says February 7, 2014

Wow, I’ve been going through a daily stress-cycle that peaks in the mid-day. Totally appreciated this and let out a few laughs, which are really like medicine!

Albert says February 21, 2014

When I take life too seriously, I think that Paul McCartney, Maddona and all the megastars in the world: fart, poop, vomit, piss, and smell funny just like the rest of us!

April says March 5, 2014

This could not have been a coincidence that I did a search for being too serious and here you are. I seriously, *deep breath* feel like a weight just came off my body.

I actually started to remember the happy, fun, UNIQUE individual I used to be before life got “real”. I miss her. I think I will pay her a visit this week maybe go ice skate, or paint, or make a mixed “tape” or………:)

Logan says March 21, 2014

You’re a saint.

Britt says April 12, 2014

I was always totally going with the flow and enjoying the little things in life and as I’ve gone through college I’ve become a workaholic. Work, school, study, gym, repeat. It strains my relationships because I feel like I can’t enjoy my free time if I don’t have everything done before. I thought I was working toward a goal in life but I know that I have to enjoy the ride because I could be gone tomorrow and I couldn’t say that I was honestly happy if I did. I know how to chill out and how to be serious but finding the balance is the struggle. I decided on my major and i’m doing something I truly love now i just have to stop forcing myself to study every detail until i fall asleep with this god forsaken laptop on top of me! I just want to be successful AND happy really seriously happy and fulfilled, I LOVE this post and it makes me feel better just knowing that i’m not the only one trying to figure out how to chill the fuck out.

Kel says April 14, 2014

Hey Chris,
Stumbling upon your blog is the best thing that’s happened to me. Your words are so candid yet profound. It makes me smile and nod all the way. I no longer need to make that call for whatever behavioral therapy bs.
And i’m making this my motto: “dont take life too seriously. You’ll never walk out of it alive”

    Teng says April 16, 2014

    Yeeesss…… I love this stuff. but sometimes, hard to do,isn’t it? haisst..

Shari says May 1, 2014

Thanks Chris. So humorously said! Needed to be reminded of this today and loved your suggestions at the end. Shari

lostandconfused says May 6, 2014

It’s in my nature to take life too seriously ..

John says July 7, 2014

Yes its true but it doesn’t mean we should not take it seriously at all no we should have to their is a time for joking and time for work in this life

Josh says August 1, 2014

Well, shit got too real and I forgot all about this.

I can’t thank everyone involved in this post enough; that’s the truth.

Subscribed. Thanks, Chris! You fuckin’ beefstick. Much love from South Africa

nick says August 8, 2014

It wasn’t by mistake that I landed on your piece. Was kinda stressed so I thought I was taking things seriously jumped right on to google and typed “The problem with taking life seriously” picked on your link and seriously, i’m having fun with this.

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solh says October 30, 2014

Why do you use such a horrible language, too many bad words.

    serpentfireix says April 16, 2015

    As another reader said, “LTFU (LIGHTEN THE FUCK UP!!!)”

Mary says October 31, 2014

You will never know how much I needed to read that. I have been a stressball for 65 years and I am damn tired of it….your advise is well taken.

hh says December 30, 2014

Without all those serious people you wouldn’t have that rectangle in front of your face that flashes words and pictures. One thing I’ve been thinking about is what if everyone gave it 110’/, everyday to better society. Where would the word be at? It seems like all anyone wants to do is…. im not going to finish sorry bout the rant

amber! says January 7, 2015

OMG i cant tell you how much i loved and SERIOUSLY needed to read this! Ive been overthinking everything and taking life waay too seriously for majority of my life and i can honestly say… nothing has sparked something in me the way this did to completely change everything and flip the switch. Immediately after reading this i knew my life would never be the same in the best way possible. Thank you so much for posting this!!! 😀

    Chris McCombs says January 7, 2015

    wow, Amber, means a lot and am stoked to hear (=

Cal Tiegs says January 13, 2015

Hey Chris…
Bravo…and many thanks for reaffirming a lot of what I have believed for a long, very long time. Evert body needs to lighten (LTFU) up and enjoy their gift of life…and it can be so easy to do once you get it!
As you mentioned being in touch with OUR creator I will share a related thought I believe. .. I was enlightened to “Enjoy the gifts bestowed upon me (Love, Laughter, Music, etc)—and even more…to SHARE them all with others all the time”. It’s like my cup that actually does runneth over with love, but although I give it’s contents away to others my cup is STILL always full at the end of each day. And then I do it again…for all my physical time here.
Thanks for your cool blog and podcasts…and have a great ride!!
Sincerely, Cal Tiegs
Los Angeles, CA. 2015.

    Chris McCombs says January 13, 2015

    Wise words, brother, appreciate it

Vinicius says January 26, 2015

I have no doubt that it was the best post that I’ve read in my 15 years of life. Congratulations, because YOU were realistic and true telling us all these things. I loved this site!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chris McCombs says January 28, 2015

    damn, thanks Vinicius!

Courtney Ellis says June 24, 2015

HAHAHAAAAAAA!!!I tell people stuff like this at work and they literally have fits hahahahahaaaa!!

Aravind says July 28, 2015

Hey Chris, i am an author and i work as a Technical Writer in India. Trust me dude, this article is an eye-opener. i truly believe in what you say as martyring yourself to caution is not gonna help at all. An individual’s life is a microcosm in a macrocosm called Universe. I have seen a lot of people having a high opinion about themselves and they are frustrated too. The reason being ” they are dogmatic”. i would with your permission add this article link on my Facebook and LinkedIn profile as it is time people learn the truth and accept life on their own terms , voluntarily of course… You live only once. In this world of corporate communications, your article is like a breath of fresh air, keep writing and keep rocking. After all, Keep on rockin’ in the free world….. Maybe… Definitely Maybe…….

    Chris McCombs says July 28, 2015

    Thanks Aravind. No problem with you linking to it. Appreciate it.

Joey says August 16, 2015

Dude, you blew me away. I read a lot of mindfullness and zen stuffs but never presented this way.

You’re like the rock & roll version of the Dalai Lama.

This article couldn’t have come at a better time in my life.

I’m living a pretty good life by all accounts but I’m struggling and not appreciating it because of the shit my mind is throwing at me relentlessly.

This will help me focus better and regain more control of my life.


Victoria says August 24, 2015

You know, I read your article before, this one, a long ago. And i believe it. And im coming back bc i needed something like this, but now i don’t believe that my problems are little. Sometimes u got little problems other times you got big problems. What can u say to the people who gotta a big problem for the rest of their life? Making it seem little won’t work. No matter what it’ll be big.

Andy says September 26, 2015

I’m 31 now and for the last 9 months (after a life-changing event) I’ve been thinking about all the mistakes I had been making up to that point and what I can do to make sure the next chapter in my life is a lot happier. This article pretty much nails it – all my life I’ve been a stressed, angry, miserable fucker so focussed on achieving ‘stuff’ that I lost focus on just being happy. Sometimes a bit hard to see until you get the opportunity to step away for a bit. Like they say, hind-sight is always 20/20. So now I know what to do – chill the fuck out, because I (we) could all die tomorrow. Thanks for the article – peace.

Pure Conciousness says April 13, 2016

This is very pleasant to come across, living in the now is very important and due to current human condition (slaves to our mind) I plan to leave this concrete jungle and live in the amazon rainforest. Life isn’t serious at all and death is not the end, we are all essence, the same source which makes up the universe or rather makes up everything, has always been creating itself and has never failed to do so. If we are all from that same source i will trust it and let the flow of life flow through me like the amazon river. One day i wont have the luxury of sharing my thoughts through the internet so i will do so now. Live your dream the best way (for you) possible!! Comfort and security are the opposite polarity of our adventurous spirit… Go out and do shit fuck being safe, if we die, we die HAPPY! Your true essence is eternal, our human form is impermanent. Dont be scared just be!!!

WilliamDak says May 6, 2016

I loved your article post.Thanks Again. Want more.

Madison says June 21, 2016

Just wanted to say thanks for writing this awesome piece. I find myself coming back to it often when I can’t bring myself to de-stress. I appreciate you and what you’re doing!


Chewbacca the Rookie says August 16, 2016

I fart so often and so loudly. I fucking love it. So does my wife. I think our relationship is exponentially more awesome precisely because we rip ass in each others presence. My theory is that if you can fart in front of your wife…. if she really has a problem with it…. then get a new wife… because it’s gonna be a long life. Farting rules. I have a graduate degree. And i love farts.

Geoff says January 18, 2017

Hey, what about the LinkedIn button? 🙂 LinkedIn is full of people desperately trying to motivate themselves and each other.. They take their jobs way to seriously!! It’s just a job!

kyle says May 21, 2017

haha this was amazing I have exams this week and needed something like this to calm myself down and realize the more important things in life! Thank You – Kyle

Stew says September 1, 2017

Lot’s of great stuff.. But resist nothing? Come on sometimes we have to take a stand. Being a pushover can’t make anyone happy.

    Chris McCombs says September 1, 2017

    I mean resisting inner acceptance of “what is”. Absolutely sometimes you gotta take a stand in life, hell yeah. But I mean the inner voice that always thinks life should be some other way. For example, the waiter brings you the wrong meal, have him take it back and replace it with the right meal, but don’t get all worked up inside about. It’s the wrong meal, fine, accept it on the inner level but make the fucker replace it.

Shanelle says April 24, 2018

Hi Chris,

I just wanted to let you know that I am a huge fan. I just read your blog and as a psychologist, i think your approach is ideal to get important messages across to young people. Keep up the great work, I am working on a mental health blog myself geared to help those in my home country of Sri Lanka (hope you know where that is, most folks don’t) . Would love to have you write for us sometime in the future.

Keep rocking the universe.

Warm regards,


Serena says July 13, 2019

LOVED reading this! All what my highest self/Universe is telling me!
I love saying and doing the most “inappropriate” things (according to our socially conditioned society) It is hilarious –
I encourage everyone to do/say/write “inappropriate” things, in an okay setting of course, where you won’t get fired… it is hilarious, belly hurting, and people actually laugh, after they get over themselves …
There’s so much we don’t know, we are socially conditioned – break free from your mind – make your own rules. Peace to all.

Emmanuel says August 12, 2021

Great piece. Thanks for sharing your perspective…truly fantastic to actualise

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