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Chris McCombs

Change This One Thing and Have a More Badass and Fulfilling Existence


Change4-w800-h600What’s one thing you can change in your life today that will set you on a path to a more badass and fulfilling existence?

There may be a whole bunch of things you wanna change… but what’s the one thing that will have the biggest impact that you can change now?

What’s the one thing that will make it easier to change some of the other things?

For example, if you’d like to save more money, but have a gnarly heroin addiction, then you might wanna address the heroin thing first, since it will make saving money a whole lot easier. Active heroin addicts are known for their bad spending habits and poor money management skills. And I ain’t just making this shit up—it’s fucking science!

Kicking a heavy opioid and benzo addiction is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my life. And when I quit, I had to change how I did just about everything… literally everything. But when you’re fresh off drugs that kill pain and anxiety, EVERYTHING hurts and everything is scary; even just making a piece of toast can be an adventure in agonizing brutality. But in the end, it was far beyond worth it.

However, I wouldn’t have been able to change anything if I first didn’t detox my body from the drugs and go through the horribly uncomfortable physical, mental and emotional withdrawals.

8B20FF7D-C64C-4FB6-A6E2-DCD552F60078-w800-h600Almost all change is uncomfortable.

Whether it’s…

… Leaving a relationship that’s longer right for you, but is so comfortable and convenient that you’ve been sticking around, thereby not creating the space to let someone new in or giving you some time alone so you can focus on your own personal growth (or maybe you’ve been sticking around for fear of being alone…)

Maybe you’re comfortable at that job that’s paying the bills, but it’s keeping you from chasing after that dream career of yours that might not pay jack diddly squat—at least not yet—but that sings to your heart.. and you just know you’d be so much happier if you could spend your days doing that awesome thing, instead of the thing you’re doing now.

Maybe you have an addiction you need to throw a good old-fashioned kibosh down on.

Maybe it’s time to start making better food choices and get going on a regular exercise routine…. even though you’re hooked on Ben and Jerry’s and haven’t seen the inside of a gym in a years

Whatever it is, change is uncomfortable.

It can hurt and be scary as a mother fucker sometimes.

But it beats the alternative.

Because unless you just wanna wither away into a life that not only no longer excites you, but also causes you huge amounts of unneeded suffering, change is necessary.

And sometimes, the hardest part is just making the decision to change… that deep down-in-your-gut decision that you’re gonna change no matter fucking what.

But once you make that decision, and start walking through the fire of your fears, doubts, and pain, a beautiful thing starts to happen…

Even just a one degree tweak in the course you walk today will set you off on an entirely new path, and you’ll experience a new reality that just wasn’t possible before.

Change. It’s the nature of everything. It’s the one thing that’s required to do just about anything worthwhile… and to live a life worth living.

Sometimes it’s just a small change, like turning off the TV and picking up a book. And sometimes it’s a big change, like making a complete 180 degree turn from the direction you were heading, and onto something much greater. Like maybe a direction you read about in that book you picked up.

I know a number of guys who’ve spent nearly half their lives in prison, and now they’re some of the most loving, giving and honest people you’ll ever meet… they spend their days helping others and being grateful for what the have… even for the simple things that you and I take for granted, like freedom.

Being in the fitness industry I know people who were morbidly obese and now look like fitness models.

I know guys who’ve made millions of dollars doing something they no longer enjoy, and now live month-to-month doing what they love and are so much happier, even though they no longer have the big house, big bank account and fast car.

Is there something in your life that you want, or need, to change?

93E028AF-3BEA-44C8-BE2B-B714D4CB5ECB-w800-h600Is there something that you just know in your gut isn’t serving you or your purpose?

I bet there is.

A career or job that’s sucking the life right outta your soul?

A friend, lover or business partner you need to let go of?

A habit that once served a purpose, but is now doing more harm than good?

An addiction that’s eating away your life—and maybe it’s time to get some help so you can stop?

Are there words coming out of your mouth that aren’t serving you… like complaints, condemnation or gossip?

Is fear paralyzing you from going after your dreams and it’s time to just man the fuck up and walk through it?

Are you spending too much time worrying about things that are out of your control—and maybe could use a regular meditation routine to help you live more in the moment and more in your heart instead of your mind?

Is there someone who betrayed you that you hate with every bone in your body, and the resentment is eating away at your happiness? Is it time to let go and forgive ’em?

Is there something you need to come clean about? A secret that’s poisoning you deep inside?

Is there someone you wronged and need to make things right with?

Is there something that’s happened to you or someone you love that you’ve been having a hard time accepting? Would you be better off letting go of the resistance? (What is IS, and you can’t change what happened, but you can change how you see it.)

Is there something in your life that you see as horrible and maybe you’d be better off if you looked for the gifts and lessons in it? Or just looked at it in a new light or from a new direction?

Recently I’ve made some changes in my own life.

Nothing as big as kicking the hard narcotics or walking away from the comfy job I hated to start my own business.

But these changes are definitely having an impact.

I wasn’t being as productive in my business as I wanted to be. Nor was I was getting to spend enough quality time with my family as I’d like.

So I decided to make a few changes in how I structured my day.

I started getting up 3 hours earlier, and going to bed 3 hours earlier. (I’ve always been a night person)

I cut down on the time it takes to get my day going in half. (I’m a slow starter in the morning and what could have taken me an hour to do was taking me two-and-a-half)

I structured my day into regular work hours like if I had a real job—God forbid. (For years, I’ve been working at home from a laptop and each day I started when I wanted to start and stopped when I wanted to stop… I now work regular hours and have a starting and ending time.)

I turned email off on my phone. (I was checking it obsessively; I now keep it off over 99% of the time and only turn it on if I’m on the go and need to send an important email.)

I cut out a large portion of the negative entertainment I was paying too much attention to. Not all, but a lot, especially in the morning. (I’ve been fascinated by crime stores ever since about the third grade and have always loved reading real life gangster stuff and watching documentaries about criminal enterprises. Part of my morning routine was reading crime stories with my morning coffee. I cut it out … (The crime stories, not the coffee, how dare you?)

These tiny changes have been having a big impact.

Things are gonna change with or without you.

caterpillar3-w800-h600It’s so much better to be proactive and create the changes you want, in ways that best serve you, your journey and the world your children will one day inherit… instead of just sitting on your ass in the living room of regret.

Take a stand and make a decision to change one thing today that you’ve been putting off… and then do what you need to do.

You have no control over the results of your actions, only your actions… and hopefully most things will turn out to your liking, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first.

But even when things that don’t go your way, at least you can look your soul in the eye and know that you did what was right, that you you did everything you could to do fix things, to heal wounds, to live better, to follow your purpose and to walk the path of the heart with honor and integrity.

And when you can do that, peace and happiness are yours, because you’ll know you didn’t just lie down and die. You stood up, put one foot in front of the other, and faced life head on like a fucking soldier.

And that my friend, will change everything.

If you’d like some ideas on where to start, I recommend 37 Ways to be a Total Badass

Talk soon,

Big Chris

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carlos says October 16, 2013

Thank U for this. I’m not sure what to change yet, but certainly there is something that need to be changed. Debts are killing me and tearing my life apart, me business isn’t going as planned and the results are affecting my family too. I’m putting on some extra pounds, there’s no mood for training, etc. Sorry if I’m using this post as a shoulder to cry on! But the point is that your words are really helping in my way of see things, and now I will start searching for that big thing that need to be changed. Thank U again!

    Chris McCombs
    Chris McCombs says October 25, 2013

    hey brother, just start

    the motivation will follow the action, not the other way around usually

Michael Gallaher says October 16, 2013

Yeah, change! There is always something? Isn’t there? I think the thing is to do something small at first. Something! Remember “Tin Cup”? The movie with Kevin Costner? He’s got the shanks. Can’t fix it and he’s about to tee it up at the Open. So what does his caddy, played by Cheech Marin tell him to do? Turn his visor sideways, move the change in his right pocket to his left pocket. Cup is so desperate he does those minor, inconsequential, things totally abstract to his problem and what happens-he stops hitting it on the hosel and he’s back hittin’ it pure again.
I think my point is that to live in the moment. To truly focus on what is right in front of me right f**king now only gets me so far. I need to change one thing abstract from my current situation which will change everything only slightly but it will change everything. Delay by 10 seconds what you were planning on doing and all of a sudden a whole lot of things just changed probably without your knowing it. You said you got up earlier, went to bed earlier. That’s good but if you do exactly the same things upon rising as you did before then the dynamic hasn’t really changed. But if you get up earlier and change one thing in your pattern does that make the difference in attitude or results? Good God now I’m lost. I had a thread but now have lost the notion of how to affect change in my life with small incremental steps. Sorry I think I just wasted your time.

    Chris McCombs
    Chris McCombs says October 25, 2013

    Definitely – live in the moment (=

susan says October 16, 2013

Wow Chris …. I SO look forward to your blog’s as life at times have been quite challenging for myself and it makes me realise that I’m not always alone out there. Changes can be quite daunting but hey …. what would lifebe had you no choices? Thank you for the reminder that changes can start from something very simple ….
So, here goes …………….

    Chris McCombs
    Chris McCombs says October 25, 2013


James says October 16, 2013

Someone’s been reading Gary Keller! That’s probably the single best business book I’ve read in the last 3 years! Loved this article! Keep it up!

Kevin says October 16, 2013

This is cool Chris. I was nodding my head in agreement with a lot of what you said in this post.

For me, I too was was wasting a lot of time in the morning. So, I had to unsubscribe from a LOT of emails I either wasn’t reading anymore or if I was they weren’t serving a useful purpose in my life. I thought I’d unsubscribe from just a small handful but I was blown away when it was more like 30-40!

So, instead of sitting around going through emails for an hour or sometimes two I get it done in 15-20 min and get on with my morning with way more productivity.

The other thing for me was pursuing my dream in life despite allowing the 3 dreaded horsemen hold me back (fear, negative thinking & self-limiting beliefs)…

…That was the change that I needed to make…

I believe that to make that change that’s holding you back you’ve first got to see yourself as the person you wish to be as you go through life. If you hold what I call a disempowering ‘self-concept’ meaning your self-image and your self-talk move you further from your dream rather than closer to it, that must change because once you believe yourself to be that person you desire…the one in alignment with who you must be to realize your dream THAT’S when the change you need to make becomes natural.

It just shifts naturally without having to force it.

At least that’s how I’ve come to know it.

As always, thanks for this post Chris 🙂

Tami says October 16, 2013

Where you reading my mind this morning? I am on a journey to make all things better in my life and woke up with a new determination this morning, only to be reinforced by your blog! Thank you for the motivation, I am ready to take my health seriously and stop abusing my poor little body! I read a quote from Jack Canfield, “The day you change your responses is the day your life will begin to get better”, I think this applies here as well! I need to continue to read and be reinforced to keep all the negative thoughts and people at bay and do what I have to do to find that authentic me:) Thank you Chris!!!!!

AVB says October 16, 2013

“Is fear paralyzing you from going after your dreams and it’s time to just man the fuck up and walk through it?”

Yes, they are. Therefore, I am signing right now the counter offer I got from the business I bid on and sending it and giving fear the bird. I will now be working for myself and no longer the Man. I am the Man. I fluctuate between extreme excitement and “holy shit, I’m going to puke!” But, you got to man the fuck up.

Thanks for posts. This site has been my kick in the ass.

If you ever need nuts, bolts or screws in the future, I’ll be your guy!

Veronica says October 16, 2013

You never cease to amaze me my friend. Your writing is out of this world, you truly have a way with words. Your words are always very inspirational.

DR says October 16, 2013

word up

Byn says October 16, 2013

Sometimes things just line up and you are ready…Chris have been reading your stuff for a while- but this one really resonated. This morning I woke up to some Iris’s flowering in my garden for the first time, and was so excited I sent photos to all my nearest and dearest. FOUND SOME JOY IN THE LITTLE STUFF. After 3 years of hell (legal action, working 70 hrs/week, financial ruin, husband of 30 years joining a bikie gang and having an affair, my kids falling out and not talking, violence, grief, bitterness, frustration, anger – I finally am starting to get it. I am the only one who can change it. Was offered a position in a different city, contract basis yesterday. Gonna take it…..Be brave, and woman the fuck up. Thanks Chris, appreciate your input. X

    Chris McCombs
    Chris McCombs says October 25, 2013

    yep, YOU’RE the one

    thanks Bryn

Chris McCombs
Chris McCombs says October 25, 2013

Damn, I sooooo appreciate all these comments guys and really wish I had more time right now to respond to all them

It means a lot to me

thanks guys

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