Why I Train No Matter What - Chris McCombs
Chris McCombs

Why I Train No Matter What


gymNever wait for your bottle of Jack3d, creatine or “Triple Strength No2 X-Tra Super Extreme Double Nuclear Explosion” to arrive to start training…

And don’t wait til you have more time, more money, more energy and your knee feels better.

I got friends who been waiting for that shit for 30 years. And now, they just look like older, weaker and sicker version of the dudes I knew back then.

Many of us lift for different reasons. Some guys just want bigger arms, nothing wrong with that. Other guys want to defy the aging process, nothing wrong with that either.

Hell, I train for both those reasons.

But there’s another reason that brings a lot of guys to the iron. Some of us needed a new life.

My reasons for training go back 30 years…

In the 6th grade, it was a little blonde named Julie, a girl I’d had the hots for since the 3rd grade. Jana, her best friend, told me that Julie wanted me to ask her to go “steady”. So right there on the tetherball court of Chaparral Elementary School, I swallowed my nerve, and asked Julie “out”

A half dozen girls bust into laughter. It was a set-up

I was freaked out to ask another girl out for years.

When I was 15, it was the dude who ripped the AC/DC concert shirt right off my back, dragging me down to the asphalt in the parking lot of Irvine Meadows Amphitheater.

After tearing the shirt from me, he asked “What the fuck you gonna do about it?”

The guy next to him echoing his sentiment “Yeah, what the fuck you gonna do?”

They were bigger than me, and there was more of them than there was me. I didn’t do shit.

When I was 18, it was my girlfriend of 2 years who left me for some older dude who got her pregnant.

It was a time of no girls, no direction, too many drugs, too little confidence and too much wallowing in my ectomorphic self pity.

When I was 19, it was the younger brother in high school who could kick my ass, and liked to let everyone know he could.

Shortly after, it was a yoked gang-banging ex-convict who tried to set me up so he and his friends could jump me and jack me for everything I had. Luckily I saw the set up before it was able to go down, it still fucked with me though knowing these dudes had targeted me as a “victim” … and that I couldn’t just kick their gang-banging asses.

My dad raised me on Charles Bronson and Dirty Harry films, dudes who didn’t take shit. I admired guys like that, cuz it seemed everywhere I turned, I was taking a bunch of it.

Life sucked.

Tall, skinny and nervous, I needed an outlet. I needed a way to channel the nerves, awkwardness, and rage at a life not going my way, into something positive.

150 pounds at 6’6 makes for a bad look and limbs that are easy to break in a fight.

I was a coward and wanted to be a warrior.

It was then I began to forge my mind and body into something greater with the iron.

Training became a hard won ally, and for the next few years, it was the only positive thing going in my life. No matter what was going on in my life, girl problems, drug problems, money problems… I could go into my garage, crank Slayer and Anthrax on 10, and push, pull and squat.

Form was of no concern in those years; I have the scars to prove it. Getting the weight up was all that mattered.

Today, nearly a quarter century later, training has been the one constant in my life. Good times, bad times, friends, no friends, girl, no girl, money, no money, training is there.

A few days without it, my body gets pissed at me. I need a way to release the demons. I cringe the weights like a junkie cringes a fix.

Training is my Tao, taking me from the stresses, pressures and frustrations of the day, and transporting me to a better reality, a better me.

draperWhen I pull up to the gym, I leave my problems in the car, the real word no longer exists.

Troubles at home, bills, taxes, legal issues, deadlines and that fucking clanking noise the car just started making, don’t matter one bit.

The cage door has been ripped off and nothing else matters except the set at hand. Each set takes me to a single point of focus… one rep at a time, one set at a time, one workout at a time. Completely absorbed in the moment like a man throwing himself off a cliff.

Never more alive, awake and ready to take on whatever the world wants to throw at me.

Training gets rid of stress, anxiety and worry. It transmutes the anger, complacency and self-doubt into something stronger and better, on both the inside and the out.

Training helps one to rise above mediocrity… to recreate, redefine and evolve.

To carve out a greater existence than the one currently lived.

When my daughters get old enough for boys to start sniffing around, I’ll be able to look the young lads in the eye and put the fear of God into them with my sheer presence, a presence that was built with blood, sweat and iron.

When some would-be assailant is looking for a person to rob, I want them to take one look at me and think to themselves that I’m the last mother fucker on earth they’re gonna wanna try that shit on….. “Next!”

When I get old and gray, I wanna have a spring in my step, a smile on my face, and a body that reflects a lifetime spent training… instead of being brittle, hunched over and curmudgeony … which seems to be my only other option.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t always WANNA train… in fact, sometimes it’s the LAST thing in the world I wanna go do.

When this happens, I tell myself a simple lie that goes like this “Fuck it, I’ll just go in and do a few light sets today” and within 10 minutes I’m always training my ass off and glad I came. I’ve been telling myself that little lie for years.

During times of minimal motivation, I’ll either switch it up and do something completely different, like maybe a body-weight, kettlebell or suspension strap workout at the park, or maybe I’ll take it to the hills and incorporate some boulders and shit like Rocky did in number four.

Other times, whether it’s a temporary dip in motivation or I’m just too busy with work and family commitments to keep my regular training schedule, maybe I’ll cut it down to three 20 or 30 minutes workouts a week. And on rare occasions when I’m really crunched for time, I’ll even go as low as one full-body session every third to fifth day.

I’ve found that you can keep most of your mass as long as your still getting the whole body in every few days like that. And before long, usually a couple of weeks tops, I’ll crave more of the iron and find a way to ramp it back up to full speed.

The training is always there. There have been times I’ve completely thrown nutrition out the window, but the training is always there.

I see too many guys who think they have to have everything right to train.

If they don’t have all their ducks in a row, they give up completely.

If their sleep, food, and supplements aren’t all on point, or if they don’t have enough extra time, they stop training all together. This is a mistake. In my experience, the ducks are RARELY all in row, but that’s never an excuse to give up on training.

3F3E0930-61DA-4930-BFC5-6C50D1185210Chaos is the order of the universe, and no matter what kind of shit you got going on… girl left you, you got laid off from work, can’t afford protein powder, putting in long hours, your knee hurts, whatever it is, don’t matter, you gotta train.

Use the workouts to extract those raw emotions about your girl leaving.

Train around injuries and work schedules. Train living on Top Ramen if you need to… whatever it is… the guys who get strong and stay strong over the years fucking train.

No matter what, fucking train.

“I have found the Iron to be my greatest friend. It never freaks out on me, never runs. Friends may come and go. But two hundred pounds is always two hundred pounds”

Henry Rollins

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Talk soon,

Big Chris

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Mike says May 2, 2013

I thought I was the only one who used that just go in and do some sit ups line to myself! How great it was that someone else does too! I’m 48 and have never missed since 7th grade! My rule is if you really way to train then thats the day you can take off, if you don’t want to go thenyou have to! I’ve even gone as far as counting just going to the parking lot and you can count it! And I’ve yet to go to the parking lot and not go in and hammer out a workout! Currently train muay Thai in Pa!

    Chris McCombs says May 2, 2013

    Ha ha, awesome mike, so cool

    Yep, that lie works every time

    Since the 7th grade, damn, you got me beat brother, keep at it

    feels great dont it?

      Mike says May 8, 2013

      It’s something I can’t live without, thanks for your reply and work, keep in touch!

Jeremy Oliver says May 2, 2013

This is a home run. Without training I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. It’s the constant medium that allows me to challange myself on a physical level no matter what is going on in my emotional life.

    Chris McCombs says May 2, 2013

    yes yes yes

    what a wonderful thing it is Jeremy

    hope you’re doing well my friend

Fatima says May 2, 2013

This is awesome! Your on point. Keeping this close for days that i run out of creatine…

    Chris McCombs says May 2, 2013

    ha ha… glad someone liked the creatine remark (=

manu says May 2, 2013

This is so cool Chris, this is what I need today.

    Chris McCombs says May 2, 2013

    glad you liked it Manu

AJ Mihrzad says May 2, 2013

Phenomenal post! “When I pull up to the gym, I leave my problems in the car, the real word no longer exists.” Disconnect with the outside world and prepare for battle.

    Chris McCombs says May 2, 2013

    “Disconnect with the outside world and prepare for battle.”


      Ryan Ard says May 6, 2013

      The gym is literally the only place that I am fully in the present. It is the greatest feeling on earth! Everyone needs to find this place and for many a person the gym is it. Days off are the worst!

        Ryan Ard says May 6, 2013

        Reading this gave me chills, I just stumbled onto your blog. I love it, keep ’em coming.

          Chris McCombs says May 7, 2013

          I promise to keep em coming brother

        Chris McCombs says May 7, 2013

        Yes, very meditative ya know?

Richard Ingate says May 2, 2013

Hi Chris, Good, honest article that will resonate with a lot of people in a lot of garages! Is that a picture of Dave Draper squatting?
Best wishes,

    Chris McCombs says May 2, 2013

    Hey thanks Richard, yep, the Blond Bomber himself

    I recommend his book “Brother Iron, Sister Steel” to anyone who likes to lift

Benji Warrior says May 2, 2013

I really appreciate this post Chris! It’s inspiring me to write a blog of my own on this topic. I’ve always gotten so down on myself whenever I’ve gone five days without training because of business or kids, but now I realize that I’m not doing that bad. Thanks!

Chris McCombs says May 2, 2013

Right on Benji

And I in turn, was inspired by the classic essay from from Henry Rollins


Erich Saylor says May 2, 2013

Training and training hard has been in my blood since high school as well brother! It never left my life! As a matter of fact, I almost died in a motorcycle accident 2 yrs ago, crushed all the bones in my right pelvis and gave me bad intestinal injuries. I went from 230 7%bf down to 155lbs in 6 weeks!!! I said hell with that!! Even though the dr’s didn’t know if I would walk……I then used all my knowledge about training, recovery and proper nutrition to make a comeback that amazes people everytime they see me now! Love our fitness lifestyle! Wouldn’t give it up and feel bad for those who never will feel how we feel after a killer session!! BOOM!
Love your stuff! PEACE

    Chris McCombs says May 2, 2013

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your story Erich

    now THAT’S what I’m talking about

Tarvin says May 2, 2013

Another Bad-Ass Post My Brother….I love it, as usual!!! Once again, You nailed it… I definitely couldn’t agree more. It seems that here lately whenever I’m feeling more than “less motivated” you throw some AWESOME Inspiration my way..Thanx Bro…

    Chris McCombs says May 2, 2013

    cool beans Tarvin, happy to motivate (=

Randal says May 2, 2013

Another good one Chris and one that I wish I could say that I identified with. Yes, I’m a lazy ass and don’t go to the gym. I could use the excuse that I’m, while not in Bumfuck, Egypt, I can see it from here but that would be a lie since I could get a membership at the gym at the hotel close to me (no free weights, only machines) or could do a bodyweight program like Convict Conditioning.

But then again, I have never been big on gyms. Used to run 5-6 miles 5 days a week and loved it but that was 20 years and 5 knee surgeries ago but even back then, I didn’t like gyms.

Guess it is time to ditch the excuses, find a gym partner and just fucking do it, right?

I love this “No excuses” video


    Chris McCombs says May 2, 2013

    yeah cool video Randal, thanks for sharing it

    Hey man, the gym aint for everyone, and running IS training, sure, a different kind, but it definitely helps to exorcise those same demons

Alex says May 2, 2013

Hey man, Hey man, H-E-Y M-A-N!
Thank you for your last post. I have been stressing about a contest I have this weekend and about reading your last post I am now mentally ready.

You Da’ MAN!

    Chris McCombs says May 2, 2013

    Damn Alex, sooooo happy it helped with your stress brother

Ellen says May 2, 2013

Spot on. And I am a chick and I agree. There are days I amaze myself of the excuses I can come up with. I have one thing I tell a lot of people when they start whining : imagine yourself on your death bed. You know the last heartbeat, the last breath is about to happen. See the life pass before you….and now the guilt trip. Was all that shit worth worrying about? How much did you NOT get done because the couch swallowed your ass and you didn’t fight it? You pissed away your time and chances to get it right,… do the right thing, lose the wrong people and seek the ones who help you excel. Get rid of people who just tolerate you – you need folks who appreciate you. Treat your body like a temple, and if it starts crumbling, tear it down and rebuild it. Working out lets my skeletons out of the closet to go for a run and shake off the dust. Then they come back and are less annoying. I occasionally lose one or two of them. Yes – working out flushes the poison. And yes – as I get older and some pain creeps in, I find better excuses . But I remind myself of those last heart beats, and do I really want to look old and bend over and shrink? noooooooo…….

Michael says May 2, 2013

Just started training back in January for the first time since May 1991. Loving it. Haven’t missed a workout. Until my hands started feeling numb. And my legs are having me walk like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz. Damn surgery now next week on my spine. I can’t wait to get back at it, though. Hopefully, the motivation will be 10 times more after being away a month or so.

marino c. fernandez says May 2, 2013

bad ass post bro, I also feel like shit when I don’t go to the gym and it puts me in a really bad mood. That’s my me time lol…

    Chris McCombs says May 2, 2013

    oh man Marino, 2 days w/out training and I feel like stir fried shit my brother, i’m telling ya

Nicole Rorden says May 2, 2013

Great post Chris. No matter how big my problems seem on any given day, I always feel better if I train. It’s much easier to deal with life’s obstacles in a strong body than it is to deal with them in a weak body.

    Chris McCombs says May 2, 2013

    yes yes yes

    there will always be problems

    might as well make sure there’s always training too

AJ Purdy says May 2, 2013

Well said. Saw your other article when Again Faster posted it and I’m looking forward to reading more of what you have to say. Love the Henry Rollins quote. The iron will always kick you the real deal.

Sean O'Callaghan says May 2, 2013

Gotta love this one!

I can’t remember where i read it, but those dudes who need everything 100% perfect are ‘Maximizers’. In other words paralyzed by their own desire to have everything perfect or it’s pointless. When really it’s just an excuse for them to hide behind with their continuing failed results. That’s the glory of it right? There’s nowhere to hide with the iron.

You can’t put a price on that feeling when you chalk it up, the bar touches your shin and you just drive it up. That feels like victory.

I’ve been following you for ages mate, and considering what you’re going through it shows how much of an absolute legend you are that you keep vomiting up this epic inspiration for the rest of us mugs out there.
Mind if i reference you in a post on this Chris?

Thanks mate!

    Chris McCombs says May 2, 2013

    hey thanks Sean

    yeah I’d love to be referenced. feel free to point a link right at my ass as well, love links (=

    And this: “vomiting up this epic inspiration”

    is one of the coolest things I’ve heard anyone say in a long time

Dan says May 2, 2013

Well would you look at that a page from facebook that is motivational and is not trying to sell anything? That must be a first!!
Awesome motivational advice really makes you wana train. I’m gona try that little lie myself at 6am in that morning. Really good reading and have to completely agree training is possibly the best way to de-stress especially in such a small space of time, an hours hard graft and straight after you feel better and less guilty about feeling guilty about not training, it a vicious cycle ha!!

    Chris McCombs says May 3, 2013

    Yeah Dan, that little lie has gotten me to the gym 1000 times

Troy Groves says May 2, 2013

My girl just turned me on to your blog. I saw this post and was immediately enthralled. Brother, you have hit it out of the park!

    Chris McCombs says May 3, 2013

    ha ha


    that little Yoda mother fucker was a sage!

john hackleman says May 3, 2013

I have a similar reason to train…started in 1970, and still train hard daily. Great post.

KB says May 3, 2013

Chris. Awesome is the word. I train to keep my shoulders from falling off after multiple surgeries and have never been a big iron person. And I train to be stronger for racing paddle boards. But never heavy. But your article went to a deeper level than just lifting iron.

If you look deep enough, we can take what you wrote and use it for nearly every aspect of our lives. Whether work or play, having to have a “conversation” with someone, applying for a job, putting it all on the line racing, whatever it is. We just need to stop making excuses and just go get it done.

This is the value I found. Thank you.


    Chris McCombs says May 5, 2013

    Hey ya know what KB, you’re right man, and I never even thought of that, thanks for the insight

Paul Lietz says May 5, 2013

I totally agree with this post, I’m glad to see there are crazy gym fanatics like myself. Through ever problem I have ever had, I have always made a effort to train. Hell, I tore my acl and that same day I almost broke down and used a shake weight. I know, fucking gay, but still I wanted to lift something. So instead, two days later i hobbled in on crutches and did floor press, Bench fag for a little bit. I even put on my own weights hopped around with 45lbs with a 2 day old acl. So yup, good shit.

    Chris McCombs says May 5, 2013

    Ha ha Paul, that’s awesome my brother

    I too have trained on crutches, it sucked but I found it to be a great symbol and reminded of my dedication

Dimitriy says May 5, 2013

It is all about shaping yourself to be a better version of a present you. No matter how lazy, sick, poor and tired you happen you feel on a particular day.

And in case someone asks, this approach does transcend to other aspects of life.

    Chris McCombs says May 6, 2013

    yes yes yes

Sammy da Bull says May 6, 2013

Again, great stuff brother!

    Chris McCombs says May 7, 2013

    Thanks Sammy!

jessrenshaw says May 6, 2013

Awesome blogs Chris, Ive only just found your site but loving what ive read so far!! Love the idea about cheating yourself by saying your only going to do a few sets!! Quite often i think that i dont want to work out and then next thing i know im in the gym and theres no running from a crossfit wod!!
I just split up from my boyfriend six weeks ago and it hit me quite hard but i made a decision – be the change i want to be today!! Since then Ive missed two days of training and taken up ceroc and roller derby on top of crossfit and lifting and Im loving every minute of it!! Working out is my therapy 😀

    Chris McCombs says May 7, 2013


    Yeah Jess, that lie works great, crazy how much I buy into it when I say it too

    Here’s a bunch more cool ways to look at it that’ll help too https://chrismccombs.net/41-reasons-to-train-today/

    ( just wrote this one )

Jamie Stone says May 6, 2013

I needed this Chris!!… I am a firm believer that you are what you repeatedly do and while it has been part of my daily routine for much of the past, since opening my own gym 3 years ago lifting weights has become very unregular and sporadic for me… (i know it sounds crazy that when you have your own gym you train LESS but thats been the truth of it?!!)
reading this has given me the motivation to return gym training to its rightful place as one of my ‘non negotiable daily habits’. Not starting from tomorrow, starting from now…im signing off and heading straight to the bench now…

    Chris McCombs says May 7, 2013

    right on Jamie Kill it

    yeah, very common when people take on a new business venture like a gym

    I know a ton of trainers who neglect their own workouts btw

    glad you’re turning it around

    “non negotiable daily habits” – love this

ONE NUGGET (John) says May 6, 2013

Eighty percent of success is showing up.
-Woody Allen

Even if you can barely walk to the next mailbox…walk to just that one. The next day, commit to walking to just one and maybe you’ll walk 1.5 or two, but commit to just one.

You can play this out in any part of your life. The sales rep can say, “Just five calls and I’m done”. After five calls, #6 should be a lot easier.

Just show up…and some, any action.

    Chris McCombs says May 7, 2013

    Absolutely, well said

Daryl says May 6, 2013

Another (and not an easy) thing is to be completely honest with yourself.

There are times the flesh is willing but the mind is fatigued. There are times the mental discipline is there but the body is fatigued. Either one is a legitimate reason to “rest”. I’ve seldom “powered” through these situations (unless I was training for some type of competitive event) but when you take a rest day HONESTLY (and that’s key) I find it gives your long-term motivation a shot-in-the-arm, so to speak.

If you do this right, you’ll recognize your natural tendency to laziness for what it is and won’t get sucked in to laying of every other day on some flimsy excuse. At least that’s how it’s worked for me.

Got nuthin’ but mad love for your site. I keep it at the front of the shelf along with the rest of my supplements.

    Chris McCombs says May 7, 2013

    Hey right on Daryl , thanks man

    I’m a huge fan of rest days

    I take two every week, excert I do walk on those days, and I take a week off about four times a year, doing this helps me stay on track

    Thanks for sharing the wisdom brother

Kris says May 6, 2013

Damn Chris!,
I’m so glad my boy Big Mike posted your 37 reasons blog the other day or I might not have found out about you! You speak from the heart brotha.. I look forward to seeing what you speak of next! Kris

    Chris McCombs says May 7, 2013

    Hey thanks Kris

    Hey I got a good friend name pd big mike too!

    There’s actually and big will, big larry

    I love knowing all these big fucks !

Jay says May 7, 2013

Great post! Just what i needed to read.

j-f says May 8, 2013

very nice story sounds like.. my life pretty much got me even more motivated nice sharing 😉

    Chris McCombs says May 8, 2013

    happy to motivate (=

John G says May 8, 2013

This is the first tie I’ve come across your blog, and I’m positive I’ll be keeping up with it Great post. My “little lie” is always, “fuck it, I’ll just go do some light cardio, hit the treadmill or something.” I never stick to the treadmill. Hell, some of my best workouts end up coming on those days. Anyway man, I’m new (ish) to the training lifestyle, 2 years ago I was obese at 5’9″ 255 lbs. Today I’m at 178 lbs and while, not quite as lean as I’d like, I know I’ll get there. Know how I know? Because I train. No matter what.

Jay Ashman says May 8, 2013

I love this blog man… hits home on a lot of levels

SuperSonicSi says May 9, 2013

Love the blog. But you should totally bike to the gym. Driving to the gym is the lame way out 😛

Keep posting!

    Chris McCombs says May 9, 2013

    Man I’m like 6’6″ and well over 300 pounds, do they even make bikes for dudes my size, I thought all they made were harleys (=

George Watson says May 9, 2013

Fantastic words. You supply all the motivation in the world with that small work of wisdom. I just live for that whole just train anyway. I am 45 and trained from 27 years of age and my life changed from that moment it is a way of life that I believe only a few understand. My wife totally appreciates my own self sacrifice for getting off my arse and maintaining the physique and she fully supports me. I wouldn’t be me without the weights, it is almost like another world that I can enter on a regular basis and focus and hurt myself for all the right reasons lol!!!! I am not going to warble on as you say everything in your article. Thank you for taking the time to write it and I shall certainly use it as a motivational tool !! RESPECT cheers George

    Chris McCombs says May 9, 2013

    Hey thanks George, yeah brother, that other world is awesome ain’t it?

josue guerrero says May 10, 2013

when i was 8yrs old. had just got here from Mexico (my dad a Doctor) due to the bad drug cartels taking over hospitals. a bunch Americanized-Chicanos bullied me because i spoke no english. a Marine recruiter saved me from the beating..it was then i decided i did not want to be bullied. i learned english and got into sports. Joined the Marines and have never gone back to being a puny..150 pound guy. Thank you Chris..for the reminder… SEMPER FRIJOLES.

    Chris McCombs says May 11, 2013

    Fucking awesome Josue, glad you flipped that situation over on it’s ear like a true man

Sonny says May 12, 2013

Truly inspiring keep going, keep posting- this really fired me up!

    Chris McCombs says May 13, 2013

    I’ll keep posting em Sonny, I promise

Mick says May 14, 2013

Great reading as always… So glad i came across your blog and facebook page mate. As a personal trainer and gym owner, i see everyday the weakness seeping through people society, weak in mind, spirit and definately in strength and trying to convince people to get stuck into some Weight Training is a bloody hard sell. Even some young blokes look at me like you are a retard when i try to get them to stop doing the Tricep Kickbacks and get into some Deads/Squats/Bench and Military Pressing. Thanks for the link to The Iron by Henry Rollins, loved it and printed it to share with others in the gym.

Have a great day mate….:)

    Chris McCombs says May 15, 2013

    Thanks for sharing brother

    Yeah, The Iron by Rollins, that’s a classic, it inspired this post and a few others I’ve done

    Good luck kicking a lot of as in your business Mick

Brian Peoples says July 4, 2013

I am one of those guys who fell into the paralysis by analysis. I needed everything right, if I ate like crap the night before I would justify skipping the training the next day and start strong next week. However as I have gotten older, I am 45 now, I realize it is now or never. I no longer care about being “huge” but I do want to grow old strong, not weak and feeble. Love your blog Chris, always inspirational!

karolina says July 9, 2013

Chris you’re absolutely right!3days without training-feel awful.Training(lift ,run,martial arts etc) its just medication for everything, its addictive and makes me pure happy and relaxed!Just move your ass no matter what!!!Thanks for all your posts.All the best!!!

    Chris McCombs says July 10, 2013

    right on Karolina

    yeah, training is HUGE

    I never go without it

Neil Pickering says July 29, 2013

“That which you work against will always work against you.” Article just makes me want to go do something now. Scenario in my mind of picking up the sofa a few times using my initiative away from the gym. But seriously learnt a lot from this blog and the earlier post. http://www.oldtimestrongman.com/strength-articles/iron-henry-rollins
^^ Really got my focus man. Peace

    Chris McCombs says July 30, 2013

    yeah love Rollin’s essay on the iron

    thanks for your words brother

Paul Newman says August 29, 2013

Chris, way to go man! As an ex personal trainer this really hits home for me. I can totally relate to this blog and after having a long layoff I am getting my butt back into the gym. Thanks for keeping it real!

    Chris McCombs says August 29, 2013

    thanks Paul

    Trudge forward brother

Angie says October 7, 2013

Im an ex-college softball player, turned IronMan, turned cross fitter. Im in my last year studying Exercise Physiology and doing my officer training in ROTC and I want a Phd… in everything:) meaning, How many disciplines can I master? Diet, running, lifting, gymnastics, school studies, military …whatever. My friend suggested I read your posts, and I love that you told stories of where it all started for you. For me, it was because I didn’t have a rich Daddy or politics on my side. Sports was MY time to shine, my time to strike them out and send kids back to the dugout, to show I can run faster with duck tape around my cleats and pay for college with a glove I paid .50 cents for at a flea market. IronMan simply taught me mental toughness and that Ill hallucinate before I stop running:) The military introduced me into a new kind of thinking… ‘We do it this way bc if we don’t you might die, or worse, kill someone else.’ It was then that I knew why I trained and why I like your posts. I’d rather die than not train, bc its the only thing that has saved my life time and time again. I go in the gym and demolish every ounce of energy, practically killing every weakness I have left and then… smile. You never know who’s watching and who’s life you could save. Keep writing your posts brother… I’m waiting on what you have to say next:)

    Chris McCombs says October 7, 2013

    damn Angie

    youre the real deal for sure

    love this:

    show I can run faster with duck tape around my cleats and pay for college with a glove I paid .50 cents for at a flea market

    and this:

    The military introduced me into a new kind of thinking… ‘We do it this way bc if we don’t you might die, or worse, kill someone else.’

    Keep killing it Girl!

glen chaytor says November 10, 2013

thanks chris…found you recently thru my fried rob king…really enjoying your posts….glen.

Mat says November 18, 2013

Phenomenal post man 🙂 I was a very overweight guy for most of my life, and training not only allowed me to lose the weight, it does exactly what you said in that I get to exercise the demons every morning! Keep the posts coming, and all the best!

Bonnie says November 18, 2013

Just what the day called for. I lift cus I know it’s good for me, and run because I have to. As in HAVE to.
Keep training to make all of those teen suitors tremble one day. Also, encourage your girls to keep kicking ass and taking names in sports/ dancing or however they like to take care of their bodies. Khrav McGa and other self defense classes are awesome for teen girls.
You know what they say, be the dad cleaning his shotgun and you’ll keep your daughter safe for a night,
Teach her a mean right hook and she’ll be safe for life.
Thanks for the motivation today!

RivQua says November 18, 2013

I only started to really focus on training about two years ago, when my friend introduced me to parkour. I realized that not only was it NOT impossible for me, the chubby, big boned bookworm, to succeed in doing the moves, but I realized just how amazing the training was for me. My life-training started then.

I realized that I want my body to be able to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I tell it to. Weights, boxing, sprinting, HIIT, I do it all. And you wanna know what? I’m not very good at it. And you wanna know what else? I don’t really care!

The joy of moving, the feeling of being simultaneously in control and challenged to the max…it’s the most amazing feeling ever.

I’ve been through some tough shit (not as bad as yours, Chris, but hard enough, at the time…) and I came to realize that the only thing I can truly ALWAYS count on is ME.
And THAT’S why I train. Because I know that when I’m training, I am truly focused on pretty much the only surefire thing I have in this world – myself.

I also just started university a month ago a.k.a. I am always under the pressure of having to read another chapter of chemistry or do another page of exercises in physics.
No matter HOW much homework, reading, or summarizing I need to do, no matter how off my diet went, or how much sugar I ingested even when I told myself I wouldn’t…I still train. Every fucking day.

And these posts of yours help. I love seeing them in my inbox, knowing that I have my boost for this week’s workouts!
Thanks for being inspiring

Tudor says December 12, 2013

Loved reading this. When I’m pressed for time I’ll open the garage door and do pull-ups on a bar that’s hanging off a beam in the garage. It’s swinging so it makes it harder, and I love it.
Training saved my life. It makes me more focused, more positive and it keeps me alive. Some people have drugs, others have alcohol, and others use cheesecake to feel better. I just love sweating and being out of breath. (from lifting, that is)
Oh, and one more thing: training helped me get rid of 20 years worth of back pain.
Until I get my concept 2 rower and a squat rack, body weight and my pullup bar will have to do. They’re more than enough for now and I’m grateful to have them.
Keep posting cool stuff Chris.
Your new reader,

E. Rios says January 9, 2014

Hey Chris,

Just like others have already stated, exercise or simply living a health and fitness lifestyle has saved my life.

Even when I was fired multiple times from different jobs, even when my own family called me a loser, even when I had NO MONEY, and even when I felt that the whole world was rejecting me, I still managed to exercise by any means necessary.

In all honesty, I don’t know what I would do if I would not be able to exercise and I don’t even want to think about it. I simply exercise every day and I LOVE IT!!!

Man, I will never understand how people don’t like to exercise but for me, exercise makes me FEEL AND COME ALIVE.

I greatly can relate to your training article and I have already bookmarked your website.

Continue to write inspiring articles because as I always say, people need inspiration in their lives.

    Chris McCombs says January 9, 2014


    Sometimes when I’m super busy and don’t have time to train, I’ll just bust out 12 minutes of kettlebell swings

    sets of 10-15 with 20 rests

    in 12 min I’m a whole new person

Kate says January 14, 2014

Thanks for these articles. I see the email waiting in my inbox and don’t always open it immediately, but when I do I’m always glad for it and inspired by the end. Thanks for writing so regularly, your articles never fail to get my spirits up when they’re falling. Gonna go outside and run till I can’t run anymore now 🙂

Pritesh says March 18, 2014

I didn’t train today because I thought I was very tired and didn’t take enough proteins. After reading this post, I’m gonna train from now on no matter what!

Kane says August 31, 2016

Just Came From Workout.
Reading This….Simple Amazing…

Torrey NASH says February 1, 2020

Everything from work, to family, to My relationship with My girlfriend is going to shit! But since I clicked your post, at random, on 31Jan20,Friday, I’m starting feel better. I subscribed to your blog and am looking forward to working on Me with your help!

Thanks in Advance.
Torrey NASH

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