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Chris McCombs

11 Ways To Live Your Life With Balls


“Most people tiptoe through life, hoping they make it safely to death”

Bob Proctor

I wanted to call this post…

Be the Bad-Ass you were born to be and live an awesome life, boldly doing what you love with everything you’ve fucking got

But trying to get all that to fit nice and tight into that little subject-line area up above would’ve been one helluva hot mess

I got a comment on the Letting It Out Of Its Cage blog post the other day that got to me a little.

The post was about how everything we do, big or small, negative or positive, effects everything else, not only in our lives, but in the lives of everyone we touch, and everyone they touch, and on down the line

And that knowing this, we should do some seriously awesome shit and spend our time boldly doing what we love

The comment, came in from a guy named Joel…


I can see where you’re coming from and totally agree.

However, I’m hoping you have some bit of wisdom to pass on to me quickly to kick my ass into gear.

I hate my job, I’m good at it, but I friggin’ hate it, and I’m surrounded by people who annoy me or I wouldn’t associate with.

I’m also expecting my 5th child in June, so while this job pays the bills, I have no idea what direction to take.

How do you find out what kind of work will satisfy you and hope it pays the bills?

How do you make that leap while being responsible?” – Joel

What Joel’s talking about here is SOOOOO common

This really is the million dollar question, isn’t it ?

How do YOU find what you love to do, and make money doing it?

Now, first of all…

I don’t think doing what you love for a “living” is always the ONLY path of awesomeness

It’s the solution I’m gonna delve into here, but there ARE other paths that are pretty damn awesome as well

… Like…

Leading a life of selfless service, I commend anyone who can do it, and in my book, you are pure bad-ass to the bone

Another option is doing what you really “like” for a living… and taking up a hobby doing what you love

That’s better than the popular choice of tip-toeing through life at some shitty job hoping to make it safely to death… no scratches, bruises or enemies

For example…

If you hate delivering pizza, but love to workout and have always wanted to paint

Maybe you’d be happy becoming a personal trainer, a career that pays 10-20 times what a pizza delivery guy makes and allows you to talk “workout” stuff all day

You’d also be helping a bunch of people to become happier and healthier, instead of delivering a heart attack in a box with everything on it, hold the anchovies

And then you could paint in your free time as a hobby

You’d probably be much happier taking this route, instead of the pizza gig

Just don’t sacrifice your life to the Gods of Mediocrity, Comfortability and Boredom… doing shit you don’t like doing for people you don’t like doing it for

I’m all for hard work, but work hard doing some shit you love to do

Something you can become legendary at

Something that, once you find it, burns bright in your soul and simply cannot be contained

For example, I’m doing what I love at this exact moment…

… Writing

Personally I just don’t fit into the 9-5 culture… I’m pretty introverted, don’t like schedules and CAN’T STAND working for anyone

So, I work for myself and make my own hours

Mark Twain - a Real OG

Mark Twain – a Real OG

There’s actually a recurring nightmare I’ve had over and over for years…

… It’s called a day job


I’d rather just write… no schedule or commute required … just sit at the keyboard and open a vein

I have two blogs… and I write sales copy for my products and programs for personal trainers… and I have a blast doing it

Plus, I get to write a lot of email copy, not only for my own info-products, but all kinds of affiliates products I promote as well

And I couldn’t be happier

I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be a writer, and even though I suck at English, deep inside I know it’s what I was born to do

But for most of my life, I bought into the bullshit my head and society were spewing at me and I just didn’t see how I’d be able to make a living doing it

But today, that’s exactly what I do

Now, there’s definitely NOTHING special about me

In fact, I’m more defective than anything else

And one of my defects is that I MUST do things I love to do or I go bat-shit outta my mind bored crazy.

Ask just about any teacher or employer I’ve ever had

In fact, I was officially in the running for the “World’s Worst Employee Award”… but I lost to some dude who shot up his workplace

Fortunately, it’s now been over a decade since I’ve had a day job, but when I DID have one, I had an intimate relationship with misery

Depression would set in deep on Sundays and all I could think about was “Tomorrow I gotta go back to that shitty job I hate”

When at work, I’d go so ADHD nuts that I just couldn’t give any attention to the job at hand and would do a half-assed job

The exception are the years I worked as a bouncer, I loved throwing drunks out of bars, and was good at it, but the money sucked and the environment just wasn’t congruent with my goal of complete and total sobriety

California minimum wage is $8 and that’s exactly what I’m worth at the typical job-type job

I just can’t seem to get into it and call in sick at least once a week

My curse of dissatisfaction is also … in a way… my gift

Dissatisfaction was the driving force that propelled me into doing things for a living I FUCKING LOVE…

… And when it comes to something I love, like writing, I become OBSESSED and want to do it all the time

I actually need to keep myself in check so I can enjoy a balanced life … otherwise I’ll go without sleep, without conversations with friends and family, without workouts and will actually sit there and hold in my pee for hours cuz I don’t wanna stop doing that thing I love

To keep a healthy balance in life, I pray, meditate, workout, take breaks and make sure to drink a large raw veggie juice everyday

Doing what you love is a topic I have a close and committed relationship with

I’m also fortunate to know many others who love what they do…  fitness professionals, information marketers, film makers, artists, writers, personal development coaches, brick and mortar business owners… you name it

My question to you is…

If you’re not doing what you currently love… why the hell not?

There’s gotta be SOMETHING that excites you

Something that burns deep inside

You just need to look for it and ignore the naysayers, bullshit, rationalizations and stories in your head

Stories like…

… “I could never do what I love and make good money doing it” …

… “This job is as good as it’s gonna get for me” …

… “I don’t have the time”…

… “I have no skills” …

… “I have 6 kids, I should have started something years ago, it’s too late now” …

… “Someday”…

Are these good reasons?

Let me answer em’ one at a time for you






And Total Fucking Bullshit

Someday’s a train that ain’t coming, but it IS passing your station right now… and you can catch it if you run after it with everything in you

If you REALLY wanna do something else… something greater… something you’re passionate about.. something that allows you to leave a bigger and better imprint on the world, in your own unique way, and enjoy it AND get paid for it…

… Then I’d do most, if not all, of these 11 things…


Jason Ferruggia

1. Be Relentless In Your Search

Don’t sit there stewing in thoughts about how much you hate your job

Start searching for what you would be happier doing

And if you’re happier doing something, you’ll be of better service to others

DO NOT settle

The warrior never settles

To settle is to lay dying on the battle field, knowing you didn’t give em’ your best fight

If you truly dislike your job and coworkers, and that’s how you spend your days, do you know how bad that is for you?

How much life that’s sucking out of you?

Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, spending 40 hours a week stabbing yourself in the soul with a tiny little butter knife, over and over

2080 hours a year… living in a fucking straight jacket.

Imagine spending the next 20 years in that toxic environment

41,600 hours sharing a cubicle with the devil

Now that’s fucked up

Turn your dissatisfaction for your job into something that moves you, the thing that calls the hero in you to the Great Quest

Your Hero’s Journey

Be willing to make sacrifices, walk through fears and face your critics head on

Including your own inner critic… he’s usually the most convincing of the bunch

This is not a journey for cowards

Rise up, make up your mind up that NOTHING will stop you… and start walking towards that North Star, using your soul as your compass when the fog is thick

Beware of charlatans, the allure of the quick buck and shiny objects along the way

One foot in front of the other with fierce determination that NOTHING can defeat you

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.”

Ayn Rand


2. Stop Being a Fucking Pussy

There is an AWESOME life, FAR beyond the inner most depths of your imagination, waiting for you right on the other side of that shit you’re afraid of

And no matter how hard you try to avoid what you fear, there is no way around, only through

Your greatest fears are the passageway to your deepest desires

The scary stuff in life, the part of our to-do list we keep ignoring… that’s the stuff that we should be doing FIRST… cuz without it, the other stuff really doesn’t matter

Once we walk through the fears, facing them head on… the things that scared us become less and less scary and no longer control us

We’re able to move from the passenger seat to the drivers seat

Many famous musicians, public speakers and comedians still suffer from some level of stage fright, but they get up there and do what needs to be done

They could be shaking like a leaf on the inside, but they don’t let it hold em’ back, otherwise they’d never be living their dream … they’d probably be working some normal job-type-job that they would HATE…

… Sitting in their cute little cubicle dreaming about being a musician or a comedian or a “fill in the blank”… instead of actually doin’ the awesome thing they do and sharing it with the world

Henry Fonda was known to throw up before each stage performance, even up into his seventies

E8A2B2B7-345A-4EF9-A01C-7D715839BC2FSometimes we may never be fully comfortable doin’ those things we currently fear, but the fear stops having power over us

We act in spite of it, it no longer paralyzes us, for we have risen above it… and now we have the power instead of the fear having the power over us… the fears have been converted into fuel that we burn up hauling ass down the road of our new life

The treasure is right there on the other side of the dragon… we must approach the dragon head on, feel it’s fiery breath and do what needs to be done

Here’s a little nugget from one of my favorite bloggers, Julien Smith

“In every industry, there is an edge. In your business or personal life, it doesn’t matter– somewhere, there is a cliff. Most people don’t want to get to close to it, because they’re afraid they’ll fall off.

Thing is, the edge is where all the cool stuff happens. I know you don’t want to make a decision that is irrevocable and wrong– a decision from which you might never recover– that’s natural. But guess what?

You are actually in the middle of an open field, inside your house, clutching your purse, crying like a little girl while looking at an edge you see on television.

In other words? You are nowhere near the goddamn edge. It’s time you stopped being a fucking pussy.”

Julien Smith

3. Ask for “Big” Guidance

I’m not gonna tell you what to believe in, cuz I don’t like it when people try to tell ME what to believe in

But I CAN tell you that simply praying and asking for guidance, in this area of my life, changed everything for me

In 2002 I had a job I hated, that’s a big word hate, and my hate for what I did from 8am to 5pm everyday WAS big

I was pretty ripped at the time… chiseled six pack, veins everywhere, the whole deal

I prayed about what I should do, I just basically got on my knees, and with everything in me, asked for some guidance when it came to what I should be doing for a living

I think I asked something like “What should I enjoy doing, where I can be myself and can help a lot of people?”

And the trippiest shit started to happen…

Over the course of about a week, I don’t think a day went by without some random person looking at me, asking me what I did to get into shape, and then either asking if I was a personal trainer

Or telling me I should be one

I quit that shitty job and become a trainer

( I now pray about pretty much everything in life that’s bigger than “what should I have for lunch?” )

IF 4. Be Still

Our soul knows our calling

But our mind tends to get in the way

If you can spend 40 hours a week at a job you don’t like, you can spend 20 minutes a day to look within and find a greater Truth for your life

The power of meditation is beyond explanation

It puts you in deeper touch with your soul and opens you up to new ideas and possibilities your logical mind could never conceive of

5. Ask Yourself

Is there anything you’ve always loved doing?

Is there something you’re just naturally good at and enjoy?

Do you have a hobby you love that you could possibly make money at?

What would you wanna do all day even if you didn’t get paid for it

( If you answered watch TV, stop reading this post now, and go get rid of your fucking TV )

Deep inside you know what it is for you, no one else can tell you

The answers WILL come if you’re ready and open to receive them

Serendipitous occurrences will start  happening and the way North will become obvious

Now, if you’re NOT getting clear answers, your mind might be blocked by beliefs, judgments and incessant thinking

If this is the case check out the book ‘The Power of Now’ By Eckhart Tolle… It can help to wake you up to that place beyond thought… I’ve gone through it many times over the years and it’s helped to change my life more than any book I’ve ever read

Something else you can do that helps, is ask your subconscious mind what you should be doing for a living, don’t think about it, just ask

Especially right before you go to sleep

Just let your subconscious mind go to work finding the answers

“The unexamined life is not worth living”


6. Ask Others

Find people who love what they do… or do shit that looks cool to you, and ask them about it… ask them how they went from they were to where they are now

How they like doing it now they’ve been doing it all this time

What they would recommend

Put your feelers out there… once you start asking, you’d be amazed at the people who will start showing up in your life with the answers

7. Research

We live in a day and age where there is SO MUCH information out there on ANYTHING you wanna learn

INCLUDING finding your passions, changing careers, starting businesses… and whatever it is you wanna know

If you don’t seek out the clues, sign posts and the pop-corn trail that runs through the halls of the universal library that’s out there, it’s no ones fault but your own

The information, both free, like on blogs, and paid, like in books, is there… just waiting for you

The book “What Color is Your Parachute?” , which is updated each year I think, helped get my butt out of that print shop a decade ago

It’s more for the job seeker in my opinion, but it WAS helpful

Start seeking and putting stuff in your head that gets you thinking and opens you up to new possibilities and ways of looking at things

Read blogs like The Art of Non-Conformity 

And Jonathan Mead’s Paid To Exist

There’s a ton of them

My friend Jonathan Fields wrote a book called Career Renegade that’s helpful in this area

Another one you might like is Love Your Job or Find a New One

There are countless resources for you to dig into, set aside some time every day, and start digging


8. If a Clean Break Isn’t an Option, Start Out Part Time In Your Off Hours

Some people start by doing that thing they love in the middle of the night after they’ve put your kids to bed

Or getting up a few hours earlier

Start putting in whatever time you can and when you start making some money, cut back the hours you devote to your old career

Do more and more of the new career and less of the old

When I started my first dream business … my personal training business, I kept cutting my hours from my shit job, as I kept growing my training hours

And once I was making more money training than I was doing the old thing, I quit

I can already hear excuses why this can’t work for you

And you’re right, it can’t work for you… cuz you’re full of excuses

9. Trust Whatever’s Running The Show

I don’t give a shit what your religious or spiritual beliefs are

In my experience, those who have a strong spiritual foundation and go about life with a “Thy Will, Not Mine, Be Done” attitude… and REALLY fucking mean it with everything in them…

… Are able to tap into the flow of life and align with their TRUE path, instead of trying to swim up stream all the time

True creativity is beyond the mind and not of this world

Doors fly open where there were walls, serendipitous experience becomes the norm and one’s true calling becomes apparent

Many people much greater and stronger than you or I, from all types of beliefs and backgrounds, have relied upon prayer to show them the way

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls”

Joseph Campbell

10. Be In The Action Business, NOT The Results Business

Take bold action, and get shit done, but don’t be attached to the results

If you follow #9 and do the whole “Thy Will, Not Mine, Be Done” thing… then you know the results are out of your hands anyway, and everything is gonna happen exactly as it’s supposed to

Even if you’re optimistic, being attached to results brings a controlling, fear-based, constricting energy to what you do

It takes your focus off the work at hand, out of the present moment, and it projects it into an imaginary future, taking the love out of what you do and putting it in a headlock

… Making you unable to do your thing to the absolute best of your ability

It then all becomes just one more means to end, one more thing to get you over “there and then”… as you ignore the “here and now”

You trade intrinsic joy for the extrinsic chase of material riches, validation and prize possessions

Life becomes no longer about the game, but about the trophy case against the wall


Paul Wertico

It all becomes about the destination, and no longer about the journey

Instead of smelling the roses, you’re yanking them from the ground and selling them for pennies down at the local bazar

Stop it

Just do the work, one foot in front of another, and give it your fucking all

Fucking jam your tunes man

Even if you’re in a garage band

Don’t worry about getting “discovered”

Bang the drum cuz you love to bang the drum… become ONE with the drum

Play from your fucking heart

Don’t worry about impressing the record execs and girls in the audience

Play From Your Fucking Heart!

Bill Hicks


11. Make Your Mind Up That NOTHING Is Gonna Stop You

It’s all within you… and it’s all UP TO YOU

Your success or failure in this area has nothing to do with any one else, any outside circumstances or anything that is not YOU

You may tell yourself stories why you can’t do it… the kids, lack of skills and education, it’s too late, too early, your too young, too old, the dog ate your homework

Blah, blah, blah

If you wanna keep doing what your doing and don’t long for something greater with every cell of your being, than keep doing the shit you’ve been doing

Travis Pastrana

Travis Pastrana

Hey, at least your semi-comfortable in your low-level misery and are able to pay your bills

At least you’re cozy, all cuddled up under your cute little security blanket… scared to face the monsters in your closet

But if you long for change and are ready to do what it takes, then cut your fucking umbilical cord, get up and start kicking some serious ass…

… Determined that nothing or no one is gonna stop you from doing what you were born to do

It’s your fucking birthright

And just like the Blues Brothers, you’re on a mission from God

You have a higher calling

Do what’s important, not what’s urgent

Be willing to put in the fucking work

It takes work to be great

And remember to steer clear of any charlatans, shiny objects and get-rich quick bullshit that may tempt you along the way

Don’t trade your soul for easy money

Avoid anything with a picture of some dude and a lap top, chilling with a hammock on some picture perfect beach somewhere

What that dude’s selling ain’t real

Just put one foot in front of the other, boldly move forward, and DO NOT STOP

Just keep moving forward… re-aligning as you go


Remain steadfast in your determination that NOTHING or no one can defeat you

It’s all up to you my friend

Do what you’ve been doing and keep getting what you’ve got

Or let your Inner Giant out of it’s cage to rise up and do some seriously awesome shit

If you’ve risen above some serious shit in your life, do what you love OR wanna do something more awesome and congruent with who you are than what you’re currently doing… then please chime in the comment section below and share your experience … you just never know who you may help, inspire or learn from

And if you’d like to be the first to get my brand new blog posts as I write them, then be sure to subscribe to ChrisMcCombs.Net here:

Rise Above,

Big Chris

P.S. I’d love to hear your comments below

I do my best to respond to all comments.

Comment Policy is that flaming will not be tolerated. Comments are moderated so give yours a little time to show up ok? – Thanks again!


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Veronica says January 22, 2013

I haven’t met anyone who loves what they do as much as you. Awesome post:)

    Chris McCombs says January 22, 2013

    Thanks Veronica (=

Cindy Sams says January 23, 2013

Chris! I just LOVE your writing. It’s the most wonderfully authentic and from the hip writing I’ve probably ever read… and dead on brother. 😉 Mind if I repost on my wall? This is a great “rant” for network marketers and of course those who have their heads up their ass still… I also have an AMAZING recommendation for a book to read: “The Artists’ Way, by Julia Cameron It is a 12 week, self exploration on figuring out what the heck your passions are and it takes you through daily journaling, weekly “dates”, etc. etc…. pretty cool and helped me out immensely way back when I was married and got me into my passion, personal training, uplifting others out of whatever mess their in (if they want to get out that is…) and helping people get out of the real estate between their ears. Hugs! 🙂

    Chris McCombs says January 23, 2013

    Hey Cindy, thanks for your awesome words

    I’m honored you want to share it

    Would you mind just linking to it or something if you do

    Sometimes people copy and paste the posts and that can cause us issues in Google

    But if you want to link to it or something, I’d be not only cool with that, but honored and gracious

Josh says January 23, 2013

12. Don’t listen to the naysayers.
If you want to do something do it. If you are passionate about something other people think is wrong or stupid grab on to it tighter and be proud of it. Only weak people look to others for permission to do what they really want. If nothing else chicks dig a guy who is proud to be himself.

    Chris McCombs says January 23, 2013

    “If nothing else chicks dig a guy who is proud to be himself.”

    Ha ha, true and hilarious

Lisa Gergets says January 23, 2013

“Depression would set in deep on Sundays” I’d get panic attacks on Sundays, and end up crying while walking to the train station…MANY times. I literally shudder when I go past an office building, remembering what it was like to wake up, kiss my kids and husband goodbye, and spend nine excruciating hours at a place I hated. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, I will NEVER go there again.

    Chris McCombs says January 23, 2013

    AHHHHHH… you know the pain well my friend

    It can really light a fire under the ass

    Never looked back (=

Jeremy says January 23, 2013

Hey Chris,

First of all, this made me laugh out loud: “I actually need to keep myself in check so I can enjoy a balanced life … otherwise I’ll go without sleep, without conversations with friends and family, without workouts and will actually sit there and hold in my pee for hours cuz I don’t wanna stop doing that thing I love.”

I especially laughed at the ‘holding in my pee for hours’ bit because you actually put it into words and it’s totally something I do.

I’m at a crossroads of confusion right now. I’ve known for a long time that I don’t want to work a typical 9-5 job. They kill me on the inside. A lot of what you described loving to do is what I want to do. (My response to Number 5) I love discovering, collecting, and sharing resources. I love sharing my thoughts, opinions, and advice with people. I love to encourage. And the stuff that makes me hold in my pee for hours is fitness, health, and nutrition. I love to learn about it and am constantly thinking about how it might apply to myself and those around me. I’m currently a trainer at a big box gym and although I love training, this is not the way to do it. I don’t get paid enough, I get piss poor leads that don’t have any commitment, the equipment is always down, and I have to fight crowds of members to train my clients. It’s not sustainable income for me and I’m forced to consider a second job… so now is the time that I’m really brainstorming ways to start my online presence.

I’ve purchased your program ‘Fitness Blogging Profits’ and I’ve also purchased Pat Rigsby’s Platinum Fit Business Insider program. I guess I could use some advice on where to start. I’ve never maintained a blog, don’t really know how to set one up, and I think my biggest stalling fear is not having anything to say. I have no idea what to write about and at the very least I feel like nobody would give a shit what I have to say anyways.

I’ve encountered several mentors and coaches on the web and I think you and Pat are among my favorites. So I’m taking you up on number 6 and asking your advice and hoping to get some direction from you.

Thanks for your content and thanks for your time,


    Chris McCombs says January 23, 2013

    Hey Jeremy, I can relate

    Keep in mind, if online is the direction your looking to go, especially when it comes to the teaching / advice giving / expert niche…. it can be a slow process

    Be willing to spend a good 3-18 months busting your hump for little or no money

    Took me almost a year to the day

    If THIS is the direction your looking, starting a blog is a great way to go, but I wouldn’t just run out and start one

    I’m kinda the opposite with the “ideas for blog posts” thing, as I have hundreds of posts ideas, and only time for one or two a week, tops

    Posts like this take me 10 hours, to write and edit twice for flow ( I’m a slow pecker, i mean typer )

    Take time picking a niche and make SURE it’s what you wanna get into, because you’ll end up talking about it all the time

    There’s some great info in Fitness Blogging Profits on choosing a niche

    Read the “The Impact Equation” by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith … I actually linked to Julien’s blog in this post by his awesome quote about the edge… it’s killer book on doing the kind of stuff you wanna do for a living

    But before you jump in, be SURE it’s what you wanna do

    Must quicker and easier money running big boot camps or group training… working for yourself of course

    What I did was, get my training business up and running to where I wanted it, then dialed it in to where it gave me a lot of free time, and spent a whole year building my info biz by giving of myself on my Kick Back Life blog

    And almost a year to the day I had a very successful product launch

    Luka Hocacevar and Steve Krebs are both in the trenches deep in their very successful training business, and built a nice little info-biz on the side over the past few months

    So an option is to to do what you gotta do right now for money, like build a successful boot camp or training biz, dial it in so you can free up some time, and then build you dream biz with your free time

    Like hustle 60 hours a week now to build a kick ass training biz, then systematize it and cut your hours back to maybe 20 a week, and spend another 20-40 hours a week building your dream biz

    That’s one example

    Just make sure you do what you love

    If you’re determined enough you can make it happen no matter what

    And as for getting a blog put up quickly, you can get a theme at Studio Press for under $100, and have it put up for barely anything, but you’re not at this step yet

    Go back to the steps in the post and give em’ your all

    Hope this helps

Mike Kratzberg says January 23, 2013

Fucking right on! I love it! no hold barred straight to the damn point!

    Chris McCombs says January 23, 2013

    Fuck yes!!!

    thx bro

Gary says January 23, 2013

“Avoid anything with a picture of some dude and a lap top, chilling with a hammock on some picture perfect beach somewhere”

I wish I had read that years ago ! 🙂

    Chris McCombs says January 23, 2013

    yeah I fell for that fucking schtick too man (=

Shaun Brant says January 23, 2013

“My curse of dissatisfaction is also … in a way… my gift”
I can really relate to this quote because I experienced the same thing, bouncing from store to store in the shitty retail world, trying to find a better life.

The other day I went to Trader Joe’s where I used to work, its been over 3 years and it was like stepping back in time going in there and seeing the same old people I used to work with living in the same shitty reality Im thankful I got out of… I feel bad for those people, and it makes me very grateful that I had that dissatisfaction that made me a bad employee and eventually led and continues to lead me to a better reality.

My policy is to never get too comfortable with life.
“To settle is to lay dying on the battle field, knowing you didn’t give em’ your best fight”

It is so true that when you achieve a “Thy Will, Not Mine, Be Done” faith and attitude, that life and the universe will reward you and lead you to the righteous divine path, the one you know deep inside you need to follow.
“Serendipitous occurrences will start happening and the way North will become obvious” – This is what it means to be in tune with your soul, the all-knowing miraculous and divine part of us that makes us so amazing, and you couldn’t have said it better:

” Our soul knows our calling
But our mind tends to get in the way”

Following your soul and releasing your “inner Giant” is, in my opinion, the most important thing anyone could manage to do in life, far more important than any materialistic achievements, and will lead you to a life of BLISS

What an amazing blog post Chris, I am so filled with inspiration and soulful passion after reading this its hard to contain. I swear my soul gets fired up when I come across such truth and wisdom, and it gives me a spiritual high.

Good karma is definitely coming your way, and the impact you are making in people’s life is powerful and beyond measure, only God knows how many you have led and will continue to lead to the righteous path towards happiness and bliss in this uncertain and often cold and harsh world.

Keep living life balls out, like the real men that God wants us to be.

    Chris McCombs says January 23, 2013

    wow shaun, thanks brother, these words mean a lot and I’m so happy you got so much out of it

    Balls out baby, balls out

Law says January 23, 2013

DUDE!! Now that’s fucking poetry!!

    Chris McCombs says January 23, 2013

    awewome, thx Law

Donovan Owens says January 23, 2013

You are on another level BIG Chris! I call it the “Soul-Level”.

This is the first blog in my life that I don’t read – I FEEL IT! That’s special.

Before I even realize what happened I’ve been pulled to the bottom of the page and my heart is racing.

I’m not trying to figure it out because I quite enjoy it. Keep opening the veins baby!

By the way – THANK YOU. I’ve started a new project inspired by you. I’ll send you a private message about it.

Much love, my man!

    Chris McCombs says January 23, 2013

    Hey thanks D, looking forward to hear about your project, glad some inspiration was able to move through me and make it’s way to you

    “If it looks good, you’ll see it. If it sounds good, you’ll hear it. If its marketed right, you’ll buy it. But… If its real… you’ll feel it.” – Kid Rock

Daniel says January 23, 2013

Good shit, Chris.

“Even if you’re optimistic, being attached to results brings a controlling, fear-based, constricting energy to what you do”

Ain’t that the truth. I’ve learned it the hard way. I hit the eject button on a shitty corporate job four months ago to pursue training. All very exciting, also very terrifying. But at first I was too concerned with numbers. Bills, bank account, number of clients, number of blog readers, all of this shit.

What I learned: If I stay active and don’t get caught up in all that stuff, it seems to take care of itself, and I have a lot more fun doing what I do. Be active, be decisive, but don’t be crippled by these results you’re expecting of yourself. Just keep moving forward and enjoy the journey.

    Chris McCombs says January 23, 2013

    “If I stay active and don’t get caught up in all that stuff, it seems to take care of itself, and I have a lot more fun doing what I do” – WORD

    thanks for sharing Daniel

Justin says January 23, 2013

Thanks Chris,

Got some big plans for my business this year and this article was what I was looking for today to push me over the edge and get fucking motivated!

Thank you

    Chris McCombs says January 23, 2013

    Over the edge baby

    Thanks Justin

Thomas says January 23, 2013

Awesome post bro! Stumbled upon your work last week randomly thru a friends facebook, loved your last post. I share the same trippy experiance as you and am now pursuing my.dream as a fitness proffesional currently working on my NASM Cpt. As I read your experience last blog It was like I was reading about myself. Keep it up and God bless.

    Chris McCombs says January 23, 2013

    AWESOME, I love when that kinda stuff happens

    I’m sure you’re gonna have a blast helping a ton of people as a fitness pro

    VERY fulfilling career in my experience

JR says January 23, 2013

Great stuff as always Chris!

    Chris McCombs says January 23, 2013

    Thanks JR!

Jason says January 23, 2013

hey Chris, awesome post mate.

In fact, I was officially in the running for the “World’s Worst Employee Award”… but I lost to some dude who shot up his workplace

made me laugh man!!!

without fail in my life, when just do a thing with passion, conviction and excitement, what those around me advise caution and to think twice. when I take a perceived by some risk, I go through the fire and shit……And always come up smelling of roses. it’s amazing that I’ve only put two and two together now a started acting on this with continuity. only now I’ve realized it not coincidence, it’s a fucking law.

have a good Bro

    Chris McCombs says January 23, 2013

    I’m glad to know someone liked that line and was able to make you laugh

    And yes my friend, it is fucking law

    “I go through the fire and shit… And always come up smelling of roses” – word

Steve Crossland says January 23, 2013

Good stuff. I “woke up” about a year ago and plunged balls first into getting my fat ass into shape at age 50. It’s not easy, but neither is dying a slow death. Up at 5AM and get after it. So much awaits us if we just wake up, literally and figuratively, and go do it.

My favorite from your list, #2. To stop being a pussy is to become something else. Fearless. A warrior holds fear in front, on the tip of the sword, and follows it into action.

    Chris McCombs says January 23, 2013

    “Fearless. A warrior holds fear in front, on the tip of the sword, and follows it into action.”

    I love this

    thanks for sharing it Steve

    Glad to hear you’re no enjoying a healthier and more fit lifestyle my man

Steve MacCormack says January 23, 2013

Hello Chris. I just want to say thank you for writing this blog bro. I discovered you through Jason Ferruggia’s blog a few months ago. After reading your “about” page I knew I found some new, fresh writing out there and I got fucking juiced!
I had started my own blog back in June of this past year and I was writing consistently and like you, it was the only time I was truly happy. I’d found my work and nothing was going to stop me bro.
September 2nd my younger brother took his own life and it fucking ruined me. I had no desire to do anything except plow through the days taking care of my 2 year old daughter and my new born son while trying not to think about anything else. My head was lodged firmly in my ass and it didn’t appear that it was coming out anytime soon.
Then I discovered your blog and the way you write kicked me in the ass and woke me up! It gave me that inspiration, that motivation that I needed to get off my ass and get back to doing what must be done. I started getting up at 5 am again before the wife and kids so I could write. It was fucking hard as hell after taking so many months off but by far the best thing for us all.
You inspired me not only to start writing again but to reinvent my whole blog and start writing the shit that truly matters. Don’t ever stop doing what you are doing Big Chris, the world needs your thoughts written down for all to read bro. I am truly grateful amigo.

    Chris McCombs says January 23, 2013

    Hey Steve, sorry to hear about your brother man

    Dude, you’re comment is worth more than any kind of money to me

    It’s comments like yours that make me wanna do what I do man

    I have a there’s a ton of people who are gonna benefit from your writing

    Read the book “The War of Art” if you haven’t ( by Steve Pressfield I think)

    I am honored and humbled by your comment

    I feel very grateful that somehow, someway a message is able to move through me, and inspire you (=

    thanks for Sharing Steve

Sylvia says January 23, 2013

Great timing. Gonna tag my son, he’s coming up to him choosing the next step in his young life. He doesn’t want to stay in academic study, it’s causing friction with my partner. He mentioned to him earlier, ” I’ll bet you in 20 years that you’ll regret it”. Fuck that, he got the sharp end of my tongue for saying that! Negativeness ain’t gonna help no one.
So this will help him along the way to search for what is inside of him. Thanks 🙂

    Chris McCombs says January 23, 2013

    Awesome Sylvia, I hope it helps and am honored you would share this with your son

Scott Johnson says January 23, 2013

Bold and Awesome! Loved it! It’s great reading posts like this, inspiring and motivating, esp at times when you wanna just go through the motions, but you know you’re WAY better than that!
After I read this it reminded me of the movie Billy Madison, lol. When Billy finishes listening to Ms Lippy’s story about the lost puppy, and he says something along these lines “whoa whoa Ms Lippy, what I don’t get is the boy just gives up after an hour or so looking for his puppy, he’s got a job, a responsibilty, he’s gotta get off his ass and find that fucking dog!” Hope is was a good analogy!

    Chris McCombs says January 23, 2013

    perfect one… go out there and get the dog (=

Natasha M. says January 24, 2013

Sooo thanks Chris for being real blunt and open. I have to admit it’s entertaining to me. My life has gone from what I thought was great to WTFF. My husband and I now have 2 beautiful girls together. But while I was 7 mos prego with our third he decided that he wanted out. For me this came out of the blue, within a month he went from a great guy to someone I didn’t know. I tried to make it work and he just walked right on out leaving me with the kids. Now months later he wants to come back. He’s seen the error of his ways, but I am not longer the same person I was when he left. Looking and reading your website has gotten me in gear to do what I know I was meant to do. Are we going to work it out. I’m not sure, but I do know this, I’m sooo freakin done with living like I use to live, and I want to do my job. He was never never a bad person. He treated me well, he just got off track and did some major damage along the way. But I’m gonna be just fine and I partly thank you for that. (Don’t get a big ego or anything)

    Jason says January 24, 2013

    hey Natasha, Chris’s writing really get you thinking, I hope you don’t mind but I just had to reply to your post.

    sounds like you’ve been through some tuff times of late. I have no opinion about your husband or the situation as I’ve never met him or yourself. All I can say is what ever you decide to do will be the best choice for your journey in life, there is no right or wrong. there is just the next step

    Remember that every decision we make is either out of love or fear, just pause for a moment and think hard what is your motive (original thought) for your decision on anything in life. is it love or fear?

    You should think about if you are making your decisions based on a love for someone else and what they need or want or if based on the love for yourself and what you need and want.

    It may seem noble to make a decision base on what someone’s else want or needs and it probably seem selfish to make a decision base on your own needs and wants. But if you make the decision that will truly make you happy in the person that you are now, you will be…. and all those around you will be better off. Even if it doesn’t seem that way at the moment ( go with your gut)

    I wish you all the best

    sorry Chris I jumped in there mate, but I read Natasha post and felt I needed to share my thoughts

      Chris McCombs says January 24, 2013

      No need to apologize brother, appreciate you chiming in

        Jason says January 27, 2013


          Chris McCombs says January 28, 2013

          Thanks Jason!

    Chris McCombs says January 24, 2013

    Hi Natasha

    Touching story

    “Within a month he went from a great guy to someone I didn’t know” – That must of been intense

    I’ve been on the other side, the one doing the damage

    Something good can come out of everything

    And I know my darkest hours have helped me so much in finding my way

    I wouldn’t be doing this blog if I didn’t make some of the major blunders I did and going to the places I did

    I can see why it all had to happen the way it did

    That shit can kill you, weaken you, or make you a stronger and better person

    Glad you’re becoming stronger and better (=

Andreea says January 24, 2013

Awesome article and ever-so inspiring! I had the same problems with my University, four years of studying 95% bullshit that I hated, my grades around average, every day I studied and every day I hated it. Two internships at Law Firms only made me hate this shit more. I hated the people who talked only about law, uptight money grabbing assholes, the offices, the small desk I was supposed to sit at, doing the same thing day after day. Come graduation I would be expected to do that stuff day in and day out.
I started suffering from insomnia, couldn’t sleep to save my life, cause every night when the lights went off I’d start to think of those offices again and how it suffocated me. I wanted to work for NGO’s, UN, UNICEF, places where you’d get to travel and actually help people, not Law Firms get richer off of the backs of corrupt companies, unknowing poor people or greedy scums swindling people out of house and home.
So out of all that shit I found something that I was passionate about- human rights and international law, the big stuff that can actually help some people in real ways and to help them you don’t have to get paid BY them. So with very little possibility, I applied for one of the top 4 Universities in Europe, where the people accepted are those with high grades and loads of extracurricular activities. I couldn’t lie about my grades, they demanded a transcript, so I wrote a god damn honest motivational letter why I would make a good candidate, I remember saying that I’m not the kind of person who can memorize entire books and quote them by heart, but that my strengths lie in other areas that I underlined with great confidence. This I did while my family was less than supportive of me applying, since they thought I didn’t really stand a chance and it bugged them horribly that the program would be in another country. Other people seemed supportive but I could hear it in their tone it was more out of politeness than anything.
Two months of waiting around, biting my nails, thinking everyone was right and I was going to look like an idiot for showing so much confidence. Sure enough, October came, and with it, an acceptance letter to the University. Two years of thinking, plotting, putting all of my stuff together, had paid off. My family did a 180 turn and showed full support. In fact, from that point on, everyone did. It was an immense satisfaction!
To top it off I’m in a great relationship, he supported me from day one, hands down. Instead of deciding to split up, we reached the decision of talking as much as possible via Skype, everyday even if we’re just sitting in our rooms playing computer games or just studying, how he’ll visit me and I’ll come back in the summer.
I’m both scared and excited about going there, since I haven’t done the uprooting thing in four years, and I’ll be going to a place where there is no home, no friends, no boyfriend, nothing. But I’m confident that I will make friends, I will get to know the places, I will keep my boyfriend. So much stuff was against me from day one, that I have every confidence that if this whole thing came to happen-despite everything- than it was because it was actually MEANT to happen, and I will go on to do great things!
Apart from this, everyday I write stories (fantasies and what-not), not to publish, though at one point I might post them out, but for my own satisfaction and pleasure. Everyday when I’m day-dreaming I think of different stories to write and every time I get an idea I scribble it down on everything from notepad to coasters and napkins. This sort of thing went from being one line on a piece of paper to being about 50 pages, and it’s still growing, everyday.
So sorry for the long comment, but I wanted to prove that everything that you said CAN be done, it CAN be incorporated into your life, all you have to do is stop thinking about the end of the journey, and concentrate on the ride, as you said, on each step, because when you take one and plant your feet firmly in the ground, you can then take another, and the journey doesn’t have to seem impossible, because, look at your, you’re doing it!

    Chris McCombs says January 24, 2013

    Bravo, Bravo, Bravo Andreea

    You’re doing what few rare souls do

    You are a true inspiration

    Those shady firms would have sucked the life right out of your soul

    But now, now your new journey feeds your soul

    Soooo happy for you, and thank you so mush for taking the time to share this heartwarming journey (=

Jen says January 24, 2013

Thank you! I love this post! I am working in my day job as well as my training business… gettingNASM cert in May. Burning the candle at both ends waiting for PT income to replace day job income. Yeah, afteer reading this I feel like I need to break away from the desk job – the income will never be equal unless I have time for new clients.

Mark says January 24, 2013

Chris, reading your blogs are not just about how great they are….but more importantly, I’ve been praying for the right “things” to happen in my life and your blog is truly one of them. It is antidote for all my fears, self doubt, and fits perfectly into my life at this stage of my journey….Can anyone say Serendipity?

I had an AWFUL year last year and all my marketing failed miserably even though I had other coaches, mentors, etc. review it before I launched it. I don’t blame them and I finally stopped blaming myself.
After 12 years of highs and lows in the PT Biz that included having multiple streams of revenue most of them just dried up. The final blows came and I had to vacate my current space and make the “Midnight Move.” And then I realized something amazing…….It’s time for me to move on and be true to what I really want NOW. I’m still training but now I’m renting space at a larger facility for a fraction of what my previous overhead was at my former studio. The financial pressure is off and now I’m in a position to pursue my next venture. What seemed like a HUGE failure makes more sense than ever. And then I read this in your blog today:

Be In The Action Business, NOT The Results Business

Take bold action, and get shit done, but don’t be attached to the results

If you follow #9 and do the whole “Thy Will, Not Mine, Be Done” thing… then you know the results are out of your hands anyway, and everything is gonna happen exactly as it’s supposed to

Even if you’re optimistic, being attached to results brings a controlling, fear-based, constricting energy to what you do

It takes your focus off the work at hand, out of the present moment, and it projects it into an imaginary future, taking the love out of what you do and putting it in a headlock

… Making you unable to do your thing to the absolute best of your ability

A Big Thanks……Can’t wait until the next post!

    Chris McCombs says January 24, 2013

    Thank you so much for your kind words Mark

    This “And then I realized something amazing…….It’s time for me to move on and be true to what I really want NOW”

    is AWESOME

    What a killer realization

    Now THAT is the way to look at things

    Thanks again Mark

Chris says January 24, 2013

I’ve commented on a post of yours before, but this one couldn’t have come at a better time.

My dad set the stage for us early on. Sometimes I view it as an advantage, rather than the knee jerk reaction to just say, “that’s fucked,” and continue to define my life by it. You see, after vietnam, my old man came home and joined a very notorious motorcycle club. We all know who they are, so I’ll spare you the details. I’m sure he had his reasons, but bringing a family into the day to day mix wasn’t a good thing. Long story short- I muled my first pound of weed at age 9.

Now, i could either dwell on that for the rest of my life, or I can connect the dots that led me to today. I eventually got involved with a club. I also inevitably went to jail. I’ve enjoyed years, a decade, of sobriety, as well as those demons resurfacing to do their work on me.

Putting distance between myself and that life, I enrolled into college, covered up my tattoos after graduation, and interviewed at companies I had no business applying to. I specifically remember answering questions verbally one way, and in my head telling the interviewer to eat a dick. I blame all the punk rock for instilling that buck in me.

Eventually, though, I landed a job that I thought I would enjoy, in engineering, and for a number of years, it was great. Something you always ignore, though, is your gut. Something just wasn’t right. The money was amazing. The benefits, out of this world. I had made it. Why would I fuck this up?

Then the proverbial bubble popped. All the work I’d put into re-creating myself, gone. Thoughts of going back to my father’s ways scared the shit out of me. I sought divine help. Keep in mind, although my grandmother dragged us to mass frequently, I still don’t know what I believe. As far as I’m concerned, JC knows the score, so I hit my knees for the first time in 20 years.

Weeks passed. Unsure of the next move, I looked inside to try and dig up something I could salvage. I’m at a sort of advantage here, just recently married, no children, and in my mid thirties, we could relocate if need be for the right position. I searched. And searched. Until eventually, it found me.

Out of the blue, the phone rang. It was a lady, very polite in nature, referencing past accomplishments and certifications I have made throughout my career, asking if I’d be interested in their company, a small upstart of mostly jilted designers and engineers. In my town.

Fuck yes.

All I can tell you is this.

It can happen. No matter who you are, where you come from, or how checkered your past may be. You can be happy. The first step is the hardest though. Try. And I’m not talking about some half assed search on monster.com. I mean get down inside yourself and fight like there’s no fucking tomorrow.

Oh yeah, may I add to your list?

#12 Fuck everyone else. Do you.

Dan says January 24, 2013

Delivering pizzas, eh? I left a job delivering pizzas in 1994 to go to college. When I left that job I was bringing home $595 a week (including tips and commissions). Just out of college, I spent several years caring for a dieing parent (the life of selfless service you mentioned?), which proved to be financially devastating to me. It’s taken me the last 14 years, and probably at least 15 more, before I’ve fixed that damage.

The planned career from college got put on hold for financial reasons (I had planned on med-school). I’ve been doing what I can of things I love for a hobby. It’s a start, but I’ll eventually get to a career I love.

The point was that I left that life of mediocrity…delivering pizzas…even though it has been by far the highest paying job I’ve ever had. Nothing I’ve had since college has come close to that pay, unfortunately. So, delivering pizzas isn’t all that bad… If personal trainer pays 10x-20x that pay, then I seriously need to look into that!!!

    Chris McCombs says January 24, 2013

    Hey Dan, delivering pizzas was just an example, if someones loves it, than I see deliver those mother fuckers with everything you’ve got, a huge smile, and brighten people’s day with some cool words when dropping them off

    And trainers can do VERY well, I know many who make a few hundred grand a year, however the average trainer makes less than $30K

    Lots of good info on my other site on how to do very well in that industry http://www.kickbacklife.com/

    At the end of the day, just do whatever makes you happy

John says January 24, 2013

Chris, I have to admit I only scanned most of what you wrote. That being said, you have it so right. A brief interlude into my story, I hated my job even though I was good at it and I would dread everyday. It made me miserable and then I found what I truly love to do and believe that I’m meant to, training people, helping people. I fell into this completely by accident trying to help someone else out and loved it. I spent the next six months and thousands of dollars learning what I needed to so I could do what I wanted adn then (broke as shit and in debt up to my ears) I left my day job. There’s a qoute I have above my computer that influenced me then and helps to keep me on track, it’s way to long to put here but it’s by Theodore Roosevelt and the line that gets me every time is; “The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again;”
Almost a year later and I’m still in debt and business sucks but I’m so much happier, I actually relax and don’t lose my shit everyday. This, as hard as it can be in every way, is so much better than who and what I did before. No matter what everyday is a good day and there is no better time than now.
In a long winded way what I’m trying to say is probably all in the first line and thanks for helping to solidify my resolve.
Keep it up Chris!

    Chris McCombs says January 24, 2013

    Hey thanks for sharing John, and damn is that a bad ass quote or what?

Tim Bell says January 25, 2013

Chris that was one KICK ASS post dude, I loved it! I’m inspired! Thanks 🙂

    Chris McCombs says January 25, 2013

    thanks Tim , lad you liked it my man

Fares says January 25, 2013

Chris, you’re one of my greatest sources of inspirations dude.
I’ve been reading your posts for a while but that’s the first time i comment.

It all started when i decided to quit my full time job & start doing something I love, something i enjoy doing everyday. For me it was personal training since fitness & weight training is my passion.
After taking my first basic pt certification i was searching the web for fitness marketing and landed to your KBL website (here i gotta give u some real credits for showing first on Google. You played it right 🙂
I installed my blog – it was easy for me since my main major is web design & online marketing – and started following your advices after downloading all your free stuff.(i also bought the Fitness Profits)

Few month later, my client list was growing fast. I was making more money from my part time job than the full basic 8-5 hours.
I took a tough decision then and resigned. It was a bit shocking during this phase to my family and fiancé and they werent really sure that it was the right step. But deep inside i knew that i was following the right path, the light at the end of the tunnel.
After 1 year of working as a personal trainer at local gym, i have established right now my personal training studio (2013) and i have more than 20 private clients.

I am really thankful to God for the blessings and courage he gave me to achieve this step.
I will not forget to thank you for all your greatest motivations that helped through my fitness career.

    Chris McCombs says January 25, 2013

    Fares , so happy for you

    I love hearing stories like yours, you followed your heart, took risks and stuck to your guns… The rewards will continue to come your way my friend

    Thanks for sharing and your nice words … Just like I inspire you, you inspire me (:

Jason says January 26, 2013

I think there is a lot to be said to the phrase “Stop being a fucking pussy” I have said it to myself more than a few times lately and it is motivating and gets results for sure.


    Chris McCombs says January 27, 2013

    Jason I concur!

Trevor says January 28, 2013

Best. Fucking. Thing. I’ve. Ever. Read.


    Chris McCombs says January 28, 2013

    Thanks Trevor, that’s for the sweet compliment

Randal says January 28, 2013

Hi Cris, recently found out about your blog from a FB friend. Great stuff and I really liked this post.

I did not set out to live my life with balls but it sure seems like I have ended up that way. 20 years in emergency medical services with a bit of law enforcement thrown in those years. Started when I was 19 back in 1975. Now I’m working and living in Egypt as a Health, Safety, Security and Environmental manager at a petrochemical plant. I have worked in a number of places in the FSU (Former Soviet Union), West Africa and the Middle East. I have done it because I love going places were most people would never go.

I seem genetically incapable of doing anything normal. I’m 57 years old, still getting tattoos and listening to metal. I don’t plan on every “growing up”, stopping having fun or living a “normal” life, whatever that is.

As I once told someone, I think so far outside of the box that I have forgotten where the damn thing is.

Well done Chris, keep on writting.

    Chris McCombs says January 28, 2013

    Damn Randal, you are officially a Bad Mother Fucker in my book

    thanks for the cool words BTW

Keith says January 29, 2013

Your writings have become apart of my daily devotion. Because, you’ve helped confirm a lot of my thoughts and dealing with fears about starting my fitness business.
I’m thankful that the Most High has kept me through a lot of short comings, disappointment and despair over the years that I sought to be pro football player. Yet, the Comforter help me discover my passion of preparing for the sport and eventually wanted to use that to help change other peoples lives.
Give Thanks,

    Chris McCombs says January 29, 2013

    Hey Keith, honored to make the list my friend… thanks!

Paris Andreou says February 5, 2013

I think this post was dedicated to me, right? Thank you so much, it was awe-some!

    Chris McCombs says February 6, 2013

    Ha ha, yes it was Paris, yes it was

Sammy da Bull says February 16, 2013

Hey dude, i had to write something here. (and also subscribe, which I don’t usually do anymore.)

Anyway, as short as I can tell this….

I’ve been involved in, say, a certain sport on, say, a certain island in Indonesia…..for the last 3 years which has had its ups and downs.

I do this all voluntarily.

There’s been so much politics and ppl trying to get me out of the game because I’m the only guy that doesn’t exploit the kids for their personal financial gain and they see me as a threat in bringing down their schemes and scams.

They’ve tried their best, but I’m still here.

I will say, with all the obstacles along the way…I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It has made me a Man.

I say to ppl this, from my experience:

1. Fear is just an obstacle.
Fight it and you WILL get through it. And you’ll be stronger and wiser for the experience.

2. If its your gift…it’s meant to be.
You may be slowed along the way but Nothing will stop you.

3. Don’t fight other people’s battles.
It’s their beef.

4. Don’t stay past your expiry date.
Know when you have both given all you can give and grown as you much as you can from the experience. Leave with your Legacy intact

Anyway man….Great Stuff. Keep Spreadin’ the Word of Reality.

    Chris McCombs says February 16, 2013

    Love this

    4 GREAT points

    thanks for Sammy

Dominic says March 30, 2013

Dear Chris, i was recommended your blog by a friend, brother its GREAT, both you and your personal beliefs resonate with my own & I have similar tastes in music & expression as yourself (Tool, Stone Sour, slipknot to name a few) I guess folks who have been through a tough time align to great musicians, thinkers & teachers & draw strength from what they give to the world too.
Just wanted to Say A HUGE THANK you, your’ve inspired me to get of my ass and make the biggest difference I can to the world and those around me. As far as faith goes you couldnt be more right, please check out Nicherin Diashonin Buddhism Heres the link http://www.sgi.org/ its made a huge difference to my life & many others, keep doing what your doing its great and commendable in these tough times, Yours with the greatest Respect, Dominic Paget

    Chris McCombs says March 30, 2013

    Dominic, thank you sooooo much for this bad ass comments

    “I guess folks who have been through a tough time align to great musicians, thinkers & teachers & draw strength from what they give to the world too.”

    I couldn’t agreee more

    I will check out that site, thank you again

Angela says May 20, 2013

Glad I discovered your blog. Brightens my day every time I read it. 🙂

    Chris McCombs says May 21, 2013

    Happy to flick the light switch (=

Brandon Breshears says May 20, 2013

Epic man! Seriously such a great post. I needed some motivation and felt like I wasn’t pushing as hard as I needed to be but just kind of floating through the motions. This helped me man! Thanks!

    Chris McCombs says May 21, 2013

    Glad you liked it Brandon

James Kennedy says May 21, 2013

Each time I read a bit of your material, I slowly feel myself awakening. I feel my feet wanting to run but my body and soul is still too heavy to move much..

I await the moment my feet can’t move fast enough to keep up with my soul!…

All I need is a direction to move in..

    Chris McCombs says May 21, 2013

    Ha ha

    “I await the moment my feet can’t move fast enough to keep up with my soul!…”

    That is awesome, thank you for sharing

    Sometimes you just gotta start moving and the direction will unfold (=

      James Kennedy says May 22, 2013

      Thank you!!

        Chris McCombs says May 22, 2013

        Why you’re welcome James

Sam says May 22, 2013

Hi Chris,

Really enjoy your blogs; and at the moment all of them seem to be striking a chord with me.

I’ve had a pretty damned rough ride these past couple of months after my girlfriend left me out of the blue after 6 years together. We had a lot of plans together for the future, and I had worked hard to get us to place where we could achieve our goals. I’m 31 and I run a business, which is relatively successful, but from which I get no satisfaction or sense of fulfilment any more.

I guess I was so obsessed with the future, future, future, that I forgot about the importance of now – sacrificing the journey by obsessing over the destination all the time. And my god have I now realised this, as I have suddenly realised that I actually don’t enjoy what I do at all – the ‘social status’, the financial security, the car etc literally don’t give me any satisfaction.

At the moment, I am in a place where I am deciding what direction to turn in – and yes, as I am wrapped up in the good old security blanket knowing I have a decent wage and quality of life, I am scared of the consequences of abandoning everything I have worked so hard for in the past 6 years. I imagine a lot of people will relate to this: a feeling that you want to make a change in your life, but are too scared of climbing out of your comfort zone. A fear or worry that things might go badly if you make a big change in your life – at which point you will be left to regret your mistakes.

It takes a massive set of bollocks to swap comfort for uncertainty – and your post has really highlighted this for me.

I have been reading the ‘power of now’, as you have recommended, and whilst it is diffocult to grasp everything of which Tolle speaks at the first attempts, some of it is really sinking in with me, and helping me to make sense of the position I have found myself in so suddenly.

Outside of work, I train hard and eat clean, and I have a good social circle. I know I have a lot to be thankful for, and the realisation I am coming to is that the simple things in life, the things that we frequently take for granted: health, good friends, family, are the most important things.

Thanks again for your post Chris, it’s confirmed that I need to make changes, and not waste time fucking around about it!

Sam, UK

    Chris McCombs says May 22, 2013

    Hey Sam, thanks for opening up like this

    You WILL get on the otherside of the rough waters bro, it will pass and you’ll be onto kicking some serious ass

    Yeah, Tolle’s book is the shit, it changed everything for me

    He has a two disc audio called Living a Life of Inner Peace that I fucking love

    Some people have a hard time getting used to his mellow voice, but I’ve definitely found it helpful

    it’s like a great live summary of the power of now, but told in a way that makes it really sink in for me

    thanks again for sharing sam

    wishing you well with all this

Rodney says May 22, 2013


You simply a BAD A$$! Each blog post you write, I can’t help but be inspire. You shaken the living giant within me. I enjoy your simply NO Holds Bar Atitude! These are the many reasons, I been hustling running my startup, networking, pushing myself to do uncomfortable things (e.g public speaking, surfing, dancing). Whatever it is, keep plugging away brotha! I enjoy your blog post and given me some ideas to start my own blogging site as well.


    Chris McCombs says May 22, 2013

    Hey thanks Rodney

    Happy to shake that giant … that’s what she said =)

    Surfing, Dancing AND Public Speaking?

    You’re a Certified Bad-Ass

Lana says May 30, 2013

At last…a real, raw man…thanks God, they exist. Thank you, Chris. My hope you can raise more honest men. That’s a point – be raw, really honest with yourself. If you still go to your work you think you hate, then you don’t hate it enough. Go to there and throw all your heart into it. How many folks go to work they don’t like and they hang around, socialise, facebook, tweet, Google, giggle on the phone, anything to keep themselves occupied. Do your work as if it’s your life purpose because you’ve chosen it. Go and really hate it full-heartedly, for that you need to dive into it full-heartedly to realize “cannot do it any more”. Deep dissatisfaction, as you said.

    Chris McCombs says May 30, 2013

    Well said Lana

    I remember when I quit my job at a print show 10 years ago and decided to start my own business, I knew that the only reason I was gonna go do my own thing was because my level of dissatisfaction for the gig was 10 times stronger than everyone who stayed there, hating that shitty job

    I am so grateful for the inner burning

Rahul says June 10, 2013

Yo Chris, I read your stuff and I feel a kinship. Your articles are reminders to me like signs on my journey to reinforce the habits, thoughts and beliefs I know are within me and are me. That, and through ACTION of course. But for the time I spend on the computer your website is one of the few I hit up. LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST or try and come DAMN close. Be a real authentic human being. Be present to the moment. Be outcome independent and enjoy the PROCESS of what you do. Be real with yourself and those around you. When you read these things it’s so easy for your mind to understand it, but LIVING it and internalizing it… only a few people have done and are doing that. You’re one who is far ahead in the game man, keep up the good work and I’m glad you write because you’re damn good at it.

    Chris McCombs says June 10, 2013

    Hey Rahul, thanks and I love how you said this:

    “LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST or try and come DAMN close. Be a real authentic human being. Be present to the moment. Be outcome independent and enjoy the PROCESS of what you do. Be real with yourself and those around you”

    And as for living, yeah man, I do my best everyday, and fall short a lot, just gotta get back up and keep at it

    I appreciate your wise words

Michael S Brown says June 11, 2013


This is the first time I’ve been to your blog, but, I’ve got to tell you that your writing is damned inspiring.

I am bookmarking this post and reading it everyday I start feeling like I have so much crap going on in my life that I can’t focus. I actually quit my job about 5 years ago to do what I love and work from home. But, even now, some-days I have to look deep inside and remind myself of what I’ve been through to get here and that “here” is just the tip of the iceberg for my continued future success.

Anyway dude, great post, great blog! Bookmarked for my much needed daily inspiration.

    Chris McCombs says June 11, 2013

    Hey thanks Michael

    “some-days I have to look deep inside and remind myself of what I’ve been through to get here and that “here” is just the tip of the iceberg for my continued future success.”

    Yes Yes Yes and well said

    You may like this one as well: https://chrismccombs.net/37-ways-to-be-a-badass/

Anva says July 23, 2013

I fucking love coloring. lolzzz

    Chris McCombs says July 26, 2013

    ME TOO!

Anva says July 23, 2013

Chris, I resigned from my 8 to 5 pm job in office recently. Currently spending my days in doing research to find out what do I want from this life. Along the way I had some insights. Its terrifying to realize that there is no stable absolute foundation for the values and meaning in life and yet at the same time so liberating to understand that we are completely free in choosing who we are and what we want to be. Man makes himself indeed!!! Thanks for the excellent post.

Michelle says August 3, 2013

Speaking the truth in freedom! Rock ON.

    Chris McCombs says August 5, 2013

    I will ROCK!

    I promise (=

    I feel my inner David Lee Roth coming out now

maranda says September 9, 2013

You made me feel better today!

    Chris McCombs says September 19, 2013


Diego says September 19, 2013

I’m glad I came across your blog posts. About the praying part you talked about and “the secret” I feel like I’ve experienced the results from them but I didn’t fully take action. I think one of my biggest fears is success and making a true change. I’ve had the desire and thoughts to really make a change for myself first and then help others I’m just afraid of putting myself out there. I know I’m a really cool person based off what others say I just need to make it a habit and keep reading motivational posts like yours and Greg Plitts. Both of you highly motivate me. Kind of an emotional part of me but I want to thank you. I really wish I had someone like you guys when I was younger. Keep up what your doing because you really are changing lives for the better!

    Chris McCombs says September 19, 2013

    Hey super cool of you Diego

    and yeah, the more good stuff you can put in, provided you take action, the more good stuff you’ll get brother

    at least that’s been my experience

JC says September 23, 2013

Big Chris, thanks so much for this post. I have it bookmarked on my phone and have read it upwards of ten times as well as your other posts. I started believing in the idea of “being the badass you were born to be”.

I had lost my luster after high school and the football accolades. I turned to booze in college and that shit didn’t work out. So here I am 7 years after college in a job that I wake up to and say “I don’t fuckin wanna do it!”. I had been feeling something brewing inside for a few months before coming across your post, but you gave me a play book to work from.

I shared your post with a guy at one of my accounts and we both talk about it often. The more I’ve opened myself up to it (like you said) strange shit started occurring. So I’ve kept a lengthy tab over the past few months of the serendipitous experiences just to document it. There’s already been shady charlatans trying to lure me in. After figuring out what they were peddling I flat out told the dude, “no offense but my aim and calling is much higher”.

My company has recently been bought out and the changes that are a’ coming will make me more miserable. I have not recieved yet what my calling is, but I’ll be “relentless in my search”.

This Thursday will mark my 28th birthday and were having a get together with my wife and family. While in the shitter at work this morning I had the idea to write a small speech that I’d deliver during my bday get together. And I let the vein flow. My family is aging and dwindling in size. I want them to know that I WILL push to be the most badass, life loving, fear killin, motherfucker possible!! Like you said, “it’s my birthright” and I intend to claim it.

Here is the shitter soliloquy:

On this 28th anniversary of my birth, I proclaim to my family that I will find my true calling. I am no longer able to tolerate my job at Pepsi.

Have I had success? Yes. Have I had failures? Many. But the line of work does not fulfill me. I yearn for more.
My soul is screaming at me to do something great! What it is…I do not yet know that path. But I feel it building. I see and feel serendipitous experiences regarding it.

My move away from Pepsi will not be in haste. I will locate and hone in on my calling and THEN, with one foot in front of the other, will not allow anything or anyone to get in my way. Even the most convincing critic, myself.

I will not relent or revert back to my precious security blanket. I refuse to be regarded simply as a great man. I will be regarded as someone who is great at being a man. There is a distinction.

It came to me in an airport on the way to Texas. While observing the traveling business men scurrying through the terminal. Their managers, view them as great men. They follow the established business plan and make their quotas. Are they bad people? Likely not. But, does their inner light explode out of them while they peddle margins? No. How could it?!

What does it mean to be great at being a man? To me, it means finding your inner calling and living a fucking awesome life! Pouring your soul and love into your great quest can only result in a better world! You become an asset and a positive force to those around you!
I have made bad calls in my life and have harmed those around me on many levels. I apologize… But I’ve had many triumphs! And I intend to have many more.

Here’s a lyric from one of my favorite songs ” may the sun shine upon you, and bless your inner light, and may you find true peace” that is what I desire and what my soul is screaming at me to obtain! Using my inner light and calling to find true peace! That is the great quest.

….thanks Chris. -JC

    Chris McCombs says October 7, 2013


    right on man

    you’re on the path brother


    What does it mean to be great at being a man? To me, it means finding your inner calling and living a fucking awesome life! Pouring your soul and love into your great quest can only result in a better world! You become an asset and a positive force to those around you!

Jay says September 30, 2013

Chris, whenever I need a rocket placed under my butt I just turn to you. Motivating stuff. Always find something in your words that strikes a chord with the issue at hand. Good man. Jay.

    Chris McCombs says October 7, 2013

    ha ha, thanks Jay

    love the rocket under the butt thing


Dave says October 28, 2013

Holy shit, man! You described every Sunday of the past few years to a T! I lay in bed trying to dull my anxiety for hours watching absolute shit on TV. I’ve always loved to write, too. I’m pretty sure I suck at it but who gives a shit? I’d rather suck at something that makes me happy than succeed at something that destroys my soul.

Adam says October 28, 2013

Hey Chris,

You’re onto a winner with your blog here. I love it! I’m currently working a job in a call centre that I hate and that makes me really anxious. I came home tonight to find something motivating to keep me at it. The thing is I’ve always quit most of my jobs because I’ve had anxiety which made them so unpleasant for me (waitering, customer service, teaching, sales) but I feel like letting anxiety be the reason I quit makes me inferior and weak. No one else has trouble with the job in the same way I do.

On top of that I really don’t know what I love…

I like writing, I like guitar, I like working out, I like reading about self improvement, I like helping people, I like designing things, I like drawing, I like using computers, I like languages… but I don’t feel passionate about anyone of those things. It could be I’ve blocked the flow of passion with negative beliefs and programming…

Thank you for the comment about I have no skills being bullshit. Even though there are others more qualified than me, if I keep applying to every job I see filtering out NONE then I will get something eventually.

Peace bro 🙂

Daniel Fleisher says October 30, 2013


Funny timing of this post but Im going thru that transition now. Although I do not currently ‘hate’ my day job now its nothing I will ever be passionate about. I love the people I work with and can tolerate the job but I want to LOVE what I do and get satisfaction out of it daily, even if it means more stress. Theres good stress and bad stress and doing something you LOVE requires that good stress to get better. As you talked about everything coming together when you pray about something thats happened to me in the past week. I was offered a job as a trainer in an area I’ve always wanted to move and things just seem to keep falling into place. I’ve been able to figure out how to manage situations that are directly affected by the decision to take this job and although it will require me taking on 2 house payments instead of one I’ve found a way to make it work. Its been amazing to see the process unfold and Im fired up to begin the career I’ve been desperately trying to start fulltime(instead of just in the evenings only). This post just sort of tops the entire process off.


Dianna says October 31, 2013

Curious about this statement: “my goal of complete and total sobriety” Why is that? I’m struggling with this issue and wondered if you could offer some insight that would blow my mind and settle things once and for all for me.

C.O. Woodard says November 21, 2013


I too have a passion for personal training and just awesome stuff in general. I have fallen for the “go to college just because it’s what you’re supposed to do” lie. “Get a job that’s secure” they said. Well I’ve been looking for a job and I hate nearly every option that is “secure.” I got my college degree but there are things that I want to do because life is waaaay too short to be hunched over in a chair looking at spreadsheets for a company that you feel adds no value to the world accept to rob people of their sanity. I recently learned to drive a huge semi tanker truck – just because I wanted too. And everyone told me that it’s dumb – I don’t care. You have inspired me to get my personal training certification and teach and mentor people to know what it feels like to get that workout “high” that I think about every day and to improve others quality of life. I also want to learn fly helicopter’s and airplanes – because it’s awesome and I have dreamed of learning for a very long time. I have been held back by the allure of life’s safety net for too long. Which in reality, it’s probably more like a net that just traps you – as if life is hunting you in some way. No more, sir. No 9 to 5 for me. Great blog Chris. Keep ’em coming.

Annie says November 8, 2014


This is fucking awesome; probably the best thing I’ve read in days and I thoroughly enjoyed it. You’re an awesome motivator and a real badass


Slamet says November 29, 2014

Awesome post, Chris!
I really wish I had read this many years ago. Do what’s important, not what’s urgent. I love that!

Tiffany Sun says January 31, 2015

Wow, I can actually see YOU in your writing! I give you all respect for speaking your mind to people on doing what they love. It’s awesome to know you found yours 🙂

I love writing too! And I feel that writing is one of the most important communication skills you should have (given that we’re living in a more technical world). When did you discover your passion was in writing? And how long did it take you to write this whole post (curious to know because it’s such a smooth flow)?

    Chris McCombs says February 3, 2015

    Hi Tiffany, thanks for your kind words. Most posts like this take me 5-15 hours, I do like 3-4 drafts. The first draft doesn’t take long, but going back through it a few times usually does. I’ve always loved writing, but have only taken it seriously this last few years. I hated English class though, and did horrible in it. Right now I’m working on some fiction stuff, since its what I enjoy most. Thanks again. (=

rodrigo says March 27, 2015

this is what i needed to get into my mind! thank you

Joshua Lipovetsky says October 25, 2015

Such a beautiful post, Chris. I’ve read The Power of Now once, and it really had a powerful impact on me. I like how you talk about turning to prayer and a higher power, without projecting any religious beliefs…really nice and refreshing. I am only limited by what thoughts I believe.

wat says February 4, 2016

Awesome post! Thanks!

Chris says June 19, 2017

Hi Chris,

Hope you are well.

Love your attitude! I’ve had 9 to 5 jobs and hated everything about it! (Work is prison.) I am a southerner living in the north East of England and my dream is to move back to the South of England where i was born. I need money to do that and i’m working on it. I refuse to be beaten! 98% of the population in the North east have only just heard of the wheel. They are all up here. nutters, low lives, unemployed. One guy cut himself trying to saw a sheet of glass in half.

One thing people are good at in England is moaning and doing nothing about it.

Take care


    Chris McCombs says June 20, 2017

    And I love YOUR attitude as well, Chris. Keep doing your thing.

Natasha says May 4, 2018

This post was insanely inspirational. I have a blog myself, it’s newer and I freaking LOVE writing. I kept trying to make it something it wasn’t so it took me over a year to buckle down and get it where I wanted it. (I laugh bc to me my blog sounds like the female version of yours) Although, I just came across your site yesterday.

Point being, I fuckin’ love it. The ups the downs, the realness. I was a heroin addict for 10+ yrs, homeless, prostitute, prison bound, You name it – I probably experienced it. That’s not to brag. It makes me sick what my past was like but I wouldn’t change it for anything. It opened my eyes to many things and made me the woman I am.

I know have two amazing kids (2 and 4) I’ve been clean for around 5 years. My children’s father is amazing. He works his ass while letting me pursue my dreams. I couldn’t ask for more. Well, I could but you know what I mean…lol

I’m hoping my blog can have success like yours. That being said, I saw there has not been a new post in quite some time. Are you still blogging on this site? I hope it doesn’t go away.

I’m not the same Natasha as above. I am curious to know what happened in her situation. I hope she’s happy.
P.S. – After reading through stuff, I ended up watching VICE videos for hours last night. Good shit.

    Chris McCombs says May 7, 2018

    Thanks Natasha. I’m very happy for your incredible transformation. I haven’t blogged in quite a while due to my workload but would like to get back to it. I’m considering releasing some short posts on a regular basis, ones that wouldn’t take as much time to write. Thanks again for your inspirational comment, Natasha, and good luck with your blog, I trust it will do well for you.

Natasha says May 4, 2018

Sorry , spelling errors. – I NOW have 2 amazing kids and HE works his ass off

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