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Web Copy and Content That Builds Tribes and Turns Traffic Into Money

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 12.09.58 PM-w800-h600Whether you want to build a large following of loyal readers…

…influence and help people on a mass scale with your content…

…Or get em’ to pick up the phone and call your business, give you their email address to get your free report,  or pull out their credit card to buy your life-changing product—it’s words that get the job done.

Words have magical powers.

But most business owners and online marketers are only tapping into a tiny fraction of this power, and that’s if they’re even tapping into it at all.

There’s an art to it that few people are truly great at.

It’s the art of creating content and copy that grabs people’s attention, shake’s em to their core, and inspires the living hell out of em’.

It’s the art of stealing fire from the gods and putting it on the page.

Here’s the 3 most common mistakes people make online with their copy and content…

Mistake One – They put out boring “me-to” content that doesn’t engage, entertain, excite, or influence. It may inform and educate, but it doesn’t do anything to build a following, inspire action, or make sales.

Mistake Two – They throw-up some dull copy that’s full of features, facts, figures, filler and fluff—but completely devoid of heart.

It may go into great detail about why you’re the best solution in town, but it fails to convince.

Copy like this puts your readers’ A.D.D on overdrive, never gets them pumped about your offer and rarely get them pulling out their credit cards.

Mistake Three – They fill their lead gen pages, email auto-responders, sales pages, and videos with hypey in-your-face copy that reeks like a used car salesman screaming, “I need your money!!!”

Using copy like this makes your visitors B.S. radars shoot through the roof as they abandon your site and run off elsewhere to look for a different product, business, or solution to meet their needs.

People are sick of hype. It just doesn’t work these days.

If your website is like 99.9% of the sites on the web, chances are you’re making one, two, or all of three these mistakes.

Good copy can mean the difference between making very few sales and making hundreds or even thousands of sales.

You could have the best product or service in the world, but if you can’t convey what it does for people in a compelling way that gets them excited about it and what it can do for them, then you’ll only make a fraction of the sales you could be making if you had a message that gets people fired up and inspires them to take action and buy your thing.

But most business owners have no idea how to create a message like this.

And that’s understandable. You probably didn’t get into your line of work so you could spend your time writing all day. You got into it so you could do your thing. That thing you enjoy and are good at.

That’s where I come in.

If you have a quality product or service that you believe in and that delivers the goods, I can convey its value to your ideal customer or client in a way that inspires them to take action and give you money for it with a smile.

I’ll actually write your copy for you.

This way you can focus on what you’re good at, and not have to worry about spending untold hours trying to figure out how to write good salescopy—which can take years. And even after years of practice, most people still don’t get it right.

I’ll take your message and present it in a way that’s convincing, passionate, and inspiring… and most importantly, it’ll get your ideal customers or clients to take action and feel damn good about taking it.

Whether you want your visitors to eagerly anticipate your next blog post of email, purchase your product or service, opt-in to your email list, or pick up the phone and give you a call to set up an appointment, I’ve got your back.

I’ll also ghostwrite influential and magnetic content for you—like blog posts and email auto-responders

One area I specialize in, that most copywriters just don’t get, is telling your story—your brand’s hero’s journey—in a way that not only gets your audience to know, like, and trust you, but that creates a deep bond with them and conveys your message in a personal and powerfully persuasive and entertaining manner.

A message that will not only get them to believe in themselves, but gets them to believe in what’s possible. And when you can do that, you have magic in your hands.

I can help build a tribe of loyal readers and customers for you, who will eagerly anticipate getting your content, sales offers and just about anything you send em’.

A tribe who will want to repeatedly give you money and be connected to you in anyway they can.

I do this by ghost-writing your blog posts and email auto-responders.

I can write your…

– Sales pages

– Squeeze pages

– Blog posts 

– Email auto-responder series

– Sales video scripts

– Business or blog “About” pages

– FAQ pages

– Email opt-in boxes

… all acting as greased slides that move your visitors from being just visitors into becoming paying customers and clients.

Now it’s only fair to let you know that I turn down most applicants.

You see, I need to be a bit selective when it comes to taking on projects due to time constraints, and personal values and preferences.

If you’re not passionate about your product or service, or if it’s not worth at least twice what you’re charging for it, or if you’re looking for some hypey in-your-face sales copy, then I’m not the guy for you.

I only work with people who are cool and offer a quality product or service that delivers results and real-world value to the marketplace.


– If what you have to sell is damn good

– If you want to connect with your visitors in a way that’s real

– If you want people to get excited about what your product or service can do for them

– If you’re 100% serious about turning your website into a valuable source of revenue

– If you can afford my rates without maxing out your credit cards or dipping into your kids college fund

– And if you’re a down-to-earth low stress person to work with…

… Then I’m here to help you get some copy up on your site that’ll do your product or service some serious justice… and convert your traffic into money.

Here’s how it works…

To apply just fill out the form below.

I’ll get back to you within a few days.

If your project is accepted, I’ll send you a quote with instructions on how to pay.

The minimum investment is $3000 and payments must be made 100% upfront (without exception). There are no refunds.

It’s a 30 day turn around time (After your payment has been processed and you’ve answered any additional questions I may have about the business, product or service you’re offering)

I can do rush orders within 14 days. The investment is double for rush orders.

I look forward to hearing from you. To get started just fill out this form: