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Chris McCombs

How to Boldly Promote Yourself in a Super-Cool Way


​If you run a personality-driven business, where you’re the face of your brand, bold self-promotion is a must.

But there’s an art to it—a balancing act—a lot of self-promoters miss.

An art that's helped me sell a heck of a lot of coaching and information products online​, has helped make a number of my clients very wealthy​, and can have a significant impact on your ability to attract, influence, and sell.

And it can also make you a lot more likeable.

Let me explain how it works…

Recently I’ve been promoting myself as the guy who helps coaches, experts, gurus, info-marketers, and entrepreneurs who are the face of their business build a cult of superfans who buy again and again and again. 

In other words, I help entrepreneurs like yourself, leverage the power of kickass content to fascinate your target audience, convert them into a devout tribe of customers and clients, and sell to them for years to come. 

Something most people have no idea their content is even capable of doing (I get into it HERE).

Now I haven’t done much of it for myself since 2013.

In fact, for the past six years, 95+% of the work I’ve done has been behind the scenes for my clients.

So, after stepping out from behind the curtain, I suddenly remembered how uncomfortable self-promotion be can sometimes be. For me, at least, it can feel awkward. It’s not natural for me.

Doing it for other people. No problem. I can hide behind the keyboard.

Doing it for myself. Well…sometimes it can make me feel like an asshole.

Because I don’t hold back.

And not only am I an introvert who frequently gets hit with bouts of Imposter Syndrome (something many self-made successful people have, by the way—especially in the coaching/guru industry), but I hate feeling like I’m bragging. 

Yet, with my goals, self-promotion is crucial.

And, if you’re an entrepreneur—especially if you’re a coach, expert, guru, info-marketer, or run any kind of personality-driven business—it is for you as well.

It was a little over a decade ago when I had my first big aha in this area.

Dan Kennedy said something that changed my perception of business in a way that’s served me well to this day.

You see, I thought, as a personal trainer, I was in the business of helping people reach their health and fitness goals.

I thought, as a coach, I was in the business of changing lives.

I thought, as an info-marketer, I was in the business of dispensing quality information that taught people what they needed to know to reach their goals.

And while those are vital facets of the different businesses I’ve built, the REAL business a coach, info-marketer, or personal trainer is in, is self-aggrandizement.

You have to continually remind people of your ​incredible abilities. 

Your powers of helping people get fit or make money or whatever the heck it is you help people do.

And you better supply proof as well (case studies, testimonials, names of clients who are succeeding with your methods, before-and-after pics, stats, etc.).

There's a reason I have testimonials all over my websites.

A reason I make sure ​​people see success stories like this video from my longtime client BigMike Straumietis talking about the role I've ​played in driving is his ​company to over $100 million-a-year in revenue, with millions of IG followers, and clients in 104+ countries.

Watch it here. It's only about a minute long.​

​​And this one from Sam here who​se business (his supplments and 100+ location Camp Transformation Center) is also now doing over $100 million a year...

​Sam Bakhtiar

​​Founder and CEO of The Camp Transformation Center (with 110 locations) ​

​Within three months of hiring Big Chris McCombs I made back over 1000% on my investment…

No one knows how to connect with readers and make sales like Big Chris McCombs.

I hired Big Chris for marketing coaching and to create influential content and direct response marketing material for my business. His copy CONVERTED like crazy and on every call he gave me a step-by-step action plan. And right after each call, I implemented what he’d taught me and the results were immediate. Leads came flooding in.

Now, I know A LOT of smart, savvy entrepreneurs and marketers, but I can say with confidence that Big Chris knows sh*t about marketing that NO one has even ever heard of.  Some people call him a genius, but I say he’s a mad scientist.

No one has taught me more about marketing than he has. Using his strategies is like taking a stealth bomber to a gun fight.

Within three months of hiring Big Chris McCombs I made back over 1000% on my investment.

I now have over 100 locations and every day I’m CRUSHING my competition. My facilities are EVERYWHERE now.

“Oh, and Big Chris’s Mastermind? I’ve been in many and his is BY FAR the best I’ve ever attended."

​Even just putting their testimonials in this post is very intentional on ​my part. I mean, obviously, right?

​It helps me get my point across, helps me teach what I'm teaching here, AND promotes the hell out of myself.

I have an armory of proof like that (see a ton more of it HERE) I make sure my audience sees.

​Now, many biz owners and coaches get that part of the equation.

They get that they must aggressively promote themselves and leverage the power of social proof.

Sure, a lot tread WAY too softly the self-promotion, and are often timid about it, something that, for many, almost guarantees failure…

…but a lot “get it.”

That if they don’t promote themselves, who will?

That they need to beat their own drum as if they were Lars Ulrich from Metallica bashing the hell outta his skins to "Damage Inc."

HOWEVER, the problem is…

…being so bold about it can easily make you appear arrogant.

​Every day I see many of the same coaches promoting themselves on Facebook, shouting to the world, “I get my clients results, and I can get you results too.”

Nothing wrong with making such claims (provided you can actually back them up).

And there are infinite ways to make such claims. Some audacious and in-your-face. Others more subtle.

And it’s good to hit it from all angles.

However, if you’re not careful, you could end easily end up sounding like high and mighty asshole and repel the very same people you’re trying to attract.

Something I see every day on social media.

Be bold, sure. But you don’t want to come across as full of yourself.

So what’s the key?

Balance out the never-ending barrage of self-aggrandizement with a few sweeter ingredients in that cocktail of self-promotion you’re serving up.

You see…

By the grace of some power greater than myself, I haven’t had a drink of alcohol in years. But back when I drank, I liked my liquor one way.

Whiskey, Vodka, whatever—give it to me straight. Fact, just hand me the damn bottle, thank you very much.

But most people prefer their Jack with some Coke and ice or their Vodka with OJ or some other sort of juice or mixer.

Alone, the stuff is simply too strong for most people’s palates.

It’s the same with promoting yourself.

Unadulterated self-aggrandizement is simply too harsh for most people.

A major turn off that’ll have ’em shaking their heads and scrunching their noses in disgust.

And, yes, it’s good to do things like weave in all sorts of helpful tips and “how-to” content and do what you can to communicate that you CARE about getting them results.

That stuff’s a given.


They must feel they ​benefit from the relationship they have with you.

And they must feel you care.

But there’s something equally as important.

Yet it amazes me sometimes how few coaches and experts do it.

Many of the successful ones do. Because they’ve learned. And it’s part of what’s made them successful.

But most never learn.

Here it is…

When you boast about your amazing powers, the key to not coming across like you’re full of yourself is to mix it with one or more of the following…

  • ​Disclose flaws 
  • ​Admit vulnerabilities 
  • ​Self-deprecating humor
  • ​And praise others

Doing so creates a powerful combo, enabling you to self-aggrandize like you’re Kayne West and Donald Trump's love child, but while STILL being likable.

And, in the business of self-promotion, being likable is a must.

You don’t have to make everyone like you. 

In fact, they shouldn’t ALL like you.

But, if you want to build a tribe of superfans, you need some people to LOVE you.

And if you’re content makes some people love you, it’s likely to make some people hate you, too. And that’s okay.

Because, let’s face it, if you’re going to boldly share your message, especially if it’s going to have any real heart behind it, you’re going to turn some people off. Irk them even.

And instead of having everyone just like you, you’re far better off to have some people hate you, most people not give two-shits about you, and some people (and it doesn’t take many) LOVE you.

The ones who love you become superfans. And…

The value of one superfan can by 1000% or more the value of one ordinary client or customer.

A superfan buys every product you release that’s relevant to them, ascends to your highest-ticket programs, and sticks around for many years or even decades.

They’ll fight for you. Evangelize for you. And are PROUD to have your products and services in their life.

They love what you represent to them.

Now, when you admit your flaws and vulnerabilities, not only do you come across more humble and likable, but you seem more honest as well.

People think, Well, shit, if he’ll cop to that, he must be telling the truth about this other stuff.

​It’s a tactic often employed by direct response copywriters to gain their reader’s trust.

PLUS, when you admit some of the less than pretty—or less than strong or admirable or “perfect”—aspects of yourself, people will connect with you on a human level in a way they’ll never connect with most coaches, experts, or biz owners who don’t practice the same sort of openness.

AND it enables you to bond deeply with anyone who’s faced similar issues.

Something that can do more to create superfans than even the value of what you teach.

Now, I must admit…

Sometimes when I disclose flaws or vulnerabilities or bust my own balls, I overshoot the mark (which I’ve been known to do with a lot of things).

And, sure, being so open may lower my overall conversions. But because I make a habit of putting it all out there, I end up working with super cool people who resonate with the real me, warts and all. Men and women who are a joy to work with.

It also goes a long way toward creating superfans and deepening the bond we have.

My content may sometimes seem like a right-brain, stream of consciousness, thought spill.

​But in reality, ​​it's all deliberate.

There’s a steel toe boot of purpose behind it all.

Including ​the weird shit. (;

Wherever you promote yourself…

…be it in your social media posts, YouTube videos, blog posts, podcasts, email newsletters, webinars, stage presentations, products, wherever….

Be bold.

Don’t hold back.

Let the world know what you do. How good you are it.

And display proof.

Prove to your ideal customer that you can take them to the promised land.

But ALSO show your human side.

​Be likable and open.

Be a real person.


And remember to disclose flaws and vulnerabilities, bust your own balls (with self-deprecating humor), and praise others.

We like people who can pick on themselves.

Who admit things most people would be scared too.

Who are willing to say, “Hey, I’m not the jetting-setting badass I play on social media.”

Who lift up others. Take the spotlight off themselves and shine it on someone else.

So mix these sweet flavors in with the hard stuff of gutsy self-aggrandizement, and your audience will catch a buzz for YOU and what you have to sell.

(In an upcoming post, I’m going to reveal something else I do to create a connection with my readers. You won’t want to miss it. So if you’re not on my email list, be sure to opt-in, which you can do at the bottom of the site or in the top right corner.)

I hope you enjoyed this post.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.

If you got something from it, please click the like button, share it on social media, and maybe pass it along to someone you think it would benefit.

And if you’re a coach, expert, info-marketer, or run a business where YOU are the brand, ​then read what I wrote RIGHT HERE.

​It’s about how some coaches and experts are building cults of superfans who buy from them again and again and again.

Read it HERE.

Talk soon,

Big Chris McCombs

P.S. Don't forget to share if you got something from this! I put a lot of myself into this free content and it really helps when people like you share it. (=

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I’m so glad you’re back, your posts are so helpful and your blog is on a whole nother level than any other blog I know of

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Glad you’re back as well. I do like your straight honest approach. Hope you’re back at it and we’ll see more great posts. Keep them coming!

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