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Chris McCombs

How The Flaw of Attraction Nearly Killed My Friend and How to REALLY Get What You Want

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 11.17.11 PM-w800-h600 Fuck the Law of Attraction… Well, sort of.

I’m a firm believer that you get what you focus on.

I’ve seen plenty of proof in my own life, attracting both situations and things I wanted, as well as ones I didn’t want, largely through the power of thought. But rarely completely by the power of thought.

I also believe that…

The Law of Attraction—popularized by the movie “The Secret”—has caused a great deal of people to dogmatically expect something for nothing.

I’ll use the example of an old friend of mine we’ll call Dane back from my days as a personal trainer. Dane was smart, fit, good looking, charismatic, and well liked.

Back in 2003 Dane had fell on some hard times and was struggling with a “doom and gloom, everything sucks, and why does this shit always happen to me?” mindset. So I turned him onto the book “Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting” by Lynn Grabhorn. The book had helped me and I felt it might help him as well.

This was a few years before the movie “The Secret” (which came out in 2006)—but the book was basically about the same kinda thing. Think good thoughts about what you want as if it’s already yours, and feel good feel while you think the thoughts.

Dane was hooked. He called me up “Chris, duuuuuuuuuude, I love love love this fucking book, do you have anything else like this you can turn me onto? This is exactly what I’ve been needing man”

I told him to check out the teachings of Abraham Hicks. But I warned him “It’s pretty ‘out there’ stuff man. Supposedly it’s channeled; I have no idea about that. I suspect the woman doing the channeling—Esther Hicks—may just be on a lot of peyote, or possibly dropped one too many hits of acid back in the day… or both. But either way the message is tight if you can get past the strange delivery. I actually think it’s where Lynn learned this stuff from before she wrote ‘Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting.’ Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.”

Dane consumed the Abraham stuff like a man dying of thirst would consume a nice cold bottle of fruit-punch flavored Gatorade.

D9E40E38-11E1-4586-8C0F-1E351FB69E1F-w800-h600From there, he jumped head first into every “Law of Attraction” and “Prosperity Mindset” book, seminar, and audio course he could get his hands on. We even went to an Abraham Hicks event together. I wanted to ask Esther about the peyote, but didn’t get a chance to.

By the time “The Secret” came out in ’06 Dane was so into all this stuff he was spending 4 hours a day meditating, visualizing, and projecting himself into the feel-good virtual reality of everything he wanted in life coming true. Only breaking to get up and go pee once in a while.

One of his main goals was to make billions of dollars while only working a few hours a day. He imagined owing giant buildings all over the world filled with thousands of employees working away to make his dreams come true.

Dane was certain he was already half-way to this new awesome reality of getting uber-rich by just thinking about it.

“Fuck making millions, I’m making Billions. And it feels so good knowing it’s all on it’s way to me right now, even as we speak”


I highly doubted that Dane—who was a struggling personal trainer and making just $15 an hour working for a corporate gym—was even gonna make a few hundred thousand a year, since I knew he had a hard time even just getting new clients to train with him. I knew there was nooo wayyy he was gonna make anything even remotely close to billions. Not unless Bill Gates accidentally ran him over with his car.

He had no idea how he was gonna do it or what kind of business he was gonna own, just that he was gonna do it and the Law of Attraction would work out all the details.

He talked so excitedly about it, and seemed so certain of everything, that I didn’t think it would be cool to burst his bubble. And I wanted to be a supportive friend.

I did ask him what he was gonna do to make his dream of big business and even bigger wealth become a reality. He told me “Man all I’m gonna do is think about it and feel good knowing that it’s on its way, let the Law of Attraction do its work, and it’s gonna happen. It has to happen. It is law.”


I mentioned that he may wanna get to work towards the direction of his goals, since as far as I’m aware most self-made billionaires bust their asses to get where they are. But I left it at that.

1C2F263E-937C-41B7-B109-4999654DFCA1-w800-h600“No worries man, the Law of Attraction is gonna take care of everything. As long as I’m in the vibrational frequency of it, I couldn’t even stop it from coming true if I wanted to. Work has nothing to do with it. People don’t realize that. They think you have to work for everything. But you only have to work for something if you believe you have to work for it. I choose not to take on that silly belief. ” He then reminded me once again, that it is law.

He did mention that he needed to fine tune his vibration a little. He said he needed to raise it a little so could be in a better “feeling place” about the gap between where he he was and getting everything he wanted. But he made no mention of work, and any time I hinted at it, he’d immediately kibosh the possibility that work has anything do with success.

I couldn’t help but think that if he would just fill that gap taking action helping people, he’d have the best shot of closing it a little.

Then one day I get a call from Dane. He didn’t sound like his regular cheery and optimistic self. He actually sounded pretty bummed out.

B49A39E1-96A6-44D0-A323-08CCB99F1F95-w800-h600“Chris, man, I’ve been doing this Law of Attraction shit for years. I fucking live and a breathe it, man! I don’t know anyone who does it with as much commitment as I do. I spend all my waking hours trying to think good thoughts and feel good feelings, and my life sucks. Not only has nothing come true, and my life not gotten any better, it’s gotten worse. I’m alone, broke, and feel I’ve completely wasted the last 4 years of my life. In fact, I’m thinking of taking myself out man, just ending it. Everything I’ve dedicated myself to is nothing but a bunch of bullshit. I feel like such a sucker.”

I didn’t know what to say. I told him he should probably consult a professional.

Fortunately, Dane didn’t end up taking his life. Last I heard, he moved away to another state to live with his father.

But then a few months ago I saw him in line at the grocery store up the street from where I live. I didn’t go up to him; in fact I avoided making eye contact, hoping he wouldn’t recognize my big 6’6″ ass. I was hungry and just wanted to get home and eat something. I wasn’t in the mood to catch up.

While Dane’s story is a pretty extreme example, he certainty isn’t alone.

When the DVD “The Secret” made its way to Oprah, the world was awash with people thinking about the life they wanted, feeling all warm and fuzzy about it, and expecting their dream life to come knocking at their door, along with their dead grandpa holding the exact bike they wanted when they were 8 years old.

Suddenly words like “manifest” and “attract” replaced words like “work” and “hustle.” “Raising your vibrational frequency” was in, and blood, sweat, and tears were out.

And I gotta admit, it sounded pretty attractive. Instead of working your ass off to make your dreams come true, you could now just think and feel positively about it, and it was yours. Instead of chasing after it, it would actually come to you.

Fair disclosure here—I was a big fan of the teachings and actually used to hand out DVDs of “The Secret” to my personal training clients. And many of them benefited greatly from it.

Ever since 2000 when I kicked my opioid addiction, I had amassed quite the library of books on self-help, psychology, philosophy, and spirituality. And the stuff helped me a lot.

I read a great deal of it. But even the ones I didn’t read seemed to help me by just sitting there on my shelf—they probably didn’t do shit, but since I believed they were helping me by the mere fact that I possessed them (and belief being a powerful thing) it probably did some kinda good.

5DBE7292-ACE8-4A5E-A7C3-37B46A791EED Plus, what had once been shelves full of bongs, Slayer CDs, and Encyclopedias of Serial Killers, was now a bunch a positive books, and that alone made me feel good.

I even interviewed 3 people from “The Secret” and got to know John Assaraf through joining one of his coaching programs… cool guy.

I reaped some pretty cool benefits from it all. For one, I felt better.

And secondly, all the stuff in the cute little pictures I put on my vision board—big house next to a trail in the woods, expensive car, Harley Davidson, ripped body and so on—all came true. All of it.

I didn’t really enjoy having it as much as I thought I would though, and in an act of self-destructive defiance against my new life, I threw it all away as quickly as I had attained it.

And while visualizing cool shit and vibing with it in a positive way definitely helped me to create the life I wanted—before I tossed it away that is. I noticed that, like Dane, a lot of people who were into all the Law of Attraction stuff weren’t getting any results with it… with the exception of occasional coincidental phone call or chance meeting or something—nothing major league.

72EC5A85-E077-4F48-B994-C89E80EE3879-w800-h600They weren’t getting the perfect parking spots everywhere they went, their ideal mate wasn’t appearing out of thin air, their dream business wasn’t falling in their lap, and Grandpa wasn’t showing up on their doorstep with a brand new tricked-out Schwinn Predator.

Most didn’t give it the 3 or 4 years Dane had. As soon as they realized their lives weren’t changing, it was only a matter of weeks or months before they were no longer sitting around thinking and feeling good about things and expecting miracles to come true.

Here’s what I think the problem is, as well as…

… How To Make the Not-So-Secret “Flaw of Attraction” Actually Work for You

A lot of people who got into the Law of Attraction stuff simply expected something for nothing. Well nothing besides thinking and feeling.

And while having a clear vision of what you want and feeling optimistic about at a gut level is a big key to achieving great things, it’s not enough. It may get you a good parking spot once in a while… but in most cases, it’s not enough to create a dream life filled with purpose and meaning… and it probably won’t get ya a big house with a couple of sports cars in the driveway.

Thinking and feeling positive is all fine and dandy; in fact I’m all for it and do it as often as possible. Visualization is part of my daily ritual.

But it doesn’t do much without…

1. Taking action… ideally a lot of it, and ideally bold action.

2. Helping others or adding value to the world in some way.

And it’s really the one-two combo of these where the real power is:

AB6BF88D-005F-467A-95D5-723EE0C09815-w800-h600Taking action helping people. Or taking action adding value to the world.

Now if your dream is just getting six-pack abs or something, then taking just action without helping people is obviously plenty. But if it’s a “dream life” kinda thing, in my experience helping people is a pretty damn big part of the equation. Plus, it just makes you so much fucking happier.

And yeah, a clear vision of what you want and a positive attitude are huge. I by no means wanna discount the power of it. Focusing on what you want helps your mind seek out and find the things, situations, people and actions that can help you get there.

But it’s not enough.

Just sitting around on the couch playing mental movies while trying to raise your “vibrational frequency” might be enough to manifest a remote and a few reality TV shows to watch, but I doubt it’ll take you to some place greater than the couch.

I tried to tell that to Dane, without coming across like some kind of know-it-all—because I realize that just like the next guy, I really don’t know shit. And I didn’t want to butt into his business too much; that’s just not my style. Live and let fucking live, ya know. But I did at least try to open his mind up to what I felt was pretty obvious.

06C7E099-0A42-4152-98FE-A63BC1E2F523-w800-h600Yet he insisted that all he needed to do was continue to raise his frequency and he’d be set.

For Dane’s sake, I hope today he’s busy getting to work on his goals, and helping a ton of people along the way. I think next time I see him in the store I’ll go up and say “hi.”

“You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

Zig Ziglar

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Talk soon,

Big Chris

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Steve Hall says August 6, 2013

So true big Chris. what you get in the world is proportional to how hard you are prepared to work for it and how many people you help along the way. Having a great mindset and being a positive person is fantastic but it don’t mean jack if you sit around on your ass doing nothing.

Once again your capacity to write the truth on paper is exceptional

    Chris McCombs says August 6, 2013

    thanks Steve

    Yeah brother, taking action helping people is a HUGE part of the equation in my experience

    Janet says December 11, 2016

    I think you have to detail what it is that you really want and still move forward. If its vague or you rely too heavily on just manifestation, it doesn’t work. You have to live your life and not make manifestation your life. It’s a tool to go along with your life and not a substitution for it. And yes giving back is part of the balance between wanting things and being grateful for what you have allready. Gratitude is a huge component of it. And not being desperate and letting go.

    Helen Hillyer says January 18, 2017

    Agree. Chris you have It so very right . Thank you .

Jamie Stone says August 6, 2013

I agree with you Chris, I know people at both extremes… some people who just live from day to day with absolutely NO idea of where they want to be who dont spend any time visualising their future (Other than worry and fear) and then you have people who spend LOADS of time visualising doing alll this law of attraction stuff but never take any action (Ive been there myself…) For me the key is to have a clear vision of where you want to be , the more detail the better but then take action every day to move you towards it…and the other thing ive realised is that its a journey-not a destination – enjoy the ride along the way!
You think Lebron has just stopped working, visualising and moving forward now he got his second ring?? Enjoy the victory for a minute but then set the next goal and get back on the journey…

    Chris McCombs says August 6, 2013

    Hey Jamie, yeah, definitely gotta enjoy the journey

    Finding that balance between focusing on what you want, and living in the present

    thanks for chiming in Jamie!

Martin mustafa says August 6, 2013

Yo Big Chris,

Loved what you said and agreed with a lot of it. I too follow the “law of attraction”
I have been to some seminars on the stuff. One thing that I have been taught is that nothing comes if you wait for it alone, You need to take action.

Have a great day and keep up the writing, you have inspired me to start my own blog.i

    Chris McCombs says August 6, 2013

    Oh hey Martin, so cool man

    I’m honored that somehow my blog has inspired you to start your own blog as well.

    You may enjoy these:

    The Impact Equation by Brogan and Smith

    And “The War of Art” and “Turning Pro” by Pressfield – GREAT books to read for anyone who blogs IMO

    thanks for kind words Martin

Fahad says August 6, 2013

OMG! Thank you so much for writing this… this is exactly how I feel about the Secret and LOA…. I’m with you, think positive and affirmative thoughts but get off your ass and hustle too! I’m sharing the shit out of this blog post!

    Chris McCombs says August 7, 2013

    yeah Fahad, gotta hustle

    thanks man!

Chantal says August 6, 2013

Thank you thank you thank you for writing this!! People get so caught up in success for themselves, that we completely forget that “work” and “serving others” is the secret ingredient that usually causes the growth, not some invisible Law of Attraction. I read the “The Secret”, and was disappointed in the lack of depth.
So again, thank you so very much!!!


    Chris McCombs says August 7, 2013

    thanks Chantal

    you get it Girl (=

Peter says August 6, 2013

Once again a great post Chris. I think it’s a mixture of “The Secret”/Zig Ziglar/Earl Nightingale that will produce the results. Another of Zig’s sayings I like is “”Positive thinking won’t let you do anything, but it will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.”

    Chris McCombs says August 7, 2013

    ABSOLUTELY – yes, much better than neg thinking but it aint everything

    thanks Pater

Mathilda Moon says August 6, 2013

Hi! I feel what you’re saying, but I never understood the Law of Attraction to involve only sitting around and thinking/feeling. In fact, I remember “The Secret” talking about following your intuition and trying new things. I might be incorrect, but it seems your friend might have misinterpreted the Law of Attraction?

I’m not a fan of “The Secret” in general – a cheesy marketing ploy, but I do subscribe to the Law of Attraction.

Quantum physics is the key, brother. Ain’t it crazy? I recommend “Dancing Wu Li Masters” if you ever feel like blowing your mind. Take care! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Chris McCombs says August 7, 2013

    hey thanks Mathilda

    yeah, LOA is great coupled with action

    A lot of teachers of it teach that it’s enough on it’s own though – that everything will magically come to you

    And thanks for the book tip (=

      Paula says June 17, 2018

      I have listened to Abraham for 20 years. I was mistaken at first about the message as well. They are not saying just sit around and think positive though.
      They say humans in general try to hard about everything, frustrate themselves and then get more disappointment.
      Your friend was trying to hard and he even said “ I’ve been trying!”
      They say allow a lot. What does allow mean? They talk about resistance and releasing it.
      When we push and work hard, we are in a place of mistrust and fear.
      Relaxing and allowing us meditation. It’s letting go and feeling peaceful and not driven by fear to get so one can feel better but just to feel good with what is.
      From there one could be inspired to take action on a desire.
      They don’t say not to keep taking care of your needs or desires but to gently tune yourself to better feelings a long the way, choosing what you want from your experiences and not getting all stressed about making things better. If you do get all freaked out and depressed, go back to soothing yourself to better feeling thoughts.
      After many years of listening I have come into a strong realization that I have a strong vibrational habit of letting anger turn to resentment which breeds more and more of it by the law. No amount of visualizing cars and houses will get this vibration untangled. The soothing of my vibration with self forgiving and compassionate words is intuitively coming to me as my answer. This anger towards self and the world will not work if I want to help people. If I just tell myself “ go help people and you will feel better” eventually I will become more resentful. I cannot help anyone or help the world if I am pushing myself when I am already feeling bad.
      Even feeling a little better by using soothing words like “ I am sorry, you are doing the best you can with what you have got and it’s all ok sweetie” is way more effective than “ just go help someone!”
      As a woman, conditioned to people please through looking a certain way or acting in ways that are socially acceptable, resentment can run high.
      Men have their own issues with societal expectations. So I do think feeling better IS the basic answer and that means finding deep compassion for oneself that that be naturally brought to the world in whatever one chooses do do from that vibration.

        Svetlana says October 11, 2018

        Dear Paula,

        amazing words! Love your words so much! It’s so true!
        You are never able to help anybody if you feeling bad and out of the Vortex.

        Ana says November 15, 2018

        Hi there Paula,

        Your words are so insightful, even more so than the actual article- it was the answer I was looking to find. Thank You ????????. I don’t suppose you have a blog or somewhere I can go to read more of your thoughts?

        Ana says November 15, 2018

        Hi there,

        Your comment was the answer I was looking to read- thankyou so much for your insight- even more insightful than the original. Teaching women to give more, serve more is somewhat unintelligent and shows little insight into the female experience. If service was the answer we’d have a world full of well women. I think for a lot of men- they’ve lived such a selfish way that when they discover the joy of service and giving , it’s so big and satisfying that they confuse it as THE answer.

        Lesley says July 11, 2019

        I have been following abraham hicks for a long time and it helps me to realize that feeling good is a big part of the equation. I enjoyed the article and had some laughs. But i really loved this response. Feeling good can mean helping others – which usually makes you feel good – but also not being so hard on yourself and getting out of the conditioning of fear, lack, doubt thinking. I know for a fact when i am in good energy, and keep myself in good energy, things go my way. Thank you both!

Ryan says August 6, 2013

Hey Big Chris,

Thank you for writing your blog. I have been following for a while now — and usually don’t chime in — but this post hit really close to home. I can see Dane’s story in my own. I always wanted more material shit in my life. I would meditate or visualize (fantasize) about all the things I would have. I still have a visual board outlining the life I want. I still meditate and visualize about my life. When the law of attraction wasn’t working for me, my visual board contained a bunch of useless junk like a big house, nice car, a bunch of other toys. They never came. Just as in Dane’s story I thought I wasn’t being positive enough, or didn’t believe I deserved it enough. So I would be more positive and happy, and more delusional.

Then I had a paradigm shift. I was hoping for the wrong things. I was dreaming about the wrong things. I was visualizing the wrong things. I stopped visualizing about being happy in a big house. I stopped visualizing about being happy in a Ferrari. I stopped visualizing being happy with all the other bullshit on my board. The shift came when I realized I had a great life, house, and car already. Once I started believing I was happy with the things I had, then my life really changed. I was really happy, and my visual board changed from things to relationships. I put pictures of pictures of my mentors, people with happy marriages, my kids laughing. That’s what I really wanted. And I got it! I have my health, a great family, a great house, a nice car. Once I was happy with the things I had, the opportunity to have the things that were on my first board started coming into my life. I bought some of them, and they didn’t make me any happier than I already was. Sure I had a nicer watch, but I wasn’t any happier. It was like that bitch ex-girlfriend that dumped me, and I pined over for months, all over again. The minute I forgot about her, she would call. This works the same way. Once I was happy with where I was in life, and I moved forward with the things that came in to my life. I didn’t really do anything to have the nicer things in life. The law of attraction works. Things just came to me like in the law of attraction. I think is starts with appreciating what you already have in life, and then things will just come to me because I am not looking for them. At the end of the day, if you are happy with what you have, you have already won.

I’m not as naïve to believe that the law just worked also. When I was happy with what I had, other things in my life changed. I stopped looking for the bigger, better deal, and I started living in the now. I concentrated on my job more, my relationships more; and that paid off by putting me in the now. And people want to be with people who live in the now. It is not easy to live in the now. My challenge every day is living in the now.

Thanks for space for me to ramble,

    Leslie says August 7, 2013

    I was going to chime in also….never have before….. but just read your ramble and I actually couldn’t have worded it more perfectly myself!! I have the experienced the same. Living in the now and appreciating what we have is everything. Great response Ryan… and love you Chris!!

      Chris McCombs says August 7, 2013

      Hey Leslie

      yeah the now is big

      I think Gratitude in the now is a great way to practice LOA

      along with thinking about what you want of course

      but living in the moment, without becoming too attached to the future ya know

      thanks Leslie

    Chris McCombs says August 7, 2013

    Hey thanks for chiming in Ryan

    yeah man, Gratitude and living the now, both HUGE

    happy you had the shift brother

    Marco Trevissoi says June 17, 2018

    Hi Ryan, hi Chris
    I too aińt the guy who chimes in usually, but after reading your post (Chris) and your comment (Ryan) I just had to.
    I guess it was LOA that made me read it today, kinda stumbled over it and must say you two nailed it for me. Plus the way you articulate yourself is pure joy to read. Out of the blue without searching intensely this blog showed up on my pad.
    Thanks again guys, really made my day and kinda flipped a switch in me.

Marni Renison says August 6, 2013

Hey Chris,

I’ve really enjoyed your posts since my husband turned me on to your writing. I recently left my career where I was making a very healthy living to start and run a non-profit for under privileged families, where I make zero point zero zero dollars. But I feel more alive than ever. I just woke up one day, decided I had enough in my life and it was time to help others achieve the same. I have blogged about it:

Would love to know you, like many others. Our philosophies are the same and sometimes this mindset is difficult to maintain without similar people around you. And I think you get that.

In health,


    Chris McCombs says August 7, 2013

    the thanks Marni

    love it

    “I feel more alive than ever”

    that’s it right there (=

Marni Renison says August 6, 2013

Ahhh….dammit. My website is:

I’ve only had one cup of coffee. I need two to function.

    Chris McCombs says August 7, 2013

    3 is best (=

J.W. Simpkins says August 6, 2013

I agree with you Chris, that a whole lot of people seem to be allergic to good old fashion hard work nowadays. The reason this new age law of attraction philosophy has been readily adopted by so many, is because it supports the nonsensical notion that you do not need to put forth much effort to get what you feel you “deserve” in life.

I believe in the power of the mind, but without adding action into the equation, it’s simply just mental farting. All the motivation I need to start each day comes from the immortal words of Conan the Barbarian:

    Chris McCombs says August 7, 2013

    ha ha, classic scene

    and “mental farting”

    that’s classic too brother

    never heard that one before

Travis Speegle says August 6, 2013

“The Flaw of Attraction”… brilliant!

Thanks for so clearly offering up a few of the missing ingredients to making LOA work, without bashing the whole idea. You continue to add incredible value to the world.

My recipe: Be Grateful, Give More, Live More and recognize that it’s the “Law of attrACTION” that creates a kick ass life.

    Chris McCombs says August 7, 2013

    hey thanks Travis

    and this…

    “My recipe: Be Grateful, Give More, Live More and recognize that it’s the “Law of attrACTION” that creates a kick ass life”

    is AWESOME

Myra Symons says August 6, 2013

I appreciate you helping to clarify my thoughts on this topic. The way wisdom works for me, is when everyone is flipping out about the next great thing, I find I get this creepy feeling up my back. And a little troll says to me, well, that’s just stupid… and you’ve put a name to the stupidity, it is GOOD to know your goal and have a clear vision, but it is not enough. You must also have the means, determination and energy to get it done. I like the above poster who said his life got better when he started liking what he had and looking for what he REALLY wanted. Of course he worked for it. My Momma used to say “If wishes were horses then even beggars would ride” I’m getting to be the age where I’ve seen lots of fads come and go so I don’t buy in right away. My skepticism has helped me and hurt me a bit too, I’m sure. I really appreciate your putting a name to my creepy feeling. We do have to be focused, but meditating all day only works for monks who live in poverty on purpose. 🙂

    Chris McCombs says August 7, 2013

    Hey Myra

    I get a creepy feeling too

    and your mom definitely knew what she was talking about there

    thanks for chiming in (=

Sylvie Fortin says August 6, 2013

Thank you so much for saying this so eloquently! I am SO tired of people thinking that The Secret is all they need to be successful, while hardworking folks are actually making a difference every day. But that isn’t what pisses me off. If people want to believe they can get something for nothing, that is no different than what people have wanted forever.

What pisses me off is when people blame themselves for attracting bad things. Like cancer. I mean seriously? How is this at all helpful!?

I have breast cancer. I didn’t attract it with negative thinking. I’m the most positive person I have ever met. I fart rainbows, for god’s sake! Saying I could cure my cancer with happy thoughts is not only ridiculous, it is dangerous. Saying I attracted my cancer is just evil.

I believe in the Law of Reaction. Simply stated…

You have ZERO control over what happens to you. What you DO control is how you REACT to what happens to you.

So, when bad stuff happens to you, fix it and move on. Don’t dwell on it.

When good stuff happens to you, act on it, be happy, thank the person who did such a nice thing. And move on. Don’t dwell on it.

Paul says August 6, 2013

Listen to the quite voice inside of you… trust your instincts… and take immediate ACTION… wait for nothing!

When you do… the quite voice gets louder… your instincts become clearer… and taking action becomes easier, because it produces better and better results.

What’s most interesting is when you start to do this; your view of the world changes. You’ll start to see how everything is connected and woven together… a glimpse behind the wizards curtain so to speak.

It all starts with a question, and then listening to that inner voice, and respecting it by taking immediate action… especially during the times you think you know better… trust me none of us do!

When I started practicing this, I completely transformed from being worried about every little detail of my life and how I would get something I wanted, into someone who saw that all things are possible and the universe is truly limitless… and all I have to do is have faith in my inner voice… and RESPECT it by taking action.

Just Do It… your life will change it ways you can’t even imagine.

My grandmother told me an old saying when I was still very young, and it’s the reason behind the process I’ve shared here. She said: If your prayers are you talking to GOD… then the little voice inside is GOD talking to you.

Trust it, and take action… whatever it is, just do it.


P.S. Great post as always Chris.

    Chris McCombs says August 7, 2013


    thanks for sharing this Paul

    Love this btw:

    “Listen to the quite voice inside of you… trust your instincts… and take immediate ACTION… wait for nothing!

    When you do… the quite voice gets louder… your instincts become clearer… and taking action becomes easier, because it produces better and better results”

    great stuff, so true

Billy says August 6, 2013

This was all great, BUT …. am I the only one disappointed that you avoided Dane in the grocery store when you saw him recently?! Damn, that would have made for a great epilogue.

    Chris McCombs says August 7, 2013

    ha ha

    I was hungry Billy

    And when I’m hungry, I think I just might be the most anti-social person in the world

    trust me, it’s best for all involved (=

      Chip says December 13, 2018

      I love your reply. It makes me chuckle. ????

Benji says August 6, 2013

I love this post. I think I’m going to write one on the same topic. It reminds me of this Dan Millman post

    Chris McCombs says August 7, 2013

    Hey thanks for sharing Benji

    I love Dan’s “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” by the way


Brandon Cook says August 6, 2013

Chris, great post about clarifying how to use the law of attraction. I was into all of this stuff too, but never thought that you could just sit on your ass and manifest it all from thin air. Of course, the Secret did make it sort of seem like that though.

Fortunately, I realized that without the ACTION part… nothing was really going to happen. I’ve totally attracted some great things into my life… maybe not the millions and sports cars yet, but plenty to be grateful about. And I know I will “attract” those things when I up my game and started hustling more like you said. Yet, at this point.. hardcore happiness and doing what I love is more important than money and material objects.

I definitely believe in the power of positive thinking, visualization, affirmations and even the law of attraction… being that everything originates with your beliefs, thoughts and feelings… however those 3 things are the PRECURSORS to ACTION and like you said helping others and adding value to their lives. Great job at pointing out the rest of the equation to Success.

    Chris McCombs says August 7, 2013

    Hey thanks Brandon

    and yeah man, I think positive thoughts and feelings are super important

    and i still visualize for sure

    I’d actually be better to do more of it

    But yeah, gotta have the action – and the beliefs, thoughts and feeling and definitely precursors

Jordan says August 7, 2013

“All that you need, and all that you want, will be provided to you once you decide what you want, and do something about it everyday”

I think that’s the biggest flaw people have with the law of attraction, it’s easy to decide what you want (most of the time), but only a small minority of people actually do something every day to achieve it.

Good post Chris, it’s a real eye opener and I know i definitely needed this about the same time 1 year ago!

    Chris McCombs says August 7, 2013

    hey thanks Jordan

    you nailed it bud

    gotta act

Justin says August 10, 2013

Hey Chris whats up man? Great post

I agree with the premise that the Secret threw a lot of people way off board because they missed out vital ‘ingredients’ to make it work for them.

I look a slghtly different way though…

I think the big cock up that most personal development teachings make is the focus on desires over beleif.

I think that in life we dont get what we want.

We get what we beleive.

So many people are putting out thoughts of what they want – these huge dreams, li your friend and his bllions.

Yet if you dont beleive it’ll actually happen then you’re putting out conflicting thoughts.

Im all for setting big goals dnnt get me wrong, but I think thebest goals are those you have a high desire AND a high beleif for – as you reach those smaller goals your beleif, confidence, and ultimately desires wll all grow.

Most of us dont know what the fuck we really want – because our desires are LIMITED by our current ceiling of belief.

The other thing believe the secret was a bit of let down was that there was sooo much focus on material things such as the money, car, jewellery etc. Nothing wrong with that stuff at all – only having a big attachment of happiness to it is gona hit you one day!

The film had a chance to remind people to focus on attracting feelings of strong confidence, belief and love towards each other, which would ultimately bring us more of what we want (likeyou said – getting people what THEY want will make you happy) – i think the film missed the mark there and sent everyone off thinking about how they could help themselves and no one else

Great read man as usual


    Chris McCombs says August 15, 2013

    Hey right on Justin, yeah man, I hear ya 100%

    and damn, some of those beliefs are DEEP in our psyche since we were 5 years old

    those fuckers really do run the show ya know

    and yeah, helping others is key

    thanks for sharing J

Kevin says August 10, 2013

Ok, Chris I have to admit that I was ‘Dane’ myself when I first discovered personal development and got turned on to The Secret.

And, yeah it made me feel all warm & fuzzy to think of all the dreams I had coming true but the power of positive thinking alone didn’t deliver my dreams to me.

It does take work…

…I like how Joe Vitale talks about taking inspired action.

And, I believe 100% in what you say about helping others along the way. I’m a big believer in that although it took a long time to get it through my thick skull.

I’ve created a motto to constantly remind myself of the importance of bringing value to the lives of others:

‘You receive in direct proportion that with which value you give’

Whatever you seek in life, first give it away…When you do you keep the gateway open for what you want to come into your life.

When you seek to get without giving you close that gateway and become a hoarder. You try desperately to hold onto what little you have and yet you can’t help but lose it because you strangle the flow of that source.

I can’t even tell you how giving just a little always brings more back into my life whether it’s money, food, a book or a sensitive ear to listen to somebody when they need it just to show them they matter.

Great post here Chris 🙂

    Chris McCombs says August 15, 2013

    yes yes yes Kevin

    it comes back so many times over… weird that so many of us, myself included it, resist doing it every chance we get

    But the proof is there, I’ve seen it on my own life over and over and over


    “You receive in direct proportion that with which value you give”

Lisa Engles says August 10, 2013

Hey Chris-

Loved this! I was at one of Brendan Burchards events last weekend and the mantra of the entire event was ‘If you want it, you gotta WORK for it’. It was great to hear him emphasize WORK and get the crowd to basically chant the word ‘work’ . I’ve been a health and fitness professional for over 20 years and a life coach for 12 years and what I’ve observed is that a lot of people really don’t want to do the WORK needed to transform their body, their health or their life. They say they want to, but they don’t. As simple as that. Work is, well…. work! It’s frickin hard ! The work has to be both mindset (as in the LOA teachings) AND physical work. Not one or the other. Both. The underlying issue as to why people don’t want to do the work is what needs to be addressed. Anyhow- I loved your article as so many others here. Great work, and keep on, brother!

    Chris McCombs says August 15, 2013

    Hey thanks Lisa

    I love Brendon’s stuff, he’s so dynamic live isn’t he?

    And yeah, gotta work, it’s key

    the LOA stuff can be great, but without work it’s pretty useless

Maria says August 10, 2013

You have to have a goal and work towards that goal or none of it will mean jack…great blog

    Chris McCombs says August 15, 2013

    thanks Maria

    I concur

Mel says August 14, 2013

hi Chris, I’ve achieved 2 large goals that paid handsomely, I had a tonne of debt too…so after each win Id go backwards. I plan a round three but this time Im going super slow, doing tapping along the way so this time around I am able to do some good things for my future w the $$$.
Thanks, great blog:-)

    Chris McCombs says August 16, 2013

    I hear ya Mel

    I know all about around three myself (=

    thx for the kind words

Eddy Salomon says August 15, 2013

Finally another blogger that takes a no BS approach to personal development. I have to say I attracted your blog to me. I stumbled upon it by searching for something else but it’s exactly what I was looking for. That being said, noticed I took action by actually searching the web. I didn’t just visualize finding a blog like this. 😉

I totally agree with you man. I think this is why personal development gets a bad rap. The secret does suggest taking action but it just doesn’t spend enough time on it in the movie. So I think that’s a common misconception but I could see why people would easily miss the references of taking action.

At the end of the day, yes you need to change your mindset. Without doing this you won’t see the opportunities around you and obviously you won’t take action which is the key to getting where you want to be. So I understand why there is so much emphasis on the thought process but more of these self development programs need to discuss the action part in greater detail than a mere mention of it here and there.

The reason they probably don’t like spending so much time on it is that it will probably scare away some people who are allergic to action, hard work and all that other good shit that is required to make it happen. But I would think people would have enough common sense to realize that sitting on your ass all day with kumbaya thoughts isn’t enough. Clearly that’s not the case since people look at you as if you smacked the crap out of a baby if you tell them you read self help books. I recently wrote an article about that to address the potential hating friends and co-workers that will discover that I’ve started a blog about personal development.

Honestly we just need more guys like you that can break this stuff down in a real way so it appeals to the masses who tend to be cynics. So I’m happy to find your blog and plan to share it as I build my own audience since we have similar styles.

Great job Chris! You have a new subscriber and follower!


    Chris McCombs says August 16, 2013

    hey thanks Eddy, looks like you’re doing some cool stuff with your blog their man


    “But I would think people would have enough common sense to realize that sitting on your ass all day with kumbaya thoughts isn’t enough”

    is pretty funny man

    keep spreading the good word out there man

    you have a lot of great stuff to say

Jessica says September 25, 2013

Personally, I think Dane and Chris are the same person

    Chris McCombs says October 7, 2013

    hey Jessica

    Yeah I can see how it might seem that way, but it’s actually not me

    good guess though

GFK Pool says October 23, 2013

Today, I went to the beach front with my children. I found a sea shell and
gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She placed the shell to
her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside
and iit pinched her ear. She never wants to
go back! LoL I know this iis totally offf topic but I had tto tell someone!

Karen says February 25, 2014

I wonder how many other times Dane ignored “you need to take action” nudges.

Mike Collins says April 19, 2014

I’ve attended LOA presentations. The participants were predominantly Dales and Peddlers. Dales are like your guy, they talk the talk but it’s tranparent. And the Peddlers spout the bull.

Mike Collins says April 19, 2014

If you can get past the delivery, Jerry and Esther Hicks, “Ask And It Is Given” has a variety of useful techniques for finding relief from negative thinking. My favorite so far of their books that I’ve read.

Mike Collins says April 19, 2014

Like the devil, I like to quote a little scripture now and then, “faith without works (action) is dead.”

angel says April 28, 2014

OK I read through,and like your attitude. lemme share,from both sides,and pragmatic person,and also a visionary
dreamer. I tried ( and so did my friend) to experiment with the “law of attraction” backwards! We both got mad
around the same week,and threatened “F** you universe! and guess what? lol… worked and we both got our $$ goal.
so we deduced,that PASSION+action+ belief conquer up results,whether negative/[positive..did not matter
cause CAUSE=AFFECT is a law under the quantum field theory. ENERGY is the matter which on earth governs this
matrix called life. God/Devil also works. just one makes you eat “poop” and the other “bread,and wine” .
hope that’s not too graphic. OK,back to reality,all the principals “apon” the energy matrix will “result’ in some form
of result. why does it not work for most people…LOW ENERGY,OR STRESS soul vibrations. they have the secret “story” right
but its VERY superficial..and yes…great marketing! but shady…I feel its important if anyone reads shape there energetic
chakra,and body systems equally,and meditation also. simple is simple. ps: thanks for making a great blog!

Focault says May 7, 2014

What does science tell about the Law of Attraction? It tells that LoA doesn’t work. Do you need a proof by scientific evidence? Read this:

Just let scientists make their own work. For the sake of the truth, for the evolution of both our specie and our culture,please, don’t mix science with mystical woo.

I will always save my emotions. i’ll never force myself to think positive. I don’t need it. I’ve always earnt from my mistakes and sometimes even sufference was a useful tool for improving my life. I’ll never set someone aside because of negative thinking. I won’t fear to be contaminated by negative thinking, but I’ll listen people and I’ll try to offer my help.

I don’t program my brain like a robot, but I just use my heart, in a natural manner. How dare can we struggle for discovering the right way to use LoA, while so many people are starving? Don’t be selfish. If we think that LoA is useful, then let’s try to use it for understanding ourselves instead of wishing a new car. My life is wonderful, my wishes are normal. Friends, I don’t need LoA at all.

Jerry Hicks passed away because of cancer. Although he believed in LoA he used the mainstream medicine for trying to heal. Why? Perhaps because several people used LoA and died faster then the ones who used the mainstream medicine (eg. Kim Tinkham). Do we still think that using LoA is a good and rensponsible advise? When it is useful? When it isn’t? Do we feel rensponsible when we advise people to use LoA? Are we really offering a good service to humanity?

If LoA was real, then presidents of the many countries would have used it to rocket bombs one against another. Humanity would not be ready to use such a powerful tool named LoA. Instead I believe that LoA is a snake oil sold for satisfying the shallow wishes of a spoiled and lazy middle class.


Ron says January 1, 2015

Nice article.
I laughed at the part when he said that it’s a silly belief that you need to work to get results. I am all for putting in work when it’s worth it but it’s a known fact that manifestation/materialization requires no action. I know it from personal experience.

    Ajatshatru says June 21, 2018

    I agree. LoA wrongly practiced !
    I have had clear cut experiences of this power…

AJ says May 5, 2015

Just read this. From what I’ve heard / read from Abraham, they encourage you to get into the feeling place before you take action. Not not take action. I think people miss some of the teachings in their enthusiasm to get started.

Warren says May 13, 2015

Yo my dude,

This is your first blog post I’ve come across, been recently rehashing my perspective on the whole Abe-Hicks thing and how one should achieve their dreams. Gotta say, you hit a bunch of nails on the head here. I think you’re totally right about this stuff only working to an extent, and the missing ingredients being action, and giving value to the world.

I’ll definitely check out the rest of your site and share this with my like minded friends.

Peace out Big Chris.

Cindy says June 17, 2015

My ex boyfriend talked alot about these kind of self help books, going to Tony Robbins seminars, participating in Landmark and so on. He worked for a multi level marketing insurance company, made six figures, drove a Lexus and owned a few properties. He attribute his change from introverted loser and success in life to these self help seminars, books, CDs etc. After being around him for a year and a half, I realized he was just a liar and manipulator to make sales, he used people-family, friends, etc to make connections, sell his inferior products and get ahead. He was a cheat (did insider trading), a con artist (brought expensive stuff, used it, then returned it), a thief (stole bonuses, commission etc from people underneath him in the pyramid) and mostly always looked for ways to get over on people (had a friend of mine come to his home, find a leak in his roof, give him an estimate for free, then turn around and patch it himself) I have also met others in the “sales” industry and realize many of these people all possess this same “User” mentality and trait and call it being focused, motivated, determined, driven, etc. It turns my stomach. I left the relationship because of other mental issues he had, but his character was so flawed it was unbelievable. The joke was that he made people believe he was this great, nice guy, which is how he was able to make sales. He unfortunately never, ever helped anyone that did not do something for him or give him something, but talked alot about being used by others before I met him. This could have happened, but I suspect it was a lie. He took action, but many of his actions were immoral, some illegal and all just down right selfish. It matters to me, how I get my money and successes in life, what I do with it and who I help with it along the way. He told me I can’t help others the way I have been trying to do it. I must amass enough for myself first. Anyway, I am on my way in one year of owning a mortgage free home, fixing my credit back to stellar status, focusing on my relationship with GOD, rebuilding a fledgling business, lost weight, eating healthy, doing checkups, physicals, dental work, working on the six pack from 15 years ago, sending my son off to college, saving lots of money and helping other people start businesses, live their dreams and help their families. I believe I can multi task and do this all at the same time. And after all of this, maybe a new boyfriend of the same mind set, may come along as well. If not, I am so completely happy and fulfilled because I am taking actions towards all the things I want. Stay motivated, stay blessed and don’t compromise your values, morals or beliefs to make it.

Ray says June 20, 2015

So how would I respond to you? I’m a too-old father of dynamic teens who need lots of money for their expansion, I’m working too hard as a nurse but doing exciting things helping people at work so my family, kids and wife can get bigger as creators, invaders into the parts of life they find attractive. When I watch AH I get inspired by a kind of peace which emerges from the ‘least resistance’ area of her talk. Allowing bad things, attitudes around my difficult job to happen, bloom, wither and pass, watching my emotions and others’ actions, mostly just allowing with as much mindfulness as I can hustle at that moment.

There’s definitely fuzzy stuff with the Hicks’ Amway history. HOWEVER. I have serious (PHD) training in listening to others, details like tone of voice, phrasing, linguistic choices (one of my past careers) of others’ talk, and I’m no where near prepared to dismiss Esther/Abraham. I have sought out the youtube videos (can’t spare the time or money to go see her or buy her vids) that show her talking, and I’ve developed some guesses, hunches, based on my listening experiences.
There’s both poetry and odd, observable structural events in her way of talking that go beyond just an average intelligence. Unfortunately, I have no experience of a transcendant being, either earthly (like Einstein) or spiritually like Abraham, so I’m speculating only. But I’ve listened to hundreds of hours or more of everyday speech patterns, and I hear things in her talk I am not aware of having heard before.
Re the you can get all the money you want thing. I’ve also examined that in her talk. Seems like, along with the big stuff about big money, there’s a not so subtle downplaying of the simplistic childlike desire of your friend – to paraphrase a line of AH, ‘I know, you want something you can either eat, or sleep with or live in,’ that’s not fully accurate , but it may get my point across, that possessions are not the true goal here.
I’m aware of a subtle undertone of downplaying the greed (? I could be wrong about this) in favor of the simply being happy part. From this perspective, AH is not pushing us to desire billions. Instead she/he is urging me to find ways to flow with each moment, figure out which way the stream is pushing me, getting into alignment with that (I don’t mean become a Nazi storm trooper because the recruiter mob is at the front door!). The inner pain, negativity, self-sabotaging, self-discouraging talk that is embedded in me, underneath my flow of consciousness (I grew up in a South Texas refinery/rodeo town) needs quieting, soothing. It needs a nurturing, happy, light, everything’s okay, don’t panic, mama/papa vortex is herea voice which convinces me that THIS the ‘real’ reality. The panicky, crazed reality of corporate-terrorist enslavement (yeah, the new energy of enforced bean counting do it our way or be fired has invaded the hospital floors as well, now) is not the ‘real’ reality – the peaceful voice I give my child or my wife when I offer them comfort and safety after a day of stress and discouragement – THIS is the reality, at least for me, and I hope, for them.
Also, I suspect AH is tailoring her talk to attract any audience at all, possibly a historical thing from the Amway beginnings. And though I do see the ‘GET MONEY HERE!’ flashing sign when you first encounter her, it feels like, get the kids interested, then give them the ‘real’ message – help the human reality – change pain and anger to happiness. Start doing it now.
Rereading this, I sound like an old, college educated hippie. That’s the truth. I know I can ripped 1 million ways. But I hope the positive energy I wrote it in is evident. Thanks for your balanced approach to things. I just dropped in, got interested enough to write.

    Kate North says August 8, 2015

    Ray, you may find my perspective interesting (or ridiculous) based on your observations of speech patterns and linguistics. I do indeed believe that Esther Hicks is channeling an entity who calls himself Abraham. But I do not believe Abraham has good intentions or pure motives. And that nice, fuzzy, soothed feeling that comes over people when they listen to Abraham talking through Esther is deliberately hypnotic and comes with hooks to draw people in. You can click on my name to go to my blog if you are interested in more of my perspective.

Kate North says August 8, 2015

You’ve got it right, Chris, thank you for this article. I read it a year or more ago when I was trying to come to terms with the fallout in my own life after dedicating myself to Law of Attractions teachings for 5 years.

For anyone commenting who feels like the teachings really make sense to them and benefit them–I believe that is because the info is a mixture of truths, half-truths, and deceptions. What a harmful, irresponsible mix.

Feel free to check out my new blog for more of my perspective on the Law of Attraction as taught by Abraham Hicks:

Isaac says February 3, 2016

I’m very familiar with Abraham Hicks (AH) teaching, love it. I resonate with most of it, not sure how much because what I remember is only what I resonate to. Sometimes she speaks about topic I don’t feel any resonance to and I just close the video lol

About Dane and his journey, I think it’s a simple thing. When he sounded bummed up, he was simply in low vibe. Out of the vortex, in AH terms. When he gets back to higher vibe he will say things differently. I’m familiar with that. In some situations, I had been in both high and low vibe; I notice how I see things very differently in both version, but exactly same situation.

Abraham said you will regularly get kicked out of vortex into low vibe as long as you live, because that’s how you create new desires from contrast of life. What she teaches is to have awareness of it when it happens and take action to improve your vibe first and foremost, before anything else.

AH teaching is not against action, it encourages it. You live your live through action, from wake up to sleep you have to choose the actions you do. You enjoy life through actions, no other way. The underlined concept is: you’re supposed to do action from high vibe ideas. When you’re in low vibe, take action to improve your vibe first before you do anything else. Once improved, you do whatever you want, follow high vibe ideas such as interest, curiosity, adventure, exploration, excitement, etc.

So if say, you’re suppose to do something for someone but your mind is currently messed up, fix it asap then do the work so you will do better job. It’s good right?

If I put myself in Dane’s shoes, with those desires in mind, my first thought is being a businessman seems to be the answer. It would naturally look interesting to me. I’ll make it the path of my life, my adventure. My first thought is to go to bookstore and get guide books about how to be an entrepreneur or how to run your first business. Start small. From there it doesn’t seem hard to take the next steps. Seems easy, and that’s just a few seconds of thinking about it.

If in 4 years Dane never does something like that, that’s weird. I’m not sure why.

Felicity says February 8, 2016

Another important part that you did not mention is that when you truly believe something will happen, you don’t really need to constantly meditate and visualize about it. If you are constantly visualizing and meditating it means that you are still trying–probably trying too hard. Which means there is resistance and an underlying belief that you are not doing enough to get what you want and that you have to do more to get it.

I know visualizing is important but when it’s done frequently and intentionally, there is usually a bit of doubt driven by that, a feeling of urgency and desperation so to speak. However, when you randomly visualize (day dream is a better term) without doing it with the intention to gain some thing, you are more likely to get it. There have been things that I randomly day dreamed about without any intention of actually getting it and all the sudden the opportunity to get it presented it self.

Thus the real issue is the feeling of desperately wanting. Your friend was sending out the vibe of wanting/not having so the universe gave him more feelings of wanting/not having. Like for instance, I know I get paid every Friday, I know its going to happen and I believe it’s going to happen. Would it make sense for me to visualize and meditate about getting paid if I already know it’s coming? No, it would not. When people already have what they want, they don’t think about getting it at all because it’s already there. And that is the difference. Your friend was in a constant state of not having, he deep down did not believe it so he over invested himself. You know you will get something when there is a sense of ease about it. And if you can let it go, you are even more likely to get it. Let go, stop wanting it, stop obsessing about it by talking about it all the time and it will come.

Everything I wanted, I got it when I forgot about it. For a long time, I was obsessed about finding a mate and during that time, I never found anyone. Then I just stop thinking about it and my boyfriend just kind of appeared. Same with my job and money. I used to obsess about how I needed more money and I wanted a promotion. Then I finally let that go and guess what…an opportunity for a new job presented it self from an old friend who contacted me out of the blue and I started making way more money. If you are thinking about it, rather it’s visualizing, or talking about how you already have it or even worrying about it, you are not a vibrational match to it. Once you release it completely, that is when it comes.

Also action has to be inspired action, not desperate action. Your friend wanted to be a billionaire but was he paying any attention to the signs from the universe? The universe will start to give you signs, telling you which direction to go in next. When you are in vibrational alignment, you notice those signs but when you are out of alignment, you miss them. You say your friend was a personal trainer…maybe there was a sign to make his own work videos or maybe he met someone who worked in a certain field that would lead him to rich people. People miss these clues all the time because they are too focused on the end goal. Not realizing that you have a path that is being created for you and you must pay attention. Maybe his next step was to accept a job offer that would put him in contact with a guy who would be his business partner? And maybe he turned down that job offer because it wasn’t going to pay him a billionaire dollars which means he missed his time to act, he missed the sign from the universe.

Bailey says May 10, 2016

Yeah man, in 2009 I got heavily into The Secret because, like others, my life sucked and I needed a delusional way of feeling better about it. But after the “high” of feeling great about a life I could potentially have wore off, I started to question the validity of it. What was true, what wasn’t. And something about just “feeling good and thinking about” what I wanted to get it didn’t seem right. It’s not that I felt a slave to some programmed belief that hard work was just a programmed belief, but the gut feeling that hard work WAS valuable and a very very important factor in attaining what one desires. In fact, I have known complete dumb asses who have become very successful just because they are work machines.

I always preferred “The Master Key System” to The Secret because it actually has exercises at the end of each chapter that you must complete in order to move on to the next. It’s all about obtaining control over your body and mind, and being able to decide how any situation will affect you. And damn, if you have that ability, you CAN have whatever you want. At that point nothing is in your way except yourself.

rps abq says June 28, 2016

Your story seems conjured and it’s obviously you. There are so many red flags that give away the fact that you know nothing about Law of Attraction. If anyone is using Abraham-hicks and/or Law of Attraction as a “get rich quick scheme without doing any work,” then you will get exactly what those schemes bring: ZERO. “But I did everything I was told, I raised my frequency, I was always happy and nothing!” Law of Attraction is not something you “do.” It just is, like gravity. “He” might have not attracted what he was hoping for, but he attracted something. If he was living and breathing he attracted something. the fact that “he” didn’t attract what he wanted just means “he” wasn’t a match for he wanted. When you understand that Law of Attraction isn’t a magic trick or a jeanie’s bottle and when you understand that you can’t fool the universe, that’s when some growth can occur. Whether “he” meant to or not, “he” may have thought he was giving off the right vibe, but i would guess he was doing all that but in the back of is mind thinking “this better work, come on billions, i know if i just say enough and not talk about anything else…..” etc. etc. Who knows? No one is to know, including you. Only he knows. One that is for sure, for sure, he was not attracting it and we know that because it never manifested. It’s like gravity. On a more down to earth suggestion, using Law of Attraction as a money making scheme is usually a really, really bad idea. In this modern day, we, especially as Americans are so incredibly messed up about money, the role it should play, how much is enough, etc… it usually takes work and focus in many areas, any area other than money to get there. You went into saying to yourself, “ok i want billions, no work, so i’ll do this and this and this…” Right there you’ve already decided that that is the only thing you will accept, that anything else you will reject and that it won’t take any work. So the moment something manifested in your life whether it be a person or a situation or a job, whatever and if it didn’t look like “billions” to you, you ignored it. You didn’t mean to, you were sincere, but you said, “nope not into that, i’m into my billions.” The only thing is that thing that you just said no to, that was part of the plan but it went away along with your billions and you moved on wondering where o where are the billions…… the billions went that way because you’ve already decided, it’s gotta look like billions and no work… or whatever. yes the money didn’t come, but it was your doing. And now that you’re fed up with it, now the billions REALLY won’t come. The vibration of “i did all this and nothing came” shows you’re not there yet. O it came and it will come again and again and again. You just keep missing it. We are the creators of our own reality and we manifest what we attract, no exceptions. None. (yeah but…. ) See? Keep saying “yeah but” and keep saying goodbye to wanted things. it really works like this, it really does.

rps abq says June 28, 2016

Honestly it sounds as if you have some work to do to get to the place of attracting billions first. “You can’t get there from here” as Abraham says. Your billions didn’t come become where you are and where the billions are don’t match. That’s just law. Argue all you want, but that’s it. Keep going, keep doing. Begin focusing on where you need to be. A good mantra to yourself for right now is… “i look forward to getting to the place where i can attract wanted things….” and just chew on that for awhile and put down this constant though of “I have to FIGURE IT OUT – DAMMIT!” 🙂 pEACE.

rps abq says June 28, 2016

or even… “IF I HELP OTHERS, THEN I’LL GET WHAT I WANT…” all of that kind of stuff is all on the wrong disc… go deeper…. and above all go easy! Thanks for letting me share..

Zo says September 6, 2016

Someone brought me the secret when I got divorced,I ended up in a refuge with my 3 children from an abusive husband,have to say it changed my life completely,I managed to buy my flat in London,and rebuild a decent life with my children.also manifested a cheque for £10k in October,totally agree with helping others,Inbetween work I do volunteer teaching etc,gratitude is the key I’m sure, and even when things were proper shit I made sure I was grateful for the things that this article.

Arum says October 1, 2016

This stuff works!!! Bt I think wallace wattles version e.i. the science of getting rich, is best in terms of authenticity….it also states that u have to work cz to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction thats basically work=action

Samantha says January 25, 2017

I’ve studied the work of Abraham and “they” would say your friend was efforting too much. The fact that he thought he had a meditate all day is completely opposite of what they teach. They teach 15-20 minutes tops, in the morning, to start off on a good foot. They also say this all about how you FEEL, obviously he was doing all of that to MAKE something happen, opposed to being genuinely happy right now and seeing the miracles in every moment. Bottom line, he was trying too hard and he was doing it to get something opposed to doing it to feel better. Either he ignore this advice (meditating only 15-20 min a day, not to try to hard to make things happen, realizing that you want what you want because you think it’ll make you feel better, etc) so I wouldn’t blame it on the LOA but more on his own actions and beliefs.

Progolfer says February 13, 2017

Step 1: Visualize/form a goal
Step 2: Listen. Follow your intuition– which AUTOMATICALLY prompts you to step 3
Step 3: Inspired action!!

I used to make the mistake too of ignoring my inner voice, thinking all I needed to do was change my “vibrational frequency” blah blah blah. But, once I realized that all I had to do was visualize then follow what felt right (my intuition), I automatically started making ALL the right actions. I called the right people, starting seeing a lot of “coincidences” in my life, and my results took off.

I now have the love of my life, am a professional golfer making millions of dollars a year (and like Chris said, I LOVE using my money to make the lives of others better), am in the best shape of my life, and am full of love and joy every single day.

The most important thing is to visualize or form a goal, then FORGET about it. You have to feelingly visualize it for it to get into your subconscious mind– and once it’s in there, it’s game over. All the shit you want will magically appear– WITHOUT CONSCIOUS EFFORT. I cannot stress this enough: The “Flaw” of Attraction is to monitor your thoughts and feelings all day, which is a CONSCIOUS effort that’s exhausting and incorrect! The LAW of Attraction is to get your desire into your SUBCONSCIOUS mind (WHICH ONLY TAKES A MINUTE OF FEELINGLY VISUALIZING A DAY!!), which will inspire and speak to you through your INTUITION and cause you to ACT– AUTOMATICALLY!! If you keep ignoring your intuition, you will keep FAILING– as did Chris’ friend.

THE LAW OF ATTRACTION ISN’T AN ALL DAY, CONSCIOUS JOB!!!!! IT’S A SHORT, CONCENTRATED MOMENT EACH DAY (once a week or once a month after you achieve a lot, and stop desiring stuff and are just living in pure joy every day) THAT PROMPTS NEW AND INSPIRED ACTION!!!!

The book that changed my life on all of this is “Pray Rain Journaling.” Get it, and make it the last law of attraction book you ever read.

Ange says February 26, 2017

1. Abraham explained many times that Esther does not channel them but gets inspired. Big difference.
2. Abraham says the perfect combination is appreciation, visualisation and inspired (!) action.

Lots of YouTube videos cover these basics, it’s not just all in the books or in one or two seminars.

I think what your friend did there – or better not did – was holding on too tight instead of letting go. He was waiting for something to happen instead of accepting it’s done vibrationally and letting it happen. There is no flaw.

    Steph says September 26, 2017


Steph says September 26, 2017

Hi Chris thank you for your deep and smart insight. Anyway i love Esther Hicks and i feel that everything she says is so damn true. I think your friend gave up too soon, he could become a billionaire, why not, then his example would have helped maybe many pple to thrive. The world is already perfect, i think we just have this religious idea that we always have to help, save people, what if we tune in a high vibe world where we are alla perfect thrivers? All the best, Stephanie

Diana says October 2, 2017

I think it has to be something that is close enough to what you already have , that it isn’t that hard to believe. then it works easily.
For instance , my believing that I could get a big raise was easy so I got it easily . but believing that I have 10 million dollars in my bank account is too hard for me to believe, so I don’t think I can manifest it by just affirmations.

Nlo says February 13, 2018

Oh god…
thats exactly the problem. “secret”
Law of attraction surely exists, I am using it and I always get results.
The problem of secret is that it only says that only feelings and thoughts are important. SURE they are, I also manifest small things by just thinking, such as clothes, my desired art tools and …
BUT, Its not enough for big goals.
like you should have positive feelings AND you should work hard.
Thats the point that Secret is telling us wrong.

Angel Eye says February 26, 2018

Dear Chris,

“By accident” I saw this article on your blog. Thanks for being the sincere human being that you are. The real secret is not the L.O.A. although it will work quite well for you once you really understand it. However this Law is a part of a bigger picture; a picture not too many people would like to be confronted with. Once you start being true to your Inner Nature, which is a being of Love, life will turn. A being of Love understands innately or by the accumulation of his experiences, that his true richness has at its core the sharing of love, compassion, happiness in any way possible. It’s about sharing YOU: the Love you are. Spreading it, breathing it. As a being of Love you do not share your richness in a material way: you share that what you are in the heart of you being: Love. In all vulnerability which then becomes your greatest power. Big hug, Angel Eye

Patrice Ellen says August 16, 2018

Personally, I feel the biggest problem with all of this is that people DO NOT KNOW THEMSELVES. People live their lives so much in reflection of others lives, others ideas, what they “think” others would think.

People make choices on relationships, money, career, etc. based on a broader societal view and not based on what is truly in their own hearts.

Everyone thinks they want the billion dollars to fall in their lap. But for WHAT??

We came here to be unique expressions not copy/paste versions of others.

I LOVE Esther, because she gave me a book about a school YEARS ago, very early 90’s. I found an exact school like this in MY STATE. I could hardly believe it. After elementary school, I put my kids in this school. Very controversial. My family freaked and I paid quite a bit for them to attend on my dime but I had faith in this school. Fast forward 20 years and my kids, and all their friends are amazing success stories living their AUTHENTIC lives.. and authentic is a very key/critical word.

We’ve snuffed out all of the creativity, the Einstiens, the Disneys, with out public school system. Remember who started public schools?? Rockefeller. Remember his “motto” when doing so? “I want a nation of WORKERS not a nation of THINKERS”. Wow wake up people.

So taking the time to discover who you truly are and what your true desires are is key in making all of this work. Until then you are on the hamster wheel chasing things you will never catch because they are not yours to pursue.


    Chris McCombs says August 16, 2018


lusekelo HUDSON says August 22, 2018

That is the real talk about LOA, It only works if you work

werwrpowerij says December 22, 2018

the secret teachs you to use the law of attracttion into trying to boil the ocean with it
the “law of attracttion” is a powerful aid not a base, dont try to visualize getting 20k in 1 month from wherever you are, like joe vitali teachs you to

but the most evil teachings come from esther hicks, or from that abraham ghost
they teach that is ok to be surrounded by negative and bad people, even sociopaths
you just have to ‘focus in their good’ and expect good things from them

that is so sick and terrible, the law of attracttion wont shield you and wont change peoples nature
that teaching that is ok to be around bad people ruined my life

fucking ghost

    Val says November 28, 2019

    We-R, I’m sorry that you got hurt. If you meditate 15-20 minutes per day, you’ll see, feel the bad ones coming and jump out of the way in time to save yourself. Don’t hang around bad people. Save yourself. Find what you like and pursue it. Daydream in a relaxed manner. You’re not dead, you can rise from the ashes. 🦅

James says November 28, 2019

Thank you Chris for this post. It prompted me to read about the law of GRAVITY. Apparently, another word for gravity is…wait for it… yes, you guessed it – attraction. And every molecule in the universe has some attraction to each other. The more energy an object contains, the more gravity… er, attraction it has. Gravity, or, attraction can bend time and space, as some of us have experienced in our lives.
If you’re dropping coconuts 🌴 from the tree so you can climb down after picking them, you’re using the coconut’s 🥥 attraction to the earth. If you’re getting big muscles 💪 by lifting weights, you’re using the attraction of the weights to the earth. The earth 🌏 contains a lot of attraction because of it’s mass, which is energy, roughly. Like others have said, I think Dane had as much negative 👎 energy toward the things that he’d asked for, that were coming towards him. But also I think there was negative energy in his asking, like maybe he wanted the money 💰 to lord it over other people, so the result was neutral.
LOA or LOG always works faster for me, when I want certain “thing”, if I go ahead and ask for that thin, rather than the money 💴 to buy the thing. Then it comes in funny, mind-boggling ways. In the city where I live there’s a gym next to a Ferrari dealership. I’m just saying… Dane could be working in that gym and training a saleswoman and been able to drive one, then…
We’ve all seen the wind affect gravity, that is, attraction, when leaves 🍁 are falling, so all kinds of things affect the LOA. Smile, laugh, enjoy the ride. Thanks a billion for your kick-ass blog!

    Chris McCombs says November 29, 2019

    Thanks for your thoughful comment James. Funny, I wrote this post years ago but was sharing something about Dane to my tonight. I hope he’s doing good.

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