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Letting It Out Of Its Cage



The last thing he wanted was anyone looking in the trunk of his car ….

… Wait a minute, let me back up real quick …

It all started with Gary, a well-built personal trainer from Dallas Texas

After slamming down some tri-tip and beans before his next training session, at the BBQ joint right down the street from his gym, Gary tells the manager about the outstanding service he just received from Lani his waitress

D1597E0B-26DD-492A-A4E9-5C774C59A43CAs well as leaving Lani a hefty 30% tip

When the manager tells Lani about the Kudos she’s just received from Gary and she sees the generous tip he left, she’s immediately in good mood.

All fucking smiles.

She WAS having rough day… car troubles and shit I don’t wanna get into, but now, she is… giddy

As she walks to her next table, she smiles at Tom, a young man who’s trying to build up his confidence to ask for the phone number of a girl named Mary, who he just met outside … Mary’s waiting for her friends to come out of the bathroom, so if he doesn’t ask her now, he’ll probably never see her again.

He immediately walks back outside and asks her. She says “yes” … Tom is STOKED… he hasn’t done real well with the ladies before, and it’s something he often beats himself up over… but now he’s not only feeling like a million bucks, he’s actually feeling like TWO million bucks

A few years later Tom and Mary would become husband and wife and have four beautiful children.

… Ah shit, I’m getting ahead of myself again… the kids don’t come for still a few years yet.

At their wedding, Tom’s best man Jake, an aspiring police officer, meets Mary’s best friend Kay…a sweet southern bell with a heart of gold and sassy side… Kay once met Kid Rock, she tells everyone

Jake and Kay dated for a while. Kay was really supportive of Jake becoming a police officer, in fact, without Kay’s support, Jake wasn’t sure he would of made it, you see, Kay’s a good girl, and Jake liked her so much, he was able to temper his wild ways of obsessively chasing after females and getting drunk and shooting off shotguns til daylight out at the lake with his buddies

Being with Kay allowed Jake to slow down enough so Jake could become an officer.

He actually followed Kay from Texas to Los Angeles, so she could become closer to her family who lived in San Bernardino, just outside of LA .

While with the LAPD, going on gut instinct one morning, he pulled over a car for a minor infraction… something just didn’t feel right to him

When approaching the vehicle, Jake had a gnawing feeling in his gut that something was wrong.

The man was on parole, this gave Jake probable cause to search his car.

When he popped the trunk, there lay a 12 year old girl

A 12 year old girl who had been nabbed off the side of the road walking to school not 5 minutes earlier… no one saw it happen, so it could have been a while before anyone found out the girl was missing

Fortunately she was released unharmed

It didn’t take long for her to overcome the trauma of being grabbed off of the side of the road and thrown into the trunk of a car

Not only that, she grew stronger because of it

It took some time, but that little girl grew up into an amazingly confident woman and later started a foundation to educate children and keep them protected from people who may not have their best interests in mind. Her books, pamphlets and educational games are now in schools all across the country.

Tom was recognized as a hero by the department and this gave him the confidence to quickly climb the ranks and eventually run an elite gang squad that was responsible for cleaning up entire an neighborhood in East LA… in fact they cut the crime rate by over 70%

People are finally free to walk down the street without having to worry about dodging flying bullets, being asked who they represent and getting assaulted for something as simple as the color of their t-shirt

And Mitch, the manager of the BBQ Restaurant at the beginning of this story, was so inspired by the gracious kudos that Gary, the well built personal trainer gave Lani the waitress, the next time Gary was in his restaurant, Mitch got to talking to him and became one of his star personal training clients

Mitch lost 60 pounds, which not only gave him the confidence to ask out a woman named Michelle, who he would later marry, but Mitch loved the training so much, he eventually became a personal trainer himself, and just in his first year alone, he was able to help over 50 people to enjoy healthier and happier lives, one man even lost 130 pounds training with him

Today, through his YouTube channel, Mitch inspires people all over the world to get into shape and lead healthier lives through good, sound training and nutrition methods

The above set of events were all set off by Gary’s praising of Lani the waitress, for her amazing service…

AE2C240C-7933-4904-AB6D-239BAFC22B4F… Tom and Mary meeting, getting Married and bringing 4 awesome new little souls into this world. One of their children, Cade would grow up and actually discover a cure to a once thought incurable form of cancer.

… The girl being saved from the trunk and all the little kids her educational materials has helped to learn how to protect themselves from strangers and big people who might wanna cause them harm

… Mitch losing 60 pounds and then helping people all over the world lead happier and healthier lives. As the story goes,  Mitch was eventually able to help over 500,000 become happier and healthier.

And many of these people would inspire even MORE people to make various positive changes in their lives.

There’s really no way to quantify just how many people’s lives have been positively affected in the unique way they have by this chain of events

Now, this particular story is a work of fiction, I actually just made it up right now … But the fact is, events, and chains of events, FAR more incredible than these, happen every single day

Reality is intense and down right fucking mind blowing, far beyond anything, anyone, could ever make up

This fictional story is just a tiny glimpse of how one positive thing can lead to a chain of events of other positive things… and I’m convinced, that…

We Set Off Literally MILLIONS of Chains of Events Over the Course of Our Lives

Most people go about this completely unconsciously… but if you REMEMBERED you can bring some awareness into it, and purposely set off chains of events that go far beyond what you can see, feel and touch… how would that change the way you go about your day today?

It is said that most people have over 1000 people within just 3 degrees of separation.

Now, if you’re a blogger, personal trainer, yoga instructor, teacher, author, coach or are in any number of positions that allows you to reach a lot of people … you probably have tens of thousands of people or more within just 3 degrees of you

Now imagine going to degree 4, 5 or 6.

Six is the number of people we’re supposedly away from anybody in world, meaning no two people are more than 6 people apart from one another… not sure if long lost tribes of cannibalistic pygmies factor into this… but I think most of them actually do

And with Facebook, supposedly any person’s profile  is only as far as 4.74 degrees away from any other person’s profile

There isn’t a person you can’t reach

EVERYTHING we do, effects everything else… as well as the people on this planet as a whole

The choices we make and actions we take echo into the 7 billion plus souls in ways we will never know.

Be cool and smile at people

Listen to people and make them feel important

Encourage your friends when they’re down on the ground… broken, bruised and bleeding. Help them get back up.

Hand back that extra $20 the cashier at the gas station accidentally gave you

Stop and help that little old lady across the street

Choose a career path or hobby that ignites the fire deep inside you, lets you be the bad-ass you know you are and allows you to help others achieve greater levels of awesomeness… I promise you, doing this, will in turn, allow YOU to lead a happy or fulfilled life

Bust out spontaneous acts of kindness on people

I’m convinced that if someone say abuses another, that abuse can have an effect on the way things are 500 years down the road… I’ve seen the cycle of abuse get handed down from one generation to the next, and it’s not pretty… not to say something good can’t come out of it… and it’s not the cycle can’t be broken

Now, the same is true when you help someone. If you, let’s say, help someone overcome weight issues, self-esteem issues, help them to truly examine their life, overcome an addiction… or even just have a better day… the ripple can be felt for centuries to come

While I think it’s true we’re really not much more than tiny grains of sand on one of infinite beaches, the imprint we’re leaving is bigger and more powerful than we can ever fully comprehend4ABCA019-53BB-4606-8FBF-9418F8A49A55

Every little action, whether it be a small act of kindness or something emanating from our inner asshole, has a power to it… and its effects linger far longer than our physical bodies will

The more good shit we do, the more we’re able to mold not only our own future, but the futures of unknown lives in unknown ways for a number of unknown years

If you’ve been stuck at some job you hate, doing work that doesn’t fulfill you and working for some dude you can’t stand….

I challenge you to go out and do that shit you’re passionate about...

… You’ll have a much greater impact on this world if you do

Making a difference doesn’t only come from working the soup kitchen line and putting money towards good causes

It comes from doing that shit you love to do… and doing it with everything in you

Being stuck at a job you hate with a boss you can’t stand is putting your soul in a straight jacket

Working hard is a noble thing… but make sure you’re doing the work you love to do

That Love then moves through and your impact on the world will be of great proportion in comparison with your regrets

I don’t care if it’s taking people through workouts, pouring your soul onto a canvas or building houses

Wasting away in some cubicle, like a body in a tomb, ain’t doing you, or anyone else, one damn bit of good

Now, if you like what you’re doing in your cubicle, then that’s great… but be sure to rock that mother fucker… the world will be a better place for it… be the cubicle fucking master

2ripplesPersonally, finding what I love doing has been an evolution…

At age 32 I worked in a print shop and HATED it… I was nothing but a number, helping to make the owner of the company a wealthy woman… and I did stuff all day I couldn’t stand doing, surrounded by a bunch of other people who didn’t wanna be there doing a bunch of stuff they couldn’t stand doing either

And I just knew, it bothered me more than anyone else there

At the time I was in fantastic shape… chiseled six pack, veins everywhere, the whole deal

I prayed about what I should do, I just basically got on my knees and asked what should I be doing for a living

And the trippiest shit started to happen…

… Over the course of about a week, I don’t think a day went by without some random person looking at me, asking me what I did to get into shape, and then they would do one of two things…

Either asking if I was a personal trainer,

Or tell me I should be one

Now keep in mind, these were just random people, like in line at the store, and there was no talk of career path or anything like that… it was almost as if they just blurt it out to me

It was pretty obvious what I was supposed to do… I became a trainer

Loved it … it was the first time in my life I made good money LEGALLY

After a few years, my introverted and creative sides kicked in and I decided I wanted to work from home selling my own information products

So I did… I started teaching trainers how to get more clients, something I was really good at

I LOVE working with people in the fitness industry…. personal trainers are the most awesome bunch of people in the world

And I dig being an info-marketer… but I wasn’t really writing the kind of stuff I wanted to write about

Writing about how to get more clients and make more money, pretty much every day, for the better part of 5 years, can get a little dry

And when you write about that stuff, you shouldn’t really be talking about drugs, dropping F-bombs and admitting the real dark shit that lurks deep down inside of you

Teaching the marketing stuff pays my bills, but my spirit longed for something more

In the quote un-quote “guru” world, it’s like there’s a constant facade you’re supposed to maintain of having your shit together

What’s funny is, once I dropped that part of the job description, I started to enjoy what I do soooooo much more

Like everyone in life, sometimes I go through some intense stuff… stuff that’s caused me to dig deep and “Rise Above” parts of myself that aren’t all that pretty

And I find the more I’m open and honest about it all, the happier I am

My writing serves, not only as a form of therapy to me, but also as a way for me transmutate some of the shit I go through and hard lessons I learn, into not only a journey of personal evolution, but something I’m able to share with others in a way that helps them as well

I love info-marketing, and I LOVE helping trainers help more people, but I’ve come to the conclusion that the whole “guru” thing just ain’t for me

After making a bunch of money, I came to the deep realization that money has nothing to do with happiness, something I’ve been told but had to realize for myself, and that I’ll never be happy playing “guru-dude”, traveling around speaking at big events, trying to be on top of my game all the time and trying to suppress the true life and gritty shit I wanna write about

I felt like an artist’s soul trapped in a business-marketing-coach-guru’s job

Once in a while I would bust out a post on my fitness marketing blog that just seemed to pour outta my soul, usually having nothing to do with getting more clients or making money, and these posts were some of my most popular and well-liked posts, but more importantly, these are the kinds of the posts I REALLY enjoy writing

So the decision was a no brainier…. start this blog and write about the shit I wanna write about

I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun I’m having with this stuff… I’ve never felt so fulfilled

As I’ve evolved, from miserable print shop worker… to personal trainer… to info marketer … to writer who just writes about the shit he wants to write about, the serendipitous experiences that let me know I’m on the right path, have been outta of this world and will beat any good peyote / magic mushroom / DMT story you’ve got

And I’m BEYOND grateful to be doing things that continue to help people in bigger and greater ways

At the print shop I was just taking up space and trading hours for dollars… it basically all came down to just getting a check

The training business allowed me to help people in my local area to become happier and healthier… and those people inevitably had some kind of positive impact on the people around them, even inspiring some of them to eat better and workout… and then some of those people inspired even more people.

Plus, when people get healthy they usually live longer and because they’re in a better mood from the good foods and hard training sessions, they’re usually cooler to the people around them … both things that have an affect on the people in their lives

Then the info business has allowed me to help trainers all over the world get more clients, so THEY can help get more people to become healthier and happier

And then those people inevitably had some kind of positive impact on the people around them, maybe even inspiring some of them to eat better and workout… and some of those people most likely inspired even MORE people.. plus there’s all kinds of people living longer and being cooler to the people around them… these are people I will never meet, but their lives are having some form of positive effect, from the trainers who buy my stuff and read my blog

How cool is that? Get’s me pumped… I’m feeling like Richard Simmons right now… a sassy Richard Simmons with a goatee and shaved head

And now, with this ChrisMcCombs.Net blog I’ve got going, some of the stuff I write is actually able to open up people’s minds to new ways of looking at things, remind them of what’s important in life and even inspire them to do some awesome stuff or even better, be a more awesome person than they already are

Be awesome and do awesome stuff… can’t beat that

And again, as they enjoy some sort of positive change in their lives, they’ll inevitably have a positive effect on the people around them, and many of those people will have a positive effect on even more people… and again… and again… on down the line

I’m highly intrinsically motivated these days… In fact, I would make WAY more money if I quit working on silly blog posts like this one and spent all my time on my fitness marketing business, helping trainers to make more money

But I’m WAY happier doing this

I’ll take the pay cut any day of the week to be able to spend my time doing what I love

Money just doesn’t motivate me all that much… I’d rather make a fraction of what I could, but be able to spend my days doing what I love, which is writing about the kinda shit I wanna write about

I could have just as easily rotted away in that print shop for the rest of my life, right along side those old printing machines… just sitting there, doing our job and getting old and curmudgeony together

Or I could go do what my soul wants me to do.

Keep in mind, I never intended to help ANYONE, I’m a pretty selfish and self-centered person by nature

I just do the shit I wanna do deep inside and it all works out… I’m happier, others are happier and it’s a win deal all the way around

When you do THAT, the good stuff just seems to follow

And if what science tells us is true, and we’re all connected… than what I do to you, I also do to myself

I speak experience on this one, at times when I held deep resentments, those resentments ate me alive… doing far greater damage to me than anyone else

( I’m still not totally above getting resentments, I just deal with them differently and don’t let them creep about in my head too long )

During other times, when I was able to impact  people in positive ways, MY LIFE got way more awesome and fulfilling in the process

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.”

Joseph Campbell

83AA766E-6CA3-4121-B827-884F4CD29E1FIt All Starts With Tiny Ripples

Every action you take, habit you form and word that comes out of your mouth makes a difference not only for you, but the entire world

That’s how fucking powerful you are!

If I get up, down an ECA stack and Monster Energy Drink, crank a Slayer album, slam some Jack Daniels and a doughnut, think about some shit that bothers me including that dude that’s been really pissing me off lately,  jump into my email box and give myself to the mercy and expectations of others, and then head over to the strip club for the lunch hour “two for one drinks and dance bonanza hour” … and then go beat someone up for no good reason

I’m giving myself, as well as others, a WHOLE different life experience, compared to if I …

Get up, pray, meditate, hit the gym, and slam a veggie juice with some lean protein and fish caps, bust out a random act of kindness bomb on someone and then go to work doing what I love, whatever that thing may be, for me it’s writing

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve cranked Slayer all the way back to like 83′ or 84’… so I definitely ain’t telling anyone what they should and shouldn’t listen to… in fact I used to go to sleep listening to Slayer’s first album “Show No Mercy” on my over-sized cassette-player walk-man thingy back when I was like 14, and I’m 42 now…


AJ Roberts

… And to this day, I still crank heavy shit like that when I train… the big weights just seem to pop up so much easier.

I mean, not too many good heavy bands, be it metal or hip-hop, who’s lyrics are all that positive.

And honestly, I have no interest in a life of nothing but rainbows and butterflies… I need a little “crunch” to keep things interesting

All I’m saying is, everything we do makes a difference in our lives and the lives of everyone we touch, as well as the lives of the people they touch, and on down the line

Everything we do effects everything else

All the little shit adds up, and the sum total is FAR greater than we could ever come close to imagining

So I challenge you… what are you gonna do today?

What awesome stuff are you gonna do that’s gonna impact your life, the lives of the people you know and the people they know?

The future of your blood line for hundreds of years to come?

Maybe you’ve always wanted to paint or write or work with the abused… but you’ve just never found the perfect time to get started

Well now is that fucking time

It all starts with one step

Every action you take in the direction of your desired destiny, compounds on top of every other action, and works to set off chains of events that charge forward for you like armies that know no such thing as defeat… and as you move forward, you help other people move forward as well… even if just by your simple example

So again, I challenge you… what are you gonna do today?

Are you gonna continue settle for that dead-end job you’re comfortable with?

Or go start that business or career you’ve always wanted to, where you can thrive, live your passion and share your love of what you do with the world?

How can you better help people in your own unique way?

Is there some non-profit or good-cause you’ve wanted to give your time to but just haven’t got around to it?

Maybe you’ve wanted to start a blog or write a book about YOUR experiences and what other people can learn from them

Well sit down and write that shit

That’s usually the toughest part… just sitting down and fucking doing it

0D4BC794-608A-45BE-9EAF-A366F2A3989AMaybe it’s as simple as the daily practice of doing random cool shit for people and seeing where that takes you

It starts with day one


There’s something that comes from that creative, passionate and purposeful place inside you that is just waiting to be let out of it’s fucking cage.. a giant within you ready to awaken.

Well today is the day my friend

There’s some unique gift you have that the world is just waiting for you to share with it, in a way no one else can

I don’t know what it is

But I do know, that you have the power within you to change the entire world.

And remember, if simple words of praise can lead to a little girl being saved from the trunk of a car … just imagine what’s possible, when you let your Inner Giant out of it’s cage, so it can rise up and do some seriously awesome shit

Talk soon,

Big Chris

What we do in life echoes in eternity.



The story at the beginning of this post is fictional, any similarities between it and real people and circumstances is purely coincidence.

I’d love to hear your comments below… and I do my best to respond to all comments. Comment Policy is that flaming will not be tolerated. Comments are moderated so give yours a little time to show up ok? – Thanks again!

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Rezbi says January 19, 2013

That’s on heck of a post, Chris, had me glued to the screen.

    Chris McCombs
    Chris McCombs says January 19, 2013

    Awesome, I was going for that (=

Shaun Brant says January 19, 2013

I love the message your sending, I truly believe that even one small act of kidness or helping someone out can make a big difference in the world. The spirited way you share these powerful ideas with the world is very inspirational. I can feel your passion for life, happiness, positive vibes, love and righteousness. There are so many people who need this kind of guidance, so many who are stuck in shitty jobs and need to live a glorious and happy life like you are. Thanks for another amazing post bro, keep em coming!

    Chris McCombs
    Chris McCombs says January 19, 2013

    Thank you brother Shaun, and I appreciate your heartfelt comments, as always (=

Darren says January 19, 2013

Another great post mate. Keep the inspiration flowing!

    Chris McCombs
    Chris McCombs says January 19, 2013

    Appreciate it Darren, and you keep doing that thing you do as well brother

Andy Campbell says January 19, 2013

Great stuff Chris. Love the story in the beginning too – maybe you should start a fiction blog as well. That was some captivating shit. But it was stuff that can an often does happen every day – most of it the stuff we don’t even notice. The ripple effects, the pay-it-forwards. I’m a big believer in that as well. I woke up in a great mood today but this post put a little extra bounce in my step. Mission accomplished for you to impact me across the country…but this being New Jersey I may end up flipping a few people off by Noon.

Be well.

    Chris McCombs
    Chris McCombs says January 19, 2013

    ha ha “this being New Jersey I may end up flipping a few people off by Noon”

    that is HILARIOUS

    Thanks for the cool comment as always Andy

Kevin says January 19, 2013

Hey Chris,

Awesome, awesome post! THIS is what I needed to read as I’ve been contemplating a new direction careerwise and have been feeling stuck (a.k.a fearful I think is really the word) on going into this direction which I have a lot to share yet feeling that since I have written a book and so much experience doing what I’ve been doing (health & fitness) perhaps I should stick with that.

It all comes down to the fear I think that tells me moving into new territory (being a speaker and author in personal development) will end up in failure, nobody will listen to me or like what I have to offer, blah, blah…self limiting beliefs.

But, I really like how you put it into perspective for me so I could gain some new insights. I’m pretty much feeling like just go for what my heart is telling me to do and I just need to push those thoughts that tell me to stick with the health area because it’s easier aside.

It’s scary most of the time and I guess that’s just me pushing myself into new growth as I’m moving outside of my comfort zone.

Anyways, thanks again for the vote of confidence Chris 🙂

    Chris McCombs
    Chris McCombs says January 19, 2013

    Hey Kevin… yes, yes, yes

    Go with your heart, always with your heart

    Usually the thing we fear most is the thing we need to be doin, and on the other side of those fears lays an entirely awesome new life, full of new experiences as well as new levels of confidence

    Thanks for your honest comment

Joel Herrmann says January 19, 2013


I can see where you’re coming from and totally agree. However, I’m hoping you have some bit of wisdom to pass on to me quickly to kick my ass into gear. I hate my job, I’m good at it, but I friggin’ hate it, and I’m surrounded by people who annoy me or I wouldn’t associate with. I’m also expecting my 5th child in June, so while this job pays the bills, I have no idea what direction to take. How do you find out what kind of work will satisfy you and hope it pays the bills? How do you make that leap while beng responsible?

    Chris McCombs
    Chris McCombs says January 20, 2013

    Hey Joel, that’s the million dollar question

    In my experience…

    If your spiritual or religious , pray and ask for insight and guidance here

    Meditation is good too

    Also, just asking the question, especially before you go to bed, and letting your subconscious go to work to find the answers can be a GIANT help

    The book “What Color is Your Parachute?” , which is updated each year I think, helped get my butt out of that print shop a decade ago

    Start putting stuff in your head that gets you to think about this… reading blogs like http://chrisguillebeau.com/

    And stuff like this: http://www.thecreativepenn.com/2012/07/12/love-your-job-or-find-a-new-one/

    Is there anything you’ve always loved doing?

    Is there something you’re just naturally good at and enjoy?

    Do you have a hobby you love you could possibly make money at?

    Deep inside you know what it is for you, no one else can tell you

    Do not settle, the warrior never settle, to settle is to lay dying on the battle field knowing you didn’t do your best, didn’t give em your best fight

    If you truly dislike your job and coworkers, and spend your days doing that job and around those people, do you know how bad that is for you? How much life it’s sucking out of you?

    Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, spending 40 hours a week stabbing yourself in the soul with a tiny little butter knife, over and over

    Turn your dissatisfaction for your job into something that moves you, the thing that calls the hero in you to the Great Quest

    Be willing to make sacrifices and walk through fears to make the great change

    This is not a journey for the coward in us, it’s one for the hero

    Rise up, and make up your mind up that NOTHING will stop you… and start walking towards that North Star, using your soul as your compass when the fog is thick

    Beware of charlatans and shiny objects on the way

    One foot in front of the other

    Determined that NOTHING can defeat you

    Some people start by doing that thing they love in the middle of the night after you’ve put your kids to bed… or they start getting up a few hours earlier … doing some on weekends…. and then cutting back your hours devoted to your old career, and do more and more of the new career, keep doing more of the new and less of the old, until the old is gone your now a pro in the new thing you do

    It’s all up to you my friend

    Thanks for asking me Joel, I’m honored…. keep asking God, yourself and others, the right kind of questions… the answers will come if you’re ready and open to receive them

    Justin says January 22, 2013

    Hey Joel,

    I saw your comment and wanted to add to Chris’ great advice that your situation is discussed in the awesome book “Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers

    Check it out if you haven’t dude!


      Chris McCombs
      Chris McCombs says January 22, 2013


Dee Hindman says January 19, 2013

read it all Chris,inspiring as always,the best blog Ive read so far.Awesome.You are full of light my friend,I am so glad you worked in that gray place,with me..I am blessed to have met you and still call you my friend.Blessed.

    Chris McCombs
    Chris McCombs says January 20, 2013

    Ahhhh thanks Dee (=

    Miss you Girl

    I’m blessed to call you a friend as well

J.W. Simpkins says January 19, 2013

Preach it brother!

I can’t tell you how many times “friends” and family have told me that the path I’ve chosen for myself is all wrong. But instead of playing it safe like they would have me do, I decided to take the road less traveled in search of my authentic self.

It hasn’t always been easy and I’ve fucked up a few times along the way, but as a result I am happy and I am free.

Keep the great posts coming Chris!

    Chris McCombs
    Chris McCombs says January 20, 2013

    Fucking BRAVO J.W.

    You’re walking the path so few do, glad you’re finding the rewards only a life lived with purpose and passion can give you

Jeff says January 20, 2013


This post, Joel’s question and your response reminded me of when I first took one of your courses and I was trying to find my passion.

I too hate my day job even though I am very good at it. I know it’s temporary and have taken the things you have taught and finally found what I will be doing for the rest off my life, so THANKS!

The light at the end of my tunnel is writing fiction, I have always loved coming up with stories and have found I have a talent for moving readers through a story.

I also have a family that depends on me, so up and quitting my job is not an option.

I just rearranged my work schedule to accommodate my writing (about 1000 words a day) and still have time to train.

I get up and start work at 5:00am and am done and on my laptop writing by 3:00pm.

I train on my lunch hour.

I still spend time with my wife and daughter.

I am happier than ever, pumped every single to write and as a result of this new found perseverance my first book in the series should be out at the end of this month.

Joel, find out what you want to do and go do it. I spent way too much time reading about what others were doing and it wasn’t until I put pen to paper (or fingers to the keys) that it all came together.

Chris, I would not be where I am today without your training or words of wisdom. You gave me the nudge I needed to actually get out there and start creating!

I owe you big time, and since we are so close lunch is on me!

Take care


    Chris McCombs
    Chris McCombs says January 20, 2013

    Jeff, duuuuuuuuude, that is SOOOOO awesome

    I’m so happy and proud of you

    You’re one hell of a self starter, I don’t think you ever even took me up on the call(s) or meet… you just went out and fucking did it man

    I’m look forward to seeing your work

    I too have a writers heart, we are kindred souls my friend

    Thank you so much for your kind and inspiring words

    We should meet up sometime Jeff

      Jeff Olah says January 20, 2013

      Chris –

      Your the reason I started and the reason I will continue.

      You definitely need to write some fiction and load it up on Amazon. Hell, your real life could serve as your first story.

      Also, I’ve got an idea for a series of books for you and I that I don’t think has EVER been done by two authors before and is SCREAMING to be done.

      I game to meet up.

      Oh yeah – This site Kicks all kind of major ASS!!!

      I’ll shoot you an email so we can get together.

      Take care


        Chris McCombs
        Chris McCombs says January 20, 2013

        Sounds good bro

Greg says January 20, 2013

F%&k*@g Awesome post Chris – Love reading your posts mate – they stoke a cord with me -as there is certain undercurrent of authenticity that is undeniably moving.

Everyday I contribute to changing peoples lives for the better by teaching them that they can do things they never thought possible, that they are capable of so much more and liberating them from their own self limiting beliefs.

Currently a PT and Business Owner with a background in corporate training – I’m living the dream… doing what I love doing!

Keep posts like this coming!

    Chris McCombs
    Chris McCombs says January 20, 2013

    Right on Greg, the ripple effect from one you do is going down in eternity brother, true story

Lisa says January 20, 2013

Hey Chris,
Im new to your blog, this is the first of your posts that has come directly to my inbox. But I am mesmerized. What you say and how you say it… it reinforces my inner good. I am a 4th grade teacher, and it reminds me that my approach, every day in my classroom has a rippling affect on my students. It IS my passion to show by example how to be a caring, compassionate human being.

    Chris McCombs
    Chris McCombs says January 20, 2013

    Awesome Lisa, many people can look back and point to that one teacher who really made a difference in their lives

    Sounds like you’re that teacher

Marco says January 20, 2013

Inspiring message, Chris. I like the ‘ordinariness of being extraordinary’ message – i mean it’s not all about being a superhero (overcoming massive adversity) or climbing Everest with no arms and legs (the usual hardcore workout motivation stuff), just being kind, openhearted and dedicated. I like a quote I chanced upn in the book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – ‘what is the purpose of life? the purpose of life is simply a life with purpose’. Simple but true message, yet so often neglected.

Mark says January 20, 2013

That post grabbed me by my legs, hung me upside down, and shook all the negative and false beliefs that’s holding me back from pursuing “What I Really Want…” Loved the phrase ” Like Putting Your Soul in the Straight Jacket” Says it all…….Can’t wait until you write a book. Also appreciate the honesty about Gurus and the facade that many falsely project. I call it “Fluffery” Like nothing every bad happens or they are living in the never ending “Land of Enchantment” Thanks again

    Chris McCombs
    Chris McCombs says January 20, 2013

    Hey thanks mark, dig the way you said this: “grabbed me by my legs, hung me upside down, and shook all the negative and false beliefs”

    Yeah the fluffery is easy to get caught up in, caused me a nagging knot deep in my gut though, had to drop it like a piece of doggy doo-doo (=

      Chris McCombs
      Chris McCombs says January 20, 2013

      Hey Mark, I do know Joe, spent a few hours with him one day when I was making a documentary about internet marketing, he’s probably the best net-worker I’ve ever met, HILARIOUS too

Lisa Gergets says January 20, 2013

So much of what we fear are the very things that will enable us to grow to simply AMAZING levels. I’m glad fate spoke to you – we’re big on fate in our family. LOL

I enjoy your posts immensely – keep them coming!

    Chris McCombs
    Chris McCombs says January 20, 2013

    “So much of what we fear are the very things that will enable us to grow to simply AMAZING levels.”

    You speak Truth Lisa (=

    Thanks for chiming in

Cory Jackson says January 21, 2013

Amazingly inspiring story. The message roars ‘You have one life to live, so LIVE IT!’

    Chris McCombs
    Chris McCombs says January 21, 2013

    Thanks Cory, yes! … LIVE IT!


Ed says January 21, 2013

I am truly insprired by you. Your thoughts and perspective hit right at the heart. I appreciate so much you sharing as I feel you insprie all of us who are your fans. I myself, am going through a transformative journey in my life. Many changes, commitments, and journey’s ahead. Thank you again for your guidance, thoughts and advice. “A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him” – David Brinkley.

    Chris McCombs
    Chris McCombs says January 21, 2013

    THAT is an awesome quote by David Brinkley… never heard that one before

    And wishing you much awesomeness with your changes, commitments, and journey’s ahead

    Thanks for your cool words Ed

Jeremy says January 21, 2013

That post was awesome. I needed that little kick in the rear to get back to writing my book. Personal training is my passion, and a little motivation will help to get me out of this factory and to doing what I love full-time. Thanks for the post and keep touching the world.

    Chris McCombs
    Chris McCombs says January 21, 2013

    Right on Jeremy, write that mother fucker!


Jen says January 22, 2013

Loved that! Thanks for inspiring us all! Honesty somehow keeps it all real and I don’t know why more people are afraid of honesty than anything else. I think that’s what makes me, my husband and you different. We’re not afraid to tell it like it is. My hope is that it will help us all be better in the long run instead of people walking around with blinders on.

And btw, I think you’d enjoy the band, Clutch based on your comments. Very good rock band without the negativity, but instead observations of the world…. Sometimes story telling. Love them.

    Chris McCombs
    Chris McCombs says January 22, 2013

    Hey thanks Jen, appreciate your comments and tip on the band, check them out now actually

      Jen says January 23, 2013

      🙂 You bet! Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Justin says January 22, 2013

Awesome read Chris!

We tell a smilar tale to this at our personal development coaching sessions at our training studio. We use the example of the waitress that gets tipped and then goes on to enjoy her job, to become the manageress, to become the reginal manager, to become the creator of a new Coffee House franchise!

I totally know what you mean about writing about the things that are brewing inside of you, that’s why I started my side blog, deadling with the inner confidence issues I wanted to help young guys with.

I think we’re heavily influenced by many of the same sources as this is the exact type of blog that I want to be known for writing too.

Is it okay if I post a link to this on my blog site Chris?


    Chris McCombs
    Chris McCombs says January 22, 2013

    Hey Justin, that’s so cool you share a story like that with you employees

    And absolutely, I be honored if you’d like to this on my site

Mat Leigh says January 23, 2013

These are the types of posts of yours I love mate, my favourite posts from the marketing blog have always been the honest, true to life, spill the beans type of posts, more so than the marketing stuff, enjoyed this one pal!

    Chris McCombs
    Chris McCombs says January 23, 2013

    Thanks Mat, that’s why I started this other blog, they were my favorite’s too (=

Brian Manning says July 3, 2013

The story at the beginning of the post illustrates a great point.

Our simplest daily actions can have a profound and possibly life changing effect on someone else’s life… and that’s what makes giving to others so exciting and even Self rewarding.

It’s classic pay it forward stuff, and a lot of times is really really easy stuff to do.

And on that note, each one of us have undoubtedly been touched by someone else’s generosity throughout the course of our lives.

My reminder to others when that conversation comes up is to appreciate those people (when possible) and to continue to give in the same way they received.

And last, I also want more happy and fulfilled people in this world, so your suggestions to follow your passion is well received!

Great post.

Till next time,

    Chris McCombs
    Chris McCombs says July 4, 2013

    Hey thanks Brian

    Yeah man, without the generosity of a few others along the way, not sure where’d I’d be today

    definitely gotta pay it forward brother

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