How to Kick as Much Ass as Possible and Have the Time of Your Life Kicking It - Chris McCombs
Chris McCombs

How to Kick as Much Ass as Possible and Have the Time of Your Life Kicking It


0DD7BD0D-3612-449A-AB6F-0C6DECC755EB-w800-h600Man was not meant to waste away in a cubicle, or on a couch in front of a box.

We were not meant to worship people on movie screens, in magazines, those who have it all, or anyone at all.

We were not meant to dwell on the thoughts of others who themselves are dwelling on the thoughts of others, seeking validation from those who seek validation.

We were not meant to quietly tiptoe around on the surface, safe from the judgments of others, careful not to be ridiculed or rejected, cautiously avoiding failure at all costs.

We were not meant to worry about the things that simply do not matter, or even the things that matter the most.

We were not meant to worry at all.

We were not meant to buy into the fables in our head that tell us that we can’t, we shouldn’t, and we better not… or else.

Or else fucking what?

Or else we might truly live?

God forbid.

BCD8D93E-30C0-4A04-AFF0-44337677DC3F-w800-h600We were not meant to let our fear of the edge paralyze us from boldly moving into the unknown.

We were not meant to seek sanctuary in distractions, hole up in the living rooms of our mind, or seek refuge on the sympathetic shoulder of complacency.

We were not meant to cower in the corners of existence.

We were not meant to drag around the ghosts of our past, the shame of our inadequacies, or the lingering hatred for those who have one-upped us (or even those who have torn us apart and stomped on our hearts).

We were not meant to believe that our clothes, our haircut, our house, our bank account, our car, or the person on our arm have anything to do with who we truly are.

We were not meant to hold on tight…to anyone or anything.

We were not meant to die with regret, and wonder, “What was it all for?”

For that truly is defeat.

We were meant to fucking live.

To let go.

To step over the edge and see how far we can fall.

To breathe, love, and bleed.

The goal should not to make it safely to death, unscarred and without enemies.

The goal should be to know with every cell of your being that you kicked as much ass as possible, and had the time of your life kicking it.

And that even when you got your own ass kicked, you became stronger and wiser and refined your skills.

That you evolved.

That you gave what you had, loved from the heart, and lived in the moment as often as you could.

Even when it hurt.

Even when your back was against the wall.

Even when they were all laughing at you.

8A97781E-C79C-40D9-91AA-4C54C20F15D2-w800-h600If you can lie down on your deathbed, knowing you loved with everything you had, gave everything you could, and lived life your way, then there will be nothing tragic about your passing.

Because you fucking lived.

And remember my friend, that deathbed waits for all of us.

And you never know when it’s ready for you—it could even be tonight.

My wish for you is that you can greet it with a smile.

And since there’s no way of knowing when it’s coming, there’s no better time to smile than now.

Much Love,

Big Chris

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Tony rathstone says October 29, 2013

Sold everything we owned item by item, lots of tough choices! Don’t regret or miss anything, not the big house, tv, furniture, pictures, clothes not a thing.

The wife, 2 dogs and I now live in an RV our cubicle is outside in Mother Nature along with our life!!!

Life is an experience not something you do, a process or journey if you will to the center of you soul.

Keep blogging Chris


Chris McCombs says October 29, 2013

RIGHT ON Tony, that is so cool

thanks for sharing man


Angelena says October 29, 2013

One year ago I made changes in my life so I could live like I wanted to “breathe, love and bleed.” I am only slightly less terrified than I was a year ago, but SO MUCH MORE ALIVE. Every time I feel that fear, I ask myself, well, did you want to start living or didn’t you??? Thanks Chris!! It’s so great to have a touchstone with others on similar paths. You matter to me.

    Chris McCombs says October 29, 2013

    that’s awesome Angelena

    keep trudging forward Girl (=

Nick says October 29, 2013

Such an amazing post. You were an eye opener for me, thanks. I currently am planing a short term “balsy” move…

    Chris McCombs says October 29, 2013

    Balsy moves are the best!

Rita says October 29, 2013

I love this post. Thank you for the reminder. And the kick in the a**. I live my life like this. Generally. And the past 6 months has kicked my a**. Everything in my life was working and then suddenly…it wasn’t. I”ve been flailing around ever since. Mostly because somewhere, deep down, I was never taking chances like that again. Mostly because loving someone that much meant my life would fall apart when the relationship did and it wasn’t worth it. I started back at bootcamp on Sunday after 6 weeks away (on vacation) and although I’ve never been this sore, I feel in a much better mental state. Like something shifted, and no matter what, your body always tells you when you’re most Alive. And right now, I have a sense of that. And this post…really made a difference.

Specifically: “If you can lie down on your deathbed, knowing you loved with everything you had, gave everything you could, and lived life your way, then there will be nothing tragic about your passing.”

Thank you for stepping in at just the right moment.

I think I’ll give it a shot again and see what happens.


    Chris McCombs says October 29, 2013

    hey thanks Rita

    glad to hear you’re at a turning point and headed in the right direction (=

Daniel CJ Grant says October 29, 2013

What an awesome post, Chris! I’ve been working hard lately on my mindfulness and being present in the moment. Walking meditation is great for me. It’s helped my life and my writing. Thank you for this article! Have a wonderful and peaceful day.

    Chris McCombs says October 30, 2013

    can’t beat stuff like walking mediation brother

    Anything to be more present is HUGE

    right on Daniel, keep with it man, keep with it

Veronica says October 30, 2013

This post is awesome, just like all the others before. Your soul comes through your writing. Your posts always remind me to live in the moment. You have a way with words, my friend

    Chris McCombs says October 30, 2013

    awe thanks Moni

Terry says October 30, 2013

I’ve followed you to varying degrees for 10 plus years. I knew you we’re a talented marketer , maybe at times a little to good, but
I always respected your skill set . You’re different now , sure you want to make a buck with your quality products , but the gritty truth you share raises folks up at their core . Getting people out of their own way is priceless . We all have blind spots . Be well dude .

    Chris McCombs says October 30, 2013

    thanks Terry

    yeah I crashed hard a few years back and it helped me to shift my perspective on a lot of things

    glad it comes through

    THANK YOU for letting me know this Terry

Leslie says October 30, 2013

My husband and I quit our corporate jobs in June and bought a business…we are working insane hours but it’s ours and we make all the decisions instead of others making them for us!

Carrie says October 30, 2013

One of your best yet Chris! Thanks for being your inspirational self! Love u man!


Corey says October 30, 2013

I like the idea of taking chances and pushing boundaries but I don’t think you need to be KICK-ASS 24-7 to have a happy life.  A matter of fact I believe people who live a “KICK-ASS Life Style” often are running from something – the gym and working-out can be addiction too. You  can be fulfilled in a cubicle, you can be fulfilled living a quiet existence and have joy – you are made for joy and it can be found in sitting on your couch if you learn to love yourself right where you are.  It is all a choice of what perspective you take.  Somethings  should not be put up with and yes you should set boundaries and try new things at times but what’s more important in my opinion is finding the value of where you are at.  Find the value in the little things you do each day and then they start growing and becoming teachers and not so little. If you are not feeling happy – look at this unhappiness and figure out how it is manifesting. You don’t need to be Superman, Superwoman  to be happy and live a great life becuase you already are – you just need to find the value in what you do. No one is truly the things they do – we are all born amazing and we stay that way all of our lives no matter what messed up thing we might do  or what beautiful act we might commit. Just realize how special you are and then beauty starts to unfold in your life – it might be climbing Mt Everest but it also might be in your cubicle at HP – they are not different from this perspective.  

Ara says October 30, 2013

Wow…Wow…Wow…. This post is A MAZING!!!! THANK YOU BIG TIME for this post!!! We are all afraid to live most of the time….many of us just exist but don’t live because we are too afraid. I am guilty of that! I hate change but I know that it is necessary in order to grow. I am soooo going to print this post and tape it on my fridge and read it EVERY MORNING! Thank you Chris!

ONE NUGGET (John) says October 30, 2013

Awesome post Chris “Big Lebowski” McCombs ; ) One to be read several times…

Ron says October 30, 2013

I love this post Chris! Once again you provide me with the right message at the right time. My life has been in a valley for the last two years and I’m slowly coming out of it. You’re inspiration has been huge in encouraging me to trust that something great is coming if I stay focused. Thank you!

kristi says October 31, 2013

Put in my resignation Monday – going to focus on the things that make sense to me, the things that were there before all the loss, my art, writing, acting, and dancing. Who knows where any of them will lead? I am scared but doing it. I am ready. At age 43 I have compromised my soul for a fake “security” in corporate America – NO MORE. We sold the city house moved to the mortgage free lakehouse, unemployment starts next week, buying our own insurance (gulp), but we are doing it. Thank you for being one of many tiny little pushes that said… What are you waiting for? What do you want your obituary to say? You are going to die… get moving.

Matt Jennings says November 1, 2013

Hey brother, just read post. Was hangin’ out with my dad…my greatest teacher…mentor.
He introduced me to the chin-up bar when I was just 8…and that moment changed the course of my life forever. He loved that I built my life around the fitness industry…That I would be creating a legacy that would help and touch so many peple. My pop passed away on Wednesday after 2 months of the craziest battle to survive and LIVE just one more day. Your post…those words…sounded like my dad’s. He was passionate about every day in life…of never taking it for granted. Brother, I think my father may have been hangin’ with you when you wrote this post on Tuesday. I appreciate you and what you wrote. Love & Respect-

freddy says November 3, 2013

Awesome as always

RJ says November 3, 2013

That is great stuff Chris, and I’ve shared it with some friends. Keep it coming, brother. I am doing my best to get back on track, and you are a big part of getting me there.

I’d give you a hug, if I could.

Shannon Maguire says November 10, 2013

Great post! It’s great to see other people trying to live a better life no matter what. I look around me and all I see are unhappy people doing jobs they hate and wasting their lives watching tv, playing video games, drinking, or doing whatever else distracts them from their misery. It seems so hard to get through to them and it seems to be getting harder to find people who are really living. I’ve been trying to find a better way to live for over 2 years now and it’s not easy when most people you talk to think you’ve gone crazy and don’t understand what you’re doing. One of my favorite quotes that keeps me going sometimes is from the Kiss song, God Gave Rock and Roll to You. It’s never too late to work 9 to 5.

Tudor Pangal says November 30, 2013

It’s the first time I read one of your posts, but definitely not the last.
That was powerful Chris.
Thank you.

César says December 11, 2013

Dude, I’ve really thought it through and now I realise that there’s some sort of mysterious force (as you say) in charge. Too many “coincidences” stop being just “coincidences”. Furthermore, when you do good things, you get good things back; same for bad stuff. Man, there’s A LOT we don’t know. Thank you for your advices, they really opened my eyes 🙂 Semper fi!

Stephanie says December 13, 2013

Thanks for the post Chris. It’s a good reminder and we all need to hear it.

Michael says February 10, 2014

Amazing article!!!
Makes me think a lot about how things are.

Thanks Chris

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