How To Build a Cult of Devout Clients and Customers - Chris McCombs

How To Build a Cult of Devout Clients and Customers

​​If you own a business in which YOU are the brand...

..and you’re at least somewhat successful already…

The best thing you can do right now is read this page carefully.

Because it’s about the one thing that can propel your personality-based business to more success more than anything else.

And it has nothing to do with paid ads or strategy calls.

For years, on account of how effective this is at attracting followers and converting them into superfans who buy again and again…

…high-level entrepreneurs and gurus have been paying me up to $800K apiece to unleash its immense, profit-generating power in their businesses.

It’s so powerful, in fact…

​It Convinced Me to Give a Consultant Almost
$50,000 For Something I Didn’t Even Want

​And as I’m about to share…

It’s also so powerful it ruined my life.

​And did so in a way that’ll drive off many of the people reading this page.

A few of the other skeletons I’m about to schlep out will do the same.

So, let me plop this out on the table before it’s too late…

…for anyone quick to judge, or who prefers getting their business and marketing lessons from well-dressed, politically correct experts with million-dollar smiles and letters after their name…

…now’d be a good time to click away.

Because, while there’s a damn good reason 7-, 8-, and 9-figure entrepreneurs pay me well to help them build cults of devout customers and clients who pay, stay, ascend, and evangelize, I’m not polished, my right brain seems to be about three times the size of my left, and I’m as flawed as I am anything else.

This blog and my teachings were never meant to be for everyone.

However, if you’re the face of your business, and want to forever be in high demand, without having to rely on expensive advertising to continually chase after new leads, then I doubt you’ll ever read another page as important as this one.

But there’s one more thing I need to warn you about before we continue…

Sadly, screwed up people use a version of what I’m about to reveal to do A LOT of harm.

And I in no way condone that sort of behavior.

But, these powers can be used to do considerable good as well.

And if your heart’s in the right place, and you care about your customers and are committed to getting them results…

…then this could be the one thing that changes everything for you.

It alone can drive revenue from six figures to seven and seven figures to eight (like it has for many of my clients).

And can have a bigger impact on the future of your business than any other factor, including the quality of your product or service and the results you help people achieve.

Now, saying that’s going to rub a lot of good coaches and experts the wrong way.

And I’m not trying to be controversial.

I’m just stating a fact.

And I agree  that the quality of what you sell and the results you help your customers get should be the most important aspects in the success of your business.

But we both know that’s not the world we live in.

We live in one where everyone claims to be an expert, where being the best at something does NOT mean you’ll be the most successful at it, and where perception matters more than reality​.

A world where top entertainers make over 200X a year what top educators make.

Now, for experts who aren’t making a decent living yet, persistent execution of basic direct response marketing is often all that’s needed to get their business off the ground.

Fortunately, there are thousands of places to learn it for little or no investment.

But for the ones already making good money, who want to scale their business and be recognized as an industry leader, the most effective solution is one very few people are aware of.

Many believe success in the expert industry has to do with charisma, connections, smarts, hard work, time management habits, level of expertise in their given field, and client results.

Important factors, all of them.

But what I’m about share with you trumps all of that.

It can make the difference between the coach with a moderate client base and the enduring big-name guru who does seven or eight figures a year changing the lives of hundreds or thousands.

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​What’s Crazy Is…

​There’s no shortage of mindset coaches making $60K-a-year who are better at transforming their clients’ lives than the renowned personal development gurus who can command $60K or more for a single day of consulting.

Just like there are scores of personal trainers making $30K a year who know more about health and fitness, and are better at helping people get fit than ALL the big fitness gurus taking home millions a year.

​As you'll see in a few minutes,  many of the latter group have been ​clients of mine. And having THIS dialed in is a heck of a lot more responsible for their success than their ability to help people lose weight.

Certifications or degrees, knowledge of exercise and nutrition sciences, and even the results they help their clients make little difference when it comes to building a thriving personality-based fitness empire.

In fact, it’s well-known among fitness marketers that the personal trainers with the most certifications are often the ones who make the least money.

That’s because their focus is on something that does little to nothing to build a following of devout clients.

In a perfect world, the best coaches, trainers, and experts would make the most money.

But, again, that’s not the world we live in.

The gap between the mindset coach who makes $60K a year and the one who makes $60K in a few short hours…

...and the difference between the $30K-a-year personal trainer and the $3M per year fitness guru…

…has FAR MORE to do with what I’m about to share than the value of their coaching.

And, sure, factors like IQ, charisma, time management, leadership skills, and a dozen other strengths, traits, skills, and disciplines can play a significant role in how much you’ll achieve.

But when it comes to succeeding in the expert industry—or any industry where YOU are the brand—what’s on this page matters more.

In fact…

Getting This One Thing Right Can Make Up
for A LOT of Shortcomings In Other Areas

​Take me, for example…

I am NOT a great all-around business owner.

Far from it, actually.

I’m just not all that good at things like business planning, structuring a corporation, selling in person or on the phone, managing and leading a team, multi-tasking, and analyzing profit and loss statements.

However, even though I lack those essential skills, I’ve been able to achieve quite a bit for myself and my clients.

That’s because I’ve discovered little-known methods that eclipse all that other stuff.

Techniques that generate enough profits I can pay people to do just about everything else I need done.

That allow me to stammer through a sales pitch and still close the deal because the methods closed it for me before I even opened my mouth.

Enable my second-rate sales copy to convert like crazy because the strategies significantly boost response for me in advance before my reader even lays eyes on the offer.

It pre-sells every product I release.


What’s Strange Is…

​Most experts have no idea these methods exist.

And while my ego would like to say it takes 10,000 hours to master this stuff—à la Malcolm Gladwell—the reality is it’s ridiculously easy.

It’s much easier to get good at than something like direct response copywriting.

People have paid me a lot of money to write direct response copy for them. And I’ve penned copy that’s sold millions of dollars of my own programs.

Though I’m by no means a master at.

But here’s the thing…

A lot of the people who buy from me (and my clients) make up their minds to do so before I even sit down to write an offer.

So there ain’t a whole lotta heavy lifting the sales pages need to do.

It’s the…

​Dozens of Psychological Triggers Woven
 Into Content and Communication
 That Does The REAL Work

​Threaded into videos, emails, and blog and social media posts.

But NOT the same old content the internet is crawling with.

Not the “helpful” how-to content that serves little purpose other than to display expertise, gets likes, shares, comments, and make the occasional sale.

Not the content most coaches and experts think they’re supposed to publish.

That the social media experts tell them to publish.


I’m talking about something completely different.  

I'm talking...

​​KICKASS Content Used To...

  • ​ Entertain
  • ​​ Attract
  • ​ Fascinate​
  • ​ Build rapport
  • ​ Position 
  • ​ Inspire
  • ​ Motivate
  • ​ Convert
  • ​ Influence
  • ​ Retain
  • ​ Ascend

​Content that makes an impact.

And that most coaches, digital marketers, info-marketers, social media experts, copywriters, and ad agencies haven’t the first clue about it.

It’s something that the few who use it tend to keep secret because they don’t want their competitors ​tapping into its power.

In fact, I’d say it’s the Guru Industry’s Best-Kept Secret.

But most of the "gurus" don't even know about it.

The few who d​o, though...

...hold the ultimate unfair advantage.

​It's why people buy from them over and over for years.

Decades even.

And it's as mystical as it is scientific.

Now, get settled in, because...

​Here’s the story of how I made these incredible discoveries.

Discoveries that have helped me and my clients generate over $100 MILLION in sales.

And that can make you one of the highest paid coaches, experts, or info-marketers in your industry.

You ready?

Alrighty then...

Once upon a time…

I Was a Successful Cannabis Trafficker

​Very successful.

For about seven years until I got popped in ’94.

(Today, it's legal where I live. But it wasn't in '94.)

While incarcerated, I packed on a lot of size.

And upon release, I had no idea what I was going to do for a living.

All I’d done for years was move marijuana to a bunch of distributors.

But unless I wanted to get re-arrested with an added violation charge slapped on by my P.O., I needed to get a real job—like a regular job-type job.

Though, as a convicted felon, with no skills, and a steady diet of pharmaceuticals and non-FDA approved powders, I didn’t have a whole lot of employment opportunities.


I’m six-foot-six.


So there’s one job that’s always been easy for me to get…


My nickname was Eclipse because, apparently, I eclipsed the sun or whatever the hell was on the other side of me.

And any place that needed drunks tossed out would hire me on the spot, prop me up in a corner, and tell me to scowl.

So that’s what I did. The pay was…

$10 an Hour—D’oh!

​…about seven of which went to those pills and powders.

I set up residence at a pay-the-hour-or-week motel with sheets and tinfoil on the windows of my room.

​My female neighbors made their living providing “company” to the big rig drivers at the truck stop across the street.

Creatures of the night would knock on my door at three in the morning with all kinds of special offers.

One was a seatless stolen bike for ten bucks. For fifteen…

 The Guy’d Throw In a Used Microwave 

​But you had to act now. Supplies were limited.

Thanksgiving 2000, I replaced the pills and powders with junk food and moved in with Mom (God bless that amazing woman).

I was 30 years old. Though, emotionally, going on 13.

And soon, close to 400 pounds.

I broke two of her chairs just sitting in them. A third at the shrink’s office.

Fearing procreation with someone who wasn’t larger and uglier than myself would forever be off the table, I traded in the junk food for  tuna, raw veggies, and a gym membership.

By day, I worked for minimum wage at a print shop. At night, I went to the gym. I then retreated to Mom’s guest room, where I’d spend hours poring over books on fitness, nutrition, personal development, spirituality, success, philosophy, and psychology.

Most of the self-help authors seemed cheesy and shallow to me.

But if an author resonated with me, if I felt a deep connection with the message, I’d buy his entire catalog of books and courses.

(Note: I’m using male pronouns, because, at the time, all the authors I connected with were male.)

Weekends, I’d track down his out-of-print stuff at secondhand book stores and travel far and wide, attending his seminars, workshops, and retreats.

And I’d enthusiastically tell everyone I knew…

“You Gotta Read This Guy!” 

​The deadlifts, positive thinking, and caloric deficit paid off.

Each week I was leaner than the last.

Soon, I’d lost 143 pounds.

​I was so into fitness, I decided to work in the industry.

I applied for a job as a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness.

I know this sounds silly—wimpy even—but I was SO tense asking the front desk girl for an application.

As I returned the next day for the interview, my heart jack-hammered at my sternum like an amped-out speed metal drummer stomping the shit outta his double-base drums.

Would they learn of my arrests? That I’m a 32-year-old ex-convict living with mommy? That I’m not good enough for the job? The fucking $10-an-hour job a high-school kid could do?


​ I Must’ve Fooled ’Em ’Cause They Hired Me

​​I was gonna change some damn lives.


Until the first day on the job.

It became abundantly clear that my earning potential had a heck of a lot more to do with my ability to sell than my ability to get people in shape.

I was terrified of sales. Sure, I’d successfully sold cannabis before but, man, that stuff sold itself!

A hip, slick, cool salesperson I am not.

Especially not being freshly sober after 15 years of numbing myself all day.

I realize we’re talking an entry-level job anyone could get.

But, the thing to understand is…

​I Was an Insecure, Nervous
Wreck with a Felony Record

​And the black coffee and fat burners I was on weren’t doing me any favors.

Selling personal training might as well have been levitating—it sounded about as feasible.

But the mindset books said to push through my comfort zone.

So, while my enthusiasm for the job fled like D.B. Cooper with a knapsack of ransom money, my ass stayed at 24 Hour Fitness.

My pushy, smooth-talking, young manager Josh closed new gym members on personal training packages like a brawny Jordan Belfort slinging penny stocks.

“Always be closing, bruh,” he preached, quoting Glengarry Glen Ross as if it were gospel, and strutting around with his barrel chest puffed out and cinder-block jaw held high.

​The Guy Was a Closing Machine

​He bragged about how he made $55K a year. Said one of the trainers there was pulling $100K a year.

Dustin, the six-figure trainer, had a bright red afro like Carrot Top.

He wore a three-inch wooden cross necklace over his tight and shiny 24 Hour Fitness shirt.

He spent the sessions preaching the Good Book to his clients as they ground out repetitions.

Studly Josh urged me to go to church with Dustin. “Says Jesus helps him close people on big packages, bruh.”

I was ready to try anything.

Well, almost anything. 

Now, management made a smart decision—they wouldn’t let me within ten feet of new members.

Studly Josh and Dustin got those.

I, on the other hand, was tasked with approaching current members on the floor as they went about their workouts.

Headphones glued to their ears, they staunchly averted eye-contact.

Every time I’d get near to one of them, I could feel the gust of their invisible wall as it sprang up between us. The chill of their icy cold shoulders as they turned away.

They just wanted to get in and get out so they could get home and watch Survivor. 

The last thing these folks wanted was to be pitched by yet another short-time personal trainer like they had been at least three times a year since joining.

“Feel the fear and do it anyway,” one the books said.

So that’s what I did.

Five days a week for three weeks.

With my gut in a knot.

I approached.

And I pitched.

(Come to think of it, I did a lot more wandering around, re-racking weights, acting busy, and steering clear of the members than I did actually approaching any of them.)

For three, 40-hour, white-knuckle weeks, I maintained steady sales numbers—the worst there.

And at the end of those three weeks, I had exactly…

…one client.

A client Studly Josh had closed and given me out of pity.

He leaned on me to make sales. “C’mon, bruh. Just go up to ’em, compliment ’em but tell ’em they doin’ the exercises wrong. Offer ’em a free consult to show ’em how to do it right. Then, in the consult, make ’em feel like they don’t know shit, aren’t gonna get results, and are gonna get hurt if they don’t buy training and learn to do it the right away. It’s EASY, bruh.”

I cocked an eyebrow. “Easy, huh?”

“I tell ya Dustin’s making six figures? You should go to go to church with him.”

“Yeah, that’s what you said yesterday.”

I thought the strategy sucked and Studly Josh sucked.

So I quit.

I’d never be worth more than $10 an hour, I thought.

But the books said don’t give up. That success isn’t a straight line.

I decided I’d do it my own way.

I started a personal training business and read every book I could about sales and buying behavior.

Cialdini’s Influence fascinated me.

I applied just one principle.

Over 45 days, I spoke with 500 people and offered to train them for free. I approached them at the store, AA meetings, the mall, food joints, Starbucks—everywhere I could.

I was nervous, sure.

But I saw that the only thing holding me back from a six-figure income was my fear of what people thought about me. Screw that!

And I wasn’t trying to “sell” them anything. I looked at it as offering them a gift. The gift of health and fitness.

I’d train them, and they’d pay me with referrals.


Just one principle of influence.

Sometimes that’s all it takes.

Within a few months, I was earning $10K a month and was able to move out of Mom’s.

I was so excited. I called my father. “Dad, I’m making six figures a year!”

“Well, all right!” he said. “Congratulations, son.”

My brother had been a straight-A student.

Here, check out this ​photo of us...

Can you tell who's the stoner and who got straight A's?

​In high school, ​Jeff was prom king, valedictorian, most likely to succeed, and head of the academic decathlon team that won first in the state. Summa cum laude UCLA.

Later he was big wig ​at Yahoo!, where he served as Director of Corporate Finance, Sr. Vice President of Business Operations, and Chief of Staff to President.

​After that, ​he moved to Facebook, where he was Director of Business Operations and Head of Global Business Operations/Advertising. ​Yep—one of ​FB's ​head honchos​. ​In there making decisions with Zuck.

That was always my bro. ​

And I was always the opposite.

In elementary school, it was vandalism, shoplifting, and hiding baby rattlesnakes in the rafters as pets. High school, it was C’s, D’s, and F’s. Thrash metal, beer, and weed. 

My dad was always so proud of my brother. And if anyone had earned a father’s pride, it was my bro.

With me, little hellion shit that I was, Dad didn’t know how to deal. He did his best, but I always felt he was ashamed of me. Not just the things I did. But me. Who I was.

(What some would call a “white people problem.”)

Now that I was making six figures, though, I felt I’d given him cause to be proud.

And he was.

Stoked on my results and eager for more success, I dove deeper into…

​The Psychology of Buying Behavior

​Employed more Weapons of Influence.

Soon, I was making $20K a month and attracting big-name clients.

​A few—like Courtney Love, Corey Haim, and Leonard Fish (the guy who invented Silly String)— had been tremendous successes yet were MISERABLE.

This theme would soon play itself out in my own life.

I dialed in my business systems, so I only trained clients three days a week. The other days I immersed myself in my studies. Marketing, sales, persuasion.

Books and courses and biz gurus held the secrets.

I soon discovered direct response and search engine marketing. I studied every book on the topics I could find.

Some of the authors didn’t resonate. I’d quit halfway through their book.

However, a few of the experts intrigued me.

I enjoyed reading and listening to them.

Liked what they represented.

I could picture myself reaching my goals—my dream life—using their principles.


​ I Bought ​​ALL Their Products

​…and flew all around the country to attend their events.

I started a website and shared stories from my 143-pound weight loss journey.

I infused the psychological triggers I’d learned and charged double what other personal trainers were charging. Clients had no problem paying it.

The triggers enabled me to do that.

I optimized the site for the search engines, built links, and got my  landing pages to rank positions one and two in Google for hundreds of keyword terms.

Soon, I was getting new clients from the internet every day.

By 2006, I had 15 personal trainers doing all the training for me. I split the money with them 50/50. I marketed, they trained.

And many of these were great trainers. They were fit, attractive, and outgoing. Had all sorts of certifications.

But while they were mastering the science of exercise, I was mastering the science of influence.

In 2007 I owned the most successful personal training business in Orange County, California.

Anything I wasn’t good at, had no interest in getting good at it, or didn’t enjoy, I delegated.

My assistant managed the business, my optimized landing pages generated leads, my sales team made the appointments, and the trainers signed and trained the clients.

Soon the entire business was automated and required about two hours per MONTH of my time. 

It was the ultimate lifestyle business.

And it generated more income than most seven-figure gym owners do working long hours running their high-stress boot camp facilities.

I decided it was time for a new challenge.

Information marketing.

The idea I could release create content once and get paid over and over it sounded…well, it…

Sounded BADASS

​That my marketing methods could help personal trainers all over the world provide better lives for their families.

Enable those trainers to help more people.


I'm talking Jules Winnfield badass.


Something Puzzled Me

​A mystery I was determined to solve.

If I could figure it out, my info biz would be a huge success.

I saw how a few of the pieces fit together.

But not all of them.

The Question Was…

​Take two experts who teach basically the same thing and have entire product lines built around it.

Why would I buy only a single product from one, but from the other, I’d purchase everything?

One expert would get between twenty and a few hundred bucks from me.

The other’d get north of $20,000.

I’d buy the books, video courses, seminars, audio programs, monthly print newsletters, continuity membership programs, coaching programs, mastermind groups, you name it.

As mentioned earlier, one guru got close to $50K from me for something I didn’t even want!

And it wasn’t just personal preference.

Fellow marketers gravitated toward the same gurus I was.

A bit of research revealed that the gap in customer lifetime value between experts was enormous.

​How Is One Able To Get So Much More
 Money Per Customer Than Another?

​Upsells, price points, and affiliate support held some of the answers.

But the bigger answer was in the content.

Though it had little to do with the value of the information.

At the time, there were two likable, well-known gurus who each sold a multi-thousand dollar course showing how to do the same thing.

They both knew their shit.

Both had testimonials from the best in the industry.

And both released how-to content leading up to their launch.

Now, one of those gurus had much more impressive-looking content.

Far more professional and comprehensive.

He had detailed mind maps of every little step. High-valuable information.

And it bored the daylights outta me (and quite a few other people).

Watching a city council meeting on government-access television would’ve been more entertaining.

The Other Guy’s Content…

​Was fun.

But NOT the way you’d think.

I don’t mean upbeat or animated or passionate or any of the things coaches and professional speakers try to be and do to hold attention.

In fact…

It was nothing like that.

He was doing things Mr. Boring and the other experts weren’t (though they did end up trying to imitate him).

He employed tactics in his content, both above and below the surface, that demonstrated he was the gateway by which one could attain internet marketing salvation.

That he had The Answer.

He gave me and an army of marketers CERTAINTY that—through him—we could succeed.

And though his every move was calculated, he made it all seem so effortless.

It didn’t come across hypey and cheesy like so many others as they tried so hard to be liked.

So hard to inspire and convince.

To me, that content always feels like a personal injury lawyer commercial.

Like listening to a used car salesman promise the world and a bag of popcorn.

That kind of content is everywhere.

My FB feed is brimming with it.

But this dude…

…man, his content couldn’t have been more different.

He nailed it.

He’d crafted his persona and core message so well, people not only wanted to buy everything he put out…

​They Wanted to BE Him

​He personified the life a lot of the industry wanted.

But it wasn’t a flashy lifestyle like so many other gurus portrayed—something I’d eventually be guilty of, as well.

A lot of us figured our best chance of realizing the life he epitomized was to give him money.

And we did. Millions and millions of dollars.

​Paying Him Felt Like Buying a First Class
Ticket to The Promised Land

​It was brilliant.

And he was teaching the exact same thing as Mr. Boring.

I could’ve learned it from either of 'em.

Mr. Boring or Mr. Fun.

​​​Mr. Boring’s videos were like sitting in ​a dentist chair for two hours of elevator music and deep root scaling.

Mr. Fun’s, on the hand, kicked ass​.

​Watching ​his vid​eos ​was like listening to a Beach Boys album with a buzz on.

​(Anyone who's been in the internet marketing space long enough ​knows who I'm talking about. Some ​call him ​the President of the Internet. For ​those who ​don't know who I'm referring to, there are clues on this page to his identity.)

Now, entertainment and humor played a role in setting ​Fun's apart, sure…

But there was much more going on under the surface.

A lot of it…

Buried DEEP in the Subtext

For hours, I’d sit with fellow marketers and dissect the videos, listing and discussing the elements, techniques, and nuances that made the content so magnetic and persuasive and the guru so fascinating.

There was so much wizardry packed into each piece of content.

Once I was at an event of Fun’s, sitting in the back near the exits—my usual spot. Must’ve been a thousand people there. Seemed like it at least.

Fun starts tossing Easter eggs stuffed with cash into the crowd. Hoping to catch an egg, all these attendees throw their arms high in the air, ​fingers ​splayed wide.

From where I was seated, ​seeing all the arms way in the air and Fun on stage with his long hair and beard...

...​it looked like a bunch of people worshiping Jesus!

I'm not sure anyone else got the underlying message...

​But to me it was clear:

​Worship Mr. Fun And You'll Get Money

​I couldn’t help but chuckle and think, Well, shit….

This fucker’s GOOD.

​Dude was using Jedi mind tricks to build a cult of buyers.

​And it was working!

Dogged in my pursuit of online success…

I tried to find more like him.

I analyzed the content strategies of gurus from dozens of niches.

Not nearly so much what they taught as HOW they taught it.

I was determined to get to the bottom of…

​​How The Most Successful Gurus Infuse Psychological Activators Into Their Content To Stand Out, Build Their Followings, and Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

​One guy was even better at it than Mr. Fun.

A four-eyed, horseshoe-mustached harness racer ​named Dan Kennedy was so good at these maneuvers, I invested in about ten of his books and close to a dozen of his pricey courses​.

​I knew a lot of other marketers who purchased everything they could from him, as well.

Quite a few spent over $100K with him.

And, yes, his content was incredible.

SO many marketers learned SO much from​ his teachings.

In fact, every person I know who absorbed themselves in it are today very successful and credit the guy for it.

But the effectiveness of the information was far from the only reason we invested so much in his programs.

It wasn’t the persuasiveness of his sales copy either.  

You see, each piece of content was a silent, invisible shotgun blast of…

​Stealth Influence Tactics 

​Most of us had no idea we were getting hit by so much scatter.

No idea how much was operating between and below the words.

Working their magic on our minds.

Drawing us closer with every product.

Every book.

Every newsletter.

Every article.

Maximizing our value to him as customers.

Making us want to stick around FOREVER.

Read more of his content.

Buy more of his shit.

Spread the good word.

His content was…

A Trojan Horse of Influence 

At his office, in the basement of his home, he’d meet with his $18K-a-day consulting clients.

The moment you’d enter, everything was meant to position him—the books, art, framed photos, collectibles, gifts from clients, symbols of his accomplishments, piles of stuff he was working on.

ALL of it in place to…

Influence. Influence. Influence.

​What a Trip!

​​I soon expanded my research to include NLP, pastors who've built megachurches, the lives of great leaders, film, narratology, myth, monomyth, religions, and cults.

I studied brands, artists, and public figures who’d built what are essentially cults:

Trader Joe’s, the Grateful Dead, Oprah, Howard Stern, Werner Erhard.

Paramahansa Yogananda, who’d founded the Self-Realization Fellowship.

Stan Lee and what he’d done at Marvel Comics.

Louie Simmons and his Westside Barbell Club.

And Steve Rocco, the skateboard guru who transformed his industry from big corporations to skate-punk-owned companies.

I was first exposed to the concept of gurus and cults at a young age.

In the late ’60s and early ’70s, my Uncle Chris—who I’m named after—traveled to India in search of God. 

He joined a group who…

​Gave All Their Worldly
Possessions To Their Leader

​…some teenage guru dude.

After a few years of that, he moved back to the states and devoted himself to EST (Erhard Seminars Training).

When I was about six or seven, my mom explained that Uncle Chris belonged to a “cult” and worshipped a “guru.”

I thought it sounded a lot like the Catholicism we were so devout to, but she insisted there was a difference.

Uncle Chris would visit during his travels and crash on our sofa.

Mom said he had no home. “The world is his home.” She scoffed.

Now, ​one day ​when I was  in the second grade, a rectangular package arrived in the mail for me. It was from my Uncle Chris. I was jazzed! I never got mail.

I tore it open. Inside was a thick, orange paperback book with some long-haired dude on the cover who looked like an East Indian Ozzy Osbourne.

Not knowing how to read, I handed Mom the book, asked her the name of it.

“Autobiography of a Yogi,” she said. “By…” She squinted at the cover. “Paramahansa Yogananda?” Having a hard time pronouncing it, it came like a question. She flipped to the back cover, arched an eyebrow, and eyed the book with suspicion. 

“What?” I asked.

She handed it back. “Just don’t run away to India and give all your toys to some guru.” She shot a forefinger at me. “And your BMX bike cost an arm and a leg. Don’t you dare go giving it away.”

The next time I saw my uncle, I was in the third grade.

It was on a family camping trip in the High Sierras, about eight hours on horseback from the nearest road.

I grilled him about these mysterious “groups” he was involved in. 

About the Indian Ozzy dude.

He told me about meditation and inner peace and visions that sounded incredible. I wanted visions!

Uncle Chris’s description of the groups was so different from how Mom described them.

To him, his current group was THE Answer to everything. 

The Greatest Secret of All.

THE Path to TRUTH and enlightenment and everything good.

It sounded better than Christmas! And I was nine—so Christmas was a pretty big deal. The best thing in the world, in fact. 

But I would’ve turned my back on Santa Claus ​for this in a heartbeat.

Of Course He’d Trade Everything For It

​Three decades later, I saw the same behavior when researching business, marketing, and personal development gurus who’d built cults of customers.

And the proof that I’d drunk the Kool-Aid was in the giant stash of books and binders and discs I’d purchased.

In the four boxes of content just from the ol' harness racer.

In all the money I’d invested in masterminds and coaching programs.

That I’d spent all this money wasn’t a bad thing, though.

Quite the opposite, actually…

​The Return On Investment Was MASSIVE

​Had I not purchased those programs, my business wouldn’t have been nearly as successful.

It was in those programs I learned so much of what had made my personal training business a success.

But the best information was NOT in $20 books.

The books were just marketing pieces sharing the “what” and opening the door for the pricier courses that revealed the precious “how.”

And I wanted that damn “how” and bought it every chance I got.

One day, I was sitting in my home office recliner, plotting out the launch of my first information product when…

​My Phone Rang

​It was one of my salespeople, Robert.

He was an ex-probation officer and had one of those eyes that shot off to the side.

A few months later, I’d have to call the cops on Robert for stalking my company, tying up my 800 number with hundreds of crank calls a day, and threatening to show up at my assistant’s house and do things to her she didn’t want done.

But before that, he was my top salesperson. Guy was a killer on the phone.

“Some fella wants to talk to you, boss.” He said the name, but I didn’t recognize it.

“ ’Bout what?” I asked.

“Said he’s an old friend.”

“And he called the 800 number?”


Hmm. An old friend would probably call my cell phone, not my 800 number, which was only for training leads.

But if you Googled me, the 800 number was the only one you’d find.

I was dubious but told Robert to give me the number.

I called.

“Is this Big Chris?” The guy on the other end of the line was AMPED.

“Yeah, who’s this?”

“It’s Josh, bruh! Josh from 24!”

Well, shit…Studly Josh.

“Hey, what’s up man?” There was no hiding my lack of enthusiasm.

But that did nothing to temper his. “Bruh, you are everywhere these days! EVERYWHERE! You’re at the top of Google for every city! You must be making millions!”

I exhaled long and loud. My mission at that moment: get off the phone and back to plotting my launch.

“Hey, Josh, it’s good to hear from ya, but I’m swamped. I gotta—”

He cut me off. “Just need a quick minute, bruh. You’re gonna love this. It’s gonna make you and your trainers a LOTTA coin. By the way, who’s the blonde trainer on your website? She’s HOT, bruh.”


“Never mind about her. All right, dig this…”

Using all sorts of assumptive close statements, Studly Josh went into a pitch about some kind of oxygenated water.

He said my trainers should sell to our clients so they’d get “awesome results, bruh.”


“Your trainers’ll be your distributors,” he said. “Every time one of ’em make a sale, you get paid, bruh! And every time someone they recruit makes a sale, you get paid again. You’ll be gettin’ all kindsa paid! In fact, if you recruit just five distributors a month…​”

As I listened to him try so hard to close me on his MLM air-water scam, warm satisfaction washed over me.

Studly Josh had gone hunting Google to recruit personal trainers for his downline.

For every city and keyword term he searched, my site topped the results.

With my stories and armory of client before-and-after photos.

And he’d obviously seen the “Meet the Team” page with my 15 trainers.

Including “the blonde.”

He was so enthusiastic about the air-water company, going on about the high-energy events where managers and distributors were recognized for hitting goals. He told me about the levels and rituals and amazing people involved. The dogma and lingo.

The dude had joined a cult!

A multi-level air water marketing cult!

​However, by the eager desperation in his voice to lock me into his downline, I don’t think he was having a lot of luck signing people up.

Now, Studly Josh was a hardcore closer. Far more handsome, charismatic, and self-confident than I’ll ever be. 

And in-person or on the phone, he could outsell me—his trainer at 24 with the worst numbers—any day of the week.

Yet I was generating more money in a month—maybe a week—than he was all year…

…all because I’d discovered how to market myself and my business.

While he tried to sell people in-person, I sold through content…

…entertaining stories weaved with subtle, yet powerful psychological triggers that made sales for me day and night.

“Josh,” I said, interrupting his pitch. “I’m honored you’d think about me, but man, if there’s one thing I’m absolutely certain of in this life, it’s that selling air-water ain’t my thing.”

Now, I admit…

My ego got a little boost from that call.

After ringing off, I continued planning my first product launch.

In my niche, were about a half-dozen fitness marketing gurus (a fraction of what there are today).

I knew to stick out…

​ I HAD To Do Something Different 

​Especially since I didn’t have the face-to-face sales skills the gurus had.

With a self-assured, winning smile, they could pitch a program with a five-figure price tag to a room of five hundred people—something that both terrified and held zero interest for me.

Let’s just say…

I’m a little rough around the edges. Anything but smooth.

To Launch The Information
 Marketing Business… 

​I’d need to rely on a strategy different from what the other gurus were doing.

I’d start a blog.

One that spoke to the hearts and minds of personal trainers who wanted to make more money and ​get more done in less time.

​Who wanted FREEDOM.

But I wouldn’t put out the text-book boring content most experts were pumping out.

Instead, I’d write about my adventures building a thriving fitness business.

I'd use colors and images and visuals to elicit ​desired emotions.

I’d work in all those psychological activators that were working so well in my training business. 

As well as the new ones I’d discovered gurus like Mr. Fun and the ol' harness racer were having so much success with.

​It would be NOTHING like the other ind​ustry websites.

I got my ideal reader-slash-future-customer in the crosshairs...

...​and ​SQUEEZED.

Instantly, the blog took off.

One of the first posts got almost 8,000 visitors from social media in just a few hours. I wrote another post about how I did it.

The top gurus in the industry reached out to me and asked if I could help them with their content strategy.

My posts were connecting with readers on such a deep level that…

​People Became Determined To
Find a Way To Give Me Money

Left and right, trainers and gym owners asked me to coach them.

They loved the posts and wanted MORE.

More of my secrets and strategies.

More of the way I made them feel when they read my content. 

More of what was working for me that they wanted to put to work for them.

One of those readers was Sam Bakhtiar, a gym owner who later founded and built his Camp Transformation Center empire to over 100 locations. ​

This guy...

​I quoted Sam a price for coaching.

He said, “I’ll pay you four times that much. But teach it ALL to me.”

That’s when I realized how valuable this knowledge was.

Sam also hired me to write his copy.

“Work in all that crazy stuff you do,” he said.

At the time, ​Sam was making millions a year, and I nicknamed him 7-Figure Sam. The name stuck. But today, between his gyms and supplement line, he’s technically 9-Figure Sam. Dude's a machine.

Another early coaching client was Travis Jones in Melbourne, who today does eight figures annually with his twenty-plus Result Based Training facilities. 

Travis actually got the name of ​my then blog, Kick Back Life, tattooed on his back.

Other big names (and future big names) in the fitness industry sought my help with their blog and content strategies, including —Vince Del Monte, Craig Ballantyne, Jason Ferruggia, Zach Even-Esh, and the Tone It Up girls.

Soon, because of my little blog, I had a devout tribe of readers and coaching clients.

I can’t tell you how many times I heard some version of: “I’ll buy every product you release.”

I also used to get this one a lot: "Man, your blog KICKS ASS!" and variations of it.

They were hooked.

As I neared the date of my first product launch, I expanded my content strategy to include videos. Something I was hesitant to do.

I worried I wouldn’t come off as well as I did in the blog posts.

I didn’t just fear my social anxiety would be evident.  

I’d gained all my fat back and was over 100 pounds overweight.

And, by and large, personal trainers don’t respect fat people. And they sure don’t want to take advice from them, especially when it comes to their fitness business.

My weight would be a major disconnect.

I was an obese, nervous guy.

Should definitely stick to blog posts, I thought.

But what if, in the content, I used my weight and social anxiety to my advantage?

As assets.

And that’s what I did.

Most experts would’ve tried to hide it.

But I put it all out there. Held it up and pointed at it.

And, because of the power of…

​Little-Known Principles of Influence

​…and I’m NOT just talking about transparency…

…those glaring flaws multiplied the impact of my content.

The market was used to how-to content done a certain way.

And I flipped it on its ear.

The content was unlike anything the industry had seen.

I made videos that were fun and entertaining. 

I rode around—all 350+ pounds of me—on my Harley Davidson to gyms and told stories that served specific purposes.

Stories that opened minds, connected with people on a deep level, and influenced them.

Sure, the value of the information I was teaching was important.

​But the REAL Magic Was In The…

Psychological triggers.

Which worked on many levels.

Text and subtext.

November 2008, I opened the doors to my first for information product—a $1997 course called Market Annihilator.

It showed fitness entrepreneurs how to market themselves on the internet.

The launch did $304,000 in billable sales in eight days.

It wasn’t huge compared to some of the big internet marketing launches.

But, at the time, it was the most successful launch in fitness training industry.

And the price was 20X what trainers were used to paying for an info product.

Suddenly, I was invited to speak at all sorts of industry events.

I accepted a handful of the invitations because it was an excellent opportunity to re-affirm the position I wanted to be known for.  

Now, for a lot of people, public speaking is a breeze. I admire that.

I’d always been in the group that feared it as much as death.

Morning of the first event, I woke up in a panic.

I fretted that on the way up to the stage, my legs would give out on me.

And if somehow I made it up there, my tongue would freeze, and the best I’d be able to do was make strange sounds—not form actual words.

And certainly not sentences. Not good ones anyhow.

But I pushed through.

I did a presentation in front of 400 fitness entrepreneurs.

The topic was…

​How To Influence People
With ​​K​ickass Content

​It was anything but polished.

But I picked up a bunch of coaching clients from the audience.

And was somehow voted most entertaining speaker.

I ended up speaking at quite a few events, but it was always tough for me.

My introverted nature would prod me to hurry to my hotel room the moment I stepped off the stage.

If you’ve ever spoken at an event, you know that people swarm you afterward. Mostly to ask questions, meet you, and thank you for your presentation. It’s super kind of them.

The cool thing to do is stick around, shake hands, and chat.

But that part is always SUPER intense for me.

So I’d do the uncool thing and slip away fast as I could, while everyone was still at their seats.

I think I’m the only guy who does that.

I’d always feel guilty about it. Selfish. And it is.

But after speaking in front of so many people, I’d just need to isolate. Real anti-social shit.

I graciously declined a lot of invitations. Still do.

I didn’t want to speak.

Nor did I want to do webinars or strategy calls or any of that stuff that a lot of—more extroverted—coaches and gurus seem to enjoy.

While those are FANTASTIC opportunities to employ the same influential tactics I was using in my written and video content, and they’re incredible tools to help build a “guru business”…

…to someone as introverted as I am, ​those activities can feel like getting dragged under a car.

And how I spend my time is far more important to me than how much money I make.

But, if I wasn’t going to make use of many of the most effective tools in the expert’s toolbox (speaking, webinars, strategy calls), my content needed to pack a helluva PUNCH.

And it needed to do so much more than educate and promote.

It ​needed to speak to my ideal customer at their core.

That place deep inside them where they experience their greatest fears and desires.

​The domain of ​both hell on earth and their dream life. NOT someone else's dream life. ​

THEIR dream life.

​It needed kick their ass and make them go, " ​THIS dude gets it!"

​Feedback told me I was hitting a lot of the right buttons already.

But I wasn't content.

There​​ was still so much to learn...

I leveraged my new-found position and began an adventure making a documentary, that would take me across the country, into the homes, offices, and deep into the minds of the most successful online personalities.

I interrogated them on their methods as a seasoned homicide detective would grill a murder suspect.

I advised a few of them on blogging but mostly learned.

I sat with Tucker Max at his apartment in Los Angles. With Joe Polish at the Goodyear Blimp in Carson, California.

With Mr. Fun and the many gurus populating San Diego county.

With Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher at their Austin office.

Worked behind the scenes on a multi-million dollar product launch in Atlanta. 

Sat with John Carlton, a grizzled copywriter who—with his laid back, conversational storytelling style—had been a major influence to me as a writer.

Hit the East Coast to question Yanik Silver at his home and Gary Vaynerchuk at his Wine Library office ​in Jersey.

(I pronounced Gary's last name wrong. I think that irked him.​)

(And see what I mean by fat?)

The list of names is in the dozens.

I was most inspired by how both Joe Polish and Yanik Silver had purposes that went far beyond money

How they really cared about making a difference in people’s lives and having fun in their businesses.

And, it was by no coincidence that both were longtime, diehard students of the ol' harness racer, whose content I’d been dissecting for stealth influence tactics as a Type-A theologian would dissect the Bible.

I used the blog to launch roughly twenty more information products, services, and coaching programs.

I started a mastermind group with a five-figure price tag.

I didn’t pitch it from the stage or do a single strategy call—the typical ways masterminds are sold. 

I sold it from the blog. Promoted it in the posts. With content that entertained and influenced on dozens of levels.

And it worked.

Lots of big names in the fitness industry joined, including Jason Ferruggia, Paul Mort, Travis Jones, Jeff Sherman, John Spencer Ellis, Luka Hocevar, Shawn Phillips, Sam Bakhtiar (who eventually partnered with me on the group), and renegade internet marketer Matt Trainer.

Many were more successful than I was. Of the ones who weren’t, quite a few went on to become more successful than me.

By far, my best program was Fitness Blogging Profits (long off the market now).

It taught the strategies I’d used to make my blog so profitable. 

I had a blast creating the content, and the course made a ton of sales.

Word got around that it was the holy grail of influencing people with a blog.

Orders came in from gurus in countless industries, not just fitness.

It was humbling.

And I should’ve stayed humble.

Because that’s when…

​Things Got BIZARRE 

​As blog posts continued attracting an ever-growing tribe of customers…

Gifts arrived from all over the world. People sent me the coolest stuff—books, art, electronics, motorcycle boots.

Fitness entrepreneurs paid five figures for a day of consulting. They flew in from the East Coast, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

I was making more in six months than I used to make in an entire decade.

By 2010, I’d achieved (what I thought would be) my dream life.

It was the life depicted in the vision board on my office wall—$1.7 million 4,500 square foot home in a gated community. D​ouble two-car garages—one on each side of the house.

Tropical beach-entry pool in the backyard. Twenty-plus-mile view of central Orange County. Sports car. Chopper and other man-toys.

Everything I wanted.

I showed it off in my videos (and yes, it was cheesy. It worked like crazy to make sales, but was cheeseball).

I’d also gotten ripped—265 pounds with a six-pack and veins everywhere.

Life was incredible.


Hold on, let me rephrase that…

​My Life Looked incredible

​You see, the money and success didn’t do for me what I thought it would.

It didn’t fix that deep-seated belief that I’m not enough.

Didn’t fill the hole inside me like I thought it would.

The hole I’ve had since I was young boy, split open by the belief that my father was ashamed of who I was (FYI, my dad is a darn good man who did his best and made sure our family never went without).

On some unconscious level, I thought with enough money, I could buy my father’s love and approval.

Turned out it was MY own love and acceptance that I needed.

I didn’t feel worthy of my success.


I set about torpedoing the shit out of it.

I had a lot of anger at myself.

See here...

​I trained like a madman and would take anger out on the iron.

Doing heavy box squats, I blew a hernia. My second.

After the surgery, the doc prescribed a dear, old friend—hydrocodone (aka Vicodin, Norco).


​After a Decade of Sobriety…

​…I relapsed.

And went WAY overboard with the doses. Of everything. And there were quite a few “things.”

One of which was pramipexole—a dopamine agonist frequently used to treat Parkinson's disease.

I took it to offset the side effects of a rather powerful anabolic I was on.

The drug has some ​kooky side effects of its own, including a compulsion to live on the edge. 

Push the limits.

Risk-taking behavior they call it.

More than a few people have gambled away their life-savings on it.

The cocktail of cannabis, pills, performance-enhancing goodies and pramipexole replaced my constant sense of anxiety with a sense of…


​Here I am on my Harley ​tearing shit up with my flamethrowing monkey...

I acted as if…

​I Was In Mötley Crüe

​(But I wasn’t. So that’s, like…not good.)

I grew a ​midlife-crisis-mohawk (it did kinda look cool, though, from the right angle).

With the hawk, sports car, and muscles, people often asked if I was a UFC fighter.

I liked that. Made me feel like some kind of badass.

Now, I became a different person during this period.

And my content reflected that.

M​y blog posts…

…got WEIRD.

​(And let's face it—they're weird enough ​as is!)

Sometimes I’d publish a post and would immediately get texts from a half-dozen friends and fellow marketers.

You all right? they’d ask.

What’s the deal with that new blog post, bro?


​“Duuuuuuude, How Much of
 That Shit Are You On?”

​And, even though I was far more successful than I’d ever been, I was also more miserable than I’d ever been.

More miserable, even, than those ​spells in the 90s when I was homeless, living on the lam, or doing time in administrative segregation (24-hour-a-day isolation).

How could that be?

I was living the life I wanted!

The one on my damn vision board!

The hell was going on?

It was simple…

To compensate for the feeling I wasn’t worth what I’d accomplished, I let the success go to my head.

Which I should’ve seen coming.

​My Cult-Building Content Strategies
 Worked So Damn Well...

​I had a herd of customers and clients across the globe buying every product I put out (which all with my name on the cover).

Trainers and gym owners were sending me gifts.

Paying $10,000 for a day of consulting.

That’s 125X per hour what I was making just eight years earlier.

​It Was EASY For It To Go To My Head

​I simply wasn’t mentally or emotionally prepared to handle the success the strategies of influence helped me achieve.

Mid-2012, I hit bottom.

With my father’s help—who’d been sober almost three decades—I checked into a detox and got clean.

When I was released…

I reflected.

And while there was some fallout to deal with…

That period of self-inflicted suffering turned out to be a GIFT.

It brought wounds and character defects and illusions—that had long lurked in the shadowy corners of my psyche—to the surface.

Shined the spotlight of awareness on it all.

Enabled me to stop deluding myself—that money, recognition, and success could fill the hole inside.

Helped me realize what was truly important.

SOOO much good came from it.

Had Not Every Second and
Inch Happened As It Had…

​I wouldn’t have my children.

I might have three other children—with the same names, even—but it wouldn’t be the goofy little monkeys sleeping down the hall as I write this sentence.

At the end of 2012, something else happened that never would’ve come to be, were it not for that painful period of mistakes, suffering, and hard lessons.

I started a second blog,

And, as you’ll see, this blog led to incredible things for me, including a fulfilling new career deploying the unstoppable ​power of influence on an entirely new level.

Now, the goal of it wasn’t to make money.

It was to work through problems, remind myself of how I want to live, and share a bit of what was working for me with others.

It was cathartic.

Helped me wrap my head around what made me tick.

Allowed me to help others benefit from my experience.

From my many bonehead miscalculations.

And, as had happened with my fitness marketing blog…

…the new blog took off.

Many of the posts were shared thousands of times on social media.

One post was…

​Shared Over 35,000 Times

​Check out these organic share counts...

​The posts also received hundreds of comments from readers who poured their hearts out to me.

For a while, I did my best to reply to every comment—which took a LONG damn time, but it was important to me my readers felt heard.

The posts generated over 100 podcast invitations, of which I accepted only few. NOT because I thought I was cool. Quite the opposite, actually.

It’s that weird social anxiety thing.

I’d have agreed to do more but felt it would’ve been a dick move to all those whose shows I’d passed on.

As the blog continued to gain in popularity

Several high-profile personalities became fans and evangelists. 

Production companies wanted a TV show (which probably would’ve been a disaster).

Writing offers piled up. BIG ones.

High-ticket consultants, public figures, and gurus from all sorts of industries wanted me to craft their content.

Now, I realize, in an age where everyone’s vying for attention, that…

​What I’m About To Say
Might Sound UNUSUAL

​But after being the face of my businesses, two blogs, and twenty or so products over the past decade…

Operating behind the scenes sounded like a much-needed breath of fresh air.

I was more than eager to step outta the light and help shine it on someone else.

So, ​fast as Dave Chappelle hightailed it to South Africa instead of filming season three of his show—I’m Rick James, bitch!—I back-burnered my blogs and info-marketing business—everything that had my name on it—and accepted a handful of clients.

Some projects pulled $150K to over $800K in writing fees.

I ghostwrote books, novellas, blog posts, email campaigns, social media posts, and scripts for videos and speeches.

I helped coaches, experts, and gurus build their following and…

​Establish and Re-affirm Authority Positioning

​I shined a light on their superpowers while strategically introducing their human side in ways people could identify and connect with.

Ways their followers had never seen.

This built deep rapport with their audience that didn’t exist before.

Helped draw in business with a magnet of influence and…

​Convert Followers Into Superfans
(Who Buy Again and Again and Again) 

​You don’t need many superfans to make a lot of damn money.

Nor do you need a large email list or social media following.

Take Justin Goff.

Justin’s a multi-millionaire copywriter, who’s known as The King Of Converting Offers On Cold Traffic.

I remember when Justin was a small-time marketer.

Through the marketing skills he was learning, he built a company from zero to $23 million.

He then sold the company and formed a cult of copywriters who he helps write better copy.

And that cult is so gung-ho about him, he does…

​Seven Figures Off a Tiny List Of
Under 1,000 Email Subscribers 

​Read that again…

Justin does seven figures off a tiny list of under 1,000 email subscribers.

And only a fraction of those are buyers.

But because of how Justin positions himself in his content, he’s able to charge more than the seven-figure-a-year, big-name copywriters who, for decades, have been the highest-paid in the world.

You see, they don’t tap into the power of “guru positioning” in their content like Justin does.

It’s why he’s able to command a one-day consulting rate that amounts to Mr. Fun and the ol' harness racer’s ​COMBINED.

And yes, Justin is GREAT at writing and teaching copy.

Especially offers to cold traffic, which he’s done a fantastic job at positioning himself as the undisputed king of.

He could look at ​any direct response offer I’ve written and spot dozens of ways to improve conversions. 

Guy’s a direct response scientist. If I didn’t write all my own material, he’d be the first guy I’d try to hire to pen copy for me (but NOT for the reason you’d think).

You see, I have not a shred of doubt his skills as a copywriter are only partly responsible for how much he’s able to make off such a small email list.

The bigger reason is that he does enough things right—in both the text and subtext of his content—that copywriters see him as the direct line to mastering what they want to learn.

His content is what convinced me that—if I had an ample marketing budget and needed some sales copy written—HE’d be the gun I’d try to hire.

But it’s NOT his direct response copy that convinced me.

It’s his content!

And I spot the tactics he employs, most of which fly way below most people’s radars.

By tapping into the power of just a few of the principles in his content—not his sales copy, but his entertaining content—Justin transformed himself into a guru with a cult of superfans.

And the lifetime value of those clients is many times that of his top competitors.

THAT’s the power of these strategies and principles and what they can do for you.

Yet, as I said, even though these methods hold so much power

Few coaches and experts are aware they exist.

​“It’s Like Possessing Lost Scripture”

​That’s what one consulting client said after we put the principles to work in his coaching business.

“Some ancient sacred text,” he added, “that, like, fucking NO ONE knows about!”

My coaching and writing clients have experienced the immense strength of this kind of content firsthand.

They see it in the rapid expansion of their followings.

The mass conversion of followers to high-value superfans.

The colossal increase in their bottom line.

And, while I enjoy ghostwriting for other people’s personas, I’ve missed creating my own content.

For years I’ve wanted to…

Start blogging again and work directly with coaches and experts, sharing all the ins and outs of how I create…

Content that entertains, inspires, influences, and SELLS.

I’ve spent 15 years researching, testing, and mastering the art and science of influence (though there’s always more to learn).

Fifteen years gathering and honing an armory of high-power content strategies.

​Content That Seduces

​Strategies that thrust the psychological drivers into high-gear and prompt people to respond in certain ways.

Over those 15 years...

The coaching industry has exploded.

It seems everyone is an expert now.

And they’re all putting out content.

But very little of it commands attention​.

It doesn’t captivate.

Doesn’t touch people or inspire them.

Influence them.

Sure, they may have a social media expert on their team, but…

​This Is NOT The Kind of Content
The Social Media Experts Preach

​Their kind of content might be engaging.

Might get likes and shares and even make sales.

Which is all good and fine.

And I’m not saying don’t listen to those experts.

I’m sure I could learn quite a bit from some of them myself.

But what I have for you is an entirely different type of content strategy.

Every Communication and Piece
of Content You Release…

​…be it an email, video, podcast, stage presentation, social media post, blog post, book or ebook, print newsletter, or what goes in your info courses…

​ an opportunity to do so much more than just inform, educate, demonstrate knowledge or skill, get engagement, and schedule strategy calls.

​It’s an Opportunity To…

  • Position yourself as THE go-to authority in your niche — the ONE who’s the direct line to the promised land, giving you the ultimate edge over all those other experts out there fighting for attention, sales, and loyalty.
  • ​Fascinate your audience — With everyone vying for attention online, it’s no longer enough to interest or have people like you. If you want to sell to people over and over, you must be fascinating, and your following must love you. Now, it’s okay—desirable even—if some people hate you. But, unless you want to be stuck in a rut of forever chasing new customers who only buy from you once or twice, you need to build a tribe of people who are fascinated with you and love you and what you stand for.
  • ​Establish trust — Gaining trust is crucial if you want people to put their future in your hands. People’ve been lied to, burned, and ripped off so many times, they’re constantly on guard and slow to trust. However, starting with the first few pieces of your content they’re exposed to, there are ways to mitigate their defenses and fast-track the golden path to trust.
  • Convert followers and customers into superfans who buy from you again and again and again — In the ’80s, I was proud to buy every new Metallica new album. Every poster and t-shirt I could. They became a major part of my identity. I loved cranking them from my sticker-plastered boom box and smoke-filled Camaro for everyone to hear. Loved what the band represented and loved turning people onto their music. I wanted to BE Metallica. I even started a garage band called Malevolent. We looked and sounded like them—though not in a good way. But our hearts were in it 100%. The right message can do the same to your customers that Metallica and their songs did to my friends and me. Turn them into superfans, proud to give you their money again and again, eager for your new programs, and gung-ho to evangelize on your behalf. YOU become part of their identity. And that’s where the REAL money is.
  • Build deep rapport with your audience — When people feel a personal connection with you, when they relate to you on a deep level, they’re far likelier to buy from you.
  •  Motivate people to act — Whether the action is making a positive change in their life or pulling out their wallet—as long as it’s in their best interest and will help them get what they want—your content can be what persuades them to take that step.
  • Ascend them to your highest-ticket programs — A segment of your customer base will ascend to your most expensive programs. And there are ways, in your content, to maximize the size of this segment and their enthusiasm to ascend.
  •  Charge premium prices — Positioning determines value. Two coaches can be equally as effective at transforming their clients’ lives. But, because of positioning, one can charge 10-100X more than the other and have 10-100X (or even 1000X more) demand for their products or services. THAT’s the power of positioning. And your content is your absolute best opportunity to position yourself in a way that increases your value (but not the way most coaches try to do it).
  • Inspire and change lives — Your content can open minds, touch hearts, and impact lives. There are scores of comments on my blog from readers whose lives have improved because of the posts. Some were on the brink of suicide until they read one of the posts. Many have left unfulfilling careers, lousy relationships, and toxic friendships. They’ve gone on to chase their passions. They’ve started businesses, exercise regimens, and followed dreams. They’ve printed the posts and pinned them to the walls of their home or office to help remind themselves of the principles. Their comments are all over the blog. These are real people. Every one of them. Reading their comments is one of the most rewarding parts of what I do. My content did all that

​Your Content Can Transform Lives

​We’ve all read a book that bettered our life.

I can list dozens that have changed mine. Books that have made me happier and more peaceful. Grounded me more in the present moment. Made me more confident, a better communicator, healthier. More persuasive. Taught me how to achieve goals.

By revealing how to market, influence, and sell, my info product collection has made me millions of dollars more than I invested in it.

A TED Talk helped me find my purpose.

A YouTube video made me a better father.

Podcasts by Joe Rogan and Tim Ferriss have upgraded my health, mindset, and business.

Dozens of movies have inspired me. The Shawshank Redemption. Pulp Fiction. Good Will Hunting.

There are fiction novels that have made me kinder and more empathic. Made me question my life. Opened my mind to infinite possibilities.

The Bible, Quran, Torah, Bhagavad Gita, Tao Te Ching, Upanishads, Think and Grow Rich, How to Win Friends and Influence People, and The Power of Now have all changed millions of lives.


​Power To IMPACT 

​…goes far beyond your products and services.

The content in your email newsletter, blog posts, podcast, social media posts, FB group, or YouTube videos can transform lives.

Which, in turn, through ripple effect, transforms more lives.

The lives of people you’ll never meet.

And if you’re a coach or expert, I’m sure changing lives is important to you.

It’s an admirable way to earn a living. 

And if you’re good at what you do…

You shouldn’t have to rely on chasing down and wrangling up new leads and customers with costly ad spends.

Your content can generate leads and customers for you.

For free or a fraction of the price of paid advertising.

Your content can be…

​The Magnet The Draws ’Em In

​Any expert with a quality product can do this.

You don’t need to be charismatic.

Don’t need to be good at selling.

And you do NOT need to be a good writer.

In fact, if you prefer…

​You Don’t Need to Write At All

​Just because I use a blog, doesn’t mean you should.

Just because I primarily communicate in writing, doesn’t mean you need to.

I enjoy writing.

I do it a lot better than I talk.

If I talked better than I wrote, I’d probably do more videos or podcasts.

If YOU prefer videos, shoot videos.

Or podcast.

Or both.

If you enjoy writing, then blog like I do.

Or go with an email newsletter.

Or a Facebook group.

There are all sorts of ways to publish your content.

Video, audio, or written word…

​The Principles Are The Same
Regardless of Platform 

​You can successfully attract, influence, and sell with…

  • ​A blog
  • ​Email newsletter
  • ​Facebook page, profile, or group
  • ​Instagram
  • ​YouTube
  • ​Speaking engagements 
  • ​Print newsletter 
  • ​Podcast
  • ​Lead magnets
  • ​Books and ebooks
  • ​Webinars
  • ​Etc.

​And you do NOT need to use a bunch of these.

In fact…

​All You Need Is One Core Platform 

Many coaches and gurus weave their influence through a host of the platforms mentioned above.

Others successfully rely on a central platform, with one or two supportive ones.

A blog with the support of an email newsletter and a FB page and/or profile can work great (as it has for me).

My longtime client BigMike Straumietis—who founded and built the world’s most profitable cannabis company, Advanced Nutrients, a company that generates multi-millions of dollars every WEEK—does it with a podcast and an Instagram profile (where he now has 2.6+ million followers).

Before that, we used a blog. We’re doing it in a memoir as well. ​

Here's BigMike's ​sexy mug ​gracing the cover of the big ​industry magazines...

BigMike’s one of the interesting people you could hope to meet.

​He’s developed 53 advancements in the science of cannabis cultivation. 

​Has a 180 IQ.

​And was an outlaw from 1983-2001.

Living on the lam for half those years under seven different identities, he operated a 200-person black market cannabis syndicate that generated over $50 million a year.

​Today, with cannabis being legal, BigMike’s 100% legit and his company makes over twice that.

​Hanging out at his mansion on 10 acres in the Hollywood Hills, you’ll find California Governor Gavin Newsom, Everlast, Wiz Khalifa, Tommy Chong, Chuck Lidel, Tito Ortiz, Mike Tyson, Oscar De La Hoya, Trailer Park Boys, B-Real, and a host other celebrities.

Every time I go there, he’s introducing me to another big name.

​He also knows world leaders and political players at the highest levels of the American government.

​And has a huge heart.

​His charity feeds hundreds of thousands of hungry people.

​Now, he’s not an info-marketer or coach like most of my clients, but he’s adored by millions in his industry.

BigMike’s as guru as they come.

And none of it’s by accident.

The principles and methods of influence have been instrumental in his success. 

I have a ghostwriting client (I'm under an NDA with so I won't name him) who, like BigMike, leads a major industry and is the face of his brand.

He’s not very active on social media, however, he’s often featured in both print and electronic magazines as well as major news shows online and on television.

We pack each interview with INFLUENCE.

I outline bullets of what needs to be conveyed. Everything he says is deliberate. It’s all to make him more likable, human, and trustworthy, while at the same time fascinating people with his amazing abilities and displaying his undisputed authority.

One of my mastermind clients, ​Paul Mort, whose life is the epitome of the Hero’s Journey storyline, uses the techniques brilliantly on many platforms. Paul came back from deep depression, a firestorm of inner torment, and the brink of suicide to evolve into a hero and build Unstoppable Bastards, a group of men committed to leveling up their game in all areas of life.

They pay Paul well to lift them up, help shine a light on the bullshit stories in their heads holding them back, and push them beyond their personal barriers.

He has one of the strongest and most influential voices of any coach or leader you’ll find. A voice that—like mine—repels more people than it attracts. But those who resonate with it feel an unbreakable bond with Paul. 

That voice is reflected in every piece of content he releases, be it email, video, podcast, social media, from the stage, and behind closed doors with his devoted students. 

There are clearly ​established borders around Paul and his Unstoppable Bastards—something all cults have. There’s no wishy-washy middle ground. You’re either with Paul and his movement or you aren’t. And if you aren’t, get the fuck out of the way. 

Paul’s army of superfans will drop everything to go into battle with him at a moment’s notice. How many coaches can say that?

THAT’s the power of these principles. THAT’s what these methods can do.

Copywriter Justin Goff, who pulls seven figures from a list of less than a thousand subscribers, employs a handful of these strategies in his email newsletter and Facebook group (Justin & Stefan Talk Copy).

Colin Theriot and Dan Meredith have both built thriving FB groups (Cult of Copy and Coffee with Dan) where they're the gurus. And, like most of the names I'm listing here, these dudes apply only a fraction of the techniques. But they do it masterfully.

Hell, Dan makes it seem so effortless I don't even know if he's aware he's doing it or not. But through kickass content, drawing on timeless principles of influence, he's built himself a cult.

Colin's even labeled his a "cult"—CULT of Copy.

One of my early consulting clients, AJ Mihrzad—now a powerhouse coach's coach who's become a huge force in the industry—deploys a grip of these techniques on his personal FB and IG profiles, as well as stage presentations, podcasts, and video.

Here he is leading his tribe (who LOVE the guy, by the way, and pay him DAMN good money)...

I'm so proud of ​him AJ. Another of my ​previous clients clients I'm super proud of is Justin Devonshire​, who uses a multi-channel approach similar to AJ's and has built a number of lucrative fitness, coaching, ad agency businesses​​.

Here he is, doing his thing...

​The ol' harness racer leveraged it in his ALL his content. For outsiders, he mostly did it in his books, where he made you want to be an insider.

And for insiders, the core was his monthly print newsletters and weekly faxes. But all his programs were brimming with it.

Mr. Fun, relies primarily on email, paid FB ads, and videos. But it's in his products, webinars, and stage presentations as well.

Tony Robbins uses the fundamentals (and I'm NOT referring to NLP) in damn near everything he does. He's extremely calculated about it and it's a big part of what separates him from the masses of coaches making less than 10% what he does.

But you don't need a ton of platforms to make this work for you. Getting one right is better than a weak scattershot of a dozen.

Now, except for a few of the examples, most of these gurus use only a handful of the methods.

But that can be all it takes to make a coach, expert, or personality-based brand successful.

And, by all means, I encourage those who have a lot more time on their hands than money to invest in themselves to reverse engineer content from some of the gurus I've mentioned. All biz owners would be wise to some extent. 

But I'd be amazed if—after 1,000 hours of scrutinizing the material for clues—someone could pick up on even 15% of the strategies in my arsenal.

And there's a synergistic effect when certain techniques are used in concert that has BY FAR the greatest impact—most of which goes right under people's radars.

But when it comes to platform, there's plenty of flexibility.

As you can see, gurus are putting these principles to work in emails, podcasts, FB groups, blogs, Instagram, books, videos, products, stage presentations, webinars, wherever.

And that's part of the beauty of it...

You choose your platforms (provided those platforms make sense for your core audience).

But not only that...

​The Principles Are Evergreen  

​No matter how much technology changes the way we communicate and do business…

You can profit from these very same principles for the rest of your life…

…even if ten or twenty years, we’re all communicating by shooting thoughts to each other from little doo-hickeys surgically implanted in our brains.

Doesn’t matter.

The fundamentals don’t change.


​There Is a Caveat

​You MUST be great at what you do.

If you’re a coach, you better be damn good at it.

If you’re an information marketer, what you teach in your courses better work for those who take action on it.

Your product or service is the foundation of what you do.

If you build a house on a shaky foundation, it will crumble.

And if it crumbles on your customers, well, that ain’t gon’ be good.

But while having a strong foundation is crucial to support the structure of the house…

…it isn’t what sells the house. EVER.

People are buying YOU.

And what you MEAN to them.

And the most effective way you form that meaning is your content.

But as I said, NOT the way the social media experts teach it.

Now, earlier, I mentioned…

I Paid Almost $50,000 To a Consultant
For Something I Didn’t Even Want

​That consultant was the guru who personified the life a lot of internet marketers wanted.

A life I wanted.

It was Mr. Fun (and now I’m starting to think that sounds like a gay porn star’s name—not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Now, I already knew ​him.

I’d been to his different oceanfront hangout-slash-get-shit-done-pads a few times.

I’d sat on his sofa and, to the sounds of seagulls and girls playing volleyball outside, hit him with dozens of questions about how he did what he did. I always found him kind, funny, and an open book about his methods.

And his earlier info products were right up my alley.

In fact, I followed one religiously to launch my first info product.

But this new program of his…

Well…I knew I didn’t want it.

No question—it wasn’t for me.

Though I happily made the investment.

And I felt better about that purchase than any other I’d ever made.

At the time—almost a decade ago now—Fun had partnered with master salesman Kevin Nations on a program that taught what today is commonplace in the coaching industry:

Using strategy calls to close high-ticket coaching.

The program eventually popularized the strategy/breakthrough/discovery call model coaches use today.

​However, in 2010, it was the first I’d ever heard the expression “strategy call.”

I invested almost $50K in a two-day workshop, a day of private consulting, and a mastermind group.

And I was certain—still am—anyone, including myself, who implemented the model the way it was taught would realize a juicy return on their investment.

Of that, I had no doubt.

But here’s the thing…

As I’ve shared, I’m super introverted.

And had zero interest in even a doing a single damn strategy call.

That I was in a mastermind designed to teach the model—but was NOT going to make the calls a part of my business—became a bit of a running joke in the group.

Fun’d say, “I’m gonna get ya to do at least one of these calls.”

Not a chance.

​So Why The Heck Did I Invest
So Much Money In His Program?

​Because of the kind of content I’ve been talking about.

His content resonated with me. As did what he stood for—which was threaded throughout both the text and subtext of the content.

And out all the marketing gurus, he was the ONE I believed who held The Answer.

The ONE who could illuminate my path to salvation (which, for me, meant continued success doing what I love—something that did NOT or would not involve strategy calls).

Ever since first seeing his videos years earlier, I felt he had the secrets, strategies, and shortcuts I needed to realize the life I wanted—even though the others guys were louder, more dynamic, and made bigger promises.

Because of his content, I believed learning from him would be both painless and fun.

That buying from HIM would deliver me to the KINGDOM—where my goals and dreams would be my reality.

I was buying HIM.

And what he represented.

It was Monday, March 3, 1986, all over again.

The day Metallica released their third album, Master of Puppets.

An album I couldn’t wait till afternoon to get my hands on it.

So I ditched third period and snuck off to the indie record store across the street from the high school to be there the moment the shop’s punk rocker owner, Bazzle, cracked open that front door.

Sharing this with you now, I can hear the jingle of the little bell on that glass door, the door plastered with flyers for punk shows.

The song “Battery” blasted from the store’s sound system as I seized my treasure.

Like the thunderous, lightening fast tunes of Metallica’s early LPs had cast a spell on me, Fun’s how-to videos and emails had worked their magic on a heck of a lot of us internet marketers. 

We were always at the ready, the moment his new program went live.

As I was, once again, when I had an opportunity to invest nearly $50K with him.

An investment I’ve never questioned or regretted.

Even though I still haven’t done a single strategy call.

​THAT’s The Power Of Infusing Your
 Content With These Principles 

​It was the same as the ol' harness racer’s content.

Every piece—faxes, newsletters, books, seminars—reinforced the belief that investing with them was the absolute wisest thing you could do.

Each piece was laced with triggers from beginning to end. 

His products—which all kicked ass BTW—were stealth marketing pieces, influencing you to stick around and buy more of his programs.

Giant, educational, high-value sales letters for investing with him again and again and again.

The courses taught what you wanted to learn and made you want to buy more of his shit.

Made you want to ascend to his high-ticket coaching programs and mastermind groups.

To his herd of loyal customers, his name became synonymous with success.

THAT’S how you build a cult…

​ A GOOD Kind of Cult

​Some people reading this will, undoubtedly, be unable to associate the words “cult” and “guru” with anything but negative images.

They can’t see beyond the prophets of doom instructing their twelve-year-old sister brides to pass out the Dixie cups of Kool-Aid.

And that’s understandable.

It’s the context the words are often used in—especially “cult.”

Some close-minded individuals are incapable of accepting any meaning that doesn’t fit into that tiny little box of wickedness.

(Most of them probably haven’t read this far unless it’s for the joy of judging me—which I’m pretty sure accounts for about a quarter of my readers.)

The irony is, these same people typically belong to some of the largest cults on the planet. But, hey, we all have the right to see things our own way.

And it certainly isn’t my job to change anyone’s beliefs.

Likewise, what I’m about to share with you surely isn’t for everyone.

In fact…

​This Isn’t For Most People

​It is NOT for coaches and experts who think they know everything.

Or who have no fire in their belly to spread their message.

Who are content to say the same things as everyone else.

Who just want to make a buck but could care less about changing lives.

It isn’t for people who kinda, sorta, wanna hopefully build a successful personal brand.

It’s for those hell-bent on making it happen.

And very few people fit this second category.

​It’s For a Rare Breed 

​This is for the renegades.

Good-hearted badasses and anti-heroes who insist on playing by their own rules, lifting up others, and making an IMPACT.

The misfits and mavericks who refuse to make excuses.

Refuse to conform to the status quo.

Or tip-toe safely toward death with the masses (​​as Earl Nightingale​ said).

It’s for men and women who have something important to say—which is critical to crafting compelling content.

If the message isn’t compelling and the one sharing it isn’t passionate, no amount of influential wizardry and psychological triggers are going to make up for it.

People need to FEEL your message—the way one would feel a Johnny Cash, Al Green, or Black Sabbath song.

A fucking Chris Stapleton tune. John Coltrane. Public Enemy.

Elton John.

WHATEVER your style is.

Whatever your message is.

It has to be so important for you to share​ that nothing or no one could silence you.

Or stop you.

​Make you give up.


​There are a few more qualifications to using these strategies.

But first, I want to make it clear…

By “guru,” I simply mean a coach, expert, leader, info-marketer, or entrepreneur with a devout following.

The “cult” is that following.

To YOU, it'll mean…

​A Group of Customers Passionate
About Your Message Who 
Eagerly Give You Money

​… because they’re confident doing so will benefit them in significant ways.

And it ​MUST benefit them in significant ways.

There’s nothing negative about building this kind of cult or rousing mental and emotional activators to do it.

In fact, it isn’t just a good thing. It’s a great thing.

I'm about to ​show you dozens of testimonials from seven-, eight-, and nine-figure entrepreneurs TESTIFYING to how much my teachings have benefited them. 

Has improved their lives.

The list reads like a who's who of the ​coaching industry.

Yes, I employed psychological tactics to attract these clients and transform their lives and businesses. 

They paid me, and I shared the principles and strategies with them.

These have been win/win relationships where exchanges of massive value have taken place.

I’ve long been open about my use of stealth influence.

​People use these same psychological triggers to sell, seduce, and convert to their religion.

It’s how deals are closed, congregations built, and elections won.

It’s how lives are changed.

And, yes, some people have used the principles to do harm.

But they can be used to do a heck of a lot of good as well.

Like I believe you’ll use ’em for.

​These Principles and Strategies
Are So Powerful…

​They took a socially awkward guy like me—the worst salesman at 24 Hour Fitness—and enabled me to build a thriving personal brand with a devoted following of customers.

These methods delivered similar results for countless clients of mine—​whose success stories and testimonials I'm happy to share with you in just a moment.

And I’m positive can do the same for you.


​Do Yourself a Huge Favor

When your business takes off, don’t be an ass (like I was) and let it go to your head.

Now, if you have a healthy self-image, you’re good to go. Should be smooth sailing.

But my self-image was NOT (hell, my self-image is still flawed, but it’s lightyears ahead of where it was).

When I went from that guy who barely had the confidence to ask the front desk girl at 24 Hour Fitness for an employment application…

…to a few years later, having a massive following of customers singing my praise, sending me gifts, and lining up to pay my consulting rate of 125X per hour what I’d made at 24 Hour Fitness…

…my sense of self didn’t know what the hell to do!

So a war popped off inside me.

On one hand, I felt unworthy of my new place in life.

Unworthy of the recognition, money, and my value to the market.

So my subconscious fought to drag me back down.

Back to that little boy who believed his own father was ashamed of who he was.

It’s crazy how many things we do unconsciously.

Our subconscious perceives messages we aren’t consciously aware of, accepts suggestions, and we act on autopilot.

​It’s one of the reasons twining these methods of influence through your content can be so powerful.

Much of it works on the level of the subconscious.

Which is far stronger than our conscious mind.

But I made a fatal mistake.

While my self-worth couldn’t tolerate my success, my ego mistook ME—Big Chris McCombs—as the power behind it all.

But it wasn’t me.

I was NOT the force.

I simply employed methods that harnessed the immense power of influence.

It was the treasury of principles I’d discovered and the (albeit creative) practical application of them.

​THAT’s Where The Power Is

​Anyone can do it.

But my ego said, “Look at me! Look at me! I’m the shit!”

While five minutes later, my self-worth would say, “You’re a piece of shit.”

Back and forth: “I AM the shit. I’m a piece of shit. I AM the shit. I’m a piece of shit.”

Very similar sentences. HUGE difference in meaning.

So, all I’m saying is…

When You Use These Methods

​… if a swarm of people start buying all your shit, mailing you gifts, and praising you for changing their lives…

…don’t make the mistake I did.

Don’t buy into your own PR.

Remember, it’s the principles that have the power.

We’re merely the ones lucky enough to use ’em.

There’s a lot of great men and women in the guru industry doing a ton of good work.

But the industry is a magnet for insecure, narcissistic man-boys who didn’t get enough attention as a child.

And before you know it, like happened with me, as their following and bank account snowball, they develop Big Head Guru Syndrome (that’s an official condition in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition: DSM-5, by the way).

I’ve known a handful of info-marketers whose egos grew to the size of K2 (Ahem).

The exalted “guru” position becomes a chance to finally prove their worth.

I’ve witnessed this same phenomenon in countless successful friends.

Lack of self-worth can drive a person to achieve incredible things.

But it can also drag a person down to where, deep inside, they believe they deserve to be. That dark place none of us want to go.

People who suddenly find themselves successful go there all the time.

It seems every few weeks we hear about the tragic fate of another celebrity who sabotaged their career and life.

The world shouts at them that they’re fabulous, beautiful, talented. But inside, they feel anything but.

The key is, if you have self-worth issues, be aware, and keep yourself in check.

I wouldn’t wish what I put myself through on anyone.


If what I’ve been talking about resonates with you…

​Here’s What To Do

​I’m accepting a few private coaching clients.

We’ll work together over the phone (and/or video chat) as well as email.

I’ll reveal all the principles and methods (the exact steps) I use to help my clients build devout followings of superfans who buy from them again and again and again.

You’ll gain a deep understanding of how to push these psychological triggers in your content.

That alone is worth FAR more than your investment.

If you put it to use, it can be worth hundreds and hundreds of times your investment.

After all…

You can now reap the same rewards as my clients.

But we’re not going to stop there.

I'm going to help you put it into action.

This is something that, until now, I've never done in a coaching program. I've ONLY done it for my top-tier writing clients who pay me high 5- and 6-figure sums to ​work with me.

Clients who’ve EACH paid ​up to $800K for me to craft this kind of content for them.

​This is the first time I've made this available to anyone who hasn't ​invested ​a substantial amount of money with me (10 to 100+ times the investment of this coaching program).

Together, we’re going to develop a master content strategy that can attract your ideal customers, speak to the core of who they are and who they want to be, and…

Convert Them Into Superfans Eager To
Spend More and More Money With You

​Money to help them transcend their situation and make the life they’d trade anything for their new reality.

You can employ your new strategy on whatever platforms you want—blogs, podcasts, email, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, speaking engagements, lead magnets, etc.

With whatever content type you prefer—written, video, audio.

Because, as I said, these principles are evergreen.

So you’ll be beholden to no platform or algorithm.

But, fair warning, what we’re going to do may…

​Go Against What The Social
 Media “Experts” Advise 

​And these experts know far more about Twitter, Instagram, and hashtags than I do.

In fact, most teenagers do too.

I’m not saying their advice is wrong.

They have great ways to get likes, shares, comments, and even make some sales.

But the kind of content we’re going to deploy in your business will be foreign to most of these experts.

Because few of them know how to use content to…

​Position, Fascinate, Build Rapport, Inspire,
Motivate, Convert, Keep, and Ascend 

​Content that builds a cult-like following and gives you mass influence.

Few of these social media experts (or any types of experts) are even aware the strategies and the principles behind them exist.

But now YOU do.

Imagine what your business could look like once you put it all to work for you.

How much more you’ll be able to charge.

How much more in demand you’ll be.

The freedom of being to experience anything you want because you have the money to make it happen.

The ability to help as many people as you want because you know how to attract them.

AND keep them.

Your high-impact personal brand.

A brand that makes you money—even if you have a face like mine!

Now, as I’m sure you’re aware, it’s paramount that you BELIEVE you can do it.

And you can.

Of that, I have no doubt.

Though, YOU need to believe that.

YOU need to see it in your mind first.

So when I say imagine, REALLY fucking imagine it.

Picture yourself empowering and changing all those lives in profound ways.

FEEL it.

If helping people is your passion, this should feel damn good.

Sure, there may be some self-doubt.

But all self-doubt means is that you’re onto something great.

You’re expanding your comfort zone.

Preparing to evolve into the person you need to become to live the life you want to live.


If you have self-doubt, welcome it and take it as a sign that you’re on the right path.

At the start of an incredible journey.

And let’s focus on how many people you want to help and how you want to help them…

… and let’s put this stuff to work for you.


​​There Are a Few Conditions
 You Must Meet

​And this isn’t a “take-away” thing. Sure, there’s an element of that.

But that’s only a small part of it.

​You see, if I wanted to maximize conversions, this ​page would be a ​tiny fraction ​its length.

​In fact, m​any copywriters would tell me to lose ​95% of the page.

And definitely don't mention​ ​anything that would take people off the page.

​Well, if maximizing conversion was my main goal, that's what I would've done. A nice, tight, clean simple offer with only a big-ass button to schedule a strategy call. Not an extra word in sight.

But, you see, ​maximizing conversions is ​NOT what's most important to me.

WHO I work with is what's most important.

I'm only willing to work with coaches, experts, and entrepreneurs committed to what they do, passionate about it, and who care more about building ​a long-standing business and impacting a lot of lives ​​than they do raking in a bunch of quick cash.

That rare breed I mentioned earlier is who I'll work with—because they get results.

Men and women who ​know what they want and are willing to put in the work required. ​

Who are CERTAIN they have an important message to share.

CERTAIN they want to do this.

​No impulse buys, okay?

Only informed decisions based on where you want to take your personality-based business.

So, before you  invest, please read the conditions carefully.

Unlike most coaches and consultants, I don’t do strategy sales calls (at least not at this point in time).

To someone as introverted as I am, sales calls—of any type—feel like being dragged across concrete.

Now, I LOVE talking to clients—especially about THIS stuff.

They become success stories and are a delight to work with.

But I have no interest in jumping on the phone and trying to convince anyone of anything.

So, instead of writing a short landing page that sells a strategy call, and then talking to as many (or more) flakes and tire-kickers as there are individuals who are a good fit for this program…

​I sat down to write a blog post that would resonate with the right individuals.

​And this long-ass page with a bunch of ​funky stories from my life is what spilled outta me.

A page meant to repel those who are NOT a good fit as much as attract those who are.

​To Qualify

  1. 1
    You must currently be achieving at least some success in your business. If you’re just getting started and aren’t making any money yet, stay focused on the basics of sales and marketing before moving onto these more advanced strategies.
  2. 2
    You must have a basic understanding of sales and marketing. If you don’t yet know how to craft a simple direct response offer that converts, start with that. I’m not saying you need to be a master copywriter. Far from it, in fact. But you need to be able to present offers that elicit a response, whether it’s getting people to subscribe to your email list, schedule a strategy call, or pull out their wallet. ​
  3. 3
    You must be a cool, generally good person who’s a joy to work with. I don’t work with A-holes, complainers, excuse-makers, or defeatists.
  4. 4
    You must be motivated by something larger than just money. Yes, making money CAN be your number one goal. After all, this IS business. However, if money is your sole motivation, it’s going to come across in your content, which will lack heart and depth and fall flat.
  5. 5
    ​You must be passionate about what you do and excited to do it. If you’re looking for a “life coach” or someone to motivate you, that’s not me. I have blog posts that can help with that, but I don’t do that kind of coaching.
  6. 6
    ​You must take action. When I work with someone, I give A LOT of myself to them. I’m going to arm you with powerful strategies of influence and help you create a comprehensive master content plan infused with those strategies. But you have to actually post the content for it to work.
  7. 7
    ​You must agree to use what I teach you for good. No misusing it to sell products or services that don’t do what they’re supposed to. If your stuff works and does what you promise, great! Then this is for you. But if your products don’t work, get that in order before anything else.
  8. 8
    ​You must understand the scope of this program. If you’re looking for a coach to help you get clients from paid ads (Google, FB, IG), improve your funnels or strategy call conversions, write better direct response offers, or build a brick and mortar business—like a gym— there are other coaches who could better meet your needs (who I’m happy to refer you to).


​When it comes to creating the kind of content we’ve talked about, I know of only three people I’d consider at my level.

One is dead, another you’d have to pay $45K minimum to work with, and the other won’t teach it because he’s not a coach or guru. He makes a lot of damn money doing it though.

Now, to put it to work in your business…

​You Have Two Options

​(I plan to raise prices soon. I'm going to reward those ​who get in early ​by giving them the best price. It's only going to go up from here.)

Option One - Gold Program — $4,800

  • 4 Months Phone and Email Private Coaching, where I’ll download the principles and strategies from my mind into yours. 
  • ​Complete 4-month kickass content marketing plan — I’ll walk you through planning four months of fascinating, entertaining, rapport-building influential content that attracts, keeps, and ascends buyers.
  • 50% for a day of consulting — Normally, I charge $10,000 for a day of consulting, which I do at my home in Murrieta, California (about an hour’s drive northeast from the city of San Diego). At any time during the four months of the Gold program, you can do a day of consulting with me for $5,000 (saving you $5,000).

​Option Two - Platinum Program — $9,800

  • 12 Months Phone and Email Private Coaching, where I’ll download the principles and strategies from my mind into yours.
  • Complete 12-month kickass content marketing plan — I’ll walk you through planning an entire year’s worth of fascinating, entertaining, rapport-building influential content that attracts, keeps, and ascends buyers.
  • Comprehensive critique of up to 15 pieces of short- to medium-length content (or if the content is long, then 75 minutes of combined video content or 10,000 words of combined written material). I’ll point out any weakness and all the ways I’d make the pieces more impactful and influential. This is one of the best ways to get a firm grip on the principles and tactics we’ll be using to build your tribe.
  • 75% off for a day of consulting — As I said, I charge $10,000 for a day of consulting at my home in Murrieta, California. At any time during the twelve months of the Platinum Program, you can do a day of consulting with me for $2,500 instead of $10,000 (saving you $7,500).

​This kind of content has made my clients and me many millions of dollars.

For a lot of coaches, getting just one client covers the investment.

And I have no doubt that any coach who cares about helping people could, throughout their career, generate well over 100X that much business with these principles.

As mentioned, provided your product or service does what you promise, you have a basic understanding of direct response marketing, and you’re already achieving some success in your business, I believe…

​This Can Have a Greater Impact On
Your Business Than Anything Else 

​Now, in case you’re wondering why I accept coaching clients for only a few grand when people have paid me from $150K to over $800K apiece to write for them, it’s because…

For one, I don’t charge that much for all writing projects.

Those are major projects—some hundreds of thousands of words long.

And writing something of quality takes me a long damn time. I am NOT a fast writer.

Plus, more often than not, I’m maxed-out with writing projects

And too much writing and the words start to blur together.

However, I do have some bandwidth for consulting.

The calls are a refreshing change of pace.

A chance to take a break from all the writing and talk with fellow entrepreneurs about my favorite subject—using words to influence and help more people in more profound ways.


If you’ve read this page carefully, you know whether or not this is for you.

If it IS for you

To Get Started

  1. 1
    ​Click the button below
  2. 2
    Complete the application ​on the next page and click submit
  3. 3
    ​Select the program you want to join (Gold or Platinum) and pay ​

If, after reading your application, for any reason, I don’t feel we’re a good match, I’ll promptly refund your money.

However, this rarely happens. Hasn’t happened more than a couple times in the past 12 years. Though it HAS happened.

My offers (which are often long like this one) tend to weed out the weak and those who aren't a good fit and attract only action-takers who are a delight to work with.

(If you have questions, include them in your answers or send them here.)

Click this button to get started...

​​What Dozens of 7-, 8-, and
 9-Figure Entrepreneurs Have to Say...


​Founder and CEO of Advanced Nutrients (the most profitable cannabis company on the planet) and the
Creator of BigMike’s Blends.
@bigmike 2.7 Million Instagram followers ​

​Big Chris McCombs is master tribe-builder, storyteller, ​and marketing strategist, a magician with psychological triggers and the best influential writer in the ​world...

I know many of the big-name marketers and professional copywriters personally and consider myself a damn good copywriter. But running a company that does over $100 million a year doesn’t leave a lot of time for writing my own marketing copy ​and content.

And I’ve long believed in hiring the best. And when it comes to influencing people with ​stories and the written word, Big Chris McCombs IS the best in the world.

I've hired him for private consulting and to consult my entire team of content creators. And over the years, he’s done dozen, if not hundreds,  of writing projects for me in my voice—sales copy, magazine articles, blog posts, speeches, my soon-to-be-released memoir. I’m always blown away at the all the stealth tactics he uses to fascinate readers, influence them, and help me connect with them and impact them in big ways very few ​people on this planet are capable of

And the proof is in the bottom line.

​Chris McCombs is absolutely part of the reason my 9-figure-a-year company is as successful as it is today.

​Sam Bakhtiar

​​Founder and CEO of The Camp Transformation Center (with 110 locations) ​

​Within three months of hiring Big Chris McCombs I made back over 1000% on my investment…

No one knows how to connect with readers and make sales like Big Chris McCombs.

I hired Big Chris for marketing coaching and to create influential content and direct response marketing material for my business. His copy CONVERTED like crazy and on every call he gave me a step-by-step action plan. And right after each call, I implemented what he’d taught me and the results were immediate. Leads came flooding in.

Now, I know A LOT of smart, savvy entrepreneurs and marketers, but I can say with confidence that Big Chris knows sh*t about marketing that NO one has even ever heard of.  Some people call him a genius, but I say he’s a mad scientist.

No one has taught me more about marketing than he has. Using his strategies is like taking a stealth bomber to a gun fight.

Within three months of hiring Big Chris McCombs I made back over 1000% on my investment.

I now have over 100 locations and every day I’m CRUSHING my competition. My facilities are EVERYWHERE now.

“Oh, and Big Chris’s Mastermind? I’ve been in many and his is BY FAR the best I’ve ever attended."

​AJ Mihrzad

​Online Super Coach,
Author of The Mind Body Solution

Doubled my income while reducing my hours. Big Chris is my hero…

​Within five months of discovering Big Chris’s teachings, I over doubled my income while reducing my hours. He taught me how to work smarter instead of harder.

I was so impressed that I hired Big Chris to coach me. He immediately revamped my entire business, fast-tracked me to my new, much larger  income goals, and ultimately helped me live my dream life.

That said, I do have one regret—that I didn’t connect with him earlier in my career.

Believe in Big Chris, put his teaching into action, and he’ll take you to amazing places. He’s my hero and a constant source of inspiration.”

​Vince Del Monte

​Author, Founder of The 7-Figure Mastermind for Fit Pros

​Big Chris’s strategies help me keep readers engaged, convert them into evangelists, and enable me to compete with the big bodybuilding sites like T-Nation...

​I consulted with Big Chris on my blog. His insights, techniques, and philosophy is now resulting in a completely new experience for my readers and customer.

It’s hard to believe I never applied this type of mindset to my blog before.

Every time I went Big Chris’s blog, there was something about it that was different from anything else out there. Something I couldn’t put my finger on. Well, during on our consult, Chris explained what it was, how he did it, and how I could do it as well.

Big Chris’s strategies help me keep readers engaged, convert them into evangelists, and enable me to compete with the big bodybuilding sites like T-Nation.

He’s a wealth of marketing info. I love his passion and the enthusiasm he has for helping others. He’s truly a genuine and inspiring man.

J​ustin Goff

​The King Of Converting Offers On Cold Traffic

Big Chris is one of the best marketers I know online (and I know A LOT of ’em)…

“Big Chris truly understands how to tap into the psychological triggers that we all have, and it’s something that really puts him on another level from other marketers.

When I first started my mastermind group, Big Chris was the #1 person that I wanted to have in the group. He really understands everything from PPC, SEO, social media, copywriting, and blogging.

You’re a NUT if you don’t buy the products and services Chris puts out."

​Clay Collins

​Founder Leadpages
Co-founder and CEO at Nomics.

Within three months my income tripled. Within three more months I tripled it again. And again. And again...

​Without exception, every time I tall to Big Chris he gives me an idea that directly results in at least five figures in revenue to my business

I’d read all the books and gone through all the courses. Spent a lot of money and time doing what the consultants, and gurus, and teachers TOLD me would work.

But it was Big Chris McCombs who got me to believe I could succeed online. That it wasn’t just a pipe-dream created by marketing gurus to sell me expensive shit.

Big Chris actually took me behind-the-scenes of a product launch he’d done and showed me exactly what he did.

Because of Chris, I started executing like a madman, adopted an I-can-do-anything outlook, and nailed down an airtight PLAN as well as a simplified, workable structure for moving forward.

Within three months of adapting Chris’s plan of attack to my market, my income tripled. Within three more months I tripled it again. And again. And again.”

​Dan Meredith

​Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Big Cheese at Coffee with Dan

If Big Chris writes something, read it. If he gives you the chance to work with him, TAKE IT…

​There’s a phrase: ‘Judge a man by the company he keeps’

Just look at who’ve taken their time to leave their thoughts - it’s a veritable ‘who’s who’ of people who are (in their own ways) are making the world a better place and have learned, in one way or another, from Chris.

This giant of a man has an unnerving ability to weave a narrative that grabs you by the throat and demands your attention.

He is real. He is raw.

That, and he has not only ‘walked the walk’ - fallen - and got back up again to the highest levels with a force of will that compels to take stock of your own life and take massive action

It doesn’t matter whether it’s enthralling stories or superlative sales advice. But Chris has got you covered

His words have changed the lives of many of my friends and mine too.

If he writes something? Read it

If he gives you the chance to work with him? Take it

​Paul Mort

​​Leader of Men  Unstoppable Bastards

Big Chris is a master at influencing people and inspiring them to ACT…

​Big Chris McCombs is not just a master marketer, he’s a master at influencing people in a REALLY entertaining way. He bonds with readers, taps deep into their emotions and what’s going on in the back of their minds and the bottom of their hearts, and inspires them to act—whether that means clicking an order button, sharing what he’s written with their friends and loved ones, or replacing a deep​ly entrenched negative habit with a new, positive, empowering one.

His writing builds tribes, makes sales, and ​transforms lives. He inspires people to stop making excuses and rise up to be their best, most badass fucking selves. Its easy to see why his posts are often shared thousands and thousands and thousands of times. And why, when people discover him, they instantly become loyal reader (secretly, I wish I was as good as him)

In a sea of blah-blah coaches, writers, and gurus, and same-old, same-old content, Big Chris and his influential, entertaining, RAW and real writing stands out like a beacon in the fucking black.

And his Mastermind was a major game-changer for me. I thought I had things dialed in until I attended his mastermind. It was the most advanced marketing discussion I’d ever been involved in and changed the way I see marketing, persuasion, and influence forever and I also made some friends for life

It was the smartest room I’ve ever been in and I’ve had life changing results since"

​Jason Ferruggia

​Host of Renegade Radio and The Most Popular Strength Training Blogger in The World

Big Chris is THE MAN when it comes to captivating an audience and creating a tribe…

I’ve learned SO MUCH by consulting with ​Big Chris McCombs and studying his methods, and I know that what he’s taught me will continue to pay huge dividends long into the future.

If you want to learn how to create a readership of raving fans and have people counting the seconds til’ your next blog post or update, do what exactly what​ he tells you.

​Big Chris is THE MAN when it comes to blogging, captivating an audience and creating a tribe. NO ONE understands it like he does.

I can see through people fairly easily. And, unlike a lot of marketing dudes, he’s also a really good person. He genuinely gives a shit and is the REAL deal.

And his mastermind for exceeded my expectations. A total game-changer for me and a great experience on so many levels. The speakers were awesome, the advice priceless, and the people all really cool. I made lifelong friends with some super cool mofos at that event.

​Travis Jones

​Founder and CEO of the $10M+/yr Results Based Training chain (with over 15 locations in AU),  as well as Attain Digital Agency, Think Tank Australia

Within one month of hiring Big Chris, he added five-figures to my monthly income…

​Big Chris McCombs was my first business coach.

Within one month of hiring him, he added five-figures to my monthly income. I knew right away that, with Big Chris’s help, I’d make millions.

When I first learned about his Mastermind in Vegas, I’d just gone through some personal and business challenges and money was tight. This was before I had gyms all over the place and my businesses were doing eight figures a year.

I saw all the big names in his group of not just high-level fitness entrepreneurs and gurus, but big-name internet marketers.

I had to be part of it. But the five-figure investment was more than I could come up with.

Then I saw Chris promote a contest. Whoever did the most interesting thing with his brand (Kick Back Life, at the time) could win a seat at the  Mastermind.

So I tattooed the name of his site (Kick Back Life) on my back and won the contest.

I flew from Australia to Las Vegas, attended the two-day event, and turned around and flew straight home.

That Mastermind is by far the best event I’ve ever been to and it was a privilege to be part of it. Just one little thing I learned helped me sell out a brand new program with fifty new paying client in a matter of days. And the connections I made are priceless.

​Craig Ballantyne

​Author​ and Coach to High-Level​ Entrepreneurs

Added over $125K…

​I got SCHOOLED by Chris McCombs when it comes to the latest and greatest blogging secrets that 10X my traffic.

In one 45-minute call he added over $125K in value to my business."

​Katrina Scott

​Television Personality, Personal Trainer,  and Co-Founder—with partner Karena Dawn—of the Multi-Million Dollar Tone It Up brand.

We no longer have to work at a gym and our online business runs itself...

​Hey Big Chris! Just wanted to tell you that Karena and I appreciate everything you have helped us with!

​With your coaching we made things happen. When we applied your strategies to our business, we were able to really build our brand.

Things have exploded for us!

We no longer have to work at a gym, we now put all of our energy into our brand while our online business runs itself.

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you.”

​Rusty Moore

​Fitness Author, Blogger, Owner of Visual Impact Fitness

Big Chris can take a plain-old blog, turn it into a traffic-getting, money-making machine, and build a large online following of eager readers and buyers...

​I get millions of visitors to my blog each month. And I can vouch that  Big Chris McCombs is the master when it comes to blogging. Guy’s on another level.

I’ve spent hours dissecting and reverse-engineering many of Big Chris’s innovative blogging techniques. And not just what’s on the surface. There’s a lot of under-the-radar tactics he uses to connect with readers at the core of who they are.

Big Chris is the one guy I know who can take a plain-old blog, turn into a traffic-getting, money-making machine, and build a large online following of eager readers and buyers. Few bloggers have a more loyal following than he does.”

​Shawn Phillips

​​Author and
Instrumental in ​the succces of EAS, with ​annual sales exceeding $300 million

​It's clear why people pay him the BIG money​…

​I’m grateful for Big Chris. His mastermind was an incredible opportunity for me to meet and connect with other A-list members and amazing presenters. One of which, was Big Chris himself.

Being in the room with Big Chris and seeing him cut through people’s BS and limitations with ease and clarity made it clear why people pay him the BIG money to get them on a path to success and freedom.”

​Dave Miz

​Internet Marketer

​Big Chris just GETS IT like no one else when it comes to using a blog to make A LOT of money​..​.

​I’ve been around the internet marketing circles for quite awhile, do very well online myself, know almost all the top guys personally and there’s not a lot I haven’t seen.

​Until I met Big Chris​.

He does things with a blog NO ONE else does. His content is ​badass​ and full of attitude, it influences and per​suades, and he's used it to build a ​COMMUNITY full of engaged readers who ​always want  more from him.

He's a master at a getting laser targeted traffic, ​developing deep rapport with them, and getting them to pull out their wallets.

And most of all, his readers are as LOYAL as they come.

​Big Chris just “gets it” like no one else when it comes to using a ​blog to make ​A LOT of money online


​Callie Durbrow

​Owner Durbrow Performance Training

​With Big Chris’s help I’ve doubled my income and cut my work hours in half…

I was immediately drawn to Big Chris’s ideas and systems. I love personal training but was putting in twelve hours days. I felt stuck.

So I hired Big Chris.

Right from the start he made everything real simple and easy to follow for me.

He helped revamp my website, get it to the top of Google, and automate my marketing and client generation. I now sit back and the clients come to me—on autopilot.

Big Chris also got me to work smarter. So I was able to cut my work hours in half while getting more accomplished.

He helped increase demand for my services so much that I’m now able to pick and choose who I want to train. And my sessions are all jam-packed with clients willing to pay what my services are worth.

With Big Chris’s help, my client retention rates are at an all-time high, I’ve doubled my income, and cut my work hours in half.

I’ve purchased many of his programs, joined his mastermind, and hired him not only once for coaching, but because I was so happy with the result, re-hired him again the following year.

Big Chris’s coaching has given me not just the confidence to succeed and the system and tools to do it, but he’s given me back my freedom and my time.

​Zach Hunt

​Gym Owner

​What I’ve learned from Big Chris’s coaching has paid itself back over 100X over…

Investing in Big Chris McCombs's coaching is, without a doubt, the single best investment I’ve ever made in my business.

With his help, I went from averaging $39 an hour to $237 per hour AND I cut back my work hours by 50%.

His strategies, business systems and never-ending flow of cutting-edge ideas have saved me years of trial and error.  He’s short-cutted my business success and ​enabled me to dominate my local area on AND off the Internet.

What I’ve learned from Big Chris’s coaching has paid itself back over 100X over and added a ton of freedom in my life.

And it’s not just his coaching. His mastermind is the best around. A few small tweaks I made after what I learned at the meeting made an extra $20K within a few days and will probably add $200K to my business over the next year.

Like I said, his coaching is the best investment I’ve ever made in my business.”

​Kardena Pauza

​Miss America Fitness 2007

​Big Chris helped me set up systems that consistently bring in an  ADDITIONAL $5,378.67 to $13,239.53 every month…”

​Before working with Big Chris, I was a little skeptical because of his brutally-honest, rough-around-the-edges personality. But he was also real down to earth.

Well, I’m happy to say that working him is BY FAR one of the best things I have ever done for for my business. He knows how to generate high-paying clients better than anyone.

Big Chris helped me set up systems that consistently bring in an   ADDITIONAL $5,378.67 to $13,239.53 every month.”

I can’t thank him enough.

​Chris "The Bulldog" Collins

​Business trainer, best-selling author, and co-host of the Business Outlaws podcast  

A jedi-mind-trick artist who uses words to captivate, entertain, and persuade…

​Big Chris McCombs has ghostwritten A LOT of copy for me. He hooks readers and tells stories that gets them to take the actions I want them to take.

I’ve hired quite a few copywriters over the years, but none like Big Chris. Others just don’t hold a candle to him.

He truly is in a league of his own—a jedi-mind-trick artist who uses words to captivate, entertain, and persuade."

​Dustin Martorano

​Gym Owner Real Results Fitness and Performance and Small Business Specialist

​I went from barely scraping by to owning numerous 7-figure facilities…

​I’ve been a coaching client and writing client of the DOMINATOR Big Chris McCombs for over ten years.

Before discovering Big Chris I was just your average personal trainer with a small studio making $2,500 to $3,000 per month.

I could barely pay my bills, had no spending money, was living at home, and was a slave to my dying business.

Life sucked.

The economy had taken a major hit and people all around me where losing their homes. It seemed no one had money to spend on personal training.

Every day I struggled to remain positive and was VERY close to giving up on my business altogether, shutting the doors of my studio, and heading back to the 9-5 day job world.

Then something happened that changed my life forever.

I found Big Chris online and things started to turn around right away.

He taught me how to market, sell, manage my time, and delegate and outsource most of my business.

I went from hating my business to loving it. From working long hours to short hours. From barely scraping by to owning numerous 7-figure facilities.

Without Big Chris’s help that never would’ve been possible.

And, from what I’ve learned from Big Chris, I consider myself a better copywriter than 99+% of the people in my industry

But I still hire him to write my important copy to this day.

Over the years I’ve hired Big Chris for dozens and dozens of writing projects. Maybe over 50 projects.

Other gym owners think I’m crazy for spending thousands and thousands of dollars for someone to write my ads, emails, and landing pages.

What they don’t understand is, what Big Chris writes CONVERTS.

And because of how well it converts, I make my investment back right away and then enjoy a nice, fat ROI.

Big Chris is hands down the best coach and writer I’ve ever known and has helped me to build a life I didn’t think I was capable of building.

And one of the many things that separates him from your typical marketing expert, is that he CARES.

He really cares and loves seeing people succeed.

John Hart

​Author of six New York Times bestsellers and the only author in history to win the best novel Edgar Award for consecutive novels,

I wish I’d written it…

​Big Chris intrigued me. So I clicked around and found my way to his 37 Ways to be a Badass blog post. Wow.

He says some spot-on things about how to approach life. I almost never share articles or posts on my official author site, but this one I had to.

I love the way this guy thinks.

When he talks about being a badass, what he's touching is important.

It's thoughtful, deep, and I wish I'd written it.

I’ve since gotten to know Big Chris and have read a lot of what he’s written.

He’s is an incredible writer and storyteller. He’s shared private drafts with me of a book he’s been working on that I believe will be a New York Times Bestseller.

​Dan Clay

​Founder and owner of Dangerously Fit, Sydney’s most in-demand fitness training program.

Because of Big Chris I’ve gone from two locations to seven, cut my hours by 2/3, and over doubled my income…

Before hiring Big Chris McCombs, I was working over 60 hours a week, struggling financially, and was SO burned out.

I never had time to do fun things like hang out with friends.

I was skeptical about hiring a coach because I didn’t know who I could trust. But something about Chris’s content spoke to me.

Big Chris released videos explaining how driving traffic to websites got him so many fitness training clients he had 15 trainers working for him,

And the entire business was on autopilot! It relied on systems instead of Chris.

And there I was, working super-long hours with little to show for it. I had to learn his secrets.

So I hired Big Chris and flew from Australia to California for a day of intensive coaching.

At Chris’s home he helped me develop an aggressive business plan. He laid out the entire blueprint for me where my websites would do all the  marketing for me like his sites were doing for him.

Once I got back to Sydney, I put the plan into action. Over email and video chat, Big Chris guided me every step of the way. He helped me outsource nearly all the personal training and boot camps to a team of trainers as well as ALL the billing and admin work to a person assistant.

He saved me YEARS of trial and error.

Any challenges that came up, Big Chris he helped me overcome them.

The plan worked. My websites did all the heavy lifting marketing work.

We’ve been signing up two to three new training every day. It’s literally— and I mean literally—like having a 24/7 cash machine!

Because of hiring Chris, I’ve gone from two locations to seven, cut my hours by 2/3, and over doubled my income.

And best of all, I now have time to hang out with friends and take off for holiday, which I didn’t have before.

Adam McKenzie

Performance Coach, Author, Owner of Multiple Fitness Facilities

​From losing $10K/mo to profiting $20-$25K/mo…”

When I first hired Big Chris, I was losing $10K per month and was living in fear.

Chris helped I turned everything around. I soon went from losing $10K/mo to profiting $20-$25K/mo.

He also helped me become more productive, work ON my business instead of IN my business, work fewer hours, and build my business around the lifestyle I wanted.

It was his coaching changed everything for me.

Adam ​Prowse

​Owner Adam Prowse Personal Training Gyms (2 locations)

​I now have 14 personal trainers working for me…

​When I hired Big Chris McCombs, I was a trainer at a gym. Big Chris’s coaching helped me open my own facility and hire a team of 14 personal trainers.

And, with his coaching, I just opened a second facility and am accomplishing things I never could’ve imagined before joining his program.

​Justin Blum

​Owner Raw Fitness

​My business is growing faster than ever...

​I’ve been in A LOT of masterminds all across the country but Big Chris’s blows all the others away. By FAR the best. The attention we received and guidance from high-level entrepreneurs and marketers was second-to-none.

No one held back. What I learned is helping my business grow faster than ever.”

​Dustin Maher

​Gym Owner, 10 Locations, Over 100 TV Appearances

I was making 5K/mo, now I make $35K/mo and ​ work less...

​​Big Chris showed me how to blog. He helped me monetize ​me, position myself as the expert, and get interaction from my readers.

​Before starting the blog I was making about 5K/month as a personal trainer and bootcamp instructor. I now bring in over 35K each month and I work ​less!

But​ more importantly, I am able to connect with my audience and build a relationship with them. 

​I don’t know a better way to gain so much credibility. ​

If you don’t have a blog, or if have one and it doesn't get traffic, you are crazy not to invest with Big Chris. It could change your life and revolutionize your business, like it did mine."

​Sako Yakinian

​Owner No Limit Personal Training

​With Big Chris’s help my business exploded…

​Before Big Chris McCombs’s coaching, I was just another personal trainer working long hours and barely scraping my.

Chris told me what to do and I did it. My business exploded. Within months I was booked solid and hiring a team of trainers.

I now have a team of 8 trainers, a massive client base, and the most popular personal training gym in my area—with the best retention rates of any gym I’m aware of—and I invest ZERO money in paid marketing.

​Carrie Kukuda

​Owner Get A Grip Total Fitness 

​Best Mastermind​ I’ve ever attended…

​Big Chris’s Mastermind is BY FAR the best I’ve ever attended. Top-notch presenters and amazing people. Everyone was super nice. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

And the takeaways were priceless

​Nate Green

​Fitness Blogger, Author,
Help grow Precision Nutrition into the world’s largest and most respected nutrition coaching company

Big Chris’s techniques get immediate results…

“I’ve written for major newsstand magazines, huge Internet fitness sites, and even had Penguin publishing buy and distribute my book, Built for Show. 

But none of that compares to the reach and impact my blog has.

Big Chris McCombs is a master blogger and his techniques get immediate results.

He knows how to create a blog that WORKS.



​The Injury Fixer

​If it wasn't for Big Chris I wouldn't be living the coaching dream life I am today. 

​Larry Clay

​Martial Arts and Boot Camp Facility Owner
Krav Maga Instructor 

True master of marketing…

​Not one person was a slacker in Big Chris’s Mastermind group. High-level entrepreneurs and marketers with massive followings, 7- and 8-figures per year business, and they were all so humble and cool. I learned more about marketing in one weekend than in all the years before it.

Chris McCombs is one of the true masterminds of marketing and at bringing brilliant business and marketing minds together.

His insight into buying behavior astonishes me.

​Jeff Olah

​Fiction Author

Big Chris helped me achieve the life of my dreams…

​When I found Big Chris’s blog I was ready to give up. I told myself that it was just too hard, that I wasn’t good enough, and that success would never happen for me.

And after wasting thousands of dollars on other mentors and coaches, I was nearly broke.

I found Big Chris’s blog late one night ended up reading for almost four hours. I was enthralled.

I couldn’t stop. I’d never read anything like it.

Big Chris’s advice was written specifically for my situation, and after digging through all the gold, my entire perspective had changed.  

I can’t express enough or even properly convey—even though I’m an author!—how Big Chris’s words changed my life.

In less than six months after finding his blog, I was able to leave behind my day job, work exclusively online, build a successful fiction writing  career, and spend more quality time with my family.  

Big Chris and his blog helped me realize and achieve the life of my dreams.

​Jon Le Tocq

​Owner Storm Force Fitness

​Having a bigger impact on my life and business than anything I’ve ever done…

Big Chris’s Mastermind weekend was EPIC. I’m in the process of implementing all the incredible business and marketing strategies I learned.

I want to take to take an annual sabbatical to California to be around the people in the group. It was incredible.

The Mastermind is having a bigger impact of my life and business than anything I’ve ever done.”

​Valerie Waters

​Celebrity Personal Trainer,
​ Clients includes Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck, Jim Carrey, Jennifer Lopez, Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere.
Inventor of the Valslide

Best investment I’ve ever made...

I’m not much of a people person. I prefer one-on-one. So I wasn’t sure if Big Chris’s Mastermind would work out for me. I was coming out of a tough time and looking for some inspiration and a cool tribe of people to run with.

Well, some of the brightest and in the industry were in the group, and Chris had a brilliant speaker line-up. So I figured I’d go and learn a few things.

What happened was, that weekend blew my world away. I would not trade the weekend for anything. The group led by Big Chris was smart, supportive, kickass and a A LOT of fun.

Hands down the best investment I’ve ever made, and I spend A LOT on education.

​Dan Go

​Body Transformation Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Helped me create a business that runs on it’s own... ​

​Big Chris changed my life and the way I do business forever and helped me accomplish the following:

- Go from working 20 hours a week in my business to ZERO hours per week

- Helped me go from making $60K/yr to multiple 6 figures a year now with my sights 7 figures

- Help me dominate my competition in Google

- Helped me create a business that runs on it’s own, enabling me to take 3 months off to go to Asia this year

I don’t know where I’d be without Big Chris’s coaching program and products. I cannot thank him enough.”

​Mandy Gibbons

​​​Mind & Transition Transformation Coach for Resourceful Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Visionary Leaders, and Change-makers

​​​Empowers The Hell Out of Entrepreneurs​ …

​Big Chris McCombs energy is freaking contagious. This epic dude, leads by example... says what he means and is relentless with his huge heart, drive, dedication and passion for getting results...

​Chris inspires and empowers the hell out of entrepreneurs to rise with fire substantially (financially and strategically) via his writing, coaching and leadership... His blog posts alone spit out gold nuggets creating chain reactions of people stepping-the-hell up big time. His actions and impact speak for themselves.

Not only is he phenomenal at aggressively (and successfully) making shit happen at the pace of speed of light, for himself and his clients... He's created a movement that changed the face of the internet, #notfuckingjoking #damntruth...

To top it all off he's a genuinely top bloke and an amazing husband and father.

​Aaron Guyett

​Gym owner, Marine, Onnit’s Master Battle Rope Trainer

Helped me get almost 100 paying clients in just 3 months…

​Big Chris’s lead generation strategies helped me get almost 100 paying clients in just 3 months.

I had to hire a sales team to handle for all the calls coming in. Big Chris strategies had been the main course of new clients clients for my gym and personal training company.

​Adamn Toohey

​Personal Trainer and Boot Camp Business Owner Australia and Canada

​With Big Chris’s help I’ve achieved more in the last 6 months than I achieved in the 6 years before…

After seeing the kind of value Chris was delivering on his blog, I jumped on board for his AMAZING program.

Because of that program I not dominate Google for all my keywords.

With Big Chris’s help I’ve achieved more in the last 6 months than I achieved in the 6 years before."



​Former fitness pro turned copywriter and marketing consultant

​There are VERY few people in this world who know how to attract, bond, and inspire people to take action like Big Chris…

​​I know a lot of savvy entrepreneurs, marketers, and copywriters. But when it comes to crafting messages that enthrall readers, converting those readers into customers, and building cult-like tribes of clients, Big Chris is an absolute master.

Some people say blogs are dead. Well, if Big Chris got that memo, his crumbled it up and burned it, because he keeps adding nuggets of pure gold to his blogs that are helping coaches, marketers, and entrepreneurs add 6-7+ figures to their businesses. And that’s just from his free content. No wonder so many people are more than happy to fork over handfuls of hard-earned cash to work with him.

If you're looking for the shiny, buttoned-up guru, perched high on a pedestal, Big Chris ain't your guy. The dude is REAL. He’s full of passion, tells it like it is, and is a maestro at working the psychological triggers most people (including most marketers) don’t even know exist.

​Kevin Hutto

​​Founder Clients Everyday, marketing strategist, and the secret weapon behind of many of the most successful, big-name marketers in the world, whose names you know

Big Chris is a master of his craft and one of them and is one of VERY few people I fully endorse and would ever trust to write something in my voice...

​I met Big Chris at an internet marketing event in 2008, where we instantly clicked. Here was this giant, intimidating-looking guy who was kind, passionate, and spoke from the heart. The dude is REAL.

At the event he was advising Clay Collins, who went on to found the mid-eight-figure-a-year company Lead Pages, on how to use stories and entertaining blog posts to build a tribe and SELL to them, which Big Chris was doing on his blog, using the kind of influential writing Dan Kennedy and Gary Halbert would be proud of.

I began watching Big Chris’s moves right away. He’s as non-techie as they come, but amazingly, in a personal training business he then owned in Orange County, he’d personally optimized a website for hundreds of keywords terms his ideal clients would use to search for personal training.

Attracting nothing but free, organic traffic, the website used stories to convert visitors into leads and clients. It generated enough business for Big Chris to employ 15 personal trainers. And he systemized the entire company so it ran on autopilot. It was an incredible business model.

I watched as Big Chris used influential storytelling on his fitness business blog to attract trainers and gym owners as coaching clients and successfully launch a $2,000 information product called Market Annihilator, where he taught his online marketing strategies to the fitness industry. It was the largest launch his industry to date. And Big Chris did by releasing entertaining, no-holds-barred, often funny content that transfixed his audience.

Suddenly, trainers and gym owners all over the world were making a killing with Big Chris’s marketing tactics. Many of his customers and clients went on to do seven and eight, and even nine figures a year. A lot of the big names in the fitness industry today started as coaching clients of Big Chris. I’ve seen the testimonials they’ve left for him, attributing much of their success to him and his methods.

I watched as Big Chris built his personal blog, telling raw, real, uncensored stories that inspired people to make positive changes in their lives. His posts took off like wildfire and were shared all over the internet, thousands and tens of thousands of times.

I watched as other marketers and bloggers knocked off Big Chris left and right. Many tried to use his voice instead of their own. But one glaring differences is, Big Chris CARES about his readers and clients and it SHOWS. He sees them as the real people they are and speaks to their core. That place inside us all that so many of us spend our lives unconsciously trying to cover up.

Through a combination of talent, passion, and hard work, Big Chris finds the sweet spot inside his reader and move their minds and hearts. I know only a small handful of people addicted to writing great persuasive copy. Big Chris is a master of his craft and one of them and is one of VERY few people I fully endorse and would ever trust to write something in my voice. When Big Chris works on a project for himself or someone else, he obsesses over it until it’s right where it wants it. He can’t help it… It’s who he is." 



​Underground Strength Gym ​& ​​Underground Strength Coach Certification

​Double my business rapidly…

​Big Chris’s coaching rocks big time.

I have NEVER been given such laser focused, powerful information on how to double my business rapidly.

Big Chris is THE Man and anyone who wants to double their income would be wise to hire him—but only if you’re ready to take action!” 



​International Speaker & Leading Business Expert for Coaches, Trainers & Speakers

​As a direct result of working with Big Chris, I have multiple successful businesses than run FOR me, a team of ten people, financial security, lifestyle freedom, and fulfillment from impacting lives all over the world...

If you’re an expert, coach, trainer, or have knowledge to share with the world, listen to Big Chris McCombs. He completely turned my life around. Before I found Big Chris, I was new to the coaching industry. I didn’t know how to market and didn’t understand the business side of running a coaching business. I assumed that because I had a certification people were going to line up to work with me, but that didn’t happen. Basically no one was hiring me to coach them, which made me super insecure. I thought lowering my prices might be the answer. I questioned the value I was offering. But then I heard about Big Chris. And is content was incredible.

I was a bit skeptical before hiring him. I mean, I knew he was successful and had helped a ton of his clients become successful. But I was low on cash and the investment to work with Big Chris wasn’t cheap. But I thought if I took action and did exactly what Big Chris said, I’d be able to make a fast return on investment. So I put down the last bit of money I had, and flew over 7,000 miles from Cyprus to the United States and work with Big Chris.

He gave me step-by-step systems of everything I needed to do. And his super high customer support was awesome. Big Chris was always there for me, at my side, every step of the way, to help me through whatever I needed. The big guy generally CARES about all of his clients and wants to see them succeed. He’s very passionate about helping people.

Knowing Big Chris was in my corner gave me the clarity and confidence to get results.

I first applied his organic marketing strategies and began attracting online clients right away. He helped me stand high above my competitors and build a tribe of online clients. I then applied his paid advertising strategies and my business took off even more.

I more than got an immediate ROI on my investment right away and have since built a number of other online businesses, including an advertising agency and a business similar to Big Chris’s, where I now help other coaches and entrepreneurs owners grow their businesses and I’ve had A LOT of success with it.

Big Chris’s strategies have directly been responsible for multiple successful businesses I’ve built in fitness, coaching, and personal development. And, 8 years later, what Big Chris taught me still works because it’s based on timeless fundamental principles.

If you’re a genuine person, have REAL value to give, and are passionate about helping your clients and customers, listen to Big Chris and do what he says.

It’s not “get rich quick.” It’s “add value quick,” get paid well for it, and have a long-standing business doing what you love and impacting a lot of people.

My life today is incredible. I started out as a one-person show, I’ve built and run several success coaching business and have a team of 10 people helping manage the day-to-day operations, allowing me to work on the parts of the businesses that are, to me, the most fulfilling.

I get to work on the big picture stuff. I get to make content every day that enjoy. I get to work with the best clients. I get to travel around the world, speaking and training other coaches. And I get to live the way I want to live. I now have businesses than run FOR me, have financial security, and lifestyle freedom and fulfillment knowing that the work I’m doing is impacting so many lives. And that’s ALL a result of working with Big Chris."

​​Blog comment left by ​the Pre​z ​...

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  • ​​Comprehensive critique of up to 15 pieces of short- to medium-length content (or if the content is long, then 75 minutes of combined video content or 10,000 words of combined written material). I’ll point out any weakness and all the ways I’d make the pieces more impactful and influential. This is one of the best ways to get a firm grip on the principles and tactics we’ll be using to build your tribe.
  • ​Option to get 75% off for a day of consulting — ​IF, at any time during the twelve months of the Platinum Program, ​you want to do a day of consulting with me, you can get it for $2,500 instead of $10,000 (saving you $7,500). ​But that is not part of today's transaction. It's simply an option available to you during the ​12 months.

​Whichever option works best for you.


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