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Well, this is embarrassing…

Well, this is embarrassing. Not only have I not blogged in over two years, I also got FAT.

The pic on the left was taken late 2010. I’m 6’6″ and weighed 265lbs at the time. The pic on the right was taken three days ago. I’m 385lbs and need to do something about it…again.

My motivation this time is different than before, though. While back then it was 90% about how I looked, this time I need to do it for my health…so my wife and children can have me around.

Let’s face it, I’m 46, and I’m sure I have a bunch of crap built up in my arteries.

I used to NEVER worry about dying. Now I worry about it every day.

I’ve gone up and down to extreme ends of the spectrum three times in the last 20 or so years. I get ripped and then balloon up. Right now I’m a balloon. The biggest balloon I’ve ever been.

I eat WAY too many sugars/carbs, especially at night. The only exercise I’m getting right now is 45 minutes brisk walks with my dogs about five days a week.

Here’s the thing: I KNOW what to do. For years I owned a personal training business. I lifted obsessively, did cardio, ate like a bodybuilder, and read everything about fitness that I could find.

My struggle is embracing/living a healthy lifestyle. And I’ll be honest, in that pic in 2010, I did a lot of things to get into that kind of shape that were far from healthy. I also obsessed over everything I ate. I was way too OCD about it all, and believe that played a part in my inability to stay the course.

I want to do it healthy this time, and in moderation.

I have a lot of things going for me…

– Like I said, I know a lot of the “how.”

You can I have a good bit of muscle hiding under all that fat.

– Even though I haven’t lifted consistently in a while, I have a ton of muscle under my fat, and I’m damn strong

– For years I’ve been prescribed injectable testosterone and HCG. But not crazy amounts like a certain dude who looks like me was known to take in a past life.

– I have a badass home gym, tons Rogue equipment, power rack, all kinds of specialty bars, heavy DBs, boxes, bands, landmine, KBs, you name it.

– I have an amazing, supportive wife (Veronica) who will cook healthy meals on the reg. And for the most part, she already eats pretty well.

– Because of the years I spent in the fitness marketing “guru” arenas, I know HUNDREDS of trainers, bodybuilders, fitness gurus, CrossFitters, powerlifters, gym owners, etc. from all over the world.

I have beautiful little children I love with my entire heart and know that if I don’t do something about my health, I’m not keeping their best interest at the forefront of my life and may end up robbing them of having me around until I’m a (big) little old man.

What I don’t have going for me…

– I write for a living, so every day I SIT on a couch or recliner writing and reading for approx 11 hours. NO EXCUSE.

– I have an insatiable hunger. Always have.

Again, that’s no excuse. So, I’m putting this post out to keep myself accountable to staying the course of a new, healthier path. And because if I don’t do something about it, now that I’ve posted this, I’ll feel like a major flake/jagoff /loser

So there you have it. This is where I’m at.

Talk soon,

Big Chris

P.S. If you have any tips on what works best for not only losing fat, but also keeping it off FOREVER, please comment about it below. It seems to me less than five percent of the people who lose weight are able to keep it off for good. I’d love to hear why you think this is.

Also, words of encouragement are appreciated (and for some reason, I feel like a major wuss for saying that. It is, however, the truth.)